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The Cast and Credits section will help you find out the names of Y&R performers and the roles they have played. You can also link to actor biographies, character profiles, and more.

This is an up-to-date list of the contract and recurring roles on The Young and the Restless. For your convenience, the cast list now provides links directly to our actor biographies in the About the Actors section as well as to character profiles in our Who's Who in Genoa City section. Simply click on a performer or character's name and you'll be taken to the appropriate page.

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To browse a cast list of past The Young and the Restless stars, click here.

The Stars of The Young and the Restless

Recurring Roles on The Young and the Restless
Marla Adams
Catherine Bach
Anna Grace Barlow
Anna Grace Barlow
Zoe Hardisty
Martie Blair
Martie Blair
Bella Fisher
Aly Lind
Alyvia Alyn Lind
Judah Mackey
Judah Mackey
Connor Newman
Jay Montalvo
Jay Montalvo
Adrian Rosales
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Simon Black

Production Team
Created By

William J. Bell
Lee Phillip Bell

Produced By

CPT Holdings, Inc.

Executive Producer

Anthony Molina

Co-Executive Producer

Josh Griffith

Head Writer

Josh Griffith

Supervising Producer

John Fisher
Anthony Morina


Matthew J. Olsen
Jimmy Freeman

Recorded at CBS Television City, Hollywood, California

Show Premiere

March 26, 1973

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