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Kyle relished announcing his new position at Glissade to Jack. Nate and Audra got passionate. Victoria suggested changing Claire's last name to Newman. Lucy was puzzled when Heather mentioned the years it had taken Daniel to get over Cassie's death. Lily agreed to stay with Billy at Chancellor.
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Kyle relished announcing his new position at Glissade to Jack. Nate and Audra got passionate. Lily agreed to stay with Billy at Chancellor.
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Kyle stuns Jack with his new job announcement

Kyle stuns Jack with his new job announcement

Monday, July 8, 2024

Over a video chat, Jack asked Traci how his beautiful sister was doing, and she inquired which one he was referring to. He started with her, but he guessed from her radiant glow that he already had the answer. Traci confirmed that she was having a lovely time in Paris, and the time she'd spent with Ashley had been encouraging. Traci mused that for the first time in a long time, she remembered what it was like to have hope, and she looked forward to all the opportunities ahead for all of them.

Traci recounted her and Abby's recent visits with Ashley, and Jack expressed relief because his concern for Ashley had kept him up at night. Traci queried whether there was anything else he wanted to talk about, but he opted to wait until her return because he didn't want to ruin her time in Paris. Traci planned to stay awhile longer to be close to Ashley, and Jack speculated that there was someone else she'd become close to those days. Blushing, Traci acknowledged that she'd been spending time with Alan, and Jack wholeheartedly approved. There was a knock at Traci's door, and she expected it was Alan. Traci and Jack exchanged words of love and hung up.

Traci opened her front door and was thrilled to see Danny and Christine, who she'd anticipated would be swamped with rehearsals and shows. Christine proclaimed that some things were more important. Traci noticed some lipstick on Danny's cheek, and he chalked it up to meeting an overzealous fan in the lobby. Christine called him a "badass rock star," and Danny thought it would suit his look to have two gorgeous blondes on his arm for breakfast.

Alan arrived, and he and Traci hugged hello. Traci introduced Alan to Danny and Christine, and Alan admitted he was a bit starstruck. Danny invited Alan to join them for breakfast, noting that they could talk about when Traci had been in the band. Danny teased that Traci wasn't as innocent as she claimed to be, and they laughed as they headed out.

Over breakfast, Alan remarked that Danny and Christine had been together a long time. Danny mentioned that it had been on and off, and Traci said all that mattered was that they were together then. Alan was sure Christine was the envy of many fans. Danny recounted that Christine had caused a stir on social media when a photo had been posted of her kissing him as he'd left the stage, and he reenacted the kiss.

Danny inquired how Traci and Alan had become friends. Traci hesitantly revealed that they'd met through Ashley, but not under the best circumstances. Traci added that Ashley was taking some time for herself and was doing well. Traci mused that she felt optimistic about the future, and she gazed at Alan. "Me, too," Alan softly replied.

Alan stepped aside to take a call. Danny and Christine huddled in close to Traci and squealed that they liked Alan. Traci said things had been moving a little fast, but it felt right. Christine imagined they had to be right if Traci was staying in Paris for Alan. Traci stressed that she was staying for Ashley, but spending time with Alan was an added incentive.

Danny, Christine, Traci, and Alan returned to Traci's apartment, and Traci proclaimed that she didn't want the fun to end. Danny invited Traci and Alan to his show that night as his guests, and they happily accepted. Danny envisioned pulling Traci onstage for a song or two, but she protested that she was only going as a superfan. Alan joked that if Danny saw someone crowd-surfing during "Rock On," it would be Alan. After Danny and Christine left, Alan marveled that it had been wonderful to meet Traci's friends because they clearly adored her. "And I can understand why," he murmured, and they kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis incessantly tapped the table and wondered if another espresso was a bad idea. Nick observed that she'd gotten so worked up over Summer that she'd started twitching. Phyllis suspected that Summer's idea of going for custody of Harrison was a kneejerk reaction out of anger and jealousy, but she also recognized that Summer knew when Kyle was distracted and reckless. Phyllis worried that Kyle was going down a slippery slope, but Nick thought they should take a step back and let Summer handle it on her own. Phyllis proposed that they go somewhere where she could relax, and they could talk about their daughter. They left.

Claire entered the coffeehouse and headed to the counter to order something for her mom's breakfast. Victor offered to help her decide, and Claire asked if he'd followed her. Victor mentioned that he was there for a croissant, which had been Victoria's favorite as a child. Claire chirped that it was her favorite, too. Victor suggested they sit down, since he had something he wanted to discuss with her.

Over their pastries, Claire told Victor that when she'd been a kid, she'd thought éclairs had been named after her. She wiped some of the gooey treat from her lips and made a note to herself not to eat an éclair on a date. Victor asked if that had been what she and Kyle had been doing at Society, but Claire vehemently replied that she worked for Kyle and would never cross that line.

Claire admitted that she'd joined Kyle for a drink after Victor had left, but she hadn't been trying to be sneaky about it. She continued that she'd also had dinner with Kyle earlier, and she wondered if she'd done something wrong. Victor assured her that she hadn't, but he thought she needed to know some things about Kyle.

