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Diane fired Kyle without consulting Jack. Kyle welcomed the opportunity to run Glissade with Audra. Lily and Devon clashed after she and Billy revealed their plan to divide Chancellor-Winters. Mariah and Tessa noticed Sharon's increasingly strange behavior. Adam and Chelsea were crushed when Connor suffered a setback.
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Diane fired Kyle. Lily and Devon clashed over a plan to divide Chancellor-Winters. Mariah and Tessa noticed Sharon's increasingly odd behavior.  Connor suffered a setback.
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After words with Diane and Audra, Kyle has a proposition for Victor

After words with Diane and Audra, Kyle has a proposition for Victor

Monday, June 24, 2024

In Paris, Traci and Alan entered a bar, and both admitted feeling uneasy about being there. Alan wondered if his brother, Martin, had been a regular in the bar and if someone might mistake him for Martin. Traci understood that Alan had a lot of questions, especially since Martin was dead. "Where did he live when he wasn't sleeping in my house? Who did he associate with? Did they know what he was capable of?" Alan asked aloud. He wondered if there were more people out there that he needed to apologize to.

Traci asked if Alan considered that the answers to those questions might cause him even more pain. She encouraged him to stop torturing himself. Still, Alan couldn't help but wonder what Martin's endgame had been. He hated not knowing. Traci offered her ear to Alan, a gesture that Alan found "deeply kind." Alan tried to placate Traci by telling her what he thought she needed to hear in order to drop the conversation. She chuckled and remarked that he didn't know her very well.

"You can't go back and change history. All you can do is change how you feel about it now," Traci stated. Alan admitted that Traci was right and mused that she had to have a psychology degree. Traci replied with a laugh that she'd created a few characters who were psychologists -- which was akin to having a degree. Alan marveled about Traci being "a beautiful woman" with amazing stories to tell. He told her that he wanted to hear more about her and growing up in the "glamorous world of the Abbott dynasty."

Traci reminisced about singing with Danny Romalotti. She claimed to have been sheltered by her "overprotective big brother and sister." She shared that when her mother had walked out on them, her father had been their rock. "It was his boundless love for the three of us that really made him a giant," Traci said. Traci explained that after John had died, she, Jack, and Ashley had become "the three Musketeers."

Traci worried that she had let her sister down -- that perhaps Ashley had been haunted by something her entire life, something that was now also haunting Traci. Alan acknowledged that most dissociative identity disorder cases did result from some sort of "ongoing childhood trauma," but it was possible that Ashley's did not. Alan was certain that they would both get through their difficult times.

Later, Alan accompanied Traci back to her room. She told him a story of how she and friends had once ordered 50 kilos of mussels, unaware of how many mussels were actually in a kilogram. She disclosed that they had eaten moules frites for a week. It had been 20 years earlier, and Traci mused that she hadn't thought about mussels since. Alan thanked Traci for deciding to stay in Paris, and he departed.

At the ranch, Victor told Nick that he and Nikki were very proud of the man he'd become. Nikki echoed the sentiment. Victor asked if Nick had spoken to Victoria about rejoining him at Newman Enterprises. Nick replied that he didn't think it was necessary, since Victoria had agreed to go to Newman Media with Nikki. Victor made it clear that that was not what he wanted. "So, you're saying that what I want is not important?" Nikki asked.

Victor insisted that he cared about Nikki. She wondered how Victor could say that when he seemed insistent upon replacing her at Newman Media with Adam, something she referred to as "a big red flag." Nikki vented that Newman Media was her "domain" and said it made no sense that she had no say in who was running the company. Nick sided with his mother. When Victor started to scold Nick, Nikki cut him off and said that, unlike Victor, Nick valued her opinion.

Victor argued that choosing sides was not what was in the best interest of Newman Enterprises. Nikki countered that replacing her with Adam wasn't such a good move, either. Nick suggested that if Nikki felt up to returning to work, she should return to work. Victor snarled that that wasn't what he wanted. "End of discussion," he growled just before walking out of the room.

At the tack house, Victoria and the kids worked on a list of all the things that they wanted to do over the course of the summer. Johnny expressed his desire to go horseback riding, and he hoped that Rocket remembered him. "Well, all you have to do is give him an apple, and he'll remember exactly who you are," Victoria said with a smile.

Victoria shared that Claire had created a list of movies she thought that they'd all like. Katie "just remembered" that she had some friends she needed to see and said that movie night would have to be held without her. Victoria asked Katie to give her "new sister" a chance. "What's the point?" Katie snapped before suggesting that Claire live with the Abbotts, since she was their nanny.

Victoria made it clear that they would not be throwing Claire out of her home. Katie opened up about the pain she felt over losing their other house. Johnny asked Katie to cut Claire some slack. Victor dropped by to see his grandchildren and ask how they liked being back at the ranch. Katie again shared her sadness over her home burning down. Victor pointed out that the ranch had once burned down, but it had been rebuilt to begin a new life.

Victor had the kids sit down and talk to him about their new sister. Victor shared that Claire was an incredible young woman who had always wanted a family -- and a sister -- of her own. Katie's iciness thawed slightly as Victor explained that Claire had grown up with no one to love her.

