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After commiserating and reminiscing over a bottle of bourbon, Adam and Chelsea had sex. The Chancellor-Winters board voted to demerge the companies, with Jill casting the sole dissenting vote. Billy accused Lily of playing him. Michael warned Diane about Victor's plans. Kyle decided to move out of the Abbott mansion.
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Adam and Chelsea had sex. The Chancellor-Winters board voted to demerge the companies. Michael warned Diane about Victor's plans. Kyle decided to move out of the Abbott mansion.
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Summer clashes with Kyle about Harrison's custody

Summer clashes with Kyle about Harrison's custody

Monday, July 1, 2024

Summer arrived at the Abbott mansion to check how Harrison was doing. However, Claire had news when she walked in the door. Summer wanted to take Harrison for ice cream. Claire informed her that the boy was asleep, and she didn't think he should be disturbed. He had had a very busy day at camp and was exhausted.

Summer was worried that Harrison might be having emotional issues, since it was his first day away from his caregivers since Jordan had kidnapped him. Claire said he'd seemed just fine, and he'd had a great day. However, Summer was taken aback when Claire informed her that Harrison's friends knew what had happened, and they thought he was a hero.

Summer said, "Harrison might enjoy the attention right now, but it could trigger traumatic memories for him...I don't want him to have any more nightmares." Claire promised she'd tell Summer if she was concerned, but she thought camp was good for Harrison. Claire said she understood how concerned Summer was about her son, but Summer challenged that.

Summer asked, "How can you say that, considering that you've never had a child? Especially one that just went through a horrific event like Harrison just did." Claire admitted that was true. She had never had kids or parents, but she has parents now and could see how much Victoria and Cole cared about her, so she had to have known something. She tried assuring Summer that Harrison was a strong kid, but Summer remained unconvinced.

Just then, Kyle arrived. Summer went upstairs to check on Harrison, leaving Kyle to wonder what he had just walked in on. Claire didn't think Summer would ever be okay with her, but Claire would try harder and make sure Summer could always see her son. When Summer returned to the living room, she said that Harrison was still sleeping, but she commented that he looked sunburned. Claire promised to make sure to use more sunblock in the future.

After Claire left the room to make Harrison a snack, Kyle came down on Summer for her attitude toward Claire. Summer defended herself before changing the subject. Kyle told Summer his latest career story. Diane had fired him from Jabot, and he was going to work with Audra as co-CEO of Glissade.

Summer was horrified at the thought and wondered if Kyle was out of his mind. She didn't like the idea of the secret Glissade owner. Summer understood Kyle's anger at his family, but she didn't want him declaring war on Jabot. She also didn't want him around Audra anymore and certainly didn't want Audra near Harrison. She even wondered if they should revisit their custody agreement, and she said she would have her attorney call his attorney. After Summer walked out, Claire returned and received a surprise dinner invitation from Kyle.

Billy approached Lily in the office, ready to turn Chancellor-Winters into Abbott-Chancellor. However, Lily was not as gung-ho. Jill seemed concerned that Lily wasn't completely on board with Billy's plan. Lily tried reassuring her, but Billy worried that Lily was taking Devon's accusations seriously. He said he would never use Lily just to push the vote through.

Billy said he was excited about their new business venture together. Lily insisted she would do what needed to be done, but she still worried about Jill's hesitancy. Billy wasn't worried at all, especially since he had Jill's voting power. Lily then stunned Billy when she told him that Jill had mentioned voting on her own. He still didn't want to blow things out of proportion. Lily worried that she had betrayed Devon for nothing.

Devon soon entered Lily's office. He wasn't happy, but he wanted to get the meeting going as soon as possible. Billy wanted to talk first and told Devon that he wanted to separate the two companies because of Jill's health. She was having heart trouble that was being treated in Europe. Billy asked that Devon not let on during the meeting that he knew the truth. Devon just thought the timing of Billy's confession was interesting.

"You essentially decided to drop this bomb right when we're about to decide about dividing this company," Devon said. Devon thought Billy was trying to get a sympathy vote, but Billy explained that it was a courtesy to tell Devon about Jill. Their argument ended when the meeting began, and Jill appeared on a TV screen. When Devon and Lily asked Jill how she felt, Jill knew her son had a big mouth.

"You told them, didn't you, Billy?" Jill asked. Jill was furious that Billy hadn't respected her privacy. He apologized but said he'd thought it was good for Lily and Devon to know. She wondered if he'd done it to get Lily and Devon to feel sorry for them and give them what he wanted. Billy admitted that Devon had asked the same thing, but that was not Billy's motivation.

The Chancellor-Winters board got Abby on the video call as Jill announced she would exercise her own vote. Devon's first question was how they planned to divide assets. Billy explained that the companies would keep the assets they had come in with before the merger, and they could figure out assets acquired together later. Devon wanted answers immediately, so Billy suggested that anything from Omega Sphere would stay with Devon's company, and everything else would go with Abbott-Chancellor. Devon was fine with that, so the separation vote took place. Devon, Billy, Lily, and Abby all voted to separate the companies. Jill then shocked them all when she declared that what they were doing was wrong.

