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Tucker conceded that Audra had won the battle for Glissade. Victor announced that he wanted Kyle to helm Glissade with Audra. Katie was openly hostile to Claire. Daniel and Lily reached an amicable compromise. Lily suggested to Billy that they divide Chancellor-Winters and run Abbott-Chancellor together. Connor had a breakthrough.
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Katie was openly hostile to Claire. Tucker conceded Audra had won Glissade. Nick and Sharon shared the ups and downs of their own love story.
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Tucker has chest pains, Audra thinks he's faking it

Tucker has chest pains, Audra thinks he's faking it

Monday, June 17, 2024

Tucker remained in his Paris hotel room with his assistant, worried about what was going on with Glissade. He couldn't get any information about a takeover and worried when nobody was returning any of his calls or emails about the company. He realized that Audra had been right when she'd told him a hostile takeover was happening right under his nose. He tried to change the time of the board meeting, to no avail, which made him worry more.

Meanwhile, Audra sipped coffee in her own room, looking quite pleased with herself. She received a text letting her know that Tucker was desperate for a meeting. Audra flashed back to Tucker telling her he was done with Ashley for good. A text soon arrived from Victor, asking her to let him know when the board voted.

When Tucker arrived, Audra tried to get him to leave, telling him, "I regret every minute I ever wasted on you, and I won't waste any more."

Tucker didn't wait to be invited in before making himself at home and begging her not to allow someone to take over his cosmetics company. He insisted he would have let her run it any way she wanted, but he didn't want someone else doing the same. Audra didn't want to hear it, even when Tucker offered her the company again. He said he didn't want to be humiliated in the business world, but Audra didn't care.

Audra was still upset with Tucker putting others before her, especially Ashley and Devon. She couldn't just forgive and forget. Tucker pointed out that he was in Paris with her and not Ashley, and that should count for something. He said he was finally putting her first. Audra claimed she just didn't care anymore. Tucker marveled at how "vindictive" and "cruel" she could be.

Tucker and Audra continued to argue. She informed him the deal was already done, and he had lost. Tucker didn't want to give up just yet. Tucker was sure Audra's investor was someone out to get him. "Jack Abbott, right?" he asked, suggesting, "He's still out for revenge."

Audra refused to confirm or deny and told him the investor would not be at the board meeting. She informed him the stipulation of the deal was never to tell Tucker who had stolen his company right out from under him. As Tucker left, he swore to Audra that she would pay for betraying him.

After Tucker returned to his hotel, he reluctantly joined his video board meeting, with Audra taking the lead. Before the vote could take place, Tucker started feeling lightheaded and started having chest pains. Audra couldn't believe her eyes when Tucker suddenly fell over when he tried to get some air.

While Tucker's assistant tended to him and called for medical help, Audra rushed in to see if Tucker was faking it or not. Tucker seemed to truly be in distress, but Audra didn't buy it. She even told the doctor that Tucker wasn't on the up and up. As the doctor examined the patient, Tucker told Audra to get out. "I don't want to take my last breath looking at you," he said.

The Abbotts were still in Paris. Alan stopped by to visit Traci and was surprised to see that Jack was there. He had an update on Ashley's stay at the clinic. He thought Ashley was doing well, considering the circumstances. Traci and Jack were relieved, but Alan still felt guilt. Alan said if it weren't for his brother, Martin, then none of it would have ever happened to Ashley. Jack and Traci assured him he wasn't responsible for Ashley's problems.

Alan offered Traci a more detailed description of Ashley's treatment. Doctors would go over her incident with Martin, as well as things from Ashley's past. "Those experiences have led Ashley to where she is today, and she's going to have to process them," Alan relayed, before admitting that Ashley might have other personalities they were not yet aware of.

Alan explained that most alters appeared as a result of early childhood trauma. Jack and Traci were amazed that Ashley's alters could have been there while they had been growing up, yet they had never known. Alan told them that many people didn't notice alters in children, as they could remain dormant for years and then be activated by adult stress. He said they needed to get to the root of the problem to help Ashley. Alan was confident that Ashley's doctors would get to the bottom of things.

Alan asked Traci if she could stay in Paris to be Ashley's support system. Jack also wanted to stay as long as possible. When Jack left Traci and Alan alone, Alan asked Traci to dinner.

Adam arrived at Crimson Lights to meet with Chelsea at her request. She was pleased to inform him that Connor had had a breakthrough related to his contamination fears. He had even been able to eat some foods he had feared. Sharon soon interrupted them, thrilled to overhear that Connor had made progress. Adam was afraid to get his hopes up, but Chelsea was determined to be optimistic.

Sharon tried getting Adam to put good energy into the world, telling him it would help. Even Chelsea seemed confused by Sharon's overly positive attitude, as Adam admitted that he was starting to wonder if sending Connor to the facility had been the right move. Adam noted that Connor had had many setbacks already.

Sharon assured Adam that the setbacks were to be expected and that it was normal for parents to have doubts. Chelsea just wanted to revel in their good news. Sharon reiterated that there would be ups and downs, but the end result would make them happy. Chelsea noted that Connor even wanted to see them, but Adam was skeptical and didn't want to be disappointed again.