When the kids went out to swim, Victoria thanked her father for what he'd said to Katie. Victoria then wanted to know why Victor seemed opposed to having Nikki return to work at Newman Media. "Your mother needs time to recover," Victor responded. He expressed concern that the rigors of work could make Nikki "fall off the damn wagon again." Victoria accepted that, but she wondered why her father wanted Adam to take Nikki's place.

Victor turned the question around and asked his daughter if she was willing to return to Newman Enterprises. She said that she'd give it "some serious thought."

Nikki and Nick arrived at Society, where Nikki continued to express her frustration with Victor. Nick spoke in defense of Adam. He explained that even with everything that had been going on with Connor, Adam had never once "shirked" his responsibilities or duties at Newman. Nikki wondered if Victor wanted Adam to provide Adam with some sort of distraction. Nick replied that Victor had always wanted his two sons to work together.

Nick called Victor "hyper-protective" and warned Nikki that there was nothing that could change Victor's mind if he truly believed that Nikki needed more time to recover. "I am the CEO of Newman Media, and I want to get back into my office," Nikki replied. Nick suggested that Nikki turn her attention to her charity work until the time came to remove Adam from Newman Media. Nikki agreed to go along with Victor's plan, at least until they could see "which piece topples next."

Audra tracked down Kyle at the Athletic Club bar and mentioned that Kyle had left the meeting at the ranch without giving an answer. "You mean working together at Glissade even after the scam we tried to pull on each other over the exact same thing?" Kyle responded. Kyle noted that working together required trust. Audra countered that they could "start with mutual tolerance and work from there." Kyle replied bluntly, "Not with you. No way in hell."

Audra called Kyle a "hard sell," but Kyle rejected the idea that there was any negotiation taking place. Audra questioned if Kyle was turning down the offer out of spite or because of his ego. Kyle accused Audra of only being focused on money and a "power grab." Audra countered that Kyle's statement was something only someone born into money would say.

Audra apologized for their past interactions and urged him to think of what it would be like to have their own company and to run it as they deemed fit. Kyle noted that Victor would still be calling the shots, which didn't quite live up to the definition of "complete control." Audra asked what she needed to do to change Kyle's mind. Before he could answer, Diane breezed toward the bar and remarked that it was "interesting" to see Audra and Kyle with their heads together.

Audra tried to explain that she has stumbled upon Kyle and wanted to talk to him about some changes in her life. Audra eventually excused herself but asked Kyle to keep an open mind about what they had discussed. When Audra left, Diane pressed for details about what Audra had wanted him to keep an open mind about.

Diane made it clear that she did not trust Audra. Kyle informed his mother that she could not dictate who he spent his time with. "You're not even trying to hide how you feel about me anymore," Diane said as she grimaced. Kyle said that he loved his mother but explained that the days of her running his life were over.

Diane suggested that once Jack returned from Paris, it would be time to get some things straightened out. That, Diane added, would come with an ultimatum. "Get in line, or you'll be fired," she said coldly. Kyle doubted that Jack would agree to that ultimatum. Diane leveled charges of insubordination against Kyle and blasted him for putting a huge business deal in jeopardy. Diane rose to her feet and grabbed her purse before telling Kyle that she had grown weary of giving him chances. As she stormed away, Victor entered through the revolving door and took it all in.

Victor assumed that Diane's reaction were a result of Kyle telling her that he wanted "greener pastures." Kyle said that Diane did not know about Victor's offer. However, Kyle agreed that it might be time for him to make a change. While Victor celebrated Kyle joining Glissade with a toast, Kyle quickly noted that he had made no such decision. Kyle called Audra's bouncing back and forth from Tucker problematic. "Audra Charles is a professional backstabber," Kyle added. Victor seemed surprised. Kyle told Victor that he would agree to join Glissade -- but only as a sole CEO. "What do you need Audra for when you have me?" Kyle asked.

Lily suspects Devon of trying to sabotage her plan

Lily suspects Devon of trying to sabotage her plan

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Sharon happily folded Faith's laundry at the cottage, but Faith protested that she was an adult who could wash her own clothes. Sharon explained that she was glad to have her little girl home, and she intended to pretend Faith wasn't an adult yet. Sharon observed from the amount of dirty clothes that Faith had been saving it up for a while. Faith replied that she'd been distracted, and Sharon sympathized that her daughter was going through a rough time. Faith warned that it would make her feel worse if Sharon was taking pity on her.

Sharon insisted that she was acting out of love, not pity. Faith claimed that she was "almost totally over" Moses, and she refused to let him ruin her summer any more than he already had. Sharon admired Faith's resilience, but she cautioned Faith against running away from her feelings. Sharon added that a broken heart couldn't heal overnight, and pretending it had would only delay the healing.

Faith admitted that the breakup still hurt, but she didn't want to give Moses the satisfaction of knowing that. Sharon noted that Faith didn't have to give him anything at all, but Faith could cry and eat ice cream with Sharon. Faith asked what Sharon had done when she'd gotten her heart broken. Sharon confessed that she'd done some stupid and embarrassing things, but she'd healed in time. Faith wondered if the pain was worth it.

Sharon recalled the story she and Nick had shared about the ups and downs in their romance, eventually settling for a meaningful friendship. Faith inquired whether Sharon regretted that it hadn't turned into more than that, and Sharon replied that she tried not to linger in regrets about anything. Sharon asserted that she and Nick were exactly where they were supposed to be. Faith conceded that a woman didn't need a partner to be happy, but she didn't like to think of Sharon being all by herself.

