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Victor set a plan in motion to destroy Jack. After making amends with Tucker, Ashley checked herself into a clinic for treatment. Audra convinced the Glissade board to sell the company to an anonymous investor, who was later revealed to be Victor. Victoria and Cole went on a date.
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Victor set a plan in motion to destroy Jack. Ashley checked herself into a clinic for treatment. Victoria and Cole went on a date.
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Victor enlists Cole and Michael to target Jack

Victor enlists Cole and Michael to target Jack

Monday, June 10, 2024

Traci let out a deep sigh as she peered out the window of Ashley's Paris apartment and pondered the bizarre events that had unfolded in the wee hours. Ashley entered the sitting room, already dressed, carrying her handbag. Traci asked Ashley about the bruise on her cheek, an injury inflicted by Martin, Alan's emotionally disturbed twin. Ashley brushed off Traci's concerns and insisted she felt more at peace than she had in a long time, even after only a couple of hours of sleep.

Traci said, "How about the alters?" Ashley replied, "Not a peep. Nothing since I started figuring out what happened." Traci mentioned the trauma Ashley had endured from Martin, recalling that Alan had located his brother and lost him all in one night. Ashley, acknowledging Martin's tragic death, noted that his illness had been too strong to overcome.

Traci reminded Ashley that Alan was making arrangements for her inpatient treatment at a clinic. Ashley cried that she did not want to go, though she was eager to determine what had caused her alter personalities to manifest. Ashley insisted on visiting Tucker to say goodbye. Traci warned that though Tucker claimed he had business in Paris, he had contacted Ashley and also shown up at Alan's apartment. Ashley gave Tucker credit for showing up at Alan's to thwart Martin's plans.

Traci agreed that Tucker's timing had been perfect. Ashley assured Traci that she, as herself, would be okay. Traci admitted she was concerned that Tucker might trigger one of her alters to manifest. Ashley explained that she needed to close one chapter of her life and focus on her recovery.

After Ashley left, Alan stopped by. Alan, his arm in a sling, limped to the sofa and sat down. Traci informed Alan that Ashley had gone to see Tucker to tell him goodbye. Traci noted that Ashley had been very much herself, unhindered by her alters. Alan set Traci at ease when he said that Tucker had shown genuine concern for Ashley. Traci agreed, though she said nothing could make her trust Tucker after seeing his true colors too many times.

Traci shared with Alan that she considered him a decent, kind, and generous man, and she thanked him. Traci recalled the pain of Alan losing his brother and bearing witness to his late sibling's actions. Alan explained that Martin had had an uneasy life, adding that he hoped his brother was finally at peace. Traci suggested Alan release the burden he had carried on behalf of Martin and instead care for his own emotional needs. Traci promised she would rest and maybe write a good book to soothe her frazzled nerves. Alan opened his arms and requested permission to hug Traci. They tightly embraced and thanked each other for support.

At Tucker's Paris hotel suite, Tucker asked his assistant, Dawn, if he had any messages from Traci or Ashley Abbott. Dawn noted that Tucker's only messages concerned Audra Charles and her efforts to contact the company's board members in regard to the cover-up scandal at McCall Unlimited. Dawn revealed that Audra was claiming that Tucker, due to emotional instability, was unable to run his company. Tucker replied that because he had taught Audra, he could anticipate her next move, adding that the CFOs of the companies he had acquired would remain loyal to him.

Tucker revealed plans to make Audra an offer she could not refuse, so she would back down. Dawn replied, "But why would you waste time on someone who is fighting you at every turn?" Tucker noted that Audra was doing what he would have done had he been in her position, adding that he had hurt her. Before Tucker could contact Audra, Ashley showed up.

At a Paris coffee shop, Audra phoned business contact Phillippe and left a message inviting him to meet and talk about Tucker. In a flashback, Audra recalled her tense encounter with Tucker in an elevator. Audra had admitted to Tucker that despite him gunning for her, she wanted Glissade more than he did. Tucker had told Audra she had no idea what he truly wanted or how hard he was willing for fight for it. Audra had harshly reminded Tucker that after he had struck out at taking control of Chancellor-Winters and Jabot, Glissade had been his consolation prize, adding that Tucker had initially acquired the company for Ashley.

Still in Audra's flashback, Tucker reminded Audra that he had declined Ashley's offer to reconcile because, despite everything, he had remained devoted to and loved Audra. Audra was adamant that Tucker's plan had involved rebuilding Glissade with Ashley. Audra insisted that she could run Glissade with no emotional baggage attached. Audra told Tucker that if he were a decent ex-partner, he would have given her Glissade.

After revisiting the conversation in the elevator with Tucker, Audra picked up her phone. Sighing, Audra considered sending a message to Tucker about discussing a proposition. Audra had second thoughts as she tossed her phone on the table and shook her head in frustration. Afterward, Audra's phone rang. It was Phillippe's assistant letting Audra know that Phillippe was unavailable to meet or speak with her. Audra appeared dejected.

Tucker welcomed Ashley into his suite. Dawn stepped out. Ashley acknowledged that they had endured a shocking event. Tucker asked Ashley how she was doing. Ashley gently rubbed her sore cheek and said she was okay. Ashley thanked Tucker for showing up when he had to save her from Martin.

Ashley informed Tucker that she would be checking into a private clinic for treatment of a condition that he had been the first to recognize required professional help. Ashley explained that she suffered from dissociative identity disorder, commonly known as multiply personalities. Tucker admitted he knew Ashley had not been acting like herself because he knew her so well. Ashley joked that she and her alters had jerked Tucker around mercilessly. Tucker said he realized that Ashley had not been in control, though they should put it all in the past. Tucker said he yearned to see Ashley happy and healthy again.

