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There was closure, there were new beginnings, and there are upcoming returns. There was food and sex, but not together. Are Lola and Kyle heading for happily ever after or happily ever disaster? Will there be babies in the near future? Are we moving toward Dina's death, and will Jack ever put her in a facility that can monitor her 24/7? The groundwork is laid for an interesting May Sweeps, all this while the Daytime Emmys are honoring the best and the brightest in daytime television. Let's get right into it in this week's Two Scoops

There's a bumper sticker that says "Sex is like pizza. When it's good, it's very good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good." And that's apparently how Abby thinks sex is for guys. The big moment finally happened for Lola, and it was everything she dreamed about. But before that, the cast finished saying goodbye to Kristoff St. John.

Goodbye, Friend

On Monday, the actors paid tribute to a man they loved and admired. Kristoff St. John was clearly a light and joy to his castmates, and I thought it was good for them and for us to see them talk about their grief and the pleasure of knowing and working with him. From the moments leading up to Devon finding Neil through the family learning of his death, all with only music and their reactions, through to the actors paying tribute to their friend, I thought they did a good job honoring a man who had spent 27 years as an integral part of the cast of The Young and the Restless.

In all honesty, if they had spoken about finding him, it would have been less powerful. We knew what was coming, and I don't think anyone had to fake their reaction. They all felt that loss and mourned. It was different from many other soap deaths, when the actor just moved on from the show, especially with someone so young. So, bravo to the cast, crew, and writers for paying tribute to a very special man.

Dina's Decline

On Thursday, Jack said he was "always off-kilter like when I was a kid." Dina was always restless and unpredictable, and even as a kid, he never knew whether his mom would ask about him or be in a rush to get out of the house. I liked Lauren as a support for Jack, and I like that they can commiserate about how it changes a child when the parent leaves, and that carries into adulthood. Now, Dina is there physically, but she's not always there mentally or emotionally, and Jack does not entertain the doctor's suggestion that maybe the house isn't the best place for her. It feels like Jack, in typical oldest child fashion, wants to make things right but simply can't.

And to prove that maybe Dina isn't safe at home, she slipped away, and apparently nobody noticed. When Dina showed up at Jabot, she looked so terribly confused that it kind of broke my heart. It's clear that Marla Adams is knocking this role out of the park. She was so clear and lucid when talking about Kristoff St. John that I did a double-take, because she is so amazing in the role of Dina. In those scenes at Jabot, Dina made an aside that indicated that Jack and Ashley didn't get along as kids. That explains a lot about their dynamic. Think they'll ever get it right? I feel like their unhealthy competition is what drives them and probably always will.

Summer helped by distracting Dina while they waited for Jack. However, when she saw Kyle, she amped up her concern and really poured on her attention and care for Dina. She and Kyle pretended to be Ashley and Jack for Dina, and Kyle even had a second lunch after the special lunch Lola had prepared, but Dina was deescalated and made it back home. I wondered how she got to Jabot. Did she drive herself? If so, they need to do more to hide the keys!

Like a Virgin

Summer is already scheming to get Kyle back, arranging for Kyle to go to New York with her. Them working together will potentially put a strain on Kyle's relationship with Lola. Summer's scheming is part of what drove a wedge between Lola and Kyle from the get-go. She didn't want Kyle before Kyle wanted someone else, and while I sense her hurt and frustration, part of me wonders if that's because she's losing at the game right now. Yes, she told her father she was an "obligation" and a "chore he doesn't feel lie doing anymore." But she doesn't want Nick to intervene. And it makes it feel more like a game to me, but that may be just me.

Kyle presented Lola with sweet, salty, healthy, and junk foods, but she preferred just to enjoy being there together and looking up at their star. Kyle mused that the star would always be there, adding, "I will always be here for you." Famous last words on a soap, where nothing is forever, and promising forever hastens the end of the relationship. He invited her to try the perfect mojito, and while she raved that everything was perfect, she conceded it did need more rum. Should she even have alcohol after a liver transplant? Especially this soon! If the liver was already failing, I wouldn't take any chances.

It's funny, but in all my notes, I didn't write anything about Kyle and Lola actually having sex. When she was ready, she was pretty uninhibited, and she seemed to enjoy it and be glad he was the one. Hopefully it lasts a few minutes.