Sharon pointed out that she was hardly rattling around the house with nothing to do, citing her business, friends, and family. Faith recognized that her mom was also a complete romantic who lit up when she was with someone special. Faith remembered last seeing Sharon like that when she'd been with Rey, and Sharon mused that he had been special. Faith recounted that they had seemed relaxed and effortless together, and she'd seen the same look when Sharon was around Nick. Sharon thought Faith was seeing comfort and family.

Sharon recognized that she and Nick had had everything at one time, but dredging up bad memories wasn't the message she wanted to convey to Faith. Sharon insisted that they'd all moved on, and she and Phyllis were even cordial and respectful with one another. Sharon remarked that it wouldn't surprise her if Nick got back together with Phyllis at some point, since the two still had a connection. Sharon speculated that maybe all they needed to really move on was knowing the person they'd loved had someone else in their heart.

Faith struggled to compare what Nick and Sharon had shared with what he'd had with Phyllis. Sharon instructed Faith not to compare the relationships because they had been very different. Sharon admitted that her mind sometimes wandered back to that time, but it didn't stay there long because there had been a lot of pain. Faith surmised that her mom meant Cassie's death. Sharon didn't blame Nick for spinning out, since they'd both been lost.

Faith asked if Sharon still thought about Cassie. Sharon explained that she didn't every day, but there were moments that stirred up memories of Cassie, who would always be in her heart. Sharon recounted that she and Nick still took flowers to Cassie on her birthday and celebrated the anniversary of her death by embracing life to honor her. Faith wished she'd known Cassie, and Sharon imagined that Faith would have had the best big sister. They exchanged words of love, and they hugged.

Sharon asked what Faith wanted to do on her first day back home. Faith planned to meet some high school friends, but she offered to cancel if Sharon wanted to hang out. Sharon urged Faith to see her friends, and Faith thanked her mom for making home someplace she always wanted to return to. Faith had worried it might have been different after everything that had happened with Cameron, but she credited her parents for wiping out the bad memories with good ones. Faith promised to check in later, and she headed out.

At Society, Daniel inquired about Heather's job interview, and she reported that it had been pleasant, polite, and unsuccessful. Daniel theorized that the law firm had heard that her significant other had sued one of the largest companies in town. Heather switched the topic to how Lily had taken the news about Daniel dropping the lawsuit. Surprised, Lucy asked why he'd done that. Daniel reiterated that he hadn't wanted to fight, and he'd preferred to put it behind them so they could all move on. Daniel revealed that Chancellor-Winters would be keeping Princess Louisa.

Daniel said he understood if Lucy was upset, but she adamantly declared that she thought it had been the right move. Lucy acknowledged that she'd been her father's inspiration for Princess Louisa, but she was older and didn't need a game to be sure he loved her. She added that she hated that he and Lily had been fighting about it, and she'd never wanted Lily to get hurt. Lucy proclaimed that she had everything she'd ever wanted, so Chancellor-Winters could have the game.

Daniel jokingly asked Heather if she recognized the person sitting with them, and Heather gushed that the kind, generous person was their daughter. Daniel admitted that he'd been dreading breaking the news, and he thanked Lucy for understanding. He added that he was proud to be her dad. Lucy told him to stop, or she'd cry. Daniel implored someone to say something funny or stupid fast, or he'd cry, too.

Heather inquired about Lily's reaction, and Daniel relayed that Lily had been willing to give the game back to him. Heather was taken aback that he'd allowed Chancellor-Winters to have it. Daniel apologetically explained that he'd failed to mention that part earlier because he hadn't wanted to talk to his lawyer -- he'd wanted to tell the woman he loved. He continued that he'd let it go because of his guilt over what he'd done to Lily, and it had felt cathartic because the game was their past, not their future. Heather bet that Lily had been thrilled. Daniel coyly stated that he hadn't given it away for nothing.

Daniel divulged that Princess Louisa would become a part of Chancellor-Winters' classic games library, so there would be no spinoffs or alterations of anything he'd created. Heather squealed that it meant Daniel's work would always have Lucy's name on it, and his love letter to his daughter would remain intact. Lucy thought they should celebrate, but Daniel blurted out that there was more. He announced that Lily had also agreed to make a sizable contribution to Lucy's college fund. Lucy enthused that Lily was just as cool as Lucy had thought, and Heather cooed that she was very proud of Daniel.

Faith entered the restaurant and stopped by Daniel, Heather, and Lucy's table to say hello. Daniel inquired how college was going, and Faith replied that she was ready for summer break. Daniel introduced Faith to Lucy, who realized Faith was "that girl" who'd been kidnapped by her mom's ex and had a bomb strapped to her. Daniel was sure Faith didn't want to relive it, and Lucy quickly apologized, praising Faith for being brave. Faith offered to tell Lucy about it sometime. Faith received a text message with a change in plans, and she suggested that she and Lucy grab lunch or coffee over the summer.

Faith passed by Sharon as she exited Society. She briefly explained that her plans had changed, and she hurried off. Sharon entered the restaurant and greeted Daniel, Heather, and Lucy. Daniel mentioned that Faith had just hit it off with Lucy, and the girls were hoping to hang out over the summer. Lucy teased that he didn't have to set up play dates for her.