Ashley opened up to Tucker and told him about Alan's twin brother, Martin, whom she had not known existed. Ashley recalled that the night she and Tucker had argued at the Bistro, she had afterward encountered Martin, not Alan. After recounting everything to Martin, Ashley recalled, he had become full of rage and had acted in an aggressive manner. Ashley explained that she had somehow conflated the argument with Tucker at the bistro and the horrific encounter with Martin, causing her mind to snap and blame Tucker for everything.

Ashley, breaking down in tears, noted that her multiple personalities had attempted to protect her. Tucker became emotional and told Ashley he was sorry about all she had endured from a psychopath. Ashley praised Tucker for showing up to help her. Tucker wished Ashley well as he embraced her. Ashley wished Tucker the best of luck with Glissade and Audra.

When Ashley opened the door to leave, Audra was about to knock. Ashley told Audra she had stopped by to tell Tucker goodbye. Ashley wished Audra the best in her future with Tucker. After Ashley left, Tucker asked Audra if she wanted to come inside. Audra turned and said, "Not anymore."

Tucker entered Audra's room and begged her to let him explain. Audra told Tucker she was tired of his games, his maneuvers, and prioritizing himself. Tucker begged to explain what happened to Ashley. Audra replied, "Please do, Tucker. Explain why you let her believe that we were still together. Are you trying to make her jealous?" Audra said she recognized the look in Ashley's eyes as a goodbye to Tucker. Audra told Tucker that her emotions were normal, but his were not. Tucker asked Audra if she was curious about his proposition, though he asked for five minutes to explain, promising that what he had to say would change everything.

Alan greeted Ashley when she returned to her apartment. Traci was pouring coffee. Ashley said she had done what she wanted to do and was ready to move forward. Alan announced that everything was prepared at the clinic, where they were expecting Ashley to arrive. Alan assured Ashley that the clinicians understood Ashley's situation and would treat her with care, kindness, and compassion. Traci asked Ashley how it had gone with Tucker. Ashley explained that she had cleared her conscience and was ready to move on with the next chapter of her life. Traci smiled.

At Society, Cole asked Michael to meet with him. Michael joked that they comprised a "warped breakfast club for people on Victor's bad side." Cole blamed himself for dragging Michael into the mess that had ended up costing him his job. Michael asked Cole about the wrath he had incurred. Cole explained that Victor had ordered him to stay away from Victoria and Claire, though he had no intentions of doing so.

Victor entered and said, "Two traitors with their heads together. So, what are you two conspiring about now?" Cole insisted that he and Michael were not conspiring against Victor. Michael noted that he and Cole were two of Victor's biggest supporters, recalling that Victor's hands had remained clean after his "explosive secret," Jordan, had been legally detained without fear of escape. Victor insisted that Cole and Michael had breached his trust. Cole and Michael requested to meet in private with Victor.

Later at the Neman ranch, Michael and Cole met with Victor. Victor insisted that had he not encountered Cole and Michael in the basement with Jordan, they would have bungled his plans and allowed her to escape again. Cole assumed the blame for not involving Victor, explaining that they had endeavored to keep Victor's hands clean. Michael insisted that firing him and barring Cole from seeing Victoria and Claire were not viable solutions in seeking retaliation.

Michael asked how he and Cole could regain Victor's trust. Cole admitted he and Michael should not have executed their plan on their own, promising that it would not happen again. Michael added, "Look, all's well that ends well. The bottom line is I like working for you, and I do a better job than any attorney out there. And Cole shouldn't lose the family that he'd just found because of some miscalculated attempt to save you."

Victor offered to give Cole and Michael chances to prove their loyalties to him again. Michael advised Cole to listen before agreeing because Victor's assignments had once landed him in a Peruvian prison. Victor asked Michael to rekindle his friendship with Diane Abbott. Victor told Cole to foster a friendship with Kyle, at whose home Claire was employed caring for Harrison. Cole asked why.

Victor replied, "I'm trying to protect your daughter, my granddaughter, and my great-grandson. Is that clear?" Michael asked why he had been instructed to draw closer to Diane. Victor replied, "They are all of the same family, aren't they?" Michael replied, "Wait a minute. There's only one through line I can think of between Kyle and Diane, and that's Jack Abbott. What are you up to now, Victor?"

The Newmans object to Victor's proposed changes

The Newmans object to Victor's proposed changes

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

At Society, Lauren told Nikki it was a relief to have her back. Nikki confirmed that she felt more like herself than she had in a long time, and she apologized for the voicemail she'd left on the day she'd gone to rehab. Nikki recalled that the horrific night had made her realize how far she'd fallen, and it had gotten her into treatment. Nikki swore that she was on the other side of the nightmare and confident she'd be all right.

Lauren pointed out that Nikki had the world's most devoted sponsor, but Nikki shared that Jack could no longer fill the role. Lauren surmised that it was because he had taken pills, but she was thankful he'd been able to get Nikki out of the spiral she'd been in. Lauren was baffled about why Jack had taken drugs, knowing how dangerous it was for him. Lauren inquired whether Jack and Nikki had mutually decided that Nikki needed another sponsor. Nikki recounted that she'd wanted him to stay on, and he'd seemed like he had wanted that, too -- until he hadn't. Nikki suspected that Diane had changed his mind.

Lauren admitted that she wasn't a fan of Diane, but she didn't blame Diane for being scared. Nikki swore that Jack wouldn't take drugs again, but Lauren clucked that they knew how precarious addiction was. Nikki imagined that her closeness with Jack as friends had worked against them. Lauren surmised that Victor didn't want Nikki to work with Jack again, and Nikki confirmed that her husband had practically forbidden her from seeing Jack.

