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The Scoop: Y&R previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of May 14, 2018
Jack's life continues to spiral out of control
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Y&R Spoilers for the week of May 14, 2018 on The Young and the Restless | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of May 14, 2018. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.

The search for J.T. continues

Abby is determined to find the guilty party

Billy winds up being a hero

Nick makes a shocking discovery

Devon hides a shocking secret from Hilary

Jack decides to take his own DNA test

Jack is afraid to read the DNA test results

Jack turns to Billy for support

Paul pushes Victoria into a corner

Arturo becomes a hero and when he swoops in to someone's rescue

Nick and Sharon agree that they need to make an important decision

Phyllis questions Nick about looking for J.T.

Nick reveals a police scanner he listens to for leads

On the police scanner, Nick and Phyllis hear that J.T.'s cellphone is back on grid

Phyllis panics

Nick goes in search of J.T.

Nick and Phyllis realize that J.T.'s phone's ping leads to Victoria's house

Neil helps a friend

Casting scoops

Zach Dulin and Laura James will appear as Lawrence and Jane, Nikki Newman's friends and business associates, on May 18.

Lauren Woodland is reprising her role as Brittany Hodges for an extended run when someone in Genoa City gets in trouble with the law. For more information about this story, click here.

Kelly Kruger will be returning as Mackenzie Browning (Mac) and sticking around much longer than her last mini-visits. For more information about this story, click here.

David Lago has been placed on recurring status. He will reprise his role as Raul Guittierez in June.

Camryn Hamm returns as Shauna Nelson, the teen who Hilary Curtis is mentoring, on May 21.

Erica Girardi reprises her role as Farrah Dubose, the fierce Realtor, for two episodes.

Tristan Lake Leabu has wrapped up his role as Reed Hellstrom. His final airdate was April 27.

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A sneak peek at next week

Abby takes a big risk

Jack receives distressing news

Billy finds himself in the driver's seat

Victor extends a very interesting offer

May Sweeps preview

Victoria's unholy association with Sharon, Phyllis, and Nikki is threatened

Nick and Victor are resolute in their determination to find J.T. and make him pay for what he did, and their determination might put loved ones in danger

Nikki and Victor will reconsider what their future together should be

Kyle feels estranged from the family and wants to reconnect with them, but he will commit the ultimate betrayal against Jack when he solidifies his alliance with Victor, knowing he could learn from a ruthless businessman like Victor

Jack's paternity explodes in a very public and unpleasant way, and there will be a lot of finger-pointing as to who was responsible for leaking the information

Jack slips into his dark side as he tries to cope with the catastrophic news

Billy becomes aware of the newly found closeness between Phyllis and Nick, but he will be too distracted with picking up the pieces of the Abbott family after Jack's paternity reveal

Billy will step up in a huge way

When new evidence is found concerning J.T.'s fate, one of the women in the group has second thoughts, and the alliance between these women begins to crack

Sharon and Nick will be faced with a huge decision about their future, but when Nick and Victor have an altercation, it might jeopardize everything

The attraction between Hilary and Devon leads to a surprising chapter in their lives, despite Lily and Neil's best efforts to keep them apart

Will Devon and Hilary have a trip down the aisle and a baby?

Abby is weighed down with guilt about being the one who discovered Jack's paternity secret and her sibling rivalry with Victoria

Abby finds herself led to Arturo for some humor and possibly romance

How will Nikki react to Abby's connection to Arturo?

More scoops, spoilers, and commentary

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The Scoop: This week's previews
B&B ScoopDAYS ScoopGH ScoopY&R Scoop
Two Scoops: This week's commentary
B&B Two ScoopsDAYS Two ScoopsGH Two ScoopsY&R Two Scoops
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