Heather invited Sharon to join her, Daniel, and Lucy, but Sharon declined because she was just there to pick up takeout before getting back to work. Sharon headed to the bar, and she flashed back to confronting Daniel in the hospital after Cassie's accident. Nick had stopped her from lunging at Daniel, and they had ordered Daniel to leave. Sharon picked up her food and ducked out.

Heather observed that Daniel seemed lighter, like a burden had been lifted. Lucy asked what would happen next, and Daniel contemplated what their next adventure would be. Lucy proposed that they go to Africa or sail around the world. Daniel envisioned having an adventure right there in Genoa City, but he was sure whatever it ended up being would be great because he had the two of them to share it with him. Lucy grabbed her parents' hands and said she loved them.

At Crimson Lights, Nick approached Phyllis at a table, and she invited him to sit. He noted that he hadn't seen her in a while, and she indicated that she'd been busy trying to keep a roof over her head. He inquired whether there had been anything positive on the job front, and she vaguely replied that she was formulating a plan. She braced for him to interrogate her, but he said he'd learned to mind his own business. She warned him not to mess with her, since she was vulnerable and sensitive from being unemployed.

Nick bet he could help Phyllis with whatever she had going on. Phyllis confided that she was working on a job search that would take her full circle and land her closer to home, but she couldn't get into specifics. She implied that if everything went the way she wanted, she would be able to deliver karmic payback to Chancellor-Winters. Nick frowned upon Phyllis' plan because it sounded like revenge. Phyllis swore it wasn't even remotely underhanded.

Phyllis mentioned that she'd heard there was upheaval at Chancellor-Winters, and she intended to sit back and do nothing. She anticipated that there would be opportunities for her once everything exploded, and she wouldn't have to lift a finger. Nick asked where Phyllis was getting her information, but she hesitated to reveal her sources. He assured her it would be off the record, and she claimed that she had friends at Chancellor-Winters who had told her there had been infighting going on between Lily and Devon. Nick noticed that Phyllis had left out Billy's name, which made him think Billy was the one behind the trouble.

Phyllis contended that Billy was the only one interested in growing the company, but Nick chided her for not giving Devon and Lily credit. Phyllis complained that the siblings' leadership was stale, and she cited the huge chip Devon had on his shoulder over Billy being there. Nick questioned why she was defending Billy, but Phyllis claimed that she was just calling it like she saw it. Nick swore that he was just trying to protect her from stepping on a landmine, since Billy always had been and always would be trouble. Nick suspected that Phyllis expected Billy to end up on top and find a place for her there.

Nick worried that Phyllis was pushing herself into a situation where she wasn't wanted. Phyllis defended that she was very good at what she did, and she had value and skills. Nick assured her that he was impressed with her talents, but he wanted to make sure the next place for her was the right one. Phyllis groaned that she'd been banging on doors, but no one was opening the door to her, and she was starting to get desperate. Nick reminded her that things tended to blow up in her face when she acted impulsively, and he begged her to take a breath and think about it.

Nick promised that he'd ended his sermon, but he cautioned that Phyllis pinning her hopes on Billy was a recipe for disaster. Phyllis thanked Nick for always looking out for her, and she grasped his hands in hers. Sharon spied them as she walked into the coffeehouse, and she stopped in her tracks.

At Chancellor-Winters, Nate marveled to Devon that Lily's plan was happening, and he resolved to try not to act surprised when she and Billy told them that they were breaking up the company. Nate asked if Devon had any last-minute doubts about Lily following through, but Billy and Lily's arrival prevented Devon from responding. Lily announced that the meeting she'd called was about moving forward, since there had been a lot of tenson in the office lately, and she believed the infighting had stopped the company from growing. She continued that she and Billy had found a scenario that would stop the constant conflict. "Now this I'd like to hear!" Mamie exclaimed from the doorway.

Devon huffed that it was a private meeting, and Mamie hadn't been invited because they'd all agreed she was no longer part of the decision-making process. Mamie figured that she would no longer be banished once everyone realized she was trying to prevent them from making any foolish decisions that would harm the company. Mamie requested an explanation about what had happened with Omega Sphere. Lily recounted that she and Daniel had settled, so there was no longer a lawsuit, and no one had an issue with the settlement. Billy guided the topic back to the subject at hand, but Devon refused to have the meeting with Mamie there.

Devon clarified that he loved Mamie, but she couldn't be around when they were talking about the future of the company. Mamie encouraged him to listen to himself, since he was showing little compassion or forgiveness. She pondered whether Devon was just as much at fault as Tucker was for the wedge between the men. Mamie called Tucker disreputable and untrustworthy, but she believed he genuinely wanted to set things right with Devon. Mamie imagined that Devon had been thrilled to hear that Glissade had been sold out from underneath Tucker, and Devon was shocked. Mamie warned Devon against pushing away family, as it was the only constant they had in life. She walked out.

Nate felt for Mamie, but Devon stood behind not letting her cause issues that would prevent Billy and Lily from presenting their idea in peace. Billy declared that it was time they faced the fact that they wouldn't find a working common ground, since the divide between him and Devon was deep and unsolvable. Billy accepted his share of responsibility for it, and Devon considered it a generous gesture. Billy acknowledged that they'd attained some good things with the merger, but it had ultimately felt like a failed vision.