Nikki asserted that Jack was one of her closest friends, and she needed his support, even if it wasn't as her sponsor. Nikki wailed that she missed Katherine and Neil. Lauren believed they were watching over Nikki and that Nikki would find another sponsor. Nikki stated that her focus was on getting stronger. Lauren asked what that meant for Newman Media going forward.

Nikki thanked Lauren for stepping in, and Nikki lauded her work. Lauren confided that it had been a challenge to balance both Newman Media and Fenmore's, and while she'd been happy to do it, it wasn't sustainable to run both companies long-term. Nikki conceded that Lauren had done enough, and she expected to go back full-time within a few months. Nikki added that she didn't expect Lauren to stay on that long, and she had another solution in mind.

Nikki announced that she planned to ask Victoria to step in at Newman Media, since Nikki couldn't leave it to just anyone. Lauren was honored to have taken Nikki's place, but she was also happy to turn things over to Victoria if Victoria accepted the job. Nikki considered Victoria to be the perfect person, since Nikki couldn't trust anyone other than Lauren or Victoria with the responsibility.

At Crimson Lights, Nick sympathized that Adam had been let down after looking forward to seeing Connor. Adam bemoaned that he'd been optimistic, but seeing Connor on their latest video call had made Adam realize how powerful OCD could be. Nick said he hadn't known self-harm was a possibility, but at least Connor had realized what he'd been doing and stopped. Adam relayed the doctor's words that recognition and awareness were important steps, and it had increased Connor's confidence that he could manage his OCD.

Adam received a text message, and he excitedly reported that a key deal had just gone through. The men cheered, and Adam thought they needed to celebrate, noting that even their dad would be impressed. Nick offered to share the news with Victor, since he was about to head to the ranch. Adam revealed that he'd also gotten an invitation, and he wondered what it was about. Nick responded that he'd given up trying to figure out what Victor had in store, and he recommended that Adam do the same. Adam guessed they had to brace themselves for anything.

At the ranch, Michael begged Victor to be straight with him and Cole, since Victor clearly had an agenda behind wanting them to keep tabs on Diane and Kyle. Victor huffed that the reason was of no consequence, but Cole objected to going into it blindly. Michael noted that there was no reason for Diane to be on Victor's radar other than her tie to Jack. Victor reminded the men that his request was to make up for their betrayal with Jordan, and he demanded to know whether they were in or not. Victoria strolled in and wondered what she'd just walked in on.

Victor claimed that they'd been discussing the security protocol at Jordan's prison. Michael and Cole confirmed they were all on the same page, and Victor dismissively informed them that he had a meeting with Victoria, Nick, and Adam. Michael headed out, but Victoria stopped Cole and asked if everything was all right. Cole assured her it was, and he left, passing by Nick and Adam on their way in.

Nick suspiciously inquired about Victor's summons, and Victor questioned what was wrong with wanting to see his children all together. Victoria commented that it wasn't how things usually went. "What bomb are you about to drop?" Adam asked. Nick suggested that they wait for Nikki, but Victor announced that she wouldn't be joining them. Victor reported that Nikki was doing well, and he'd requested that his children be there to discuss Newman business matters. Victor asked if Victoria had considered returning to the company.

Victoria stammered that she wasn't prepared to have that conversation, and she hadn't expected to have it in front of an audience. Victor pressed to know her thoughts, and she wondered if he wanted her to return. Victor stressed that it was where she belonged. Victoria appreciated his confidence, but she hesitated to go back. She explained that Claire's recovery was going wonderfully, but Johnny and Katie would need time to adjust to their new home and sister, and Victoria wanted to help her children bond as a family.

Victor argued that Victoria had multitasked before, and he didn't want to see her business talent go to waste. Nick asked what role Victoria would return to if she resumed work, and Victor said he hadn't determined that yet. Adam grumbled that they all knew what that meant -- he'd end up in the men's room, since he could always count on being the first one to get shoved aside. Victor saw no reason the threesome couldn't work together again, but Adam reminded him that it historically hadn't worked out. "You're always the victim, aren't you?" Victoria snapped.

Nick sided with Adam, noting that the two of them had made it work, but it could get tricky with three of them involved. Victor clarified that he hadn't said all of them would be working together directly, and he suggested renaming Adam as head of Newman Media. Victor commended Adam for the job he'd done turning it into a strong, viable entity. Victoria asked how Nikki felt about the idea, but Victor vaguely replied that his wife's focus was on getting better. Nick inquired whether Victor had even talked to Nikki, but Victor turned the topic back to his desire for Victoria to return to Newman Enterprises.

Victoria queried whether she'd take over Adam's role. Adam grappled with seemingly being offered a CEO position while still feeling like he was being sidelined. Adam questioned whether Victor was unhappy with Adam's work done at Newman. "Did I say that?" Victor huffed.

Adam contended that he and Nick were a solid team, and they'd just closed a key deal that Newman had been trying to align for years but had never succeeded in doing until then. Victoria assumed it was a dig at her leadership, and she accused Adam of trying to make himself look better at her expense. Adam reiterated that he and Nick worked well together, and Nick agreed that the company was in a solid place. Adam questioned why Victor would mess with a good thing by putting unnecessary obstacles in their path. Victoria indignantly surmised he meant her.

Adam argued that changing any variable could threaten the stability of the organization. Victor stressed that he was very proud of the brothers, and it warmed his heart to see them work together. Adam demanded to know why Victor would remove him, and Victor recalled that Adam had taken Newman Media to new heights before. Nick expected that his mom wouldn't approve, and the fact that Victor was dodging Nick's questions meant he hadn't talked to her about it yet. Victor barked that he'd always done what was best for his family.