Jill said, "Despite all the problems and the infighting, this company has prospered during the merger. I hate that Billy and Devon couldn't make it work. What I hate most of all is that the only option we have is to tear it all apart." She then voted no on the demerger. She knew her vote was only symbolic at that point, but she was angry. "Billy, you got what you want. I only hope it's worth it to you in the end," she said before turning her camera off and leaving the meeting. Devon quietly left the room as Billy and Lily wondered if they had done the right thing. Lily felt like they had let Jill down.

Abby finally made it to Paris to see her mother, but it apparently didn't go well. When she arrived back at Ashley's apartment, Traci could tell Abby was shaken up. Traci assured Abby that Ashley had been thrilled to see her. She had even lit up when her daughter had walked into the room. That did little to comfort Abby, who said it was very hard to see her mother locked away in an institution.

Traci asked Abby to focus on the progress that Ashley had made and not on everything that had happened to lead to her breakdown. Abby said she was trying to stay positive but couldn't believe she'd been in the dark the whole time, going about her life, thinking Ashley's problems were just mood swings. She was upset that nobody had told her what was really going on. Abby asked, "How could you do this to me? Did you think I couldn't handle it? Why did everyone shut me out? I wanted to be there for my mom the way she had been there for me all of these years."

Traci explained that Ashley had wanted to protect Abby, but Abby had a hard time believing that with all of Ashley's problems, she'd been level-headed enough to instruct her siblings to keep the truth from Abby. Traci admitted that if they had to do it all over again, they would have told Abby. She explained that Jack and Ashley always protected Traci, so it was Traci's instinct to protect Abby. She realized that was a mistake.

Soon, Alan dropped by with a gift for Traci -- a scarf he had seen her admiring in a boutique window. Alan was pleased to see Abby, but Abby was still emotional, so she didn't say much. Alan and Traci tried being optimistic for Abby's sake. Abby soon received a text about the upcoming board meeting and knew her next decision could change her life. She left the room to attend the meeting, and Alan and Traci went out for drinks.

Alan and Traci visited their favorite drink spot. Alan said it felt like it was becoming "our place." He had some bad memories of being there with Martin but thought Traci "cleansed the place" and helped erase all the negative energy. He said, "Being with you is just very reassuring. Your kindness, your compassion, it's just very rare."

Traci was flattered and told Alan she saw life as a continuum of joy and sorrow. She explained that people had to learn to accept all of it and move forward, which was what she had tried to do. Traci then asked Alan to tell her about himself. Alan described the close childhood relationship he'd had with his twin. They'd even pretended to be each other, but their mother had known the difference. Alan admitted that he didn't usually open up to people, but Traci made it easy.

Alan said he had just read one of Traci's novels. He thought the book was like her -- "beautiful inside and out." At the end of the evening, Alan took Traci back to Ashley's apartment and kissed her goodnight at the door.

Michael shares his suspicions about Victor with Diane

Michael shares his suspicions about Victor with Diane

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

At the tack house, Victoria complimented Cole on making an excellent cup of tea. He reflected on living in England, where tea rituals were taken seriously. Cole offered to teach Victoria how to make it, but she preferred that he serve it to her. Claire commented that her parents were adorable. Cole changed the subject to the three of them having dinner that night, but Claire bowed out.

Victoria gently scolded Claire for matchmaking, but Claire clarified that she had other plans. Victoria wondered if Claire was having another girls' night with Mariah, but Claire blurted out that her plans were with Kyle. Cole protested that he hadn't yet had a drink with Kyle to figure out Kyle's intentions. Claire assured her father that it wasn't a date, and the topic would be Harrison.

Claire recounted that she'd overheard a heated conversation between Kyle and Summer in which lawyers had been mentioned, and Kyle had suggested they talk about it at dinner. Victoria objected to Claire being put in the middle of a conflict between Harrison's parents, especially if a legal battle was involved. Claire reasoned that Kyle just wanted a friendly ear, and she told Victoria not to worry. Claire told her parents to have a lovely dinner without her, and she left. Cole guessed that Victoria would still worry. "Oh, absolutely," Victoria replied.

Later, Victoria admitted that she couldn't shake her worry about Claire. Cole brightly recalled that Claire had seemed excited and upbeat. Victoria groaned that she'd dealt with her own divorce and custody battles, and things could get ugly. Victoria pointed out that Summer had never trusted Claire or wanted Claire to be Harrison's nanny, and she didn't see things ending well. Victoria recognized that she was worrying about "what ifs," but it was her job to look out for Claire.

Cole praised how far Claire had progressed, and he called it the great joy of his life to see her happy. Victoria wanted Claire to stay that way, but Cole clucked that they had to let Claire make her own choices. Victoria thought they also had to show Claire that it was possible to steer away from conflict, especially after the damage Jordan had done. Cole suggested that they do so by leading by example, living in the "here and now" and not spinning worst-case scenarios. Cole implored Victoria to let Claire have a carefree dinner with a friend.

Later, Victoria anxiously peered out the window, and Cole warned that she was being obvious. Victoria recognized that Claire was a grown woman, but Victoria regretted not having been there for Claire's teenage years or first date. Victoria wanted to hear all the details of the evening, and she felt it was her right as a mother to be overprotective. Cole volunteered to be the reassuring dad while she was the worried mom. He reiterated that their daughter was safe and happy and that she'd stay that way. They hugged.