Lily agreed, noting that she hadn't wanted to face reality for a long time, but she thought it was time to split the companies. She pictured Devon and Nate taking back Winters and its divisions, while she and Billy would run the Chancellor side. She intended to divide whatever had been acquired during the merger fairly, and she wanted Devon and Nate to have input. Devon said he had a difficult time believing that she just wanted to abandon Winters. Lily conceded that it had been a difficult decision to leave Winters behind.

Devon groused that Lily was essentially throwing away Neil's legacy. Lily insisted that she was doing it to help both companies grow without getting bogged down by petty arguments and power plays. Devon incredulously asked if she expected to achieve it by teaming up with Billy. Lily asserted that Jill had handed her the reins, and Chancellor had been Lily's responsibility for a long time, so it made business sense. Billy attested to the fact that Lily had been reluctant at first, but she'd eventually seen that it was a clear solution to the problem. Billy hoped Devon would reach the same conclusion once he stopped being "pissed off and territorial."

Devon demanded to know why Billy needed Lily when he could just take Chancellor for himself. Lily testily asked if Devon had such little respect for her that he didn't think she could be an asset. Devon swore he was just making sure Billy wasn't using her by convincing her what a great team they could be when Billy really only needed her influence to make the whole thing happen. Devon questioned whether Billy would treat Lily like an obstacle rather than a partner the first time they had a disagreement, the same way he'd done with Devon.

Devon dared Billy to admit that the whole idea was all about Billy taking control of Chancellor and renaming it Abbott. Lily ordered the men to stop, since she believed it was the best move, and no one was pulling her strings. Devon stated that the motion required a board vote, and he suggested that they wait until Abby returned from Paris. Billy pointed out that they could vote via video chat, but Devon protested that Abby was on the plane.

Devon reasoned that it would take Abby time to digest the proposal, just as the rest of them should. Lily agreed that it was a massive decision, and they should give it a day or two. Billy said that sounded good, and he headed out. Lily closed the door behind him. "What the hell were you doing?" she spat. Devon claimed that he'd been selling the plan as they'd discussed. Lily angrily retorted that it had sounded like he'd been trying to sabotage it.

Connor suffers a serious setback

Connor suffers a serious setback

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Adam and Chelsea visited Connor. In their hotel suite, Connor told his parents that the facility had been helping him, but it was good to get out for a while. They ate pizza and talked about how great the day together had been. Connor mentioned that he felt bad that his parents were paying for a facility that was "crazy expensive." Adam told his son not to "give it another thought." Connor said that he was very lucky to have Adam and Chelsea, and other kids didn't have everything that Connor did.

Chelsea and Adam took Connor back to the facility. When they got back to the hotel, they were elated about their visit with their son. Adam said that he wanted to ask the doctors when Connor could return home, but Chelsea cautioned Adam to "trust" the doctors. Adam and Chelsea agreed that they were happy to have "each other to lean on," and they hugged.

Adam made arrangements to fly home. Chelsea received a call from one of Connor's doctors. Dr. Hammond asked if she could stop by their hotel room.

Dr. Hammond said that Connor had had a wonderful time with his parents. Dr. Hammond reported that Connor had had an OCD flareup when he'd returned to the facility. Connor had been overwhelmed by having had such a good day. Connor had hit himself and had "used a pen" to cut himself. The doctor said that because of the self-harm, Connor had had to be moved to "inpatient status." Chelsea and Adam were devastated.

Dr. Hammond explained that Connor would be more closely monitored and that the OCD was "fighting back" on Connor's progress. The doctor said that Connor might be in the inpatient wing for a couple of weeks. Adam thanked Dr. Hammond for letting them know what had happened, and she left. Chelsea seemed to be in shock as Adam complained about the latest turn of events. Chelsea lashed out at Adam and said that it was her "turn to freak out."

Chelsea yelled that Connor had "attacked himself." Chelsea spiraled out of control, blaming herself and Adam for being selfish parents. Adam tried to comfort Chelsea as she cried.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily admonished Devon for how he had spoken to her when Billy had been there. Nate agreed that Devon had been hard on Lily, but Devon insisted that he had just been "selling" Billy on the belief that Lily would be staying with the Chancellor side of the business. Lily was agitated, and she reminded Devon that Billy was "convinced" Lily would be sticking with Billy when the company separated. Lily felt that Devon was trying to "sabotage" the plan, and Devon suggested that Lily actually wanted to go along with Billy's plan.

Lily asked why Devon was "doubting" her. The siblings continued to argue about each other's motivations. Devon said that his concern was how long it had taken Lily to share the news that Billy had asked her to team up and oust Devon. Lily defended herself and asked if Devon thought she was "some liar who's waiting to betray" him.

Devon said that Lily might be lying to herself about wanting to work on the Winters side of the business. Lily grew angrier and said that she might need to "reconsider" joining Devon at Winters. Devon suggested that Lily was "looking for a reason" to stay with Billy. Lily accused Devon of not wanting her at his company. Lily and Devon continued to go around and around until Lily asked Nate and Devon to leave so she could work.

At Society, Billy met Chance. Billy assumed Chance had heard about the changes at the company and wanted to talk about them, but Chance said that he was very worried about Jill's condition. Jill had filled Chance in on her health, and Chance asked Billy about Jill's prognosis. Billy admitted that he had been worried, too, but he said that Snapper had been optimistic.