After Sharon walked away, Chelsea confessed that she also feared Connor turning them away again, but she was going to keep the faith. They decided to set up a video call with Connor from Adam's place, but they stopped to tell Sharon goodbye before leaving. Chelsea thanked Sharon for her support. Sharon said that people needed to be there for each other to get to the other side during mental health journeys.

When Adam and Chelsea arrived at his place, Connor had some big news on video chat. He had eaten soup, a food he had once feared. Connor did worry that there was something wrong with it but quickly got over it. He was very proud of himself, and his parents were also very proud of him. Connor even wanted them to visit. When the call ended, Adam and Chelsea were truly hopeful for the first time in months. Chelsea was sure Connor would continue to make progress.

Adam called Nick and asked for use of the Newman jet, just as Victor texted Adam, saying he needed to see Adam right away.

Back at Crimson Lights, Nick overheard Sharon speaking on the phone with an annoyed tone of voice. He approached her after she hung up and asked what was wrong. Sharon admitted she was a little short-tempered due to exhaustion. She hadn't been sleeping well since starting a new medication for bipolar. Sharon assured Nick she would be fine because she was a survivor, just like his mother.

Tucker accuses Jack of being Audra's mystery investor

Tucker accuses Jack of being Audra's mystery investor

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Nikki stopped by the tack house and inquired about Victoria's date with Cole. Victoria tried to downplay it, but Nikki surmised from her daughter's smile that it had gone well. Victoria reported that she'd had a lovely time, but she warned her mother not to make more of it, since Victoria and Cole were taking it one slow step at a time. Victoria sensed that something more was on Nikki's mind, and Nikki replied that it was Victor.

Nikki didn't know whether to be hurt or angry at Victor for trying to replace her with Adam at Newman Media. Nikki asserted that she would never trust Adam, and it would be impossible to get him out when she was ready to return. Nikki found it even more maddening that it didn't seem to bother Victor, who was pushing Adam for a quick answer. Victoria wondered what the big hurry was, and Nikki vowed to stop it from happening. Nikki was certain that Victor would give up on the idea of appointing Adam as head of Newman Media if Victoria agreed to step in.

Nikki doubted she could focus on her sobriety with Adam running Newman Media, since it stressed her out just to think about it, and she couldn't imagine having to actually deal with it. Victoria suspected that Victor had an agenda in the works, and he needed Adam to be part of it. Victoria added that there was no guarantee Victor would go along with her stepping in, since he specifically wanted Adam in the role. Nikki figured that Victor might not agree to either her or Victoria taking the reins, but he couldn't say no to both of them. Nikki intended to tell Victor she was ready to return to work as long as Victoria was by her side.

Victoria maintained that she wanted to concentrate on her family, while Nikki needed to focus on her sobriety. Victoria worried about her mother facing the pressure of work every day, with Victor constantly trying to push Nikki out. Nikki asserted that it wouldn't happen if she and Victoria were both there. Victoria was torn, since the thought of Adam being in charge turned her stomach, yet she didn't want to see Nikki undo the progress she'd made in her recovery. Nikki argued that she needed to be productive for the good of her sense of self and confidence.

Nikki wailed that it broke her heart to think of Adam tearing down everything she'd worked hard to do. Nikki swore that she'd do most of the work, and Victoria could do as much or as little as she wanted. Victoria complimented Nikki on her "otherworldly powers of persuasion," but she repeated that her answer was still no. Nikki lectured that it would be an ideal situation that could keep Adam at bay while reminding Victor how well she and Victoria worked together. Nikki urged Victoria to imagine they could accomplish together as mother and daughter.

Nikki pleaded with Victoria to join her. Victoria groaned that there was no way of talking her mother out of it, and she reluctantly agreed to step in temporarily. Nikki hugged and thanked her. Victoria gently chided Nikki for using a small amount of emotional blackmail, but Nikki preferred to credit her otherworldly powers of persuasion. Nikki prepared to tell Victor the news, but Victoria insisted on doing it together as a team.

In Paris, Tucker ordered Audra to get out of his hotel suite, since he didn't want to take his last breath looking at her. Dawn insisted that Audra leave, but Audra refused to buy Tucker's death scene. As Tucker lay on the bed, clutching his chest, Audra spat that she was amazed she'd ever respected him. Audra sarcastically warned Tucker not to strain himself, since he was clearly in great pain. She taunted that if it was too much, he shouldn't feel the need to hang on, since everyone would be fine without him.

Tucker incredulously asked if Audra wanted to say goodbye by mocking him. Audra reminded him that she'd already said goodbye, but he'd refused to accept the memo. She wondered how far he'd push the pretense, and she contemplated whether he was actually experiencing a panic attack over the terror of public humiliation. He predicted that she would regret treating him that way, but he could still forgive her. Audra huffed that he might have delayed the vote, but he couldn't postpone it forever. She added that it was over, and next time he should try not looking so healthy when he was dying.