In Chancellor Park, Kyle and Audra greeted Victor, who was pleased to see that they hadn't strangled one another yet. Audra reported that she and Kyle had smoothed out their differences, and Kyle added that they were excited to be working together. Victor asked if Kyle was all right with leaving Jabot, and Kyle announced that he was out completely. The men shook hands, and Audra enthused that they were ready to move full speed ahead by issuing a press release to introduce Glissade's new leadership team. Kyle intended for it to highlight his experience at Jabot, but Audra brusquely stated that they needed to work on the language.

Audra asked how they should position Victor's role, but Victor ordered them to keep his name out of it. Kyle questioned why Victor had invested that much money only to remain anonymous when they could play up Newman's history of rivaling Jabot to the press. Audra lectured that it was Victor's prerogative whether to be named or not, but Kyle pressed to know the reason for the secrecy. Victor swore there was nothing nefarious about his position, and all he wanted was for Glissade to succeed. Kyle struggled to believe that the investment had simply been a selfless gesture.

Audra considered Victor's investment to be a vote of confidence. Kyle countered that it would be -- if Victor wasn't remaining anonymous. Victor respected Kyle's skepticism, but he stood by his decision. Victor added that he expected big things from both of them, and he walked off. Audra advised Kyle not to disrespect the person signing their paychecks, or he might insult his way out of a job.

Kyle bragged that he and Victor went way back, and Victor admired someone who looked at all the angles. Audra huffed that it hadn't been enough for Victor to answer Kyle's obnoxious questions, and she didn't see why Kyle wouldn't let it go. Kyle chalked it up to a gut feeling, noting that Victor had purchased a cosmetics company that could rival Jabot and then lured Kyle away from his family's company to make him co-CEO. Audra argued that Kyle had been ready to jump ship, but Kyle countered that Victor hadn't had any way of knowing that before making him the offer.

Kyle recalled that Victor had told him out of the blue that Kyle should have the top spot at Jabot over his mom, and he realized that Victor had been working him. Kyle doubted the job offer was about Victor's great confidence in him, and he imagined it was more about Victor's animosity toward Jack. Audra scoffed at the idea that Kyle would go running back to play third fiddle at Jabot again. "All I want is Glissade to be a success. If that is a blow against Jabot, all the better," Kyle proclaimed.

Later, at Society, Kyle apologized to Claire for being late. She mentioned that he'd wanted to fill her in on what was going on between him and Summer, but she sensed that he'd rather just forget about the day. Kyle admitted that it would be tempting, but he needed to process it, since things had gotten more complicated after he'd last seen Claire. He revealed that Summer wanted to revisit their custody arrangement, and Claire guessed it was because of her. Kyle conceded that Summer hadn't adjusted to Claire being Harrison's nanny as quickly as Kyle had hoped.

Claire asked if she was being fired. Kyle insisted that she wasn't, since Harrison adored her, and Summer had accepted that. Kyle shared that Summer didn't like a business move he'd made, and Claire wondered why Summer cared. After swearing Claire to secrecy, Kyle explained that Summer didn't like who he was going into business with -- Audra Charles. Claire said she knew Audra from her time at Newman Media, and Audra was a powerhouse.

Claire added that she'd gotten the feeling Audra hadn't trusted her, but Audra had had good reason. Kyle muttered that he and Audra had also worked together before, and she didn't trust him, either. Claire pressed to know why it bothered Summer, and Kyle vaguely replied that he and Audra had a "tumultuous history." Claire wondered why he'd left a good job at Jabot to work with Audra again. Kyle divulged that his mother had fired him. Claire cautioned that revenge was never worth it.

Kyle denied that taking the job had been payback, but Claire was skeptical that he had no feelings about his firing. He confirmed that he felt relief, excitement, and hope, since it had been the best thing that could have happened after things had become untenable. Kyle grumbled that he'd rescued a deal for the company that Diane had been about to botch, and she'd handed him his walking papers because her ego had been hurt. Kyle added that his dad had backed her up, and Claire imagined it had hurt. Kyle figured that he'd been able to leave the family company without any guilt and show the world what he could achieve when his parents weren't holding him back.

Kyle planned to turn the dinner into a celebration of his day of liberation. He raised a glass to a new chapter, and Claire remarked that she'd never had Champagne like that before. He assumed she meant that it was a different experience than the "cheap stuff," but she clarified that she didn't really drink alcohol other than taking an occasional few sips to avoid any awkwardness. She apologized for putting a damper on the celebration, and she recalled that Jordan had forbidden alcohol. Kyle offered to get her a mocktail, but she was curious because Champagne had always seemed elegant to her. She took a sip and tried to cover her obvious dislike by stammering that it was bubbly. "One seltzer and lime coming up!" Kyle declared.

Outside Society, Kyle thanked Claire for joining him, since talking to her had made the stress of the day disappear. She teasingly asked if he was sure it hadn't been the Champagne, and he conceded that it had played a part because he'd consumed most of the bottle. Kyle suggested they do it again to find her the perfect signature mocktail. Claire envisioned something that said fun, elegant, and carefree, but Kyle mused that she didn't need a drink to say that because it was who she was. Claire blushed and agreed that she'd like to do it again sometime, and she said goodbye. Kyle smiled as he watched her leave.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki ran into Jack, and he mentioned that he'd been wondering how she was doing. She noted that he hadn't called, and he pointed out that the ringer on his phone worked. "Touché," she responded. Jack inquired how her outpatient treatment was going. Nikki reported that she had good days and bad days, and she felt strong that day. He hoped she'd found a new sponsor to give her the support she needed.

