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It was a buzzkill for Sharon and Dylan, who lost Christian, and Jack, who recognized what he had valued and lost. Meanwhile, Victoria cut Travis loose, and Hilary proved to be a loose cannon. Check it out in this week's Two Scoops.

Once upon a time in a soapiverse far, far away, a young prince was snatched from the king's castle and given to a peasant family who believed him to be their own. The little prince's identity was revealed when a powerful wizard reversed the dead baby curse. The king was joyful, but the peasants suffered a buzzkilling loss, as did other townies in a series of unrelated incidents. Watch out, Genoa City, or you will become known as "The town where buzzkill knows no bounds!"

Bah humbug! I've had a tough month. My younger brother passed away shortly before I wrote my last column. My dog died five days ago, and I haven't heard from my Y&R pen pal, Bessie, for more than four weeks, despite several urgent messages to her. That is not like Bessie. Since we started corresponding more than three years ago, she has never missed even a week. When the show was exciting or controversial, she wrote often. She was quick to share her opinion and those of others because she loved reading and commenting on the boards. I liked hearing from her. She had a different point of view, and she helped keep me objective and balanced about the show. So, if any of you out there know what's happened to Bessie, please contact me. She lived in the Nashville area, had dialysis three times a week, loved her little dog Cady, was in her late 60s, and had two daughters. Thanks!

Okay, enough about my losses. Let's hurry back to Genoa City where the losses are piling up. The Newmans may be about to have a joyful holiday, but that's not the case for a lot of other Genoa City residents, especially Dylan and Sharon. I don't think that there is even a snowball's chance in you-know-where that either Sharon or Dylan will ever get legal visitation rights. Their only hope is that Nick comes to his senses and does what's best for Christian. Here's what Teresa P. said in an email, and I agree 100%. "It's a bit strange that Sully never cried for his mother when taken away by Nick, even at his birthday party he never seemed to notice his parents. The writers know very little about children; most babies would be screaming their lungs out. But it's only a soap."

That is the kind of inattention to detail that drives me nuts. I call it sloppy writing. Abruptly passing a one-year-old child from one family to another has got to cause some disruptions. Like I've said many times, there aren't enough therapists in Genoa City to serve all the children traumatized by the never ending cycle of baby-swapping and loss. Any one-year-old would miss a person who had been his constant. Instead of thinking of himself first -- which Nick always does -- he should consider what his selfishness is doing to Christian. Nick treats this kid more like a shiny new toy than an actual live human being with real needs.

I've really got no emotional investment in this tale, despite Burton's moving performance. This story is Dylan McAvoy's exit vehicle, so there aren't many ways that it can end. Burton's contract is up in less than two months, so I expect that Dylan will leave town to mend his broken heart, especially if Sharon follows through with divorcing him. That way, Dylan would be unencumbered and could ride off into the sunset with his white hat intact.

I do like the fact that Dylan has acted heroically and honorably in his relationship with Sharon. He stood by her just like he promised. It's what Nick should have done when Phyllis interrupted his wedding to Sharon two years ago. The story that is being told now is the one I would have liked at that time, and I would have made an emotional investment in it. Despite that, I'm glad that we are seeing a man who will stand behind both his partner and his promises. Bravo, Dylan. I wish more men (and women) had your integrity and moral code!

In the beginning, Sharon should have told Dylan that she had miscarried, but she didn't. She should have told Dylan that Sully was Christian as soon as she found out, but she didn't do that either. Sharon did not tell the truth until she absolutely had no other choice. That was reprehensible, but it does not negate the fact that Sharon loved that baby and is the only mother he has known. By the time Sharon learned the truth, she had already bonded with Christian, and all her maternal instincts kicked in. Once that happened, I don't think that very many other women would have given up a child willingly, either. I'm surprised that Chelsea, Nikki, and Victoria haven't been a little more sympathetic.

I expect Nick to have a hissy fit when he finds Dylan and Sharon at the hospital, but honestly, how could he expect them to remain home after Faith called her mother in a panic. Sharon and Dylan raised Christian for a year. How could they stay away from the hospital, knowing the distress that Christian was in. The short answer is that they could not. Under those circumstances, I probably couldn't have stayed away either, and I've never had a child. I don't think anyone, except maybe a sociopath, can just turn love on and off like a faucet. According to the previews, Christian has food allergies. Will the explanation for that lead to his true parentage, that Christian is Adam's son? Only time will tell, fellow fan addicts.

Chloe's attempt to help was a spectacular fail, and it has driven a wedge into her relationship with Chelsea -- so, Chloe is about to lose her comfy home. It's about time. After watching Chloe apparently kill Adam, I get angry every time I see Chloe smirking around Adam's penthouse. Now she's going to live with Kevin, another move that's likely to end in disaster, since I think she is just using Kevin. And what about Mariah? Doesn't she live with Kevin? That doesn't sound like a happy combo. I also wondered why Chloe didn't move into Nick and Sage's old apartment. It's right down the hall from Chelsea and has that convenient secret passage so that they could easily come and go through each other's closets!