Audra stormed out, and Tucker immediately bolted out of bed. The medic urged him to rest, but Tucker called the medic's skills amazing, handed him some cash, and showed him out. Tucker informed Dawn that he'd bought them time, but not much. He instructed her to contact his operatives to dig up dirt on at least two Glissade board members. Tucker also requested that Dawn find out where Jack was.

Later, Dawn reported that Jack had flown into Paris early that morning. Tucker assumed that Jack had planned to make a quick trip to check on Ashley before joining Audra to sell Tucker and Glissade down the river. Dawn mentioned that she didn't have any information about the other board members yet. Tucker decided to pay Jack a visit, and he exited.

Audra retreated to her hotel suite. Victor sent a flurry of text messages, asking what was going on with the board meeting. Audra hesitated to respond and mused to herself that it would be over soon, since she wouldn't give up until she was in charge of Glissade. She typed back that Tucker was stalling, but the vote would happen that day as planned.

Adam arrived at the Newman ranch in response to Victor's message, but he cautioned that he didn't have a lot of time. Adam explained that Connor was in a positive phase of treatment and wanted to see Adam and Chelsea, so they were taking the Newman jet out east with Nick's approval. Victor inquired whether Connor really wanted to see his parents. Adam was hopeful, but he admitted that he wasn't taking it for granted after the last few false starts. Adam guessed that Victor had summoned him there to talk about Newman Media. Victor asked if Adam was willing to take over the reins.

Adam stressed that Connor was his priority. Victor said he understood, but he still pressed Adam to agree to step in as CEO at Newman Media. Adam balked, noting that Victor had divulged his intention to use the company against someone. Adam groused that he wasn't keen on being used as "a stalking horse" for some unexplained war without knowing who the enemy was. Adam continued that at any other time, he would be all in, but his life was already unpredictable. He pledged to be there to support Connor and Chelsea when they needed it, and he firmly stated that his answer to Victor was no.

Victor swore that he wouldn't ask Adam to do anything underhanded, but Adam scoffed at the idea that his father wanted him over anyone else because of his charm. Victor anticipated that he would ask Adam to publish negative things about another company via Newman Media's many outlets, but the information would be based on facts. Adam reiterated that he still didn't know the entity or people involved, and he needed to know what he was walking into if Victor wanted to start a war. Victor promised it wouldn't reflect negatively on Adam.

Adam reasoned that Victor could put Nick or Victoria in the role, but he sensed he was at the top of the list because Victor needed someone with killer instincts and dubious ethics. Victor noted that there had been a time Adam would have jumped at the chance. Adam countered that his circumstances had changed, and his son needed his full attention. Adam argued that the easy solution would be for Victor just to tell him who he was going after, and Adam might consider it.

Victor's phone rang, and Victor said he had to take it. Adam suggested that they talk more when he got back -- if Victor was ready to tell him the truth. After Adam exited, Victor answered Audra's call and demanded to know why he hadn't heard anything from her. She revealed that there had been a snag, and he ordered her to fix it.

Audra shared that Tucker had found out what she'd been up to, and Victor inquired whether Tucker knew Victor was involved. Audra was sure Tucker would have said something if he did. She recounted that Tucker hadn't been able to outvote them, but he'd been able to stall things by pretending to collapse with a medical emergency before the vote. Audra guaranteed that it had only been a temporary dodge. Victor instructed Audra to find out what Tucker was up to before they ran a victory lap.

Victor was pleased when Nikki and Victoria dropped by, and he invited his two favorite women to join him for breakfast. Nikki announced that she'd reached a decision regarding Newman Media, and she assumed from Victor's expression that he'd thought it would be up to him. He replied that it was his "damn company," and Adam would take over temporarily until Nikki was well enough to return to work. Nikki intended to return immediately, but Victor vowed that it wouldn't happen.

Victoria piped up that she was going to work with her mom, who had realized she needed to focus on her treatment but also needed somewhere to focus her talent and mind. Nikki declared the problem solved, since Victoria would ease Nikki's workload, Adam would continue working successfully with Nick, and Victor would have peace of mind. Victor was disappointed that Victoria had agreed to join Newman Media with her mother after he'd repeatedly asked her to return to Newman Enterprises.

Victoria reasoned that the circumstances weren't the same, and she was doing it to support her mom because she knew it was important for Nikki to resume her job while keeping Adam away from it. Victor concluded the problem was Adam, and Nikki reminded him that she hadn't made it a secret that she didn't want Adam there. Victoria agreed, and she prepared to return from her break in a limited capacity for a limited time. Victor refused to let it happen.

Adam returned to his apartment and got his suitcase ready. He looked deep in thought as he flashed back to Victor recruiting him to destroy an enemy, since Victor needed someone in charge who was as ruthless as he was.

At Ashley's apartment in Paris, Traci worriedly stared out the window. Jack entered the room and implored her to get some sleep. Traci explained that she needed time to process Martin's death and Ashley's hospitalization. Traci sympathized that the situation had been hard on Alan, who was mourning the loss of his brother. Jack had a hard time thinking of Martin as anything other than a monster who'd tormented Ashley.