Nikki explained that she'd been busy focusing on her treatment, so she'd decided to wait to replace Jack until it was over. Nikki promised she'd find a new sponsor soon, and she informed Jack that she was feeling well enough to go back to Newman Media. Jack recalled that her work had always given her purpose, which could be empowering. Nikki pointedly thanked him for understanding that about her, and she confided that Victor had been fighting her on it. She recognized that her husband was digging in out of concern and love, but she found it infuriating that he thought he knew what she needed better than she did.

Nikki hoped things had calmed down between Jack and Diane, since she felt guilty for being the reason he'd jeopardized his life and marriage. Jack absolved Nikki of any responsibility, since he'd chosen to take the pills. Nikki hated that the things that had happened "that night" were still causing trouble, and she assumed that Diane was the reason he hadn't continued to be Nikki's sponsor. Jack asserted that it had been his choice, and he dissuaded Nikki from holding it against Diane. Jack assured Nikki that he and Diane had worked their way through that conflict, and Nikki deduced that there was another one.

Jack relayed that the tension between Diane and Kyle had hit a breaking point, and it was tearing Jack apart. Jack indicated that it had seemed like Kyle had been telling the whole world that he was the better person for the co-CEO job, and Diane had felt she'd had no choice but to fire Kyle after he'd overreached too many times. Jack regretted that he hadn't intervened and stopped things from escalating, and Nikki suggested that it was just a momentary flareup. Jack informed her that his son might have found a new job, although Kyle wouldn't say where.

Nikki pondered why Kyle was being secretive, and Jack suspected that his son was holding back just to punish him and Diane. Nikki argued that Kyle worshiped Jack, but Jack doubted that was the case anymore. Jack lamented that family was more important than anything that happened at the office, but the look he'd seen in Kyle's eye when Jack had sided with Diane had cut right through him. Jack agreed that Kyle had pushed Diane into the decision, but he worried about what it might cost. Nikki reassured him that he would find a way to get his family back together because it was who he was.

At Crimson Lights, Michael presented Diane with two drink options in a fake French accent. She told him she'd been happy to get his call, noting that it was like he had a sixth sense that she needed someone to vent to. Diane informed him that she'd fired Kyle from Jabot that morning, and Michael compared it to something out of a Greek tragedy. Diane bemoaned that Jack hadn't been pleased, but she hadn't had a choice after Kyle had undermined her by taking any opportunity to prove he was better suited for the job than she was. Michael suggested that Kyle just needed some time off, but Diane doubted it would help because Kyle thought he hadn't done anything wrong, and it sounded like he'd already found another job.

Michael voiced surprise that Kyle had landed elsewhere that fast, and Diane groaned that it had almost sounded like her son had welcomed being cut loose. Michael suspected that Victor had something to do with Kyle's new job. Michael recalled that she'd witnessed Victor firing Michael, and he surmised that there was a connection between that and Victor's subsequent request that Michael rekindle his friendship with Diane as a loyalty test to get back into Victor's good graces. Diane testily asked if Michael had invited her for coffee to pretend to be her friend when he was really pumping her for information to give to Victor.

Michael reasoned that he wouldn't have told Diane the truth if he didn't think of her as a true friend. She speculated that it had been part of strategy for Victor to stage firing Michael in front of her, and Michael was pretending to confide in her when he was really helping his boss plan an attack on her. Michael swore that he would never do that to her, and he didn't think she was the target. Michael informed her that Victor had also asked Cole to cozy up to Kyle. Diane assumed that Victor wanted to protect Claire, who was working under the "evil Abbott roof." Michael sensed it was bigger than that, and he contemplated what the common denominator was between Diane and Kyle. Diane realized it was Jack.

Michael admitted that he couldn't stop spinning scenarios in his head, and none of them were good. Diane recalled that Victor had been furious when Jack had overdosed to try to help Nikki, and Victor had warned that Jack would regret it. Diane continued that Victor had made a big point of telling her how Jack's actions had been a betrayal of her. Michael concluded that Victor had been trying to stir up trouble between her and Jack.

Diane contended that she felt better knowing that Jack wasn't Nikki's sponsor anymore, but Michael wondered if there were more lingering issues between Diane and Jack. Diane recounted that Michael himself had warned her about Jack and Nikki's bond, but she insisted there was no more tension on that front. Diane wondered why Michael had told her the truth when the whole point of befriending her had been to prove his loyalty to Victor. Michael predicted that he might have to step in to protect Victor from himself, adding that he didn't want to see Diane trapped in another war between Victor and Jack. Victor entered the coffeehouse and saw them together.

Victor approached Michael and Diane's table and mentioned Kyle leaving Jabot. Victor blamed Jack for making the "egregious mistake" of appointing an unqualified Diane as co-CEO while demoting his own son. Diane defended that Kyle had been part of the discussion about her promotion, but she confirmed that the rumors about Kyle's departure were correct. Victor questioned when she would run out of excuses for Jack. Diane noted that Victor hated her as much as he hated Jack, yet it seemed Victor had been trying to protect her lately. She wondered what he was up to.