Victor recounted that he'd seen Claire and Kyle through the window as he'd been leaving Society, and they'd seemed to be in a comfortable situation. Claire confirmed that they'd gotten to be friends, but their main connection was Harrison. Victor inquired whether they also talked about other things, and Claire shared that Kyle confided in her because he knew she wouldn't betray his trust. Victor pointed out that Kyle barely knew Claire as anything other than his son's nanny. Claire prompted Victor just to tell her if he didn't approve of her friendship with Kyle.

Victor accepted that Claire could choose who she wanted to befriend, but he told her that he knew Kyle better than she did. Claire was certain that there was no reason to believe Kyle was a threat. Victor noted that Kyle had recently divorced his other granddaughter, and he imagined there were some things Kyle didn't want Claire to know about him. Victor advised Claire to proceed with caution, since she'd just recently escaped her aunt and landed on her feet, and he didn't want her involved in Kyle's turmoil.

Claire shared that her therapist had cautioned her against taking on other people's problems, but she hadn't done anything more than listen with Kyle. Victor said it broke his heart to know what she'd gone through with Jordan, and he didn't want anyone to take advantage of Claire again. Claire gushed that she'd never felt more cared for than she was with the Newmans, and she assured him that her friendship with Kyle wasn't dangerous.

Victor lectured that he'd lived longer than Claire had, and he'd known people who'd suddenly changed when their lives had turned upside down, making enemies of former friends and hurting people without intending to. Victor refused to let that happen to Claire. Victor urged Claire to remember what they'd talked about, but she still wasn't sure what he didn't like about Kyle. Victor contended that Kyle being Jack's son was enough reason to proceed with caution.

Claire contemplated how she'd ever believed that Jordan had had her best interests at heart when her aunt had convinced her to do terrible things for her. Victor encouraged Claire to forgive herself, since she'd had nothing to compare it to. Victor made Claire promise that she would turn to him if she ever had doubts about anything. He shared that he'd grown up in an orphanage, so his family meant everything to him, and he pledged to keep them safe, no matter what.

At the Athletic Club, Nick applauded Phyllis for ordering espresso with red wine and French fries, adding that he didn't know anyone like her. She claimed that the combination helped her to think. She reasoned that Summer had to take their opinions into consideration -- or they would force her to listen. Nick sarcastically remarked that their earlier exchange with their daughter had gone great, but Phyllis vowed not to give up.

Nick anticipated that Summer would do what she wanted, anyway, and he reiterated that it was best to let her daughter work things out with Kyle on her own. Phyllis stood by the words of wisdom they'd previously offered Summer. Nick recounted that he and Phyllis had felt like kids themselves when they'd been raising a child, yet they thought they had all the answers because they had a few grey hairs. Phyllis glared at him, and he quickly clarified that he'd been talking about himself, not her.

Nick and Phyllis agreed that they wanted everything good for Summer. Phyllis believed they saw Summer's potential mistakes and wanted to stop them. Nick wondered why no one had told them when they'd been about to fall off a cliff. Phyllis recognized that some people had tried to do that for her, and Nick teased her for not listening.

Nick told Phyllis about the trip he and Sharon had taken down memory lane, retelling their history to Faith to help their daughter cope with her breakup with Moses. Phyllis was shocked to hear that Nick had been totally honest about everything, and she surmised she should duck for cover the next time she saw Faith. Nick recalled that Sharon had been "charitable" about Phyllis' role in their breakups. Phyllis asked if reliving everything had sucked him back into the romance of it all or if he was done with love.

Phyllis expected that Nick would find someone, since he was a "hot dad with a pulse." Nick responded that she was a "hot mom," and he wondered how long it would be until she was back in another relationship. She reminded him that the last time they'd been in the building, she'd been crying on his shoulder about a "loser singer." Phyllis insisted that she'd moved on, but she reveled in the thought of Christine sitting in the back of a bumpy tour bus, sweating between two guys with coffee breath who smelled like mystery meat from the night before. Nick pointed out that Danny and Christine had probably taken a private jet to Europe. Phyllis scolded him for killing the buzz.

After the bar closed, Nick and Phyllis headed to the foyer. Phyllis pointed out that Nick hadn't answered her question about the women he potentially planned to date. Nick resolved to remain solo and not date anyone. Phyllis called him a liar and said they'd see. He thanked her for the fries and the good time, and she thanked him for the caffeine intervention. Nick wished "Hot Mom" a good night. "You too, Hot Dad," she replied, and he watched her as she headed up the stairs, then he headed out. She stopped at the top of the stairs to look back at him.

At Society, Daniel sat down next to Kyle at the bar and ordered a beer. Daniel surmised that Kyle's solemn mood wasn't about work, since Daniel had heard Kyle was no longer with Jabot. Kyle assumed that Summer had spilled the news, but he swore it wasn't as bad as she had made it out to be. Daniel assured him that there was no judgment, and he cited his own ousting from Chancellor-Winters.

Kyle commiserated that his mother had fired him, while Daniel's ex had axed Daniel. Kyle added that they didn't have to let them have the last laugh, since one door closing led to a bigger, better one opening. "Nice and wide," Kyle declared, and the men clinked their glasses together. Daniel was glad to hear one of them had job prospects.

Kyle shared that his new position would be announced publicly the next day, so Daniel had to wait to hear with the rest of the world. Daniel imagined that Summer had been worried because she knew what it was, although she hadn't offered any specifics. Kyle huffed that what he did with his career didn't affect her, but Daniel disagreed.