Traci regretted that they'd thought Tucker had been the one who'd done it, but Jack refused to let Tucker off the hook. Jack assured Traci that Ashley was getting the help she needed, and it wouldn't have happened if Traci hadn't been there for her. Jack insisted that Ashley needed Traci's love and strength, but Traci sobbed that she didn't feel strong then. Jack hugged her and commended her for being a rock for everyone, and he encouraged her to cry and let it out. Traci wept in his arms.

Traci couldn't help but think about the last time Ashley had needed treatment in a psychiatric hospital, and she worried about the memories it would stir up. Jack asserted that their sister was a strong woman who was determined to get well, surrounded by professionals. Traci recalled that Alan had suggested that Ashley's breakdown and alters might have had something to do with a trauma she'd experienced during childhood. Traci shared that she'd been wracking her brain to try to figure out what it could be, and she wondered if something horrible had happened that they'd missed.

Jack admitted that it bothered him to think that he might have stood by while Ashley had dealt with an unspeakable trauma, especially since he was the oldest and should have been looking out for his siblings. Traci conceded that they hadn't had the perfect childhood, since John and Dina had fought a lot, and Dina's affairs had caused turmoil for their family -- especially Ashley. Jack speculated that perhaps Ashley had learned about Brent being her biological father sooner than they'd thought. Traci recalled that it had been the first time Ashley had experienced a breakdown, but the trauma in question also might have been completely unrelated to Dina or Brent.

Jack believed that Alan's theory explained a lot about Ashley's mental health struggles over the years. Traci wondered if the alters had been there all along without them realizing it. Traci couldn't imagine what Ashley was thinking, having to face whatever horrible thing she'd gone through on top of what had happened with Martin. Traci fretted that it was too much, but Jack anticipated that Ashley would step back from the edge, just like she'd done before. Jack hoped that Ashley got to the source of all of it to silence the demons and get them out of her life for good.

Later, Traci answered a knock at the door, and she invited Tucker in. She said she'd had a feeling he might show up, and she conceded that he'd earned a warmer welcome than he'd received the last time she'd seen him. He inquired about Ashley, and Traci informed him that Ashley was at the clinic but wasn't allowed visitors outside of family. Tucker mentioned that Ashley had stopped by to see him, and he'd been pleased to see that she'd seemed like herself.

Tucker admitted that he'd been worried one of Ashley's alters might emerge and sabotage the whole thing, but Traci confirmed that Ashley had followed through with seeking treatment in spite of what she had to face. Traci assured Tucker that she knew he genuinely cared for her sister, and she was deeply sorry for thinking he'd been the one Ashley had needed protection from. Traci stressed that Tucker had more than proven himself, and he said it meant a lot to him. Traci gently told him that it was time for him to let Ashley go.

Tucker agreed, and he clarified that he'd just wanted to make sure Ashley was doing okay. Traci recognized that Tucker and Ashley had shared something special, and while things hadn't gone as either of them had hoped, the slate was clean. Tucker announced that he was actually there to talk to Jack. Traci indicated that Jack was on a business call in the guest room, and she offered to tell him that Tucker had stopped by. Tucker insisted on speaking with Jack immediately. Jack overheard as he entered the room and asked what it was about.

Tucker asked to speak privately with Jack, but Jack barked that he didn't keep secrets from his family. Traci insisted that she had some shopping to do, and she advised Tucker not to erase the goodwill points he'd built up. After Traci left, Tucker asked if Jack was enjoying Paris. Jack told him to save the small talk, but Tucker suspected Jack knew why he was there. Jack ordered Tucker to say whatever he had to say and leave. Tucker knowingly pondered who the mystery investor was who was trying to push him out of his own company.

Jack asked what Tucker was talking about. Tucker stated that they both knew Jack was going after Glissade by turning Audra against Tucker and throwing money into having him booted. Tucker announced that he was there to tell Jack he might as well go home because it wouldn't work. Jack contended that it was preposterous, and he questioned why he would spend time and money going after a second-rate competitor. Tucker surmised it was payback for breaking Ashley's heart. Jack retorted that payback was Tucker's territory, and Jack didn't operate that way anymore.

Tucker argued that the move had revenge written all over it, and Jack imagined there were a dozen people who'd like to take a shot at Tucker. Tucker noted that not all of them were in Paris, and Audra had needed a generous benefactor to get what she wanted. Tucker found it convenient that Jack was in town when Audra had convened a board meeting in Paris to have Tucker voted out. Jack growled that he was there because his sister had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and he didn't "give a damn" what Tucker thought. Jack ordered Tucker to get out and take his ridiculous accusations with him.

Tucker returned to his hotel suite, and Dawn informed him that nothing had been uncovered about any of the board members. Tucker testily asked if his minions were actually looking, since anyone who'd risen to that status in the world had to have skeletons. Dawn rattled off a list of divorces, bankruptcies, and résumé falsifications that had already been publicized. There was a knock at the door, and Dawn let Audra in. "Well, well, well, look who's feeling better," Audra cooed. "It's over. You've won," Tucker flatly replied.

Johnny and Katie return home and meet Claire

Johnny and Katie return home and meet Claire

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

At Society, Abby recounted to Billy that Ashley had called the night before. Abby asked why the call was the first time she had heard that her mother had checked into a facility to get help for dissociative identity disorder. Billy said that he had just recently heard, as well. Abby said that she needed to be with Ashley. Abby was distraught, and she said that the worst part about the ordeal had been that her family "didn't bother to tell [her] about it."

