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The Scoop: Y&R previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of January 29, 2018
A war breaks out at Newman Enterprises
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Y&R Scoop: Spoilers for the week of January 29, 2018 on The Young and the Restless | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of January 29, 2018. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Lily is caught lying to Cane

Ashley advises Billy she had a job offer

Billy warns Ashley

Nick makes an astonishing discovery at home

Tessa is shocked by Noah's actions

Devon's world implodes when he hears that Tessa and Mariah kissed during their trip to San Francisco

Victor hires someone from his past who will wind up pushing Victoria's buttons

Victor calls an unlikely truce with someone

Ashley becomes a force not to be tampered with

Lauren is put into an unexpected position when she makes a horrific discovery

Ravi discovers shocking information on the Chelsea 2.0 website

Lauren goes into crisis mode and asks Ravi and Phyllis to investigate

Hilary's past behavior surfaces

Devon makes an attempt to ease the tense situation between Tessa and Mariah

Nikki makes a connection with someone unexpected

Phyllis asks J.T. for his help

Phyllis and Billy's relationship is tested when they get caught up in Jack and Ashley's feud

Chelsea must decide how to react after being backed into a corner

Casting scoops

Daniel Hall is off the canvas as Scott Grainger for the foreseeable future. For more information about this story, click here.

Max Shippee ended his run as Graham Bloodworth. His last airdate was January 18.

Jason Canela has joined the cast as Arturo, a charismatic building contractor. For more information about the telenovela star joining Y&R, click here.

Shanica Knowles has joined the cast as Simone, a singer who catches Devon's eye. Find out more here.

Melissa Ordway is on maternity leave after giving birth to her daughter Sophie on December 9. A return date has not been given.

Michael Masini appears as Ashley's attorney, Tony Kingsman.

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A sneak peek at next week

Chelsea threatens someone

Ashley manages to get Victoria's ire up

Billy steps in to do damage control with his family

J.T.'s plan backfires when he tries to surprise Victoria

Hilary discovers she has some competition

February Sweeps preview

Nikki and Nick unite to help the unfortunate, but Nikki finds herself in some unexpected circumstances

Victor hires someone from his past that will constantly push Victoria's buttons

Chelsea's colorful past will have a lasting effect on her relationship with Nick

Billy and Sharon will be involved when Chelsea and Nick's relationship spins out of control after shocking secrets are revealed

Victoria and J.T. have reunited, but they realize they have changed and need to get to know each other again

Victoria and J.T. will be faced with a challenge after they realize they can't pick up where they left off

Jack might have won in arbitration, but Ashley will retaliate against him by making a bold move that permanently changes the Abbott family dynamics

Sharon's new strength and patience will be tested by Mariah and Noah

Abby will take time to regroup and return to battle Victoria

Tessa will have to make a supreme effort to win Mariah over after losing Mariah's trust and friendship

Devon is willing to give Tessa a second chance -- but it will cost him

Mariah takes a journey of self-discovery to figure out who she really is as a person and how to deal with her feelings of loss

Hilary will start a new chapter in her life that might not include Devon, but she is not aware that Devon has plans of his own

Lily realizes it will be difficult to reconcile with Cane because she is still struggling to bond with Sam

Lily and Cane aren't giving up easily because they know this could be their last chance to reunite

Jabot will face a crisis

Hilary's past behavior won't stay hidden, even though she has tried to distance herself from it

Hilary will surprise Devon with an unexpected proposition

More scoops, spoilers, and commentary

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The Scoop: This week's previews
B&B ScoopDAYS ScoopGH ScoopY&R Scoop
Two Scoops: This week's commentary
B&B Two ScoopsDAYS Two ScoopsGH Two ScoopsY&R Two Scoops
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