Victoria maintained that she wasn't ready to go back to work, and she thought Adam should retain his role and that Nikki should remain CEO of Newman Media. Adam concluded that Victoria didn't want him to have a CEO title. Victoria retorted that it wasn't all about him, and she wanted her mother to stay focused while she was in recovery. Victoria anticipated that Adam would want to spend his energy on Connor and not a career shift, and he begrudgingly acknowledged that she was probably right. Victoria declared that delaying her return would be better for everyone involved, and she headed out.

Adam prepared to leave to meet Chelsea, but Victor inquired about Connor. Adam indicated that his son was recovering after a recent setback, and he supposed he didn't have to worry about whether he would be sidelined or rewarded yet. After Adam exited, Nick implored Victor to tell him what the meeting had really been about. Victor repeated that he was very proud of the way Nick and Adam were working together, but he also knew the men had two different styles. Nick recognized that he'd never fully get past having a different set of morals than Adam had.

Victor predicted that the brothers would eventually clash, causing enormous damage to the company. Victor continued that Adam had done a great job at Newman Media, and he anticipated that Victoria would eventually be chomping at the bit to return to work to have a sense of purpose. Nick cautioned that her purpose wasn't the one Victor wanted for her and that it wasn't a good time for Adam to be shifting gears at the office. Nick recalled that Victor had pushed for the three of them to work together at Newman, and he wondered why his father had reversed course.

Victor voiced concern about Nikki's recovery, since he didn't want her to fall off the wagon. Nick insisted that Victor talk to Nikki and listen to what she wanted. Victor aimed to do what was best for the company, and he pushed Nick to encourage Victoria to return to work. Nick warned that it could backfire on all of them, since there was no telling how Adam would react if he felt like he was being pushed aside.

Victor told Nick to leave Adam to him, and everything would fall into place once Nick convinced Victoria to return. Nick wanted time to think it through, and Nikki overheard as she walked in. Victor informed her that they were talking about convincing Victoria to return to Newman, but Nick clarified that it was Victor's plan, since Victoria had made it clear she wasn't ready to go back to work yet. Nikki chirped that she could help them with that, since she'd just been speaking with Lauren, who couldn't run Newman Media indefinitely. Victor offered to find someone to do it, but Nikki preferred to ask Victoria to take over. Nick called it a "much more viable plan." "More viable than what?" Nikki asked.

Nick shared that Victor had been talking about reinstalling Adam back at Newman Media in Nikki's place. An appalled Nikki questioned why Victor would choose Adam over Victoria, since it would only be until Nikki returned. Nikki envisioned that Victoria would honor that wish, whereas Adam would fall in love with the power and never want to leave. Nikki recognized that Victor was upset because she'd chosen Jack as her sponsor not just once but twice, and she wondered if Victor was punishing her for that.

At the Athletic Club bar, Michael and Cole toasted to another day of surviving Victor's wrath. Cole contemplated what Victor really wanted, and Michael's instinct told him that it had to be tied to Jack. Michael shared that he'd heard whispers about the tension between Diane and Kyle at Jabot, and rumor had it that Kyle felt Diane was in the position he should have. Michael continued that Victor hadn't been happy when Jack had stepped in as Nikki's sponsor and broken his sobriety for Nikki. Cole wondered if it was enough for Victor to gather ammunition against Jack.

Michael imagined that Victor had felt inspired to take revenge against Jack and put him in his place. Cole balked at being part of a vendetta, especially when it involved his daughter. Michael groaned that Victor had squeezed them between a rock and a hard place, and Cole pondered what might happen if they refused Victor's request. Michael warned that it was the wrong question, and Cole accepted that he had no choice but to do as Victor asked if Cole wanted to repair their relationship.

Cole considered it cheap and disingenuous to befriend Kyle at Victor's request. Michael reasoned that Victor was simply asking Cole to get to know his daughter's employer, and Kyle was a good man. Michael intended to grant Victor's request by enjoying time with Diane, who was a good friend. Cole clucked that they both knew Victor wanted something more out of it, but Michael suggested that they keep their heads down and play the game while he tried to get some insight into what Victor was actually up to. Michael left to meet Lauren, and Cole sent a message to Victoria, asking to get together.

Victoria joined Cole, grateful that he'd provided her with a distraction. Victoria informed him that Victor had pushed her to return to work at Newman, even though she'd made it clear she wasn't ready yet because she wanted to spend time with her children. Victoria sensed that her father had a mysterious plan in the works that he wasn't telling them about, and she wanted nothing to do with those games.

Victoria noticed that Cole seemed distant, and he claimed that he'd just been thinking about her and how happy he was to see her. He wondered whether they could have dinner together, and she assumed he meant with Claire. Cole clarified that it would be just the two of them -- like a date. She smiled.

Sally was fluffing some new throw pillows when Adam returned home. She solicited his opinion about the pillows, and he replied that they were fine. She assumed that he hated them, but he insisted that the place felt better already with her presence. Sally inquired whether he had any update on Connor, but Adam was unaware of any change. Sally sensed that something else had happened, and Adam updated her about Victor floating the idea that Adam go back to running Newman Media.

Adam groused that he'd bent over backwards to make it work at Newman Enterprises, yet his father wanted to shut him out. Sally noted that perhaps it would be a good thing for Adam to have autonomy again at the company he'd built himself. Adam bemoaned that it didn't feel right, and he had a hard time believing Victor's sole motive was to do right by Adam. Adam suspected that he was once again a pawn in a larger power play of his dad's.

Adam explained that Victor wanted Victoria back at the mothership, and it would pave the way to her return if Adam was at Newman Media. Sally theorized that Victor might be taking a look at the company and trying to find the best place for everyone. Adam sourly asked if that sounded like the Victor Newman she knew. Adam doubted that Victoria would stay away forever, and he suspected that she was just stringing their dad along until she got exactly what she wanted in return.