Billy said that the family hadn't wanted to worry Abby and that Ashley had asked them not to say anything. Abby said that there was always "an excuse" with the Abbotts and Newmans for keeping her in the dark. Abby said that if she had been involved, she could have helped her mother. Billy advised Abby to stop worrying about how things had happened in the past. Abby suddenly realized that Tucker had tried to warn her because he had known that Ashley had needed help.

Billy said that Tucker had tried to tell the Abbotts about Ashley's issues, and they had blown Tucker off, as well. Abby said that Tucker had not been "at fault," but Billy insisted that Tucker had caused a lot of Ashley's "pain and suffering."

Abby said that there had been many times when Ashley had acted strangely over the past few months. Abby and Billy agreed that they had both experienced situations where Ashley had seemed "off." Billy said that the Abbotts had had an "impromptu" intervention for Ashley, but she had not gone to the doctor and had insisted she was fine. Billy apologized again for how things had been handled with Ashley, and he advised Abby to "focus on the good news" that Ashley was getting the help she needed. Abby said that she was going to fly to Paris to be near Ashley. Billy's phone pinged because Johnny and Katie's flight was getting ready to land.

At the tack house, Claire was fussing over decorations and snacks in preparation for Johnny and Katie's return from school. Claire said that she wanted the kids to feel welcome and "not mind that some strange new sister" had arrived. Victoria encouraged Claire not to be nervous that the younger kids were returning. Claire worried that they would be overwhelmed by a "new home and a new sister." Victoria said that Claire was "amazing with kids" and her siblings would "adore" her.

Claire showed Victoria the gifts she had purchased for her brother and sister. Victoria said that the gifts were perfect. After Claire went to wrap the gifts, Victoria answered the door to Cole.

Victoria admitted to Cole that she was nervous about her kids meeting each other. Cole said that Johnny and Katie had been "raised with unconditional love," and they would remember that when they saw Victoria's face. Victoria asked how Cole could always "calm" her down, and he answered that he believed in her.

Cole left, and Claire carried her gifts downstairs. Billy arrived with Johnny and Katie. Victoria hugged the kids and introduced them to Claire. After Claire greeted her siblings, Johnny asked what it had been like for Claire in the "mental hospital." Despite Victoria's admonishment, Claire said that she wanted to be totally honest. Claire responded that the food had been bad, but the doctors were "great." Johnny asked what it had been like to be raised by a "crazy aunt."

Claire explained that as a child, she had thought all kids were taught to "seek vengeance" on others as a game. Claire said that the doctors had helped her understand that she had not had a "normal" childhood. Claire said that she was finally "free," and she was looking forward to spending time with "normal people." Katie asked if she could go to her room. Katie said that she couldn't believe they had to live at the tack house "all because of Claire's crazy aunt."

Claire apologized that Katie had "lost so much." Katie told Claire, "You don't know me, how could you understand?" Katie stormed upstairs. Victoria apologized, and Claire said that they needed to give Katie "some time."

At the coffeehouse, Heather told Daniel that he had "creative passion and justice" on his side for the upcoming arbitration. Daniel, agitated, said that Chancellor-Winters had been the place that had given him "a break when [he] needed one." Heather asked if Daniel was "bothered" by that or by the fact that Lily would be at the meeting.

Heather said that Daniel was asking for something that was "rightfully" his, and Lily's denial to give it to him was "personal," which nullified the contract he had signed. Daniel said that he and Heather weren't just trying to get the rights back to the game, but they were also "defending" their affair. Heather reminded Daniel that she was good at her job, and she encouraged him to leave the arguments to her.

Daniel said that he wasn't sure he could go forward with the lawsuit. Daniel said that his game was "tainted" because of everything that had happened. Heather insisted Daniel was having "cold feet," and she asked him to not let the negativity "color things" for him. Daniel said that the game had "served its purpose" and had brought Lucy and Heather back to him. Daniel suggested that they drop the lawsuit.

At the Athletic Club, the attorney for Chancellor-Winters, Deirdre, told Devon, Lily, and Nate that Daniel's suit didn't "stand a chance." Devon told Lily that he understood it would be difficult for her to "relive" her breakup with Daniel, but she had their full support. Lily told Deidre that they would see her back at the office, and the attorney left.

Lily said that she had been up all night, and she had determined that arbitration was not "the answer." Lily wanted to let Daniel keep the Princess Louisa character. Nate and Devon asked why Lily wanted to change course at the "last minute." Lily said that she had fired Daniel and Heather out of emotions, and she didn't want any more "drama."

Nate and Devon said that they would support Lily's decision. Lily reiterated that she wanted everyone at Chancellor-Winters to be able to move forward, away from any more conflict. Lily said that Princess Louisa had become a reminder that Daniel had broken her heart, and the "platform" they had built was "stronger than one game." Lily's phone pinged with a message from Daniel, asking her to meet "one-on-one." Lily told Devon and Nate that she was ready to move on, and she left to meet Daniel.