Do you feel sorry for Summer, and is Lola a home wrecker? Or is this mess rooted in Summer's manipulations? Is Kyle a cad for what he did to Summer, or did Summer just find a new way to manipulate by waffling about donating part of her liver, not agreeing to do it until Kyle proposed? When he was late for their wedding, she threatened that she wouldn't go through with the donation if he didn't show up. She didn't donate because it was the right thing to do. She donated to snare Kyle. They're probably both in the wrong. And she never had to get tested or say she was a match. That alone was part of her plan, which she seemed to make on the fly.

Abby was a little too nosy when she told Lola she wanted to hear every detail about Lola's night with Kyle. I don't want the gory details of my friends' encounters with their romantic partners. TMI, people. Can they ask, "Was it magical?" Sure. But then again, Lola's virginity was a big plot point and everyone was invested and knew about it, so losing it, which Abby knew was going to happen, does sort of become part of what she'd want to know. Especially because Lola asked for pointers, and seemed relieved that yes, sex was kinda like pizza: "It's like pizza -- there is no bad pizza."

As we watch at my house, we worry that both Summer and Lola will be pregnant. We've already got a pregnant Mia, and I don't know how many babies you want wandering about. I could see Summer faking a pregnancy to manipulate Kyle back to her, and Lola away from him. It would be funny if Lola was pregnant her first time, but she wouldn't be the first that happened to, for sure. I suspect with young virile people in the triangle, someone's going to get pregnant, though. Although this is a soap, so even if someone's pregnant, someone is bound to lose a baby, too. Beware of staircases, that's all I can advise.

Before her injury, Lola never stopped working. Now, you never see her working at all. She shows up in her spotless chef shirt with her necklace showing and her hair down, but no work. Perhaps the brush with death helped her rearrange her priorities? As an aside, should Lola be wearing a hair net?

Abby talked with Lola about her "Valentine's Day massacre" with Mia, and I thought there was more truth to that than they realized. From the previews, it looks like maybe Mia will be held accountable for the assault. I wonder how Lola will respond, because it was her Valentine's Day massacre. And I wonder what she'll do if she learns her brothers knew.

The rooftop picnic was sweet, but that wasn't a cheap setup (for those of us with average means, at least). I like that, for Lola, travel includes food. Lola said that "my life was great but small" before. I do think the near-death experience changed her priorities.

When Summer went to Nick's, she already was not wearing her wedding ring. Shows some wisdom. Lola said she feels bad for Summer but thinks she'll get over it. I hope Summer stops pining for Kyle and manipulating things to be with him. Really, why would she want a guy who clearly doesn't want her? Does she think sex will hold him, especially now that Lola has slept with him?

There is a new guy coming to Y&R, Kyle's friend from New York. how about putting Summer with someone who maybe wants to be with her? It's embarrassing to see her fight for someone who treated her the way Kyle did. And if Kyle has any feelings for her, putting her with his friend will make that obvious very quickly -- but I hope she doesn't want him again. I've said it before. They grew up together, but it doesn't mean they should be a couple. It is more like marrying your brother.

General Story Fodder

Phylllis: the tie that binds

What do Jack, Billy, and Nick have in common, Rebekah wondered. Phyllis. And it's too complicated to explain.

I wondered as I watched Phyllis and Summer together: is Phyllis stealing Summer's marketing plan for her new business selling knockoffs?

What storylines are they setting up as Gina Tognoni leaves and they set the stage for Michelle Stafford to return.


I like seeing Traci on more often the way she's been showing up, especially the way she held her own with Jill. I'd like to see her with a man. I don't want her to pair up with Cane because I like their therapist/patient vibe. Would you like to see Traci with someone? If so, have we met him, or do we need a new man on the show to sweep her off her feet?


Mariah received a threatening text: "I won't be ignored. Someday soon you'll know my pain." Was the man who smashed into her at Crimson Lights the threatener, or is it someone else? This could be an interesting twist to her story. I like that more than her being all bummed that she can't bring scones to the studio for a recording session. She could focus on her job instead of going everywhere for Tessa's.

What Happens in Vegas

The week ended with Victor asking to speak to Sharon alone. Rey was concerned and ready to protect her, but Sharon knew she was safe, although she appeared very anxious about what Victor wanted to tell her.