Billy told Chance about the plan to divide the company. Chance asked why Lily would want to "tear down" what she had created at Chancellor-Winters. Billy said that Lily understood that the company was being harmed by the "infighting." Chance questioned how Nate and Devon had taken Billy's idea. Billy told Chance that Devon had been "skeptical," but there were enough board votes to pass the idea regardless. Chance said that Billy's plan seemed "contentious."

Billy suggested that Chance become the COO of Abbott-Chancellor. Nate and Devon walked in and said hello. After seeing if Chance was up to speed, Devon reported that he was "on the fence" about dividing the company, but Devon would go with "however the board votes." Billy said that the plan was "locked up," and Devon said that they would have to "wait and find out."

Devon and Nate grabbed a table, and Devon complained about having to deal with Billy. Devon said that they had to consider the possibility that Lily was "intrigued" by the idea of "running Abbott-Chancellor with Billy." Nate worried that Devon was going to create a "self-fulfilling prophecy," and Devon's hostility would drive Lily away. Nate defended Lily for wondering if Devon was trying to push her away.

Devon insisted that he wanted to run Winters with his family. Nate said that Lily and Devon needed to be "honest with each other" and ask themselves what they both really wanted.

At Chancellor-Winters, Chance visited Lily and told her that he was aware of Billy's plans. Chance said that he was "all in" on the plan, and he was excited to work with Lily. Chance told Lily how much the company meant to him, and he hoped things could "settle down" after the "demerger."

At Chancellor Park, Billy answered a video call from Jill. Billy thanked Jill for telling Chance about her health news, and Billy let Jill know that Devon and Nate were aware of Billy's plan. Billy said that as soon as Abby landed in Paris, they could call a board vote about separating the company. Jill said that she had been having "second thoughts" about the plan.

Jill reported that she had looked at the "numbers," and Chancellor-Winters had been doing very well. Jill felt that it might be risky to split the company, but Billy argued that it was worth the risk to get Abbott added to the company name. Jill was skeptical that Lily would want to share the CEO spot with Billy, but Billy said that after the way Devon had acted earlier, Lily was ready to "part ways" with Devon.

Billy confirmed with Jill that he still had her "voting power" and said that he was going to "run with it."

Alone in her office, Lily glanced at a picture of Neil. Lily remembered Neil telling her how to run their company. Lily logged in to her computer and took a video call from Jill. Jill asked if Lily was really okay with Billy's plan. Lily wondered if Jill was okay, as well, and both women seemed to be playing their cards close to the vest. Jill admitted to being worried that the demerger would not be "smooth," and she said that she might "vote [her] own shares on this one." Lily was surprised and asked which way Jill was going to vote. Jill warned that if they didn't "get this right," they could lose all they had worked for.

Diane fires Kyle from Jabot

Diane fires Kyle from Jabot

Thursday, June 27, 2024

From her hotel room in Baltimore, Chelsea video chatted with Billy to update him on Connor. Chelsea relayed that Connor's OCD had "flared." Billy asked if Connor had hit himself again, and Chelsea explained that Connor had tried to hurt himself with a pen.

At Crimson Lights, Billy said that he was sorry to hear about Connor, but Billy assured Chelsea that Connor would be okay. Billy continued to comfort Chelsea, and he asked how Adam had been handling things. Chelsea said that Adam had been "a rock." Chelsea said that she would be staying in Baltimore in case she could see Connor again. Billy offered to fly out to visit, but Chelsea said that she didn't want to pull Billy away from work.

Chelsea wrapped up her call with Billy, and she answered the door to Adam. Adam and Chelsea commiserated about their difficult situation. Chelsea said that they had to trust the doctors and keep sending "positive thoughts" to Connor. Adam marveled at Chelsea's ability to "fight like hell" for their son. Adam asked if they were making a mistake to stay in Baltimore, since it would be "torture." Chelsea said that even if they went home, it would be torture for them. Chelsea said that Adam could go home, but she needed to stay near Connor. Adam said that if Chelsea was staying, he was staying.

At Jabot, Diane called Jack and left him a message. Kyle entered the office, and Diane said that it was not going to be a good morning. Kyle told Diane that he would like to "avoid some more drama." Diane said that it was too "late for that," and she handed Kyle an envelope with his "termination notice" inside.

Kyle was livid, and he said that Jabot was his "family's company." Diane said that she was "an Abbott, too," but Kyle retorted that Diane was only an Abbot "by marriage." Diane said that she had warned Kyle about the consequences of his actions, and she was done with his constant criticism and back-stabbing.

Jack entered the office, and he was clearly surprised at the tension between Kyle and Diane. Kyle asked if Jack had known that Diane was firing Kyle. Jack said that he knew nothing about Kyle's termination. Jack and Kyle both demanded to know why Diane had made such a move. Diane argued that Kyle had "pushed" her "too far."

Kyle said that his mother was only proving she couldn't "operate at this level," and he asked Jack to step in. Diane insisted that she had "tried everything" to work with Kyle. Diane and Kyle continued to bicker, and they both pleaded their cases to Jack. Diane rehashed Kyle's past behaviors, and Kyle argued that his actions had not been that serious. Diane recounted that a client was refusing to talk to her because Kyle had advised them to "bypass" Diane. Jack agreed that Kyle had gone "way too far."

