The dead don't stay buried -- and neither did J.T.
For the Week of March 4, 2019
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Is J.T. the walking dead... or just dead somewhere other than the makeshift grave in the park?
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After Phyllis threw his mother and sister under the bus, Nick tossed her patootie out of his house. Will Billy's thirst for blood wipe Phyllis' face off the Jabot map? Could J.T. be roaming the earth as a zombie, since the dead and the truth don't stay buried? The day of reckoning is near for our fearless foursome in Two Scoops.

Phyllis, Phyllis, Phyllis. Her selfishness and self-preservation had to catch up with her one day, and finally...finally, Nick called her out on her all-things-Phyllis attitude. It would almost be unheard-of for Phyllis to actually believe that Nick would be perfectly fine with throwing his mother, his sister, and the mother of his children under the bus, except that Nick's been pretty darned forgiving of every other naughty thing Phyllis has done up to this point. But apparently, Red finally crossed Nick's line in the sand, which took some doing, since Nick kept moving the line for just how much he would tolerate from her -- which seemed to be anything and everything.

But Phyllis had to know that she had gone too far, since she kept her lips zipped about her deal with Christine and had originally refused to go to the hearing with Nick. How did no one else figure out that she was working with the devil, or the District Attorney in this case, after she was the only one of the four who was arrested and then let go? Yep, Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were cooling their heels in jail, while for Phyllis, it was business as usual, which included saving her own skin. Phyllis was selfish to the core, and she proved it by not feeling the least bit remorseful for what she had done to her co-conspirators.

All along, Phyllis was the ring leader of that motley crew, and Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon had all put their faith in her by following her harebrained scheme of burying J.T. instead of calling the police right after Nikki clubbed him with the fire poker. Phyllis had the street smarts, and the others followed her lead, which proved to be a huge mistake, especially since the ladies had all wanted to confess at one time or another. All but Phyllis, that is. Sheesh, she probably had turning on the women as her backup plan from the get-go. At least Nick and Billy's eyes have finally been opened to the type of person she really is. Phyllis may have the fire and the passion, but what good does that do if she's willing to stab you in the back at a moment's notice?

Christine gave Phyllis a get-out-of-jail-free card, and Phyllis told everyone she saw how she would be the one to vindicate Nikki's actions by telling the world in court that Nikki had only been protecting her daughter against the "dangerous and unpredictable" monster J.T. had become. I don't know. It seems to me that Sharon could testify to the same thing, and I don't see her out and about, "free as a bird." Oh, please. Phyllis' first priority has always been Phyllis, and she spun her story in the most flattering way possible to cover up for her being a traitor. Even her own daughter saw that the four ladies had made a pact and that Phyllis was the one who had broken it. In fact, she totally smashed it into smithereens.

Sadly, Phyllis was probably right that it would only take a week for Nick to let bygones be bygones, even as he warned Mariah to be careful about whom she let into her heart. Actually, Nick already knew about Tessa's blackmail for the video, because as Nick stated, "In the story, the dead don't stay buried." Ooh, spooky! That sounds like something from The Twilight Zone. But in this case, Nick was right. The truth sure didn't stay buried, either...and neither did J.T.

So, even as J.T. may be roaming the earth in zombie version, the court case for the troubled trio (formerly known as the fearless foursome) began with Christine acting as the advocate for all the victims in the world. What a joke! Christine didn't seem to perceive that not all victims may be so obvious at first glance. Just as Billy questioned the reason for Lily's prison time, which was harming her rather than benefiting her, Christine needed to ask just what she was trying to accomplish by throwing the book at Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon, especially since she let Phyllis get off scot-free. If any of the four deserved to pay, it was Phyllis, yet Red made sure to come out on top, completely unscathed. As always. Christine may live to regret her decision.

Michael even pointed out in his opening statement to the jury that the prosecution's star witness had only offered her version of that fateful night to save herself. He stressed that there was no evidence a crime had been committed and that J.T. was even deceased, and the news of Thad Luckinbill's upcoming return to Y&R as J.T. may back up Michael's point. It will be so interesting to see just how J.T. will come back -- alive or dead. We, the fans, have been waiting months for this, and I truly hope J.T. will make a dramatic entrance, one way or another.

Silly Victor, thinking he could use his master of the universe's blustering demands to get his own way in his wife and daughter's court case. The only thing he accomplished was to get his mere mortal's rear end thrown out of the courtroom. I guess the elite's perceived personal persecution doesn't always beat out lawful prosecution, right, Christine? Poor Mariah. She used the closet purge explanation to do what she could to help her mother, yet she was the one who had the most damaging evidence against her. Between Mariah and Tessa, Sharon will be lucky to not be sent up a river without a paddle. I sure hope Sharon can swim.

Phyllis moved on with no remorse and blinded herself into thinking everything would still be all hunky-dory at Jabot; however, Billy was on the warpath. He realized Phyllis couldn't be trusted and demanded that he, Jack, and Kyle save their family's legacy...because the Phyllis who normally kicks butt and takes names was also the face of Jabot, and Billy was out for blood. Jack was fine with Billy's plan to regain control of Jabot as long as it didn't involve Kerry, but then Jack decided that he would get what information he could from Kerry, all in the name of Jabot. Hmmm...somehow, I don't see this ending well for Jack. At all.