Kyle asserted that he and Summer were divorced, and his having ambition in the workplace didn't make him any less of a father. Daniel sensed Summer was concerned about the timing after what Harrison had gone through. Kyle condemned Summer for turning to lawyers to go after custody. He warned that she'd better tread lightly, or it would blow up in her face in a way she wasn't anticipating.

Daniel cautioned Kyle against responding with threats, but Kyle growled that Summer was going after his kid. Daniel reasoned that Summer just wanted to spend more time with Harrison, but Kyle believed Summer was lashing out because she was angry that he'd hired Claire as Harrison's nanny -- and even madder that Harrison thought Claire was "the greatest."

Daniel recommended that Kyle look at things from Summer's point of view, since she loved her son. Kyle questioned whether it put Harrison first to put him through a custody fight. Daniel insisted that Summer's goal was to keep from causing Harrison pain. Kyle spat that her intent was to cause him pain, and he ordered Daniel to stop defending his sister's attacks and instead tell her to "back the hell off before she lives to regret it." Kyle stormed off. "Yikes!" Tessa exclaimed from behind the bar.

Tessa recalled that the last time she'd spoken with Daniel, he'd requested instructions about how to put his life back together. Daniel explained that his encounter with Kyle hadn't been about Daniel, but he thought he might need Tessa's advice to put Summer's life back together. Tessa preferred to stay out of sibling issues because she had plenty of her own, and she inquired whether Summer had asked him to fix her life. Daniel confirmed she hadn't, and Tessa recommended that he let Summer do her own fixing, since meddling in someone else's problems rarely had a good outcome -- especially when it was family.

Daniel bemoaned that his family didn't "do hands-off," and Tessa regretted that she'd told him to butt out of other people's lives while she'd been meddling in his. Daniel appreciated her advice, but he felt like his family "held the trophy for most dysfunctional." Tessa asked if Summer had ever asked him for $20,000 to help fund her life on the run, and she cautioned him against taking the crown until he knew the competition.

Tessa recounted that she and Crystal hadn't had the best example of how to be normal, functioning humans growing up, so they'd gotten mixed up with some shady characters. Tessa continued that they'd gotten away, but it hadn't been easy. Daniel apologized for underestimating everything she'd been through. She considered it a good reminder that they never knew what people around them were going through.

Kyle returned to the Abbott mansion, and Jack observed that his son was home late. Kyle poured a drink and muttered that it was the sweet sound of judgment, and he barked that he wasn't in the mood for another round of what was wrong with him. Jack explained that he'd been up late to call Traci to check on Ashley, and he'd heard Kyle get home. Kyle started to take his drink upstairs, but Jack appealed to him to talk as father and son.

Jack mentioned that Harrison had gone to sleep early, and he praised Kyle's decision to hire Claire. Kyle thanked him for saying that, and Jack remarked that one thing Kyle excelled at was being a father. Kyle translated the statement to mean that he was a lousy heir apparent, but Jack protested that it hadn't been what he'd meant. Kyle ranted that his parents had pushed him out of the company and were pushing him out of his home. Jack argued that Kyle hadn't been an innocent bystander.

Kyle questioned why Jack hadn't handed him the reins when Billy had left, and he assumed his father hadn't thought Kyle was capable. Kyle hissed that he was about to prove to Jack and Diane just how wrong they were. Jack swore that he was proud of Kyle, so Kyle didn't have to prove himself. Kyle snapped that they wouldn't be having the conversation if that was the case.

Jack pressed to know what Kyle intended to spring on his parents to show that they'd messed up. Kyle blurted out that he was the new head of Glissade. Jack became livid that Kyle would be working with Tucker, but Kyle clarified that he'd be working with Audra. Kyle bellowed that he'd stupidly turned down the chance to work with Tucker out of loyalty to Jack, but Tucker was out, and Kyle was in.

Kyle announced that it was going to be his "coming-out party as one of Genoa City's most formidable players," and Glissade would be a powerhouse with bottomless funding to put Jabot out of business. Kyle added that he would have done anything for Jack and Jabot, but not anymore. "I work for the enemy, and there is nothing you can do to stop it," Kyle spat before marching upstairs, leaving Jack reeling.

Adam and Chelsea keep their secret when they return to Sally and Billy

Adam and Chelsea keep their secret when they return to Sally and Billy

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Billy was thrilled when Chelsea surprised him at the office. She was back but also very emotional. As the pair embraced, Chelsea flashed back to her night with Adam before she told Billy how agonized she and Adam were over Connor's condition. Billy sympathized as Chelsea explained that the OCD had tried punishing Connor for being happy with his parents.

Chelsea had been sure Connor was getting better, but then he'd had the setback that had broken her heart. Billy wanted to help and asked how Adam was handling the situation. "I'm assuming not well. I just hope he's not taking it out on you," Billy said.

Billy did his best to comfort Chelsea and insisted she eat, but she wasn't hungry. He finally got her to agree to breakfast, so they ended up at the Athletic Club, where they made small talk about Billy's kids.

Adam returned home to a happily waiting Sally. He took her in his arms and also remembered his night of passion with Chelsea. Adam updated Sally on Connor's status. He was distressed about Connor hurting himself and being in lockdown so he could be watched. As Adam wondered if his and Chelsea's visit had been a mistake, Sally assured him that the doctors had encouraged it, and nobody had thought it would happen.