Sally recalled that Victor had seemed pleased with Adam's work, and she recognized that Victor's change of attitude seemed odd. Adam wondered what would happen with Newman Media once Nikki got stronger, and he imagined he'd be ousted again. Adam lamented that no matter how many times he proved himself, Victor saw him as a tool to be used.

Lauren approached Michael on the Crimson Lights patio, and he called her a sight for sore eyes. She teased that he'd just seen her that morning, and he remarked that it felt like a lifetime. He announced that he needed to tell her something, but it had to stay between them. Michael divulged that he was in another mess with Victor, but Lauren lectured that she didn't want Michael involved in any trouble. He regretted that it was too late for that, since Victor was on the warpath, and the target was Jack. Michael worried that the dormant war between Jack and Victor was about to reignite.

Victor puts his next revenge plot into motion

Victor puts his next revenge plot into motion

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Victoria accepted Cole's request for a dinner date. Cole smiled and said that he'd pick Victoria up at seven. Victoria left. Alone at the bar, Cole flashed back to his recent visits with Victor. Cole remembered Victor asking Cole to "create a friendship with Kyle."

At the Abbott mansion, Claire and Harrison were working on a puzzle when Kyle walked in. Harrison told Kyle that Claire was "cool." Kyle and Harrison both said that they were happy Claire was there. Harrison recounted the fun events of the day to Kyle, and then Harrison suggested they get ice cream.

Kyle, Claire, and Harrison debated their ice cream choices in Chancellor Park. Claire spotted Cole and yelled out to him. Cole greeted Harrison, and Cole asked if Claire had been "too strict of a nanny." Harrison proclaimed that Claire was "the best ever."

Cole tried to make conversation with Kyle then asked if Kyle wanted to "grab a beer" sometime. Cole said that he needed to return home to get ready for dinner with Victoria. Claire was obviously pleased, and she said that she wouldn't "crash" their date. After Cole left, Kyle noted that Claire was clearly excited about her parents' date. Claire, with a grin, confirmed that she was "really, really excited."

Claire recounted that things had started when Claire had tried to "lure" Cole and Victoria "to their doom." Kyle told Claire to "stop going there." Kyle asked Claire what she thought of Cole's invitation to grab a beer. Claire suggested that Cole might be trying to make sure Kyle was being a good boss to Claire. Kyle smiled and asked how he had been doing. Claire said that she had "no complaints." Kyle replied, "I intend to keep it that way."

At Adam's apartment, Sally told Adam that she wanted to "be the person" he could share everything with. They kissed, and there was a knock at the door. Adam said that they shouldn't answer the door "because it might be trouble."

Sally said that she had been expecting someone, and Adam opened the door for Summer. Before he got ready to leave, Adam commented that Sally was a great hire for Summer. Summer asked Adam how Connor had been doing. Adam thanked Summer for asking, but he said that he really didn't know. Summer said that Connor was a great kid, and everyone was rooting for Adam's family.

Sally said that Summer's expression of concern for Connor was very kind. Summer said that even though she hadn't been close to Adam, she did feel true compassion for what he was going through.

Summer said that she was impressed with Sally's "draft designs" for the fashion line. Summer and Sally went over the designs, and Summer continued to compliment Sally's work. Sally admitted that she had shown the designs to Chloe to get her input. Summer saw through Sally's motives for mentioning Chloe.

Sally said that she understood that Summer and Chloe had not gotten along when they had worked together before. Sally argued that Chloe was "uber talented," and Sally asked if Chloe could be rehired as Sally's "number two." Summer conceded that they could use the help, but she reminded Sally that Chloe had left the last time because of Summer's management style. Sally said that she would manage Chloe and make sure Chloe knew who was in charge.

Summer said that she would "consider rehiring Chloe." Before she left, Summer said that "against all odds," Summer and Sally might end up making things work.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki asked if Victor was removing her from Newman Media to "punish" her. Nikki speculated that Victor was still angry that Nikki had chosen Jack to be her A.A. sponsor. Victor said that she was "damn right" that he was mad at Jack. Nikki yelled that Victor was "not helping" with her recovery, and she stomped out of the room.

Victor told Nick that Nikki would eventually agree to Victor's plan for her to rest. Nick said that he didn't disagree that Nikki needed to take it easy, but he worried that Nikki would feel Victor had no confidence in her if she was forced to leave Newman Media. Victor said that he would get Nikki to "understand." Victor told Nick to "convince" Victoria to return to Newman Enterprises as CEO.

Victor tried to convince Nick that Adam returning to Neman Media was the best idea for the company. Nick was skeptical of Victor's motives. Nick said that Victor had always wanted Nick and Adam to work together, but all of a sudden, Victor wanted to "switch it all up." Victor replied, "Trust me on this. I know what I'm doing."

At the tack house, Victoria told Nikki that Claire had been doing great. Victoria said that she had also been doing well, despite the "full court press" from Victor to get her to return to Newman. Victoria confessed that even though she had turned Victor's proposal down, she wasn't "entirely sure" about her decision.

Nikki said that she was not surprised Victoria missed the office. Victoria conceded that she missed "the energy" of the office, but she said that it wasn't a good time for her to return. Nikki said that she had been considering asking Victoria to "step in" at Newman Media. Both women agreed that Victor's plan to give the job to Adam would be a disaster.

Victoria asked why Victor was always trying to throw the family "into chaos." Victoria speculated that Victor had a few "different agendas." Victoria said that everything with the family had "settled down," and yet Victor was still not "content."

Nikki said that she didn't know what Victor's plans were, but she said that one of his motives was "anger" at Nikki. Nikki said that Victor was punishing her for lying about drinking and asking Jack for help. Victoria said that Nikki was "overreacting." Nikki said that what she needed was "stability" and "routine" instead of Victor's "inevitable family drama." There was a knock at the door, and Victoria let Nick inside.