Honestly, how could the Jabot staff trust Phyllis as CEO, knowing she would do anything to save herself? If she could betray the mother and sister of the man she claimed to love, what kind of chance did the Jabot employees have if they dared to even look at her the wrong way? "Off with her head," cried the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, which is somewhat appropriate in this case. Phyllis probably wouldn't even give it a second thought if Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were dragged to the guillotine. And there would be no "life raft" to save them, since Phyllis would only be screaming on the sidelines in self-righteous indignation. Billy wanted blood, but it was Phyllis' blood, not Victoria's, that he craved.

Arturo has been proving to be such a jerk. I mean, Kyle saved his sister's life, for heaven's sake, and the thanks he got was to constantly be berated by Arturo for wanting to be with Lola and to be kept out of her room? Ridiculous! Arturo should be thanking his lucky stars that Kyle got to Lola in time to rescue her. If he cared as much about his sister as he claimed, Arturo should have encouraged Kyle to offer his words of love and his wishes that would help Lola fight her way back to him. But Arturo was being stupid. Did he think Kyle was going to murder her in the hospital? It was all just so absurd.

Even if Arturo is Lola's brother, he has no idea of what's been going on in her love life. Kyle obviously loves Lola, and he may just be the medicine that will bring Lola out of her coma. But the holier-than-thou Arturo refused to let Kyle within a football field of her at the hospital. Arturo should want Lola to regain consciousness, even if Kyle was the reason she did. Arturo's demands were totally unreasonable, but Lola hopefully will recover despite him, which might prove to be a daunting task, since Lola needs a liver transplant.

And, of course, Rey and Arturo were no match for their sister, so they could not be her living donor. Of course, they weren't. That would have been too easy. Kyle would love to have come to the rescue again and be Lola's savior, but alas, that wasn't the case. Just think if he had been; maybe Arturo would have let Kyle be around his sister then. But probably not. Arturo's just that stubborn.

Even though Kyle wasn't awarded a thanks from Arturo for saving Lola's life, Arturo was grateful to Kyle for brainstorming the idea of promoting Lola's need for a living liver donor on GC Buzz. Go figure. Arturo's views seem to be a little warped, but part of it may be because he hates backing down on a cause, even if he's wrong. He's the man who must protect his little sister at all costs. But Arturo finally allowed Kyle in the room to see Lola. How generous of him. I get teary-eyed just thinking about Arturo's graciousness. Yeah, right.

It was so sweet that everyone was willing to donate part of their liver to keep Lola alive, but Summer's motives were awfully suspect. Snowflake is just like her mother in selfishness, and she doesn't do anything without a reason. And her hidden (or not-so-hidden) agenda would be to score more points in her pursuit of Kyle. However, Summer should realize there's not much she can do to entice Kyle over with Lola still in the picture. Therefore, Summer would be saving the very obstacle in her way. Kyle would be grateful, I'm sure, but his heart would still belong to the lovely chef. But you can bet if Summer's a match, a liver donation would come at an astronomical price to Kyle, no matter what she said.

Hey, I was sure that Mia would be the perfect match to be Lola's donor. The odds seemed to be excellent with Mia claiming her medical issue prevented her from donating. But just as Kyle's knight keeps getting whiter and whiter, Mia's aura just gets darker and darker. How long does she think she can get away with the false pregnancy claim to keep her out of jail? The statute of limitations for battery is six years. Come on, even Rey could put two and two together to figure out that Mia had lied about being pregnant after a year or so. Surely, he's not that obtuse. Right?

However, in Mia's defense, she really hadn't meant Lola, or even Abby, any real harm. Mia had only pushed the lady in Abby's coat, but still, she let her temper get the better of her. So, even if the intent to do her serious bodily injury wasn't there, Mia still had created the circumstances to make that possible. No matter how she looked at it, Mia was facing a charge of assault and battery and possibly even of attempted murder. Rey was her only salvation, which was rather ironic, considering Mia's not-so-holy action.

But Mia's fake baby claim was enough to stop Rey from blabbing the truth about Lola's attacker, which would essentially risk his career. Will that be the reason for Paul's return? I was so happy to hear of Doug Davidson's eventual return. It's just been weird without Paul in the police station. It never made sense that Paul wasn't around and in charge. Mia was so obviously insincere about her desire of getting the privilege to have Rey's baby. I guess that was pretty easy for her to do, since she knew she really wasn't with child, anyway. I doubt if her happiness would have been bubbling over if she'd really been pregnant.

And what a coinky-dink that Abby made amends with Mia after Lola's attack, especially since Mia was the one who pushed Lola, thinking she was Abby. Suddenly, Abby was all goodness and light with her apology to Mia for their bad blood at the Athletic Club party. Instantly, all was forgiven and forgotten...well, by Abby anyway. Rey, not so much after he saw Mia's earring as evidence in Lola's case, although the baby claim later changed that. I must pay Rey a compliment. Okay, no, the world is not coming to an end. (However, I must write this day down on my calendar.) Rey obviously has very nice taste in jewelry, because those diamond and opal earrings were quite lovely.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

I had to snicker at the pun when Jack claimed that Kerry healed his broken soul after she had used her heel to rub his back. Apparently, Kerry's magic foot could loosen all the knots in Jack's back to eliminate his trouble and pain. If only her foot could stop Arturo from being a heel.

Nick is so observant. When he saw her in the courtroom, Nick said, "Wherever Tessa goes, bad news follows." Ain't that the truth.

Is Ana crazy? If Devon was my billionaire brother, I would have him paying the debts from my shameful past in a flash.

It's interesting that Jack used the term "a united Abbott front" to Billy against Phyllis at Jabot, and then, shortly afterwards, Victor noted that his family should be "a united front" in the courtroom. Those two. They are more alike than either one would ever admit.

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