Sally wished she had gone with Adam. She worried that Adam had had a hard time getting along with Chelsea but hoped they'd been able to support and comfort one another. Sally could tell there was something more on Adam's mind, but he denied it.

Adam assured Sally that he and Chelsea were getting along fine, but Adam didn't offer more. Sally finally convinced Adam to relax with her and take his mind off things. Adam was grateful for how patient Sally was being with him.

Audra and Kyle met up at the Athletic Club, where Audra informed Kyle that the new leadership team at Glissade was getting lots of press. Kyle was pleased and reveled in the fact that Jack couldn't stop him from his new career move. The pair then made their way to Chancellor Park for a meeting with their new boss.

Victor was happy to greet Audra and Kyle and pleased with the press coverage. Victor was especially interested to hear that Jack and Diane knew Kyle was the new Glissade co-CEO. Victor informed them that he had rented them office space in Genoa City, but he assumed they'd spend most of their time in Paris.

Kyle and Audra had other ideas. They wanted to split their CEO duties, with Audra working in Paris and Kyle working in Genoa City, as they prepped to relocate the company. Victor wanted them to work together as a team, but Audra insisted they could do just that -- on different continents.

Victor then sent Kyle to check out the new office space and asked to have a word with Audra alone. Once Kyle left, Victor warned Audra that she needed to prove herself to Kyle. Audra was intrigued when Victor informed her that Kyle didn't think they needed her, but she'd expected it and was ready to prove herself. Victor made sure that Audra would watch her back around Kyle.

When Audra wondered if Victor trusted Kyle, he said that Kyle was gifted, but his need to prove himself to Jack was a weakness. Victor confessed that he never trusted anyone completely. "I always hedge my bets," he said.

Victoria, Nikki, and Claire sat down for breakfast at Society. Victoria wondered if Claire was okay. She seemed a little quiet, but Claire said she was fine. Claire told Nikki and Victoria about her run-in with Victor at Crimson Lights the night before.

Claire admitted that Victor had tried to talk her out of pursuing a friendship with Kyle, and she wondered if that had to do with Victor and Jack's rivalry. Nikki conceded that "there are few people on this earth who Victor despises more than Jack Abbott." Nikki explained that Jack and Victor were both good men, but their rivalry went back so many years that she doubted either one of them remembered what had started it. Victoria assured Claire that she got to make her own choices and didn't have to listen to Victor.

Soon, Nikki and Victoria got notifications about the changes at Glissade. Claire was happy for Kyle but admitted she'd already known. Kyle had told her but asked her not to share the news. Nikki was surprised that Kyle trusted Claire so much to confide in her.

Kyle soon showed up, and Nikki questioned and congratulated him on his new position. Kyle then asked to talk to Claire alone. He thanked her for not telling Nikki and Victoria about his family drama. Claire asked if something was going on between him and Victor because Victor had warned Claire to be careful around him.

That surprised Kyle, who wanted to know exactly what Victor had said. Claire explained that Victor thought Kyle had a lot going on in his life, and Victor didn't want Claire in the middle of it. Kyle was disturbed that Victor would say that, but he insisted he really liked Claire and would never hurt her. Audra soon arrived to take Kyle to check out their office together.

Back at the table, Victoria had some news for Nikki. She wanted to have Claire's last name changed to Newman. Claire returned to the table and asked what they were talking about, so Victoria told her. As soon as Claire heard that Victoria wanted to make her an official Newman, she broke into a wide smile.

In the Abbott living room, Jack told Diane that he hadn't even gone to bed the night before. His argument with Kyle had kept him from sleeping. Jack confessed to Diane that Kyle's animosity toward the family was worse than they'd originally believed. Jack told Diane all about Tucker thinking Jack was the Glissade mystery investor. Thanks to Kyle, Jack knew someone had taken over Glissade, and Audra had had a lot to do with it.

Diane immediately knew that Kyle and Audra were working together again and was horrified because Kyle would be competing with his family's company. "Does our son hate us so much to want to do something like this?" Diane asked. Jack and Diane made their way to the office, still talking about Kyle and his attitude. Diane worried that Kyle would end up with Audra again and wondered if Audra was taking advantage of their son. Jack thought the mystery investor was calling the shots and not Audra. That possibility had Diane intrigued.

At that point, Jack felt he knew who was behind the Glissade takeover -- Victor Newman. Diane could barely believe that was true, so Jack pointed out that the move was classic Victor, and he'd taken his "puppet master" strings back. Diane still didn't believe it. "Would he really go out and buy a company just to hire Kyle and stick it to you?" Diane wondered.

Jack was sure that Victor was using Kyle as a weapon to drive him crazy. Jack was angry at himself because he should have seen it coming. Diane pointed out that Jack and Nikki's friendship was what had set Victor off. Diane noted that things had been fine between him and Victor before Jack had chosen to take drugs in an effort to save Nikki. Jack insisted that Victor didn't need a reason to go after him, so he didn't want to talk about Nikki anymore. Diane apologized for harping on the subject.

