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Thanks to a bullet in the gut, Adam woke up from surgery with his memories completely intact. Would Adam be awarded full custody of Christian from Nick, if he chose to sue? Will Victor's desperate act to reunite his family with the prodigal son backfire? It takes one black sheep to know one in Two Scoops.

Maybe we should all start taking bets on just how long Victor's good graces toward his not-so-deceased-after-all son will last, especially once he learns of Adam's intentions. Sure, Victor welcomed the prodigal son back into his open arms, but it was probably easy for Victor to be gracious when Adam had claimed to have forgotten everything from the past. Seriously, though, you'd think Victor wouldn't have wanted his son to remember too much about their many transgressions. To say their relationship was a bumpy road would be putting it rather mildly, since many times, they almost seemed to violently crash into a ditch.

Sadly, Nick, Victoria, Adam, and Abby have always clamored for their dad's attention, and Victor wouldn't have it any other way. It's a good thing they all had their mothers around to give them the unconditional love they deserved to have from a parent. Even as Nick has tried to distance himself from his father, he would never cut Victor off completely. Nick still loves Victor, despite everything his father has tried to do to destroy his son's family. It's amazing that Nick would ever want to speak another word to Victor again after his daddy tried to steal away full custody of Christian. But Nick was able to nip that in the bud -- only to have to worry about losing his son again.

And it was a sure bet that Nick was at risk of losing his son with Adam's return. Adam didn't seem too overly anxious to be Victor's golden child again, so he made an offer to Nick and Victoria that he felt they couldn't refuse. Adam would vanish from Victor's kingdom as long as he could take Christian, the whereabouts of Chelsea and Connor, and oodles of cash with him. See, I know Victor will regret Adam getting his memory back. Per the terms of Adam's proposal, Victoria and Adam would come out as the only winners, with Nick being the big loser.

Victoria has only wanted her dad to acknowledge her intelligence and savvy in the corporate world. While she wants to be a feminine chip off the old block in business, Victoria cherishes having the loving family she always desired when she was growing up. If she couldn't have Victor's love, she wanted his respect, but she found that was hard to come by. For every smidgeon he would give her, he would take two heaps away. Victoria's been jumping through hoops, and Victor's give-and-take has had her standing off balance for years. If Adam was reinstated at Newman Enterprises as Victor wished, she would lose all hope of ever getting the credit she deserved.

At least Victor acknowledged Victoria's existence, unlike his other daughter. It must be difficult for Abby to try so hard just to get her dad to notice her from time to time. Abby was the last to hear that Adam had returned to town. In fact, she usually hears anything momentous regarding her family through the grapevine. Abby claimed Society was her big dream project, and hopefully, she took that on for her own personal gratification, not to impress her father, because Victor could jerk his rug of approval out from under her at any time. But Abby probably has had it the easiest, since her dad tends to forget she exists most the time. She really should consider herself fortunate.

Adam's baas could be almost as loud as Victor's in the black sheep department, so it will be interesting to see if his "wool" is the same high standard of quality as Victor's would be. While Victor may be financially generous to his children, he can be somewhat stingy in doling out his love. Adam has probably benefitted the most due to his father's pride in him, but he also got the brunt of Victor's detest. Victor's respect for his children is like riding a warped and dilapidated teeter-totter. With no warning or qualms, Victor could leap off, having his kids land hard on the ground with a resounding thud. Just beware, kiddos, of Victor's new "positive attitude."

Yet, Victor was bound and determined that all his family members be happily reunited. Good luck with that, since Adam was ready to fly out of town. Besides, the Newman family has never been accused of being well adjusted. Victor really had a lot of nerve to think that his family would forgive and forget everything that Adam had done to them in the past. But Victor was desperate to regain his son's love, so he tried to use the rest of his family to bridge the gap. He claimed to Nikki that he would never play favorites, but that's just what he was doing. Victor left Nick wide open for Adam to be able to come after what Nick truly loved -- Christian.

Who knew a bullet to the gut would cure Adam's memory loss? Go figure. Yeah, he couldn't torment his siblings for too long if he couldn't remember what he had done to them in the past, although he'd probably take more pleasure in messing with Billy. Shoot, Billy thought from the get-go that "the cockroach" had faked losing his memory, and maybe Adam thought he would appear more sympathetic in his family's eyes. Of course, Billy didn't shoot Adam, although he would like to. If Billy was going to shoot Adam, he would have done it after Delia died. Adam claimed to know who shot him, anyway, although he was very cagey about it all. So, who shot him?

Who else has as good of a reason as Billy to shoot Adam? Well, Chloe of course, and maybe Elizabeth Hendrickson could take a break from General Hospital to return to Y&R. Chloe would "shoot" right to the top of the most-wanting-of-Adam's-death list. It would be another twisted Chloe merry-go-round ride -- around and around and around she goes, where she stops, nobody knows. If Chloe returns, Chelsea had best keep Connor far, far away from her craziness. Soap characters never learn their lesson, though, and Chelsea will be back in no time to reacquaint her son with his father. Adam can't go too far with Christian if Connor is returning home.

So, yes, we know Adam will be sticking around. They didn't go through all the trouble of bringing him back, only to have him leave again. At least, Adam has Jack on his side, but Jack has always given him more credit than he ever deserved. Would Adam be able to get full custody of Christian away from Nick, if he chose to take him to court? Adam kept quiet all this time, when he knew that Christian was his biological son. Nick has been the only father the boy has ever known. But the court would look at the boy's best interests and might decide Christian should have the chance to bond with his blood daddy. Sadly, Nick would probably lose the legal battle.