Victor confirmed that he didn't like Diane, but his loathing of Jack superseded it. Victor hoped Diane and Jack both ended up alone and miserable, but he was sure it would happen without him having to lift a finger. Victor ordered Michael to follow him to the ranch to discuss some business, but Michael pointed out that he'd been fired. Victor flatly said he'd see Michael at the ranch, and he walked out.

Michael admired Diane for not exploding, and he thanked her for not throwing him under the bus. She sensed that Michael liked the challenge of figuring Victor out, and she hoped he did. Diane was convinced Victor was after Jack, and she urged Michael to head to the ranch to see what he could find out while she filled Jack in before it was too late.

Diane returned home and informed Jack that she'd had an interesting conversation with Michael before Victor had shown up and started talking about Kyle leaving Jabot. Jack asked how Victor had known about it. Diane relayed Michael's suspicion that Kyle's job prospect had something to do with Newman Enterprises. "Kyle would not dare ..." Jack started to say as Kyle walked in. Jack demanded to know what Kyle was up to with Victor.

Billy catches on to Lily and Devon's plan

Billy catches on to Lily and Devon's plan

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

At the Athletic Club, Audra approached Nate at the bar, and she asked to join him. Audra ecstatically told Nate that an "official press release" about Glissade would be published the next day. Nate said that he was very happy for Audra's success and that she was "better off without Tucker." Audra agreed. She said that Tucker had manipulated her, and she had gotten "caught up in it."

Nate said that Audra was "tough" and "decent," and it was hard for him to believe how Tucker had behaved. Audra, tearing up, admitted that she had known how ruthless Tucker had been, and she had been intoxicated by the fact that Tucker had seen "something special" in her.

Audra said that everything had changed for her, and she had a new future ahead. Nate noted that he could see and feel the change in Audra. Nate recounted that he had always known Audra was "destined for great things," and he had wondered why she had needed to "team up with Tucker." Nate said that Tucker was a "con man" who had a "big, fat ego." Audra conceded that Nate had tried to warn her. Nate was happy that Audra had finally "embraced the truth."

Audra regretted having spent so much time with Tucker, since there was an "insightful" man who truly understood her and thought she was "wonderful" right in front of her. Nate grinned, and he said that Audra deserved "a celebration."

Nate and Audra toasted, and Audra asked how things had been going at Chancellor-Winters. Nate reported that there was still drama at the company, and some "seismic shifts" were ahead. Audra asked for a hint on the news, and Nate asked Audra to first tell him who her "mystery investor" was. Audra laughed, and Nate jokingly asked, "No deal?" Audra toasted again to their success.

Audra and Nate walked toward the stairs and agreed that things were looking up for both of them. Audra told Nate that she was tempted to invite him up for a nightcap, but she wouldn't be doing so. Audra kissed Nate and went up to her room.

Summer and Chance met up at Society, and Summer jumped into complaining about Kyle. After he let Summer ramble for a while, Chance reported that he had "some news that [Summer was] not going to believe."

Chance let Summer know that Billy had talked the Chancellor-Winters board into separating the companies. Summer was surprised, since there had been so much work put into merging the companies, and she asked what the "upside" was. Chance told Summer about the structures of the new companies, and he mentioned that he had been asked to become the new COO for Abbott-Chancellor.

Summer asked if Chance was "thrilled" with the promotion. Chance replied that he was honored, but he had spoken with Jill, who didn't support the separation. Chance said that something didn't "feel right" about the split.

Summer asked Chance what he thought Billy's motivation was. Chance wasn't sure, but he said that Billy was taking "an unfortunate situation and using it for his own benefit." Summer inquired about the situation, but Chance said that he couldn't tell her more about it.

Summer and Chance continued to speculate on what Billy's "endgame" could be. Summer asked if Billy was being "driven by blind ambition." Chance confirmed that he believed that was the case. Chance hoped that the split would stop the "infighting" at the company, but he said that he would "feel a lot better" if Jill had agreed with the decision. Summer said that she was "shocked" that Lily had decided to stay with Billy at Abbott-Chancellor.

Chance concurred that Lily's decision seemed odd. Chance speculated that Lily was staying on the Chancellor side because Jill had "invested" in Lily's career. Summer suggested that Billy could be investing in Chance in the same way, because Billy believed in Chance. Summer said that they should celebrate, but Chance said that he couldn't yet because of the tension.

At Crimson Lights, Lily told Billy that she had "had to get out" of the office after the board meeting. Billy reminded Lily that they had "won." Lily said that it did not feel like "a victory," since Jill had not agreed with the decision to separate the companies. Lily said that Jill had made good arguments about Chancellor-Winters' profitability, but Billy said that they were going to build something even better.

Billy said that once Jill saw the Abbott-Chancellor logo on the building, Jill would no longer have "reservations" about the decision. Lily wasn't buying it, and Billy asked if Lily had changed her mind about the plan because of Jill's hesitation.

Lily said that she couldn't ignore Jill's feelings, but Billy argued that together, they could "exceed" Jill's expectations. Lily was frustrated, and she asked for time to think and process the situation. Billy said that Lily was starting to "scare" him.