Back a few moments, Rey left a voicemail and said, "My number's on the caller-ID." I work in the mental health field for my day job, and when someone (collateral or patient) leaves me a voicemail, one thing I don't get to see is the caller-ID. I don't want to work that hard, especially for someone who doesn't have a release or a court order. Short of that, I can't talk to them (unless they're investigating child abuse, then I have to talk and report any concerns).

Rey and Sharon were investigating with the psychiatrist who had "50K in that briefcase" that Rey knocked over. The doctor wasn't going to tell them anything due to obeying HIPAA law; however, he might have violated it up-front by taking on a patient who maybe wasn't seeking his services. The time I can speak to someone who isn't a client and doesn't have a release is when I can't reach the patient who has been referred for intake, then I can speak to the referral source, but only until I meet the person and/or have a release. Without the release, Victor is not entitled to any information if the doctor is behaving ethically. I suspect he isn't, which is the root of the issue.

I loved Sharon's plaid suitcase. She has some of the trappings of wealth, but apparently, there are still some things she holds onto from when she wasn't as wealthy, and there's no need to get rid of perfectly good luggage just because you can get something newer and shinier. I was amused when Sharon offered to save Rey if needed, but he was more realistic when he wanted her to hightail it out of Vegas if there was danger. She was funny when she told him Holmes was nothing without Watson, but she is right that she knows Victor way better than he does. She was married to Victor briefly.

The Queen of Las Vegas Underground Poker sounds more small stakes than it probably is. Riza Thompson apparently will be on the scene for a bit, and she said that Spider disappeared, as was his wont. However, we know from the past that Adam was a good poker player. Even without his full memory, that might have stuck with him, so I do suspect Spider is Adam. Do you agree? Not only is Adam returning, but so are Kevin and Chelsea, and I presume Connor, as well. May could be an exciting month!

Lines of the Week

Jill to Cane when trying to convince him to spend time with and lean on her: You have something better to do? Brush your hair? Shave?

Sharon to Rey about her encounter with Mia: I'm tougher than I look. Writer's comment: I think Mia would kick her bum. Mia is a scrapper. Sharon is not.

Victor to the psychiatrist: You don't want to disappoint me twice Writer's comment: Not gonna lie. In those moments, I just didn't find Victor all that menacing. I know he's powerful, but I didn't find him as scary as the doctor did.

Random Observations

I did not like Sharon's dress that she seemed to wear for several days. The reds and the prints did not match. The style worked for her figure, but those fabrics didn't work for me at all. And she wore it so much of the week!

In their hotel room scene, Kyle pulled down Lola's strap then it was back up a little later.

I was amused by Sharon reading the Champagne label while Rey was on the phone.

I thought Sharon was in her lingerie in the hotel room when Rey was admiring the sun in her hair and she said they should get dressed to go, but then she was in the psychiatrist's office in it. Yes, I know it had sparkles, but I thought she might be wearing some flashy lingerie because it was Vegas. If she wanted to appeal to the doctor as a peer, that was the wrong outfit.

I noticed that Nikki needed glasses for her computer but not to read her phone. I believe she'd need them for reading, and the people I know who do definitely have to put them on to read the phone.

Daytime Emmys

It is almost time for the Daytime Emmys as I write this. Our Dan J Kroll is live in California, covering the whole event, and I'll be following along to see which of our great Y&R actors receive awards, as well as whether the people who make it happen are recognized for their work. There are a lot of amazing actors nominated this year, so the competition is tough. I'm still waving my Y&R fan flag, though!

No matter who wins, I hope you'll check in all week as new content is added to the site, videos are posted, and we have more interviews with the winners. If you haven't watched any of Dan's interviews, I recommend it highly! He brings a certain something to the work that other people miss -- fun! We love our soaps, and Dan especially loves them, and his love for the genre shows in all he does -- and it's contagious. Thank you, Dan, for being there for us and for being such a champion of our beloved soaps!

Closing Thoughts

May Sweeps is upon us, and this week seemed to lay the groundwork for some big stories, such as possibly ushering Adam back to the canvas. I don't know what will happen, but until we meet again, I'll be right here on the edge of my seat, watching with you.

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