Victoria asked Nick what he thought Victor was "up to." Nick concurred that Victor had an underlying "motivation" for the company changes, but Nick said that he didn't know what it could be. Victoria told Nick that Nikki felt like Victor was punishing Nikki. Nick said he didn't think that was "the case" and that Victor truly believed his action were benefiting his wife. Nick said that Victor had asked Nick to pressure Victoria into returning to Newman. Nick said that he would like to work with Victoria every day, but it didn't "make sense to switch gears" when Nick and Adam had been working so well together.

Nikki said that if Adam took her place, Adam would never give her job back to her. Nikki once again asked Victoria to consider taking over at Newman Media to keep Adam out of the position.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle, Harrison, and Claire returned and found Summer. Summer said that she was there to take Harrison to the park for ice cream. Harrison said that he'd be happy to have more ice cream, but Kyle said that Harrison had had enough ice cream for the day. Harrison hugged Claire, and he thanked her for "the best day ever" before he went upstairs. Claire thanked Kyle and Summer again for the job, and she left. Kyle asked if Summer was "still struggling with this."

Summer said that she had calmed down about Jordan being alive and that Chance had assured Summer that Jordan wouldn't be able to escape again. Summer said that Claire made Harrison happy. Kyle said that he wouldn't have taken Harrison for ice cream if he had known Summer had had the same plan. Summer said that she did feel a "twinge" that Harrison had grown so close to Claire, but Harrison's happiness was the most important thing.

At Society, Victor approached Adam and asked why Adam would consider a move to Newman Media "a demotion" when Adam had built the company. Victor said that he was placing his family members in the best positions for them. Adam didn't buy it and suggested that he was once again being used as "a pawn to be sacrificed for the greater good." Adam said that the only way he would "consider" Victor's "proposition" was if Victor explained what his plan was "really about."

Victor said that he did not "respond well to threats." Adam said that he was not making threats, but if Victor wouldn't give Adam more information, then their conversation was "over." Victor said that what he was about to tell Adam needed to remain confidential. Victor said that he needed "someone in charge of Newman Media who is as ruthless" as he was so that he could "destroy an enemy."

Victoria and Cole go on a date

Victoria and Cole go on a date

Thursday, June 13, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Summer and Chance toasted their day. Summer asked if Chance had been having issues at work. Chance replied that things at Chancellor-Winters were very tense. Chance inquired about how things had been going with Claire. Summer said that she had told Kyle that she was "fine with everything," but she confessed that it was not the truth.

Summer worried that she would be "relegated to part-time mom status." Summer suggested that she and Kyle should set up some "custody boundaries" to assure she had time with Harrison.

Chance advised against "getting lawyers involved," and he suggested that she talk things out with Kyle. Chance assured Summer that Harrison would not forget about her. Summer argued that Harrison never thought of his biological mother, so Claire could easily "replace" Summer just as Summer had replaced Tara.

Chance offered to "distract" Summer from her troubles. Chance leaned in for a kiss. Summer suggested that they go upstairs to her suite. Chance asked for Summer's room key so he could go first and "set the mood." After Chance left, Summer texted Kyle that she needed to talk to him.

At the tack house, Claire said that Victoria looked gorgeous. Victoria asked if the dress was "too much" for her date with Cole. Claire reported that Cole had had a "giant grin" on his face when he had said that he and Victoria were going out. Cole arrived.

Claire giddily said that she was excited about her parents' casual dinner. Victoria said that she and Cole were "probably going to spend most the night talking" about Claire. Claire insisted that their date be a "Claire-free zone." Claire said that she would "not wait up."

At Society, Mariah asked if Tessa was ready for their date night. Tessa glumly replied that she had to cover for someone at the restaurant. Mariah offered to sit at a table by herself and watch her wife "do her thing."

Claire called Society and asked Tessa to make sure that her parents got a "quiet" table and a bottle of Champagne. Tessa playfully accused Claire of "playing matchmaker." Tessa told Mariah why Claire had called. Mariah said that Claire was being "sweet," and Mariah felt bad about having given Kyle a "hard time" about Claire becoming Harrison's nanny. Mariah said that she could "relate" to Claire finding her parents in her twenties. Tessa said that Claire was trying to "build a family unit she never had."

When Victoria and Cole arrived at Society, Tessa told them that the Champagne on their table was "courtesy of" Claire. Victoria and Cole sat down and toasted their future. Victoria told Cole that Claire had mentioned Cole's invitation to Kyle to get a beer. Cole said that they had promised not to talk about Claire. Victoria suggested that they talk about when Cole would be returning to Oxford.

Cole said that Claire was a "big part" of why he had remained in Genoa City, but he was also "curious" about what might happen with Victoria if he stayed. Victoria said that she couldn't "deny" their "growing connection." Cole said that he hadn't had a "serious" relationship in a long time. Victoria said that she had been "in a similar place." They agreed that they were both "gun-shy."

Kyle arrived at the tack house to give Claire her wallet that Harrison had found. Claire said that Kyle could have "just texted" her, and Kyle said that he was sorry for "bugging" Claire. Claire said that Kyle was not bothering her, and she had just been getting ready to read a mystery book. After Claire complained that the books she had been reading were predictable, Kyle suggested that Claire write a book herself. Claire asked if Kyle wanted a cup of tea.

As Claire and Kyle drank tea, Claire recounted that her Aunt Jordan had forced Claire to listen to the plots of crime novels to figure out how the perpetrator had gotten caught. Kyle joked that Claire would make a great cop or thief.