Lily said that Billy would be fine without her, and she suggested that Billy run Abbott-Chancellor by himself. Billy argued that Lily had been supportive of his plan, and he asked why she was talking about "walking away" all of a sudden. It dawned on Billy that Lily had been "playing [him] this entire time."

Lily pretended not to understand, as Billy suggested that Lily's "game plan" had been to pretend to be on his side so she and Devon could get Billy out of the way. Billy had clearly put the pieces together, but Lily accused Billy of being "delusional." Lily gaslit Billy some more before she said that she just needed "time to think," and she stormed out of the coffeehouse.

Summer and Chance walked in as Lily exited. Billy pretended nothing was wrong, so Summer and Chance grabbed a table. Summer explained that Kyle had really angered her earlier, but she said that she didn't want to "cause turmoil" for Harrison.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack demanded to know how Victor had known that Kyle had left Jabot. Kyle was coy, and he said that he had been "considering several potential offers." As his parents demanded to know if Kyle was going to work for Victor, Kyle told them that it was none of their concern. Kyle said that neither of his parents had given "a damn about yanking away [his] birthright." Diane and Jack continued to insist that they cared about Kyle and his well-being, even though Diane had fired him from Jabot.

Kyle grew more and more livid as Jack tried to persuade his son that nothing good could happen from working with Victor. Jack insisted that his issue was with Victor and not a lack of belief in Kyle's work. Jack reminded Kyle that Victor took advantage of people, and Jack said that if Victor wanted to hire Kyle, there was a "self-serving, nefarious reason behind it." Kyle took offense, and Diane told him to stop "twisting" their words.

Diane and Jack tried to get through to Kyle and praised his business acumen. Diane repeated that Kyle had only been let go because of a "personal conflict" between the two of them. Kyle refused to listen and, as he took a sip of his drink, quipped that Diane's words might get him a bigger severance package. Jack said that he was trying to "look out" for Kyle. Kyle yelled, "I don't want -- or need -- you looking out for me!" Kyle continued, saying that because Diane had left when he'd actually needed care and guidance, she didn't get to "reclaim" the opportunity to care for him as an adult. Diane was visibly wounded by Kyle's words.

Diane tearfully told Kyle that she had regretted what she had done when he'd been young. Kyle retorted that she was "cold-hearted" and was still capable of cutting her son out of her life when it was in her best interest. Jack told Kyle that what Kyle had said had been a "low blow." Kyle would not relent, and he told Diane that nothing he did was any concern of hers. Kyle stormed upstairs.

Jack told Diane not to take what Kyle had said "to heart." Diane started to break down, but she said that she would fire Kyle again for how awful he had been acting. Diane said that Kyle had been "enjoying" that his parents were "in the dark" about what he was up to. Diane said that she was still convinced Victor was involved.

Diane recounted that Victor had asked Michael to "rekindle" a friendship with Diane. Diane also reported that Victor had asked Cole to "befriend" Kyle. Diane said that she and Michael suspected that Victor was "plotting some sort of retaliation for what happened with Nikki." Jack asked if Diane thought Victor was going to "reignite" his feud with Jack. Diane said that Victor had been trying to stir up her feelings about the night Jack had spent with Nikki.

Jack was upset that Victor was manipulating Kyle, but Diane said that Kyle might be going along with Victor's plan "willingly." Jack agreed that they had to "consider the possibility" that Kyle would betray the Abbotts, since Kyle had been "lured to the dark side before." Kyle walked downstairs, and Diane and Jack pretended to talk about business. Kyle announced that he would be moving out so that Harrison wouldn't have to "be subjected to all this tension."

Diane and Jack took turns begging Kyle not to move out and reminding him that they loved him. Kyle stubbornly argued that things were "different this time." Before turning to go, Kyle cryptically said that "things are about to get way worse." Jack angrily grabbed his phone and said that he was going to get answers directly from "the Mustache." Jack texted Victor, asking to meet as soon as possible.

Adam and Chelsea betray Sally and Billy

Adam and Chelsea betray Sally and Billy

Thursday, July 4, 2024

At the coffeehouse, Billy and Sally ran into each other and exchanged concerns about Adam and Chelsea. Billy and Sally sat down with cups of coffee and continued to discuss Connor's condition. They both agreed that they wished they could do more for their partners. Sally suggested that they change the subject, and Billy said that there was "a lot" happening at Chancellor-Winters.

Sally reported that working at Marchetti had been "the best experience." Sally asked if she was "being a jerk," since she was enjoying her job, even though she only had it due to Chelsea's absence. Billy said that Sally was actually helping Chelsea, and Sally was allowing Chelsea to focus on Connor.

Sally said that she felt a strong need to be near Adam, and Billy said that he felt the same way. Sally suggested that she and Billy "surprise" Adam and Chelsea in Baltimore. Billy said that Sally's suggestion was "tempting," but they would just be "a distraction" if they visited Chelsea and Adam. Sally agreed and thanked Billy for the support.

In Baltimore, Chelsea let Adam into her room, since they were both too upset to sleep. Adam poured them each a glass of bourbon, as Chelsea lamented that they had not "had one call" from the facility all day. Adam told Chelsea that they would get Connor through the situation, no matter what it took. Chelsea thanked Adam for reassuring her about Connor.