Devon asked if Lily had seemed "off" to Nate. Devon suggested that her odd behavior had to do with Billy. Devon told Nate that Billy had gone to Lily about putting Devon in a "secondary role." Nate asked if they had to worry about Lily "turning against her own family." Devon said that Lily wouldn't betray her family, but he thought the "Billy situation was weighing on" Lily.

Devon recounted to Nate that Billy had asked to team up with Lily. Devon said that he and Lily had realized they could use Billy's plan to their advantage. Devon said that if Billy thought Lily was on Billy's side, Devon and Lily could convince him to split the company. Afterwards, Lily could leave Billy and go to her family's company.

After Devon left, Audra walked into the restaurant. Nate said that Audra looked happy. Audra said that she was "ecstatic." Audra told Nate that she was the new "CEO of Glissade," thanks to an anonymous investor. Audra said that she could not divulge the name of the investor, but she would like to "celebrate."

At Chancellor Park, Daniel told Lily that he didn't want to fight. Daniel said that he was dropping the lawsuit and that Chancellor-Winters could keep the game. Lily said that she had intended to tell Daniel that she didn't want to fight anymore, either, and he could keep the game. Both Lily and Daniel were shocked at the other's news. Lily asked what would happen to Princess Louisa if neither one of them wanted the game.

Lily suggested that they keep the game "as is" and allow it to become "an instant classic." Lily said that Chancellor-Winters could start a college fund for Lucy with any profits they continued to make. Daniel said that their "deal" was "more than fair." Lily apologized for letting her emotions get the best of her. Daniel said that he was sorry for "everything that happened." Daniel wished Lily "all the happiness and success in the world." After Daniel left, Lily texted Billy, asking if he could meet.

At Chancellor-Winters, Abby hugged Devon and sighed. Abby worried that the person who had called her was an alternate personality of Ashley's. Devon encouraged Abby that Ashley was getting the help she needed, and things would be okay. Abby told Devon that she needed to go to Paris.

Victor surprises Audra and Kyle with his plans

Victor surprises Audra and Kyle with his plans

Thursday, June 20, 2024

At Crimson Lights, Kyle was surprised to see Claire. Claire told Kyle that Katie had not been happy to meet her. Kyle suggested that Katie just needed "some time." Claire said that she didn't want to "force" things. Claire confessed that she had fantasized about things going well when she met her siblings. Kyle said that Claire had won over all the Newmans, so she would win Katie over, too. Kyle told Claire that she was "funny, smart, genuine...and cheerful." Kyle said that Claire was "hard not to like."

Claire suggested that they talk about Kyle for once. Kyle reported that his life was "pretty boring." Claire asked about Kyle's work, and she said that she had noticed "tension" between Kyle and Diane. Kyle recounted that Diane had returned to his life after he had thought she'd died, and there had been a lot of "hurt feelings." Kyle said that eventually, the family had worked out their issues, but since Kyle had started reporting to Diane at Jabot, things had gotten "brutal." Kyle complained that his parents couldn't see that the situation at Jabot was holding him back and that he was the one who deserved to be CEO.

Claire suggested that if Kyle wasn't happy, he should move on to another company. Kyle said that it would be hard to "walk away" from Jabot, but it would be "refreshing" to work at a company that valued his contributions.

At the tack house, Victoria told Katie that it was "okay to be upset and confused" about having a new house and sister. Katie insisted that she was fine. Victoria said that they should talk about Claire, since Katie had been mean to her. Victoria said that Claire felt as "awkward" as Katie and Johnny did. Katie asked if Claire was "crazy and dangerous" like the kids at school had said.

Victoria said that Claire had been controlled by Jordan as a child, but Claire was "loving and kind" as an adult. Katie suggested that Claire was "faking" and might "murder" them all. Victoria begged Katie to give Claire a chance. Johnny interjected that Claire was "trying," but Katie said that she didn't care.

Victoria called Claire and apologized for the tension with Katie. Claire said that she didn't blame Katie for having had a negative reaction. Victoria encouraged Claire to return home, and Claire said that she would be on her way. Claire told Kyle that she had enjoyed their conversation, and she apologized for suggesting Kyle leave Jabot. After Claire left, Kyle received a text from Victor asking to meet.

Johnny told Victoria that Katie's negativity might have been about a boy at school who had gone on a date with someone else, not about Claire. Victoria said that her kids could talk to her about anything, but Johnny said that Katie thought she "could do everything on her own." Victoria said that she had been the same way when she'd been young, and Johnny jokingly asked if they had had TV back then. Victoria said that they even had had cars and phones. They were still joking about how "ancient" Victoria was when Claire walked in. Johnny told Claire that Katie could "be a pain sometimes," but it didn't usually last very long.

At Chancellor Park, Devon ran into Victor. Victor asked how Chancellor-Winters was doing, and Devon replied that things at the company had been good. Victor asked if Devon had spoken to Tucker lately. Devon said that he wasn't on the "best of terms" with his dad. Victor told Devon that Tucker had had an "enormous business setback" in Paris and had been "humiliated." Devon said that he had not heard anything about the situation. Victor warned that if Tucker returned to Genoa City, Tucker would try to "weasel" his way into Chancellor-Winters. Devon said that he already had "one weasel to deal with."