Claire said that she wasn't interested in either option, and Kyle replied that he was glad because he didn't want to find another nanny for Harrison. There was a knock at the door, and Claire greeted Mariah. Mariah said that she had seen Claire's parents at Society and figured Claire might be lonely. Mariah offered take-out food and margaritas. When she saw Kyle, Mariah asked if she was "interrupting something."

Kyle said that it sounded like they needed a "girls' night," and he excused himself to get back to Harrison. Kyle received Summer's text asking him to talk.

Mariah told Claire that they had a lot in common, because she had had a crazy childhood. Mariah explained that she had been raised in a cult and "discovered" her real mother in her twenties. Mariah hoped that she was "proof" that Claire could survive and "be pretty damn happy." Claire said that she hadn't thought there was anyone who would understand. Mariah said that if Claire wanted to commiserate on "childhood trauma," Mariah was Claire's "gal."

Mariah said that Claire seemed to be doing well. Mariah asked if she had interrupted something with Kyle. Mariah said that Kyle was one of her best friends, but she had had her "ups and downs" with Summer. Mariah described Summer as being "her own worst enemy sometimes."

After Mariah left, Cole and Victoria returned to the tack house. Cole speculated that Claire had gone to bed to give her parents "some privacy." Victoria thanked Cole for dinner, and they kissed. Victoria asked if Cole wanted to stay for a drink. Cole said that he wanted to stay more than anything, but he didn't want to rush things. Cole left.

At the Athletic Club, Summer received a text from Chance saying that he was ready for her upstairs. As she got ready to go up, she received a text from Kyle asking to meet in the morning.

Mariah returned to Society and told Tessa that Kyle had been at Claire's house. Mariah said that her conversation with Claire about their crazy childhoods had been "great."

In Paris, Audra arrived at Tucker's hotel room. Audra asked Tucker to tell her "everything" that had happened with Ashley. Tucker told Audra about Ashley's multiple personalities and how they had resulted from an interaction Ashley had had with Alan's twin. Tucker explained that the personalities had gotten confused and thought Tucker had caused the trauma instead of Martin.

Audra said that she couldn't imagine how terrified Ashley had been. Audra inquired if Tucker would get back together with Ashley after she recovered. Tucker said that he was free from the guilt he had felt and that he could finally let Ashley go. Audra looked skeptical and said that Tucker was fooling himself. Tucker insisted that he had flown to Paris "only" for Audra, not for Ashley.

Tucker admitted that he had thought Audra was in Paris to turn his business partners against him. Tucker said that he "no longer" cared to fight Audra, since he was "still in love" with her.

Audra insisted that Tucker did not love her and that he just hated that he couldn't "have" her. Tucker denied Audra's accusation, and he said that he was "so grateful" for what they had had together. Tucker said that he had hated working against Audra, and he had realized that all he really wanted was to be with her. Tucker said that if Audra wanted Glissade so much, he would give it to her.

Audra assumed Tucker's offer was contingent on them getting back together. Tucker said that he would resign as CEO in the morning, regardless. Audra said that resigning wouldn't be necessary because she didn't want a "bribe or reward" from Tucker.

Audra confessed that she had secretly been convincing the board to allow an anonymous investor to "buy out" Glissade. Audra said that she would soon be in control of the company. Audra snidely said that Tucker had lost, and she hoped that "it hurts like hell."

Audra's secret investor is revealed

Audra's secret investor is revealed

Friday, June 14, 2024

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy brought "happy hour" to Lily with a basket of snacks. Lily said that she did not have time for Billy, but he persisted in trying to discuss his "proposal" for the company.

Billy told Lily that he'd been talking with Snapper about Jill's treatment and that Jill seemed to be doing well. Billy said that he had still not told Jill that Lily knew about Jill's health crisis. Lily said that she didn't like "keeping secrets" from Devon. Lily accused Billy of using the situation to get what he wanted. Lily said that Billy's "best chance" at adding the Abbott name to the company would be to tell Devon and the other board members the truth.

Lily asked what would happen after "Abbott" was added to the company name. Billy said, "phase two" would be for Lily to help him "take over." Lily said that Billy's plan was "selfish," and Billy was "hijacking" Devon's company. Lily asked how cutting Devon out would "honor Jill's legacy."

Billy said that all of Chancellor-Winters' problems resulted from Devon being "so bull-headed." Lily refused to help Billy "convince the board" to change Devon's role. Lily said that she could understand adding Jill's name to the company but that the rest of Billy's plan was "a power grab." Billy insisted that he was looking out for the success of the company. Lily accused Billy of wanting to show his family that he was "a force to be reckoned with." Billy said that Lily was just afraid to go after what she deserved.

Lily said that she had worked too hard to mend things with Devon after their "last debacle." Billy said that Lily's love for Devon was holding the company back. Lily accused Billy of seeking a "high" by gambling with the future of her "family's company." Billy asked what he could do to convince Lily that they needed to take their "shot" at making Chancellor-Winters even more successful.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle grabbed takeout as Victor sat at the bar. Kyle told Victor that Harrison had been doing great. As Kyle prepared to leave, Victor said that he would like to "discuss something." Victor asked how Claire had been doing as Harrison's nanny. Kyle reported that Claire was "a natural" with Harrison. Kyle mentioned that Cole had asked him to go for beers. Victor acted surprised and asked how Kyle's family had been doing. Victor said that he understood that Kyle was still answering to Diane. Victor reminded Kyle that Victor had thought Kyle had been wasting his time at Jabot. Victor suggested that Kyle "consider a change." Kyle asked what Victor had in mind.

Victor said that there was always a place at Newman. Kyle reminded Victor that they had tried that before, and it hadn't worked out. Victor said that it was "water under the bridge," and he asked if Kyle was "fulfilled" at Jabot. Victor reiterated that there was always "room for someone like" Kyle at Newman, and he left.