Chelsea and Adam talked about how wonderful Connor was, and they questioned how they had created such "a miracle of a kid." Adam refilled their glasses, and he told Chelsea not to blame herself. Chelsea replied, "But that's my super power." Chelsea grew teary eyed, and Adam told her that she had taught Connor how to be strong, loving, and resilient.

Chelsea and Adam reminisced about holidays with Connor, and they continued to refill their glasses. Suddenly, Chelsea again grew tearful when she realized Connor might not be home for their next Thanksgiving. Adam comforted Chelsea, but she was in anguish over Connor "hurting himself." As Chelsea cried, Adam pulled her close and told her that she had been remarkable. Chelsea and Adam began to kiss passionately.

Chelsea and Adam undressed each other, and they went to bed. Afterwards, Chelsea and Adam lay in bed, looking regretful for what they had just done.

At Newman Enterprises, Jack let himself into Victor's office and demanded that Victor "stay away" from Kyle. Victor played dumb, but Jack said that Victor's plan to "weaponize" Kyle wouldn't work. Jack yelled at Victor to take his vendetta out on Jack and to "stay away from [his] wife and son."

Victor couldn't believe that Jack was yelling at him, when Jack had been the one with Nikki when she had almost "drank herself to death." Victor questioned Jack's action of overdosing to "help" Nikki. Jack accused Victor of being angry because Jack had saved Nikki when Victor hadn't been able to. Jack again warned Victor to stay away from the Abbotts. Victor replied, "When I decide to retaliate, you will not see it coming." Jack stormed out, and Victor grinned.

Jack ran into Nick in the hallway, and Jack told Nick that Victor was "playing games" with Kyle. Nick entered Victor's office and asked what had been "going on" with Jack. Victor chuckled and called Jack "an idiot." Nick was worried, and Victor said that Jack would "get over it."

At the Abbott mansion, Diane begged Kyle not to take Harrison away from the family home. Kyle asked how Diane could "dare" to use Harrison against Kyle. Diane argued that Kyle was "trying to punish" his parents. Kyle said that Diane needed to "live with the consequences" of her actions.

Diane begged Kyle to "at least try" to work through their issues. Kyle taunted Diane about his upcoming plans, and he bitterly accused Diane of trying to "justify" what she had done to him when he'd been younger. Diane asked how Kyle could be so "hateful," and she reminded Kyle that he had "undermined" her continually at Jabot. Kyle sneered that he would never change his mind about moving out, so he could get away from his mother. Jack walked in. Kyle sarcastically asked how things had gone with Victor and if Jack had "set him straight."

Jack reminded Kyle that Victor was not the kind of person to go to for help. Kyle said that Victor had always appreciated Kyle's "business acumen," but Kyle still wouldn't admit that he was going to work for Victor.

Jack said that he wanted what was best for Kyle. Kyle said that if that were true, Jack would fire or demote Diane. Jack said that he would not let Kyle manipulate him. Kyle said that it was "good to know" where Jack stood, and he left.

Diane and Jack were mortified at Kyle's behavior. Diane said that she needed to know if Jack had considered Kyle's request to fire her. Jack asked how Diane could think that, and he said that he hadn't known how react to Kyle's suggestion. Jack hoped that Kyle would "cool down" and "find himself."

Jack suggested that Diane talk to Kyle, "mother to son." Diane agreed that the ball was in her court, but she wasn't sure how to fix the situation. Diane vowed that she would not "lose [her] son again."

Diane asked Jack what had had happened with Victor. Jack said that he had warned Victor to say away from Diane and Kyle. Diane pondered if Victor's plan had already been "accomplished" because he had turned Kyle against Jack.

Nick and Victor went to Society for a drink. Victor and Nick discussed Victor's plans to replace Nikki with Adam at Newman Media. Victor said that Adam had texted that Connor had "taken a turn for the worse." Victor said that "family unity" was the most important thing, and that was why he wanted Adam back at Newman Media. Nick concurred, but he still questioned why Victor wasn't allowing Nikki to go back to Newman Media, since she wanted to so much.

Victor said that he was always focused on Nikki and that Adam heading the media division would be temporary. Nick was suspicious that there was something Victor hadn't told him. Kyle entered and greeted Nick and Victor. After complaining about his family being nothing but trouble, Kyle went to the bar for a drink. Nick thanked Victor for the tequila, and they wished each other a good night.

Victor invited Kyle back to his table. Victor inquired why Kyle had told Jack that Kyle and Victor were "in collusion against" Jack.

Chelsea and Adam agonize about their night together

Chelsea and Adam agonize about their night together

Friday, July 5, 2024

Summer, Phyllis, and Nick chatted at Crimson Lights. Summer filled her parents in on how Kyle had been "making bad decisions." Phyllis asked if Summer was referring to Claire working as Harrison's nanny. Summer explained that her concern was about Kyle becoming "involved" with Audra again. Summer recounted that she had seen Kyle and Audra "conspiring."

Nick asked why Summer cared, and she responded that she didn't want Audra "anywhere near" Harrison. Nick suggested that Summer might be "searching for trouble" and jumping to conclusions. Summer said that there was more to the story, but she couldn't tell them the details. Phyllis demanded that Summer spill what was up.