At the Athletic Club, Nate was surprised to hear that Tucker had "faked a heart attack" in Paris. Audra said that it was pathetic, but she had ending up winning. Audra said that her plan was to "make Glissade a massive success." Nate reminded Audra that they were talking about Tucker, who did "not like to lose."

Audra said that Tucker had been shocked, and she wouldn't be "surprised" if Tucker stayed in Paris permanently, since she had "crippled" him. Audra hoped that Tucker would see how he had pushed everyone away. Audra said that because of Tucker's actions, her feelings for him had been completely "erased."

Audra said that she had learned to "trust no one" because of Tucker. Nate said that it would "be a shame" to allow Tucker to "close the door on the possibilities of love." Nate toasted to hoping Audra would "change [her] mind," but Audra said not to count on it. Audra said that she had an "empire to build," so she didn't need "distractions." Audra's phone pinged with a message from Victor insisting they meet. Nate inquired about who had texted, but Audra played coy about her "business meeting." Nate asked if it had been the "mystery investor."

Audra said that she had to run, but Nate continued to pry. Audra said that Glissade was not competing with Chancellor-Winters, so Nate didn't need to worry. Nate said that he thought it was a "red flag" that someone would spend so much money on a startup company. Audra said that the investor believed in her "leadership." Nate suggested that Audra be careful in case the investor had "ideas of their own."

Audra arrived at the Newman ranch, and Victor said that he was glad Glissade business had been handled and Audra could "assume the reins." Audra enthusiastically agreed. Victor said that he would have liked to have seen Tucker's face when Audra had "beaten" Tucker. Audra said that Tucker had been "stunned" and "destroyed." Audra promised that she would "deliver" success at Glissade, but she wondered if Victor had motivations other than business for acquiring the company. Victor grinned.

Victor declared that Audra shouldn't ever "second-guess [his] intentions." Audra said that she had big plans for rejuvenating the company. Victor said that before Audra made any changes, he would like to add Kyle to the company's leadership team. Audra said that that would not be a problem, but Kyle was already the COO at Jabot. Victor said that Kyle was to become Audra's "co-CEO."

Audra said that she could run the company on her own, but Victor insisted that hiring Kyle was a "non-negotiable directive." Kyle arrived and wondered why he had been invited over. Victor said that he had "good news," and he asked if Audra agreed.

Victor informed Kyle that Audra had recently become in charge of Glissade, and she needed someone to help run the company. Kyle asked if Victor was serious, and Victor reminded Kyle about their earlier discussion when Kyle had said that he was not being "challenged" at Jabot.

At Society, Billy was excited that Lily wanted to meet him. Lily recounted that she and Daniel had agreed on a plan for the video game. Billy said that the compromise had been "extremely generous" of Lily. Lily asked about Jill's health, and Billy said that Jill had been complaining about the treatment taking so long, but Snapper had seemed "optimistic" about Jill's recovery.

Lily said that she had "thought a lot" about Billy's proposal to team up and run Chancellor-Winters together. Lily said that Billy's "vision for the company" was "contagious." Lily conceded that it wouldn't be a "tribute" to Jill and Neil if Chancellor-Winters kept the status quo. Billy said that he hoped he had helped Lily see that the two of them could "fix" the company. Lily said that "taking the company to new heights" with Billy sounded "appealing." Billy said that they needed to order Champagne to celebrate, but Lily told him to wait because there was "a catch."

Lily said that it was important that Devon and Nate were not "hurt" by the company changes. Lily suggested that they "divide Chancellor-Winters" and allow Devon to take the Winters portion of the company. Billy was surprised by Lily's suggestion because she had fought against the idea when Billy had initially suggested it. Lily said that she had faced "reality," and she asked if Billy would agree to running Abbott-Chancellor with her.

Billy asked the bartender for Champagne, and he asked if Devon would "push back" on Lily's idea. Lily replied that she would worry about that later, and she was more worried about how Jill would react. Billy said that Jill had given him "the power" to make a call. As Billy and Lily toasted to "new beginnings," Devon walked in. Devon looked perplexed, and he left.

Billy said that he would talk to Jill, and Lily could talk to Devon. After Lily left, Billy got on a video chat with Jill, and he told her that they were going to "undo the merger." Jill vehemently protested, but Billy asked if Jill would change her mind if Lily worked for the Chancellor side of the business. Billy said that they would be renaming the company Abbott-Chancellor.

At Chancellor-Winters, Nate asked if Devon thought Lily was going back on their plan to "trick Billy." Devon worried that Lily might actually want to run Chancellor with Billy. Nate suggested that Lily was just working Billy, and Devon might be "paranoid." Devon agreed, but he asked Nate to "keep an eye on Billy" while Devon and Abby traveled to Paris to check on Ashley. Lily entered and said that Devon did not need to "worry about Billy," because she "had him right where" she wanted him. Lily asked if Devon would "rethink" his trip, since things were about to "explode."