And Rey had better watch out, because Sharon has seemed to care almost a little too much about Adam since his return. Sharon certainly cared way more than she did the last time she saw Adam, right before he supposedly got blown up in the explosion. It's really like we just skipped over Justin Hartley's portrayal of Adam right back to Michael Muhney's with Sharon. But, hey, if Adam wants to give Rey some grief over Sharon, I'm all for it. Just like Rey was constantly at her side when he was pursuing her while he was married, Sharon seemed to be at Adam's beck and call. Even when Adam pushes her away, you know she won't go too far.

Possibly feeling a little threatened, Rey was in a rush to move in with Sharon. Gee, whatever happened to wining and dining a woman in order to sweep her off her feet? Rey and Sharon just barely had one date, but they had to immediately live together before actually getting to know more about each other and their little quirks first? And Faith didn't really seem completely on board yet with them as a couple, so couldn't they give her a little more time to adjust to it all? Shoot, Faith should see their place as having a revolving door with all the losers Sharon's had move in there. And Rey's not yet divorced, plus he's unemployed. Why, it's a dream come true!

Rey is such a hypocrite, demanding to know if Kyle's divorce was final yet and then pointing out that Lola and Kyle were moving too fast. Yeah, because Rey was single and free as a bird, and he has known Sharon forever. Please. And then, once Rey learned that his sister and Kyle were looking for a place to rent together, he had to beat them to the punch. Really, it was quite handy that Sharon already had her own cottage. So, as soon as he had the chance, Rey speed-dialed Sharon to insist they cohabitate. But, as it turned out, the race to living together ended in a tie when Rey handed Kyle the keys to his apartment. Ahh, ain't love grand?

But really, Kyle should let the ink dry on his own divorce papers first, before moving in with Lola, if for no other reason than to let Summer save face. But then again, why should he care that much about his soon-to-be-ex, when she's the one who got him demoted at Jabot. Still, Lola and Kyle are extremely cute, especially when they are all lovey-dovey. The newness of their love will eventually fade with their living together, though, and reality will set in. That and her mother's upcoming visit to town will be the tests to determine if Summer was right when she said that Lola and Kyle don't really belong together.

I can't believe Jack demoted his own son, all on Summer's word, because she surely had an axe to grind. However, Kyle is so much better off not having to work with her any longer. But that makes her demand to Jack all that more baffling. How can Summer stay glued to Kyle's side if they are no longer working as partners? It's surprising that Summer made it possible for Kyle to have more time to spend with Lola. Maybe she decided to move on, after all, and to let Kyle and Lola have their happily ever after. Nah.

Okay, there was the talk about Jett and his musical comeback, blah, blah, blah...and then Michael informed Devon that they really needed to do the reading of Neil's will. Something interesting, at last, although Devon seemed to be putting it off. But Michael was right when he said that it would bring closure so that Devon could move on. Just because Devon starts the next chapter of his life doesn't mean he will do it completely without his dad in it. Even if Neil isn't there for him physically, he will always be with his son spiritually, and Devon will always hold his memories of Neil in his heart and his father's wise advice in his head.

I wondered if the writers would dare try a Traci and Cane romance, since there is the obvious age difference. But if it worked for Ashley, I guess it could work for Traci, as well. It's nice to have Traci back in a real storyline, and I wouldn't mind seeing something more develop between the two lost souls. Traci is a little vulnerable, because her mother's condition is deteriorating, and Cane has been drifting since Lily filed for divorce. They're already good friends and they're giving each other a reason to keep going each day. Besides, Traci's romance book could be influencing them both. Sometimes life imitates art, and she is drawing a glamorous picture with her words. Will their love blossom past her imagination? Time -- and future chapters in their story -- will tell.

Finally -- finally, Arturo and Mia were on their way out the door with hugs, an unborn baby in utero, and a rosy future ahead in Miami. It's a good thing that kid was Arturo's, because Rey couldn't stand to be away from Sharon long enough to visit the child. So, we won't have to hear any more of Rey's whining about how everything that went wrong was all on Mia and Arturo. That was getting old. My ears really need a rest from that garbage.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. That's what Jack was not asking for when Lauren decided to set him up on a date. Nice try, but Jack's probably not quite ready after Kerry just scorched and burned him. Yeah, it's much better for him to play the field and to "spread the happiness around."

Abby should use Jack as an example in taking the time to heal after going through a painful breakup, since she didn't waste any time asking Nate out on a date so soon after her split with Arturo. Well, at least she's not marrying him, so I'll give her that. But she could very well be on the rebound, so what's the hurry? There just never seems to be enough time on soaps.

Hmmm…Phyllis was in charge when Jabot tanked, and she was still wondering why she was given her walking papers? Apparently, Jack needs to spell it out to her in written detail, maybe even skywriting, since she's just not getting the gist of what has already been explained to her numerous times.

I'm still mulling this over: Rey and Kyle are each moving in with a lovely yet single lady, when their divorces aren't even final yet. It must be the latest fad in Genoa City. Maybe Billy should quickly marry Phyllis or Summer, just so he can file for divorce before moving in with Victoria. Hey, he really needs to stay in touch with the times.

I may not be the biggest Tessa fan, but after she pretty much told Ana to take their contract and shove it, even I have to say, "Bravo!" As an up-and-coming singer, Tessa needs to stay true to who she is and not try to be something she's not. The next thing you know, Ana would want her to sing using autotune. Tessa will have more of a chance at success by being unique rather than being just one of many who are still trying to make their way. For a producer, Ana sure seems to be pretty clueless.

However, it was sweet that Tessa chased off Mariah's creepy stalker, but I doubt if it's the last Mariah will see of him. It looks like it will take more than a heavy-duty bug spray to get rid of that pest.

Whenever I hear the term "fall guy," I think of Lee Majors. He was in The Fall Guy for several years in the '80s. Somehow, I doubt that Adam was referring to a stuntman when he placed an order for "a fall guy," though.

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