Later, when Diane was alone in the office, Kyle dropped by. Mother and son engaged in a shouting match, with Diane calling Kyle's new career move "nonsense," which made Kyle more determined to prove himself.

As Kyle and Diane argued, Jack confronted Victor in his office. Victor flippantly asked if Jack wanted to throw another chair through the window as he had done in the past. A furious Jack warned Victor to leave Jack's family alone. He knew Victor was the mystery investor, but Victor denied it. Jack didn't believe him, telling Victor, "This is a promise. You will pay for this." Victor responded, "Why don't you face the truth? You're a lousy father to your son Kyle, and now you're dealing with the consequences."

Summer questions more of Kyle's decisions

Summer questions more of Kyle's decisions

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

In her living room, Sharon thought of Cassie, and she got out an old scrapbook of pictures. Sharon answered a knock on the door and greeted Lucy, who had stopped by to see Faith. Sharon said that Faith was off with friends, and Lucy said that she had brought Faith a bracelet. Lucy noticed the scrapbook Sharon had been looking at, and she asked if the pictures were of Mariah.

Sharon told Faith about Cassie, who Lucy didn't know about. Sharon recounted that Cassie had died in a car crash when she had been 14. Lucy asked what Cassie had been like, and Sharon gushed about how wonderful her daughter had been.

Faith returned, and Lucy gave her the bracelet. Lucy told Faith that Sharon had been telling her about Cassie. Lucy asked if Faith wanted to "hang out," and Faith suggested that they "meet up later." Lucy left and Faith asked why Sharon had been looking at the scrapbook. Faith wondered if it was her fault, since she had asked Sharon and Nick a lot of questions about their past.

Faith apologized, and Sharon assured her daughter that Cassie was always in her thoughts. Sharon said that "every once in a while" she needed to "have a good cry" over Cassie. After Faith left, Sharon looked at the scrapbook again. Sharon took one of the photos out, and she put it in her purse before leaving the house.

In Chancellor Park, Heather and Daniel discussed Heather's lack of job offers. Heather suggested that it might be time for her to return to Portugal. Daniel said that he'd thought their relationship had been going well, and Heather clarified that she had meant it would be a good time to visit her father, since she wasn't working. Heather assured Daniel that she had no intention of leaving him or Genoa City.

Daniel asked how Paul was, and Heather said that her dad had seemed pretty lonely. Daniel suggested that he and Lucy go along to visit Paul. Heather said that Lucy would need to weigh in on the decision. Daniel said that it might be "tough to pull [Lucy] from town and away from fan-girling over Faith Newman." Heather remembered when she had been young and had wanted to be friends with "older girls."

At Society, Audra brought Nate up to speed on her work at Glissade. Audra asked what Nate thought of the article about the takeover. Nate noted that Audra had "failed to mention" to him that Kyle would be working there, as well. Nate compared Audra working with Kyle to working with Tucker. Audra said that she had learned a lot from working with Tucker, and she insisted that Kyle was very different. Nate said that both men were "rich, cocky, entitled."

Audra said that she had hired Kyle because he had previously run a cosmetics company. Nate questioned if it was worth it to hire someone who Audra had had "such a complicated history with." Audra accused Nate of being jealous. Nate denied his concern was out of jealously, and he said that he didn't want Audra to "repeat" what had had happened with Tucker. Audra assured Nate that she had "learned [her] lesson."

Nate asked why Audra seemed to be down after their conversation. Audra confessed that things weren't as wonderful as she had made them out to be, and she had been feeling attacked. Audra told Nate the story of Kyle trying to persuade Victor to let Kyle run Glissade without Audra. Audra asked Nate for advice, and he replied, "Fire his ass before he takes you down."

Audra told Nate the truth that Kyle had been "hand-picked" by the secret investor. Nate was surprised, and he suggested that Kyle was working with the investor to "use" Audra for their own gain. Audra said that the investor was the one who had actually told her the truth about Kyle. Nate said that the venture with Glissade could end up being more trouble than it was worth.

At the Abbott Mansion, Kyle was fielding publicity calls when Summer walked in. Summer demanded to know if Kyle was planning to move, and she said that if Kyle thought he was taking Harrison somewhere, Kyle was "delusional." Kyle asked how Summer had heard about his plans to move out, and Summer told him that Diane had filled her in. Summer said that Kyle could not make "unilateral decisions" and move Harrison to France. Kyle told Summer to "relax" and that he was only moving out of the mansion. Summer was still not happy, and she questioned why Kyle would want to uproot Harrison from his home.

Summer and Kyle continued to argue about Kyle's plan. Summer asked why Kyle couldn't put his son first and keep Harrison where he was happy and loved. Kyle argued that kids moved all the time, but Summer reminded Kyle that Harrison had had a tremendous amount of "upheaval in his life already." Kyle said that Harrison had been excited about the move, and hearing that Harrison had known about it before she had set Summer over the edge even further.

Kyle accused Summer of "hurling accusations and creating a problem where there isn't." Kyle grew angrier and said that Summer's "whole personality" had become refusing to agree with him about anything. Summer yelled that Harrison needed "stability," and she accused Kyle of not caring. Summer said that Kyle cared more about spending time with the "babysitter" or his "ex-bed buddy" than he cared about Harrison. Summer vowed to "do something about it."