Nick and Sharon reminisce about their life together

Nick and Sharon reminisce about their life together

Friday, June 21, 2024

At Sharon's house, Nick and Sharon excitedly waited for Faith to return home from school. Nick had stocked up on Faith's favorite snacks, and Sharon asked, "Where did all the years go?"

Faith arrived and hugged both of her parents. Faith said that she had brought presents for all her family members. Nick mentioned that they could have picked Faith up, but she said that she had wanted to take a rideshare alone to prove to herself that she was better after the ordeal with Cameron.

Sharon asked why Faith seemed "on edge," and Faith began to cry. Faith asked why men were "such jerks." Nick assumed something had happened with Moses, and Faith confirmed that Moses had broken up with her. Faith declared that she would never fall in love again.

Faith asked how her parents could still get along after they had broken up "a zillion times." Nick and Sharon laughed and said that there was still "a lot of love there." Sharon said that Nick had once been very romantic.

Sharon flashed back to memories of when she and Nick had been very young, including when they had been on an island, playing "Mr. and Mrs. Robinson Crusoe."

Mariah and Tessa arrived, and Faith asked Nick and Sharon to tell them all about "their love story." Sharon remembered one of their first dates and hanging out by the Newman pool as they had fallen in love.

Nick told Tessa, Mariah, and Faith that Sharon had been dating a "creep named Matt Clark" when they had first met. Sharon said that she had broken up with Matt to be with Nick, but Matt had not taken the breakup well. Nick remembered punching Matt at the coffeehouse and telling Sharon that he would make Matt "pay" for what he had done to her.

Nick recounted that prison had been terrible but that his ex-girlfriend Amy had confessed to shooting Matt. Sharon said that Matt had not been their "only obstacle" and that Nikki had also made trouble for the young couple.

Nick remembered asking his mother what she didn't like about Sharon. Nikki had thought that Sharon was "brash...and aggressive." Nikki hadn't thought Sharon was a "proper young lady." Mariah asked if Nikki had started to accept Sharon when Noah had arrived.

Nick thought back to the time Sharon had told him she was pregnant, and then he remembered holding Noah for the first time. Nick commented that Noah's birth had been "life changing," and Sharon said that there had been even more changes after that.

Sharon remembered telling Nick that Cassie was her daughter. Nick had been angry at the time, but he had eventually loved Cassie "as his own." Nick thought back to when Cassie had painted the picture of their family. Cassie had thanked him for giving her a family.

Mariah said that Cassie had been lucky to have Sharon and Nick as parents, but Nick replied that he and Sharon had been "the lucky ones."

After grabbing some drinks, Faith asked her parents what had happened after they had gotten married. Nick said that working for Victor had been challenging, and he remembered some of his early days at Newman, when Victor had driven him crazy.

Nick and Sharon confessed to having cheated on each other, and they thought back to a fight they had had over Sharon's affair with Diego.

Nick said that getting divorced had been difficult, but not as hard as "losing Cassie." Nick thought back to sitting next to Cassie in the hospital and crying. Victoria had tried to comfort him, but he had gone back to the house and smashed up all the furniture.

Nick confessed that he had "hurt a lot of people" during that painful time in his life, especially Sharon. Nick remembered when he had first gotten together with Phyllis, and he had told her that Cassie talked to him from beyond the grave. Nick replayed the memory of Sharon confronting him about his affair with Phyllis. Continuing to remember, Nick thought about their breakup after the affair.

Nick said that he and Sharon had "tried to move on," but they had ended up finding their way back to each other. They remembered getting together at the cabin and that they had created Faith. They had speculated that they would have still been together if Cassie hadn't died.

Faith said that she knew the next part, that Adam had kidnapped her and given her to Ashley. Nick said that they had eventually gotten Faith back, and Sharon said that it had been just as "Cassie predicted."

Nick remembered saying goodbye to Cassie before she died. Cassie had said, "You'll have another little girl someday."

Faith said that even after all they had been though, Nick and Sharon had wanted to get married again. Mariah chimed in and said that she would never forget their "almost-wedding." Mariah remembered Sharon punching Nick at the ceremony.

Mariah and Tessa received text messages from the babysitter, and they said their goodbyes. Faith said that she was glad her parents had shared their stories with her. Nick told Faith that life was "messy," but family could always bring one "back to center." Nick suggested that Moses might realize someday that Faith was his "center," and Faith asked Nick if Sharon was Nick's.

Nick said that "after all the heartache," he and Sharon still had a lot of love for each other. Faith hugged her parents.

Nick went to the main house, and he yelled out for Nikki and Victor, but they weren't there. Nick looked at a picture of Victoria and thought back to special times with her. Nick looked at a picture of the whole family, and he remembered encouraging Nikki when she had been struggling with something. Nick flashed back to boxing with Victor and the way Victor had tried to motivate him.

Nick was reminiscing about old times with his parents as Nikki and Victor walked in. Nick told his parents how much he loved "being [their] son." Nick said that he had been telling Faith about special memories when it had occurred to him that he had grown as a person because of "the lessons" Nikki and Victor had taught him. Victor and Nikki were both touched, and Victor said that they "couldn't have asked for a better son."

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