At least Sharon has someone in her corner. Too bad Chloe's attempt to help was such a disaster, but once again, Sharon was her own worst enemy. She should have thanked Chloe and walked away, but I wonder if anyone could under those extraordinary circumstances.

It did not take Hilary very long to figure out Devon and Mariah's game plan and to snake around it. Dylan gave a terrific interview, but Hilary being Hilary slanted it so that it said what she wanted to hear, not what Dylan meant or intended or actually said. Hilary is a terrific example of what's wrong with broadcast journalism, though perhaps as consumers, we share some of the blame. Like Dorothy in Oz, we're going to have to start looking at "the man behind the curtain" instead of buying the hype that people like Hilary use to lure us in.

I'm hoping that Mariah turns the tables and gets a win over Hilary on this. In fact, I'd like to see Devon fall for Mariah. They could be terrific together. She's so down-to-earth. Devon would always know that Mariah loved him, not his money. They could actually do great things together. So if anyone out there who actually works for Y&R is reading my little tome, please consider this suggestion!!

Bah Humbug again! I have very little sympathy for Victoria and her broken engagement and, once again, broken heart. This exact scenario has been repeated with three men over the course of the last three years. They all promised to be truthful and then lied. Victoria is old enough to recognize her pattern, and the writers should be smart enough to give us another story. How much better it would have been for me if Victoria had finally met a man who was as strong as her father. Travis could have been loyal and helpful to Victor instead of antagonizing him. Travis was humble and self-deprecating until he started working for the Victator, then he became stupid, selfish, arrogant, and disloyal. Jill pegged him correctly as "Billy-lite."

Victoria needs to make an appointment with a good shrink. Perhaps then she could figure out why she picks out the same type of man over and over again. Maybe a professional could help her see that she might as well admit her self-destructive behavior and cut her losses. The best advice I can give Victoria is "Better the devil you know." The best advice I can give Y&R writers is "Come up with something new for Victoria. Stop recycling this story!" Why can't Victoria fall for a man who is as rich and ruthless as her father? Don't they say that every woman marries her father and every man, his mother?

Phyllis seems very confident that she won't lose Jack, but I'm not so sure. Jack is fighting his attraction to Phyllis, and he seems determined to be free of her. I think that Jack may shed Phyllis for a while. One of the likely scenarios would be for Hilary and Jack to be involved for a few months and free Devon for Mariah. We would probably all get mad, but it would definitely keep me watching! Hilary is the new Jill. She's the one we love to hate, but she has just enough flashes of humanity to keep us rooting for her to get over herself.

Clearly Cane is obsessed about his job. So obsessed that it looks like he's about to hook himself on painkillers. That is also a recycled story, but one that can't be told too often. Prescription drug abuse is a major epidemic, often for precisely the reason it is becoming a problem for Cane. He is afraid that he will lose his job, and he will do anything -- including overusing painkillers -- to make sure he keeps that job and supports his family. Most addicts start out just like Cane. They don't plan on getting addicted, but it is a serious side effect of any narcotic. It's been three years since Y&R told a pill addiction story. I look forward to seeing how it plays out with Cane and Lily, whose love has conquered a multitude of obstacles and hopefully will prevail again.

As I watched Friday's episode, I was reminded that one of the things I've always admired about Y&R is that they show gainfully employed people in their workplaces, doing their jobs. Chloe and Chelsea were working in the loft. Mariah and Hilary were interacting at GC Buzz -- a venue I like, by the way. I thought it was a great idea when Hilary and Devon purchased the enterprise. GC Buzz is the perfect place for Hilary and her machinations. It's also a great place for Mariah to be a breakout star, and as I said earlier, find love with Devon after he and Hilary split up.

I've been mulling over whom I would pick as the biggest loser in Genoa City right now. You may disagree, but I think that it's Victor. Despite his power and wealth, Victor is a very insecure person who uses all his resources to control his environment and those around him. Victor always gets his way, but he never will know for sure whether he is loved for himself or if Darth Victor is being paid lip service because he has given his nearest and dearest no other choice. That's truly sad.

Some of you probably have a totally different opinion on the subject of losers, and I'd love to hear it. Please email me or respond in the comment section below if you would like to exchange ideas.

See all you Soapaholics in two weeks for our first annual holiday party at the Top of the Tower. Please bring a gift to exchange. You may bring an imaginary friend as your plus one, as long as that friend provides an imaginary gift for the imaginary exchange. Don't be a buzzkill. Please RSVP for choice of dinner plate. I imagine that the imaginary ones will disappear early.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, I bid you good wishes and "adieu" until next we meet.

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