Kyle told Summer that he had spoken to Daniel, and her brother had asked Kyle to try to see things from Summer's point of view. Kyle suggested that Summer was being difficult because she felt like she was "being squeezed out of Harrison's life." Summer reiterated that her concerns were about Kyle's recent bad choices. Summer said that Kyle was giving her "ammunition to win primary custody."

Growing irate, Kyle told Summer to "bring it" if she wanted to fight Kyle for custody. Kyle reminded Summer that she was not Harrison's biological mother, and he said that her attempt would fail. Claire entered the living room, and Summer and Kyle continued bickering until Summer said, "This conversation is not over," and she left.

Claire told Kyle about the vegetable garden that she and Harrison had planted. Kyle suggested that Claire join him for walk. Kyle and Claire walked around Chancellor Park, and Kyle said that he felt like "a bit of an ass" for the argument with Summer that had occurred earlier. Kyle vented about the issues that he and Summer had been having. Kyle confessed to having been "hardheaded," and he said that he had really been trying to see things from Summer's "perspective." Claire seemed to blame herself for "walking into the middle of things."

Kyle said that Claire was "one of the most amazing things to happen to Harrison's life." Claire was touched by Kyle's "kindness," and Kyle said that Claire had become a great friend.

At Crimson Lights, Summer approached Heather and Daniel. Heather excused herself to meet Lucy. Summer laid into Daniel for talking to Kyle about her. Daniel expressed his concern for Summer, and he said that he "was just trying to help." Summer accused Daniel of making it seem like she was being "irrational." Summer asked if that was what Daniel truly thought.

Daniel cautioned Summer against "jumping straight to a raging custody battle." Summer recounted that Phyllis and Nick had told her the same thing. Daniel suggested that Summer "take a step back." Summer told Daniel that she was simply "looking out for [her] son's well-being." Daniel reminded Summer how Phyllis' custody battle over him as a kid had adversely affected him. Daniel said that he knew that Summer would not want that for Harrison. Summer agreed, but she insisted that she would "fight" for Harrison if she had to.

Summer asked how she could try to work things out with Kyle, when he kept trying to "weaponize" the fact that Summer wasn't Harrison's biological mother. Daniel accused Summer and Kyle of being "emotional" and not "putting Harrison first." Summer replied, "Says the guy that practically bailed on his own daughter." Daniel was angry at Summer's comment.

Sharon approached and asked what was going on. Summer yelled for Daniel to "stop it," and she stormed off. Sharon said that she hoped everything was okay, and she wanted to warn Daniel about Lucy's visit. Sharon assured Daniel that she had not told Lucy the full details about the car crash that had killed Cassie. Daniel said that he was still haunted by the night of Cassie's death. Daniel appreciated that Sharon hadn't told Lucy the full story of Cassie's death, since he wasn't sure if Lucy could handle knowing what he had done.

Heather and Lucy met up at the Athletic Club, and Lucy told her mother about visiting with Sharon and talking about Cassie. Heather said that Cassie's death had been terrible and that it had taken Daniel "a long time to get past what happened." Lucy was perplexed.

Lily decides to stay at Chancellor

Lily decides to stay at Chancellor

Thursday, July 11, 2024

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon and Nate discussed the separation of the companies. Devon said that he wanted to be "fair," but his priority was Winters. Lily entered, and she said that she had been waiting for "things to calm down" before returning to the office. Devon asked if she had informed Billy that she would be joining Winters.

Lily asked Nate to give her some time alone with Devon, and Nate excused himself. Lily let Devon know that she had not talked to Billy yet, and she was still processing the situation. Devon questioned Lily's honesty, since Lily had known that Jill was sick and hadn't shared that with him. Lily said that she hadn't anticipated Jill's negative reaction to the decision to separate the companies. Lily felt "off," and Devon said that Lily might be thinking about "throwing away" their plan so she could join Billy.

Lily hadn't decided what to do, but she worried that Jill would be "devastated" if Lily left Chancellor. Devon said that Jill would understand, and Lily shouldn't worry about what Billy wanted. Devon said that Billy was "desperate for more power." Lily told Devon that Billy had known what Lily and Devon had been "up to."

Lily wished that Devon would try to understand why she felt guilty for abandoning Jill. Devon said that Jill had her own family to "carry on her legacy." Lily said that Jill had seen Lily's leadership potential before Lily had been able to see it for herself. Devon asked if Lily's hesitation was due to not wanting to leave behind "everything [she] created" at Chancellor.

Lily conceded that it would be hard for her to leave Chancellor behind. Devon tried to reassure Lily about joining Winters, and she insinuated that he was a "control freak." Devon promised that they would be "equal partners," the way Devon had once been with Neil. Lily was skeptical because the siblings had had "issues at work before." Lily said that Devon just didn't want Lily to be with Billy. Devon continued to push, and Lily asked him what it "would mean" if she did choose to stay at Chancellor.

Devon didn't know what to say, and Lily continued to agonize over her feelings. Lily said that she was uncertain if it would work out if she and Devon worked together. Lily asked again for time to think, and she left the office. Nate returned and Devon reported that he didn't know where things stood with Lily. Devon said that Lily would still not commit to Winters, and they might have to respect her choice to stay at Chancellor.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria, Johnny, and Katie ran into Billy. Billy joked with his kids, and he told them how lucky he was to have them. Chelsea entered, and Billy went to join her. Chelsea, trembling, told Billy that he should go be with his kids. Billy assumed that Chelsea had been thrown off because she had seen Johnny, and Chelsea acted like that was the case, explaining that her emotions were "all over the place." Billy assured Chelsea that Connor would be okay, and Chelsea said that she was happy to see Johnny "thriving." Billy suggested that they go to Society for lunch.