Summer said that the news would be "public knowledge in the morning," and she told her parents that Kyle would soon be going to work with Audra. Nick asked why Kyle would leave Jabot, and Summer said that Diane had fired Kyle. Phyllis inquired how Audra had gotten control of her own cosmetics company.

Summer informed her parents that Kyle and Audra would be running Glissade, since Audra had stolen the company from Tucker with the help of a "wealthy investor." Nick and Phyllis said that Tucker would be coming for Audra, and Summer said she was worried that the drama could impact Harrison. Phyllis said that Kyle wouldn't put Harrison "in harm's way," but Summer said Kyle might become too busy "waging war" against Diane and Jack to notice.

Summer said that she wanted Harrison to start spending more time with her, and Phyllis asked if Summer was implying that she wanted to take Harrison from Kyle. Summer denied that she wanted to take Harrison away from Kyle, and she said that she did not want to "escalate things." Summer said that she had been looking at houses with yards so Harrison could spend more time with her. Nick warned Summer that she would not win a custody case against Harrison's "biological father."

Summer grew frustrated with her parents, and she asked why they weren't being more supportive of her. Summer declared that she was "not the problem here," and she stormed out of the coffeehouse.

Nick and Phyllis discussed Summer's attitude, and Phyllis said that Summer had gotten her passion from her parents. Phyllis suggested that Summer was feeling guilty for Harrison's kidnapping. Nick didn't understand how Summer could feel guilt for what Jordan had done, and Phyllis explained that she had felt guilt, too, since Summer and Kyle had divorced because of Phyllis' actions.

Nick said that Phyllis and Summer needed to stop blaming themselves and remember that Harrison was home safe and sound. Phyllis thanked Nick for never having fought for custody of Summer. Nick said that Phyllis had been "an amazing mom," so he hadn't needed to. Nick and Phyllis agreed that they would "never stop looking out" for Summer.

At Society, Victor reported to Kyle that Jack had stormed into Victor's office, "hurling accusations." Kyle swore that he had not told his father anything about working for Victor. Victor said that he wasn't worried about Jack, but he was concerned about "disloyalty" from his staff.

Kyle promised that he had not betrayed Victor, and he wanted to use his "chance to show the world" what he was capable of. Kyle told Victor that his parents were suspicious of Victor, but Kyle had not confirmed anything. Kyle said that his parents had shown him "where their loyalties lie," and declared that he had "no allegiance" to his parents anymore.

Victor seemed convinced that Kyle hadn't betrayed him. Kyle warned that he could not control Jack's "suspicions." Victor said that he did not "give a damn" about Jack, and Victor had only wanted to verify that he could trust Kyle.

Kyle and Victor talked Glissade business. Victor said that Jack would be surprised by Kyle's new role. Kyle asked if Victor was using Glissade to somehow retaliate against Jack. Victor deflected the question, and he said that Kyle needed to "concentrate on the task ahead" with Audra.

As Victor left, he ran into Claire, who was at Society for takeout. Kyle asked Claire to join him for a drink as Victor looked on from the window. Kyle and Claire chit-chatted, and Kyle recounted that he had had another argument with his parents. Kyle said that he would be moving out of the Abbott mansion. Claire inquired about how Harrison had taken the news, and Kyle said that Harrison was okay with the move as long as he could have a treehouse.

Claire asked if Kyle was moving out to punish Jack and Diane. Kyle replied that he wouldn't use his son to hurt his parents. Claire asked if Kyle was worried about "uprooting Harrison." Kyle indicated that it was just time for him to move out of his parents' house. Claire asked how Summer felt about Kyle and Harrison moving, and Kyle admitted that he hadn't told Summer about it.

In Baltimore, Chelsea and Adam got dressed. Adam asked if Chelsea was okay, and she said that she wasn't sure. Adam asked if Chelsea wanted to talk about what had happened. Adam and Chelsea were consumed by guilt, and they tried to justify their actions because of all the pressure they had been under, worrying about Connor. They agreed that they had let things "get out of control," and had needed to "reconnect" with their old feelings of happier times with their son.

Adam and Chelsea agreed that they had made a mistake, and they vowed to keep it between themselves. Chelsea said that sleeping together had not made them less committed to their partners, and Adam agreed. Chelsea suggested that Adam return to his room, and they said goodnight.

Chelsea called Billy and left him a voicemail telling him how much she missed him. Chelsea said that if she did not get an update on Connor in the morning, she would fly home to Genoa City. At the same time, Adam was leaving a message for Sally, saying that it had been "torture" to stay in Baltimore. Adam said that if there was "no news" about Connor the next day, he'd be returning home to be with Sally.

Chelsea and Adam left long-winded messages on Billy and Sally's voicemails. In their respective rooms, they turned out the lights, both clearly racked with guilt.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer stopped by to "peek in" on Harrison, and she ran into Diane in the living room. Diane said that she needed Summer's help. Summer was uncomfortable speaking to Diane about Kyle, but Diane asked Summer to listen for "Harrison's sake." Diane hoped that Summer could "get through to Kyle" and convince him not to move out of the Abbott house. Summer was stunned at the news.

Summer asked if Kyle was planning on moving out of Genoa City, but Diane said that she didn't think that was the case. Summer admonished Diane for firing Kyle and causing him to move out, and she asked how Diane could have "let this happen."

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