Jack said that Kyle had essentially told "the business world" that a Jabot executive was incompetent. Kyle was stunned that Jack took Diane's side. Jack said that while Kyle had "made an error in judgment," Diane terminating Kyle's employment had been "premature." Kyle refused to continue to "talk it out." Kyle stormed out in a fit of rage.

Jack and Diane talked about how difficult things had been since Diane had been made co-CEO. Diane said that she hadn't wanted to fire Kyle, but Diane started to break down. Jack pulled Diane in for a hug.

Diane asked how Ashley was doing. Jack reported that Ashley had entered a "wonderful facility," and she should "fully recover." Jack told Diane that he had seen Allie while he had been in Paris. Jack also reported that Abby had been upset she hadn't been clued in to Ashley's situation. Jack and Diane agreed that they didn't want to give up on Kyle, but Diane said that firing Kyle had been the right decision for "right now."

Kyle sent a text message asking if Victor was "ready to negotiate."

At Society, Audra gloated to Sally about having beaten Tucker. Audra recounted Tucker's "fake heart attack" and said that the board had eventually voted Tucker out, anyway. Sally was concerned because of Tucker's "volatility." Audra said that it had been "nerve-racking," but also "exhilarating."

Audra told Sally that the "best part" about what had had happened was that Tucker didn't know "who he was losing to." Audra filled Sally in about the secret investor, but Audra refused to divulge their name. Sally worried that Tucker would try to "retaliate" against Audra. Audra conceded that Tucker was probably "consumed with rage," but he would never have the power to hurt her again, "personally or professionally." Sally congratulated her friend and said that she could not wait to hear more about it.

Switching gears, Sally updated Audra on Connor. Sally said that Adam was still in Baltimore, and he would be there for a while, since things with Connor had not been going well. Audra asked if Sally wanted to travel out to see Adam. Sally said that it would not be "her place" to insert herself, and Adam had Chelsea for support. Audra was skeptical of Sally's laid-back attitude about Adam spending "so much time" with Chelsea.

Sally insisted that she was not jealous of Adam and Chelsea and that they were just focusing on Connor. Sally told Audra that Adam had asked Sally to move in with him. Audra said that she was "amazed" that Sally could trust someone, and Audra declared that she would never trust anyone ever again.

After Audra left, Billy said hello to Sally. Sally asked Billy to join her, since they were both on "team Connor." Billy advised Sally to "be careful" of Audra, but Sally said that Audra had been a good friend. Sally and Billy exchanged thoughts on what had been happening to Connor, and they commiserated on their feelings of helplessness.

Billy said that it was "excruciating" to watch what Adam and Chelsea had been going though. Sally told Billy that Chelsea was lucky to have him. Billy returned the sentiment about Sally and Adam.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle told Victor that he had "officially left Jabot." Victor asked if Kyle's parents had been okay with his decision. Kyle said that he was a "free agent." Kyle said that he had "every intention of giving Jabot a run for their money."

Victor asked Kyle why he had left Jabot, and Kyle said that he had been thinking about leaving for a while. Victor said that "Jabot's loss" would be "Glissade's gain." Victor warned Kyle that there would be "one caveat." Audra would not be moving on, and Kyle needed to find a way to work with her. Kyle said that if that was "a deal-breaker," he would make it work.

At Crimson Lights, Audra received a text from Kyle telling her that he was "in" at Glissade. Audra replied, "Time to stir things up, partner."

Mariah and Tessa are concerned by Sharon's behavior

Mariah and Tessa are concerned by Sharon's behavior

Friday, June 28, 2024

Mariah let herself into Sharon's house, because no one was answering her knocks. When she entered, Mariah found Sharon sitting on the couch, staring into space. Mariah asked if Sharon was okay, but Sharon brushed it off, saying that her mind had just been wandering. Mariah inquired about Faith, who was out with friends.

Mariah was filling Sharon in on things with Aria, but Sharon was clearly off in her own world again. Mariah asked "since when" Sharon had started zoning out during a story about Aria. Sharon made excuses about being busy and not getting enough sleep. Mariah showed Sharon a picture Aria had drawn, and Sharon wistfully talked about how much Cassie had enjoyed making art. Mariah insisted that Sharon accompany her to the park for some "grandma time." Sharon declined at first, but she finally said that time with Aria might be "exactly" what she needed.

Mariah and Sharon met up with Tessa and Aria at the park. Sharon took the baby to see the ducks, and Mariah reported that she was concerned with the way Sharon had been acting. Tessa suggested that Sharon was "probably just exhausted" from how hard she'd been working.

As Sharon, Mariah, Tessa, and Aria picnicked, Sharon talked about how Aria had done a "head tilt" the way Cassie had done when Cassie had been small. Mariah noted that Sharon had never talked much about what Cassie's personality had been like "when she was little." Sharon zoned out, and Mariah asked what was going on. Sharon argued again that she had just gotten distracted by work. Sharon excused herself, and Mariah and Tessa exchanged concerns that something had been "off" with Sharon.

When Sharon returned home, she called her doctor and reported that her new medicine was making her feel "so odd."

At Jabot, Diane and Jack were still upset about how things had ended when Diane had fired Kyle. Although she was still torn up about it, Diane felt that she had "made the only call" she'd been able to. Diane remembered how happy she had been when she had started working with her family at Jabot. Diane couldn't understand how everything had "unraveled into this horrible mess."