At Society, Sally told Adam how things had been going great with Chloe at Marchetti, but Adam had flashbacks of what had happened with Chelsea in Baltimore. Adam apologized for his lack of attention, and he said that he been thinking about the "intensity" of his trip to Baltimore. Billy and Chelsea approached, and Sally invited them to join her and Adam for lunch. Adam and Chelsea shared a knowing look.

Sally asked Billy if he would be ordering his "usual," and Adam was surprised that Sally knew what Billy ordered. Billy and Sally said that they had been getting together and chatting about Connor. Sally and Billy praised Chelsea and Adam for how they had been handling things. Adam and Chelsea shared another look, and Billy caught it and looked at them quizzically.

Billy, Sally, Chelsea, and Adam continued to talk about the situation with Connor in Baltimore. Sally said that she hoped Adam and Chelsea had been able to "distract" themselves from the stress. Adam replied, "Well, last night we got blind drunk. That helped." Chelsea looked at Adam in horror. Billy said that he didn't blame them.

Chelsea answered a call from the clinic. The doctor reported that Connor had been released from the inpatient wing, and he had had "a breakthrough." Adam and Chelsea were ecstatic, and they embraced. Billy and Sally looked on with trepidation. Billy and Sally expressed their relief that Connor was doing better. Chelsea and Adam received texts from Connor wanting to video chat. Adam and Chelsea left to go to Adam's house.

Sally remarked that the "whole ordeal" with Connor had really "bonded" Chelsea and Adam. Billy agreed. Lily arrived to talk to Billy, and Sally excused herself. Lily inquired about Jill, but Billy hadn't talked to his mother recently. Billy reiterated that Jill would be okay with the demerger, and he asked Lily to tell him that she was "in." After hesitating for a minute, Lily declared, "I'm in!"

At Adam's apartment, Chelsea and Adam talked about how "awkward" their lunch had been. Adam and Chelsea rehashed that they couldn't tell their partners about what had had happened. They called Connor. Connor told his parents that "inpatient" had been scary. Connor described what it had been like when his OCD had taken over, and he shared that he had conquered it and taken control.

Connor confessed that he had let the OCD have "all the power" for a while, and he said that he had realized he needed to fight for himself the way his parents had always fought for him. Connor said that he was "over" wanting to hurt himself. Adam and Chelsea were very relieved and smiled at each other.

At Chancellor Park, Harrison and Claire discussed their plans for the day and went to dig for worms.

Victoria, Johnny, and Katie drank lemonade in the park, and Johnny noted that Chelsea had seemed sad at the coffeehouse. Johnny mentioned how much Connor had been through, and Katie asked Victoria if Connor was going to be okay. Victoria said that Connor's treatment was "excellent."

Harrison and Claire approached and greeted Victoria and the kids. Harrison introduced Claire to his cousins, but Victoria let Harrison know that Katie, Johnny, and Claire were siblings. Harrison thought that it was awesome that Johnny and Katie were related to Claire, and he dragged Johnny off to look at worms.

Claire followed after the boys. Victoria asked Katie how school had been. Katie reported that she had done well in Spanish and ballet. Victoria suggested that they go to Chicago to "see a show." Katie said that she assumed that Victoria would be busy with her "first daughter." Johnny asked if they wanted ice cream, and Katie made a snotty remark.

Harrison returned and gave Katie some flowers because he thought she looked sad. Harrison said that he had been "sad for a while," but Claire had helped him to "feel better." Katie warmed up to the idea of ice cream, and she grabbed Claire's arm to go along.

Audra and Nate give in to passion

Audra and Nate give in to passion

Friday, July 12, 2024

Nate arrived at the Athletic Club and immediately spotted Audra working at a table. He texted her to take a break, and she noticed he was standing in front of her. Nate sat down to join Audra, but she was still focused on work. Nate was perturbed that she refused to pay attention to him, so Audra explained that she was busy proving him wrong. She said he didn't think she could run a cosmetics startup, and she was going to prove that she could.

Nate denied ever saying that but once again warned her that she needed to watch her back around Kyle and her mystery investor. Nate finally got her to agree to take a break, so they took a walk to Chancellor Park to watch the sunset. It was the end of Audra's first day as co-CEO of Glissade, so Audra began to reflect.

Audra said the day had started great after the news of her corporate conquest had broken, but then the real work had begun. Supply prices were up, supply chain issues were causing problems, and she had to fight knock-off companies making cheap versions of Glissade perfume. Nate was impressed with Audra's passion but relaxed her with a cup of special tea. He recommended it as better than coffee, as it would help with sleep and control anxiety.

Nate encouraged Audra to just live in the moment, but she was determined to get back to work. Nate refused to allow it as the pair continued to flirt. Nate even apologized to Audra for acting like he didn't believe in her. He was sure she would be successful at Glissade. He valued their friendship and admitted he needed one at that moment.