In Tucker's room in Paris, Tucker asked why Audra had been working so hard against him. Tucker said that he had moved on from Ashley and that he and Audra could have the future they had always wanted. Audra said that she would have a great future, and it wouldn't include Tucker. Audra said that there was nothing left of their relationship because of Tucker's selfishness.

Tucker, exasperated, said that he was "ready to commit" to Audra. Audra retorted that he had made that promise before, over and over. Tucker continued to try to convince Audra that he was sincere, but Audra said that eventually, some "shiny new object" would become more important to Tucker.

Audra said that Glissade would belong to her by the end of the next day. Tucker inquired about the "angel investor" Audra had found to back her. Audra refused to tell Tucker who the investor was. Tucker said that Audra was "enjoying" taking the company from him. Audra conceded that she was "loving it," and Tucker needed to accept failure. Audra stormed out, but Tucker followed her to the elevator. Tucker congratulated Audra on putting him "in [his] place" and asked if they could move on.

Tucker said that it broke his heart that Audra wanted to break up but that the board would "remain loyal" to him. Audra suggested the board members had told Tucker what he had "wanted to hear" because she had been "one step ahead" of him. Tucker slid into the elevator behind Audra and asked how she had pulled off her scheme. Audra said that she had been the one doing all the work and that Tucker was just someone who was copied on emails, and his name was "toxic." Audra said that Tucker always wanted what was "just out of reach," and when he got what he wanted, he changed his mind.

Tucker returned to his room, and Dawn entered. Tucker recounted what Audra had done, and he asked if the board was really on his side. Dawn confirmed that they had said that they would be. Tucker told Dawn to call each member of the board and tell them that she was on Audra's side, to see if anyone would fess up to betraying Tucker. Tucker asked Dawn to find out who was "wiling to spend a fortune to steal Glissade" from him.

At Society, Diane overheard Jack on the phone, reassuring someone that he would be there for them. When Diane sat down, Jack informed Diane that he had been on the phone with Traci. Diane admitted that she had thought Jack had been talking to Nikki. Jack reiterated that he would not be Nikki's sponsor any longer, but he would continue to talk to Nikki, whether Diane and Victor "like it or not."

Diane apologized for her reaction. Diane said that she respected Jack's relationship with Nikki, but he appeared skeptical. Diane told Jack that she had asked Kyle to join them, but she assumed Kyle was avoiding her. Jack asked why Diane had not "resolved [her] issues" with their son. Diane insisted that she had tried, and she was "starting to think" Kyle didn't want to resolve their conflict.

Diane questioned how she could work things out with Kyle when he was constantly undermining her and talking down to her. Jack suggested that Diane was "being a little dramatic." Diane told Jack about a business deal she had recently made that Kyle had renegotiated behind her back. Jack said that Diane's news was "troubling." Diane said that Kyle was out to get her. Nikki entered the restaurant.

Nikki apologized for having put Diane through the "night of hell" when Nikki had been drinking and Jack had tried to help. Jack's phone rang, and he excused himself. Diane asked Nikki to have a seat. Nikki suggested that Diane had not "entirely forgiven" Nikki. Nikki said that Jack had "almost died" because of her drinking, and she could "only imagine the friction" that had caused in Jack and Diane's marriage. Diane assured Nikki that her marriage to Jack was "solid," but she hoped the events had not had any impact on Victor and Nikki's marriage.

Diane recounted having run into Victor and agreeing with him that Jack being Nikki's sponsor had been "a bad idea" from the start. Diane said that Jack had almost had to kill himself to get Nikki to rehab. Diane sarcastically said that she was concerned about Nikki's marriage, since Victor had seemed as angry as Diane had been. Nikki said that she would like to "avoid a family feud." Diane concurred, saying all she wanted was "peace." Diane said that she wanted "nothing but the best" for Nikki, and she wished Nikki luck finding a new sponsor. Diane recommended that the next time, Nikki should lean on her "own husband" instead of calling Jack. Nikki retorted that her friendship with Jack was not "subject to [Diane's] approval."

Jack returned, and Nikki went to grab her take-out order. Jack asked what he had missed, but Diane brushed it off and suggested they go for a nightcap. Jack said that he needed to leave town.

Jack and Diane returned to the Abbott mansion, and Jack said that he needed to go to Paris to check on Traci and Ashley. Kyle entered the living room and said that he had missed dinner because he had gone to the tack house to give Claire her wallet, and then he had gotten take-out with Harrison. Diane questioned whether Kyle's plans had been so important that he couldn't have gone to dinner with his parents. Kyle suggested that spending time with his child had been more important. Diane accused Kyle of avoiding her and said that they needed to "find a way to work through this."

Kyle said that they were not going to agree about everything at Jabot. Diane replied that she was concerned because she didn't want work tension to "poison" their lives at home. Jack interjected that he had asked Kyle and Diane to work things out "several times." Kyle said that Diane refused to see that he had been trying to "cover for her when she's in over her head." Diane scoffed, and Jack asked Kyle to show Diane more respect. Jack asked if Kyle had gone behind his mother's back with the deal Diane had talked about earlier. Kyle said that it was "business," but Jack said that the deal had been Diane's. Kyle said that it was up to Diane to "finalize" the deal.

Diane told Kyle to stop sabotaging her and making "snide comments." Jack reminded Kyle that he had admitted to being jealous of his mother, and Jack suggested they talk about it. Kyle, annoyed, waved his hand in the air and stormed off.

In her room, Audra answered her phone. Audra reported that "everything" was set for the meeting the next day and that Tucker would be "the lone vote against the sale." On the other end of the phone, Victor said that Audra had done a great job, and he was looking forward to partnering with her.

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