Diane continued to proclaim that she had had no choice but to fire her son. Although Jack wished there had been another way, he finally agreed that Diane had done everything she'd been able to do to work with Kyle. Jack said that Kyle had "some maturing to do."

Diane and Jack talked about how it would have been nice if things had been different. Diane said that they needed to find Kyle's replacement, but they also needed to backfill Ashley's spot in the lab. Jack questioned how they could move forward with the latest product without Ashley's "expertise." Diane told Jack that they needed an "interim solution" for Ashley's absence.

In Chancellor Park, Kyle met up with Audra. Audra questioned why Kyle had been so "eager" to join Glissade after he'd been "absolutely against" working with Audra before. Kyle said that he had been unhappy working for Jack and Diane because Diane had gotten herself in "way over her head."

Kyle argued that although he and Audra didn't trust each other, they knew each other very well and had similar work styles. Audra reminded Kyle that the last time he had said that he had been "unhappy at Jabot," it had been a setup. Kyle retorted that Audra had double-crossed him, and then she had "screwed" Tucker out of Glissade. Kyle asked how Audra had pulled off "outplaying" Tucker. Audra said that Tucker had been "weak" and had faked a heart attack in a "pathetic" attempt to retain control.

Kyle said that he and Audra had "common ground," because they would not let their emotions rule them ever again. Audra was still skeptical of Kyle's motives, but she said that she would work with him, since Victor had given her "no choice." Kyle said that Victor was "playing God" again, and Kyle didn't understand what Victor's motivation was for buying Glissade.

Audra speculated that Kyle had been hoping to use that type of opportunity to "target" his family, since they didn't appreciate him. Kyle said that things had been going fine with his family until Diane had entered the "C suite" and Jack had started enabling her power trip. Kyle asked again what Victor's plan was. Audra said that she didn't know, but she wouldn't tell Kyle if she knew.

Audra questioned if it even mattered what Victor was trying to do if he would let them run Glissade as they saw fit. Audra asked if Kyle was worried about the "competition" Jabot could potentially have with Glissade. Kyle replied that he "couldn't be more excited" about it.

At Crimson Lights, Faith and Lucy met for lattes. Lucy talked about how fun college sounded, but Faith said that she also had to "squeeze in" studying. Faith said that she had spent most of her time at college with her ex-boyfriend, and she didn't party, anyway, because she didn't drink. Faith explained that the last time she had drunk, she had "almost died." Faith told Lucy the whole story of drinking and driving -- and losing her kidney. Lucy asked if Faith ever felt like she was "missing out on all the fun." Faith received a text, and she said that she needed to meet her friends.

Chloe and Sally, also at the coffeehouse, chatted about the possibility of Chloe returning to Marchetti. Summer texted and asked to meet with Sally and Chloe. Chloe worried that Summer just wanted to "watch [her] squirm."

Kyle and Audra made their way to the Athletic Club for drinks. Kyle continued to complain about his parents. Audra said that she hadn't thought Diane would "turn on" Kyle, but he reminded Audra that Diane had allowed him to think she had been dead for many years. Kyle vowed that he would take Glissade and make it a "powerhouse rival like Jabot has never seen." Audra smiled and said that things "might work out, after all."

Summer, Sally, and Chloe entered the restaurant, as Summer sneered at her "ex acting like an idiot, again."

Audra saw Summer scowling at them, and she asked if Summer was "up to speed" on Kyle's work life. Kyle replied that he and Summer were divorced, and their conversations revolved around Harrison. Kyle suggested that they discuss "the very real possibility that Tucker could be out for revenge." Audra said that Tucker was "broken," but she was ready if Tucker were to "rally." Audra said that she'd like to get started working together soon. Kyle said that he could "handle that," and he left.

Across the room, Sally showed Summer some designs, but Summer was clearly preoccupied watching Audra and Kyle. After Sally got Summer's attention, Summer said that she didn't think the design was "quite right." Chloe got ready to argue, but she stopped herself and said that there would certainly be other options than what they had presented. Summer smiled, and she said, "Good save."

Summer said that she was willing to give Chloe "a second chance." Chloe and Sally were thrilled, and they started telling Summer about the winter line they had been working on. Summer got distracted when Audra got up to leave. Summer excused herself and yelled after Audra.

Summer questioned what had been going on between Audra and Kyle. Audra accused Summer of being nosy. Audra asked "what difference" it made to Summer what Audra and Kyle had been up to.

At Jabot, Jack grew emotional, and he said that he hated that Jabot had "so few Abbotts" left working there. Diane reminded Jack that Allie was still with Jabot in Paris. Diane said that the door was "open" when the family members wanted to return. Diane and Jack were hugging as Kyle entered.

Jack hoped that Kyle had reconsidered leaving Jabot, but Kyle said that he was just there to clean out his office. Jack suggested that Kyle be "open to compromise," but Kyle said that he should probably thank Diane for "freeing [him] up to explore other opportunities." Diane said that it sounded like Kyle might have "already found another job."

Diane inquired if Kyle had already been looking for a new job. Kyle dodged her question, and he left to pack up his office. Jack told Diane to go after Kyle and work things out. Diane refused, and she offered again to resign if Jack wanted to give Kyle his job back. Diane asked if she had been a "mercy hire" for Jack, but he insisted that had not been the case. Diane said that Kyle just needed to find a place where he felt like he belonged. Jack said, "I just wish he felt he belonged here."

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