Audra began talking about her vision for Glissade. She was determined to create a different type of cosmetics company. "Glissade needs to not be about women being beautiful for a man but about women being beautiful for themselves," Audra said.

Nate was impressed that Audra was letting down a wall, but she quickly became professional again. Nate then got serious as well as sweet. "The more of you I see, the more beautiful you are to me," he said. Audra wondered if he was just putting on the charm as they flirted some more. That flirting led to Nate and Audra making it back to a room at the Athletic Club, where they gave in to their feelings for one another. Audra insisted she was living in the moment and having fun, and they fell into bed.

Adam and Chelsea were relieved after a positive video chat with Connor. They refused to get their hopes up but felt Connor might have turned a corner with his treatment. They embraced but quickly realized what they had done. They apologized to one another and retreated to opposite sides of Adam's living room.

After a few minutes of awkwardness, Adam and Chelsea reiterated how they finally truly believed Connor would get better. Chelsea walked to the door to leave while reminding Adam that what had happened between them when they had been in that hotel room needed to stay a secret. When they opened the door, Victor was standing there.

Victor was pleased to hear that Connor was doing well, so Adam and Chelsea gave him a happy update. After Chelsea left, Victor informed Adam that he was there to see if his son would agree to helm Newman Media again. Adam was intrigued by Victor's offer but would not accept it until he knew who they were fighting "this time."

Victor didn't want to tell Adam at first but finally relented and said he was the one who had bought Glissade, but that news needed to stay a secret. Adam was impressed but didn't understand who Victor was targeting if he had already outsmarted Tucker. Victor told Adam he was going after Jack and Jabot and wanted Adam's help to do it through Newman Media.

Adam was ready to help publicize Glissade and go after the competition, but Adam thought his father's request was too simple. He wondered why Victor needed him and why Victor couldn't have Nikki or Victoria do the job. Eventually, Adam realized that Victor was going after Jabot and Jack for personal reasons and that Nikki would never agree to do what Victor wanted. Adam explained that he liked and respected Jack, but Victor didn't care. In business, one should "never hesitate to go after someone you like," Victor said. Adam was still hesitant, but Victor remained insistent that Adam was the man for the job, even if Adam had an affinity for Jack.

"I want you to do damage to Jabot. I don't give a damn about what the hell happens to Jack Abbott," Victor said, before telling Adam he could run Newman Media however he liked -- as long as Jack and Jabot were hurt. Victor asked if he could trust Adam, so Adam countered by asking if Victor was sure he could trust Kyle and Audra. Victor knew that he could, so Adam agreed to seriously consider his father's offer.

Summer and Sally looked at some of Sally's designs over a meal at Society. Sally noticed that Summer seemed distracted, and Sally asked what was going on. Summer apologized and praised Sally's work, happy with what Sally added to Cheslea's vision for their winter line.

Sally and Summer joked about their old rivalry. Sally was pleased that Summer could put their past differences behind them and work together, and she noted that they were even getting along and friendly. Summer surprised Sally and brought up the idea of Sally leading her own team. Before they could get too far in their talk, Chelsea interrupted.

Summer tried to discuss her idea with Sally and Chelsea, but Chelsea quickly jumped to the conclusion that she was being fired and replaced by Sally. Summer quelled Chelsea's fears and told both women she wanted to expand and start a Gen Z line, with Sally as the line's lead designer. Sally was surprised and thrilled with the offer, and Chelsea was completely on board. Things turned awkward when Summer and Sally brought up Adam and Connor. Sally thanked Chelsea for being a support for Adam. Sally said she did what she could but knew that Chelsea helped, since she and Adam shared history and were Connor's parents.

Chelsea, Summer, and Sally's talk soon turned back to work. Chelsea was duly impressed with Sally's designs, but soon, Summer had to leave when her Realtor texted with information about a house. That left Sally and Chelsea alone together. Sally wanted to clear the air about Adam, which made Chelsea nervous.

Sally admitted that she wanted to be there for Adam more, but Chelsea insisted Sally already was. "He tells me all the time how wonderful you are," Chelsea said as she tried to change the subject.

Sally told Chelsea that she had originally feared she would lose Adam to Chelsea, and Sally had originally reveled in the idea of taking Chelsea's job; however, her feelings had changed. Sally apologized to Chelsea because Chelsea had done nothing at all to make Sally feel threatened, either personally or professionally. Sally even thanked Chelsea for recommending Sally for the job. "I owe you, Chelsea," Sally said.

Chelsea immediately told Sally that Sally didn't owe her at all. Sally was confused and wondered why Chelsea seemed to act guilty. As Chelsea flashed back to sex with Adam, she insisted she was fine and tried to talk about work. The guilt finally got to her, so Chelsea told Sally she was still jet-lagged. Sally didn't buy it. "Chelsea, you're tearing up. Please tell me what it is," Sally said.

Chelsea wiped the tears away and told Sally that Connor's predicament had her on an emotional roller coaster. "I don't feel I have control over any aspect of my life," Chelsea confessed. Sally said that she understood that Connor was Chelsea's baby; Sally felt Chelsea could help Adam in ways Sally couldn't. A nervous Chelsea insisted to Sally that Adam loved Sally, and Sally needed to be there for him. Chelsea anxiously left Society.



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