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Cassandra Hall Rawlins
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Actor History
Nina Arvesen
1988 to 1991

Died in 1991


Interior Designer

Resided At

The Rawlins Mansion (where Brad eventually lived until his death)

Marital Status

Married to Brad Carlton at time of death Adrian Hunter [Married 1990]

Past Marriages

George Rawlins [Married; widowed: 1989]

Brad Carlton [Married: 1991; divorced: 1991; divorce invalid]





Flings & Affairs

Paul Williams

Adrian Hunter

Crimes Committed

Possibly conspired to commit murder of George Rawlins

Brief Character History

Young Private Detective Paul Williams fell for a mysterious and beautiful woman named Cassandra Hall. Learning that Cassandra was an interior designer, he hired her to redecorate his office and his bachelor pad. During their consultation on these projects, Paul became romantically involved with her, but she was unwilling to marry him, satisfied with just being lovers. One evening, while dining at the mansion of his client George Rawlins the wealthy owner of Ra-Tech, Paul was shocked when introduced to his young wife "Cassie." Cassie turned out to be Cassandra, but they didn't let on that they knew each other. While George and Paul were socializing in her absence, George confided in Paul that he feared his young wife would leave him since he was impotent, and asked Paul to father a child for them. Paul politely refused.

When confronted by Paul the next day, Cassandra insisted that she loved only him and was willing to divorce George. Cassandra told George she wanted a divorce to be with Paul, causing George to have a heart attack. Not knowing that Cassandra was the cause, Paul compassionately suggested that she wait until her husband was fully recovered to tell him about them. During George's hospitalization his doctors informed him that he was suffering from a terminal illness. In a twisted act of revenge, George arranged to argue with Paul in front of Victor. Then George killed himself and made it look as if Paul had murdered him, and Paul was arrested. Upon hearing about George's death, Victor wisely guessed that his friend Paul had been set up.

Paul's father, Police Detective Carl Williams was in charge of the murder investigation. Victor suspected that Cassandra was a lethal black widow, he successfully seduced her, and for a while, Cassandra tried to string along both Victor and Paul. Meanwhile, Cassandra was meeting a mysterious man named Adrian Hunter, promising him that she was desperate to leave Genoa City and start a new life with him. When it appeared that all hope was lost and Paul would be convicted of George's murder, Paul and his father, decided to fake Paul's suicide.

Paul and Carl followed Cassandra and her lover Adrian to Bermuda, where they tormented Cassandra with visions of Paul as a ghost. Horrified, Cassandra quickly returned home to Genoa City. Soon after, Cassandra confessed that on the night that George was murdered, she was knocked unconscious, and when she awoke, there was a gun in her hand, and her husband was dead. With Cassandra's help, Victor came up with an elaborate plan to get Adrian to return to the states so he could be arrested. Cassandra called Adrian and told him that she was being held prisoner by Victor, tied to a chair, with a gun pointed at her, a block of melting ice rigged to fire it. When Adrian arrived to save her, Victor and Paul captured him, Carl arrested Adrian and succeeded in exposing him as George's killer.

It wasn't long before Cassandra set her sights on Brad Carlton, but he only had eyes for Ashley Abbott who had just turned down his marriage proposal. So Cassandra offered Brad a job at Ra-Tech, the company she inherited when George died. Brad accepted Cassandra's offer, and agreed to go skiing with her in Aspen to work out the details. On the way, Cassandra slipped him a drug that left him unconscious. They detoured to Las Vegas, where a groggy Brad married Cassandra in a quickie ceremony. When Brad finally regained consciousness he found himself in bed with his new wife Cassandra at a resort in Aspen, where they were stranded in a snowstorm. Brad was livid. He was missing a pressing appointment with Traci to discuss their remarriage. When Brad and Cassandra returned home, Traci was heartbroken to learn of her ex-husband's marriage to Cassandra. Brad eventually convinced Traci that he didn't love Cassandra.

With Traci's help, Brad managed to get out of this marriage. At the divorce hearing, Brad and Cassandra agreed to part amicably without laying claim to each other's financial interests. Immediately after the hearing, Cassandra called Paul Williams, telling him that he was the man she really loved, and rushed off to see him. But before they could connect, Cassandra was struck by a truck and died at the scene. At the reading of Cassandra's will, Paul was surprised to learn she had made him her sole heir. But before Paul could celebrate becoming a multi-millionaire, he found out that the judge who presided over Brad and Cassandra's divorce had died before he had signed their divorce decree. This meant that Brad and Cassandra were still married, and Brad was the legal heir to Cassandra's fortune, including the mansion and Ra-Tech. Brad accepted it all with no regard for Paul.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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