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We met Chelsea's husband just in time for him to die, but did his presence mean anything? Everyone's suspicious of everyone else, and most of them have cause. It's a crazy, mixed-up week in Genoa City, and our writer has no idea where things are going. Let's jump in as we scoop about it.

Calvin Boudreau showed up at Adam's door, went for a tour of Genoa City with Chelsea, had dinner with her, went back to their room, told her she should give Connor to Adam (don't worry, you can visit!), and said she could make a baby with him. They went to bed, and he died of a massive widow maker heart attack in the night. What a whirlwind appearance!

I didn't care for him, and I wish I could say I was sad he's dead, but I'm not. I don't know what Adam had over him. I don't know if it will ever make an appearance or if he just showed up so Nick could be chivalrous and rescue Chelsea as she loses Calvin. Was he necessary? Maybe. It gave Chelsea a physical reason for why she would say no to Adam. She seemed to like Calvin, but I doubt he was the love of her life. And it looks like we're being set up for a triangle, because Nick and Chelsea clearly still care for each other, but Adam and Chelsea have some big history, too.

Adam did try to argue with Chelsea that he was still the same man, and he wanted to fight for his family. Chelsea did not agree that he was the same man. How can he be? Time passed. They both changed. We all do. Phyllis advised Adam not to follow Chelsea and told him to give Chelsea some breathing room. When he didn't listen and came back, she basically said I told you so. Adam's timing with Chelsea was kind of "I know your husband's dead, but let's hook up." Even if she wanted him, that wasn't likely to fly.

Chelsea is staying with Nick, and I get that because her room was likely initially a crime scene, and she had just woken up with her dead husband in her bed. I wouldn't want to sleep where a corpse had just been! She said she was too wound up to sleep but doesn't want to be alone, and I get that, too. She asked Nick, "How could this happen? How could Calvin just be gone, like that? No warning, quietly." It felt more like shock around Calvin's death than like heartbreak, though. She was having a rough day.

Her rough day didn't get better with Summer loudly crunching her cereal while Chelsea slept. I'm not sure how she got the crunch and spoon that loud, but she did, and I know the studio enhanced it. Clearly, the cereal was dry, but there was no doubt she was trying to wake Chelsea. Summer is protective of Nick, which makes sense. He's the one who's been most protective of her. She was okay with Chelsea taking baby steps, "As long as one of those steps isn't on my dad's heart."

I did wonder why Nick insisted on using the Newman jet. Couldn't they just fly coach? Why do they need the Newman jet? He could afford plane tickets to get them to Louisiana, where it appeared Connor was hanging out at camp, and back again. How old will Connor be when he turns up in Genoa City? I expect he will, as I've heard rumors that Anita might be back, and she's the one who's keeping an eye on the boy. I think he'll be notably older than Christian, who they might also SORAS. The Young and the Restless doesn't seem to allow one actor to play a role from early childhood into adulthood (General Hospital has done that with a few characters, not all. Robin, Emmy, and Spencer come to mind, although only Robin is an adult).

I did wonder if perhaps Adam had done something to Calvin while they'd visited and if he was going to have Chelsea arrested for murder so he could get custody of Connor while she was in jail. I could see his mind working that way. And he'd get her an out only if she reconnected with him. But that wasn't how it played out. I'm almost surprised he didn't have Kevin hack in and change the autopsy results.

Nick told Chelsea, "I will help you any way I can." Nick is good at the role of hero, and I wonder in some ways if that's what he thrives on, if he needs to be rescuing a woman to feel like he has meaning. He's compassionate, for sure. He wears it all over his face. He was there when she got the results of Mr. Boudreau's autopsy. I thought they got the autopsy results very quickly, although the initial tox screen was inconclusive. The second results also came fast. When I had a family member die at too young an age, they had an initial result fairly quickly, but the official report took six months.

Chelsea told Nick she was upset that "Paul is treating me like a suspect." The spouse is always the first one checked, though. I listen to enough true crime podcasts to know that even when the spouse is also injured, sometimes they're at fault. But Chelsea and Nick agreed there would be "no more running," so I expect there will be drama as she settles back into Genoa City, which I believe she will do, and I do believe Chelsea will bring Connor with her. Even though, right now, she says, "I've been having nightmares about my nightmares." I have no idea what all went on with her or with her late husband, but there's probably a story or two there. Including why she married him when he'd been dating her mother.

Everyone went to Paul, it seemed. Phyllis, while jogging without perspiration (she looks great), told him Chelsea had knocked Sharon out before her disappearance, something Paul was largely unfamiliar with. However, he was familiar with Phyllis' disappearance and had some questions, none of which she answered. He knows something is afoot. Nick went to Paul to warn him about Adam. Adam went to Paul to pass the blame to Chelsea, act defensive, and plant doubt, including playing a recording (and I don't trust recordings much because they're so easy to edit). When questioned about why he was turning on Chelsea, Adam said, "The bitch turned on me." It was shocking enough to Paul that he advised Chelsea, "Watch out for Adam. I don't think he has your best interests at heart." Everyone is willing to sacrifice everyone, it seems. And in the end, Calvin died of natural causes.

Funny Business:

Victoria is going after Dark Horse, and Victor is not discouraging it. He even advised her, "When you tangle with Adam, when you go up against him, you gotta do it with all guns blazing." She hinted at needing Nick to run Dark Horse, but he seems not interested because he's busy saving Chelsea. He even started to tell Chelsea he hadn't gotten over her yet.

Jill made a surprise visit to see Billy and Victoria at Society. It is true! She's been championing this couple forever, and they didn't even seem to think of her. Oops. They'd better make time to celebrate with her! I like that Jill is suspicious of Kevin. I'm glad there are more eyes on him. She's suspicious, and Billy is watching him for Chloe but probably also suspicious. And the funny thing is that the one they need to be watching is Adam, but they don't know it. I love how many stories are running and how pieces of so many are intertwined.

Victoria warned Adam about Phyllis, and he should be suspicious. Summertime Development seems like Phyllis is going solo without Adam knowing, perhaps building embezzlement or something like that? Can you embezzle buildings? Not sure what is going on there, but I don't think Adam will like it. And perhaps, despite his grumpy mood, he should have listened to Victoria in this case. Was it going to cause trouble? Yes. But was it alerting him to a business problem he needed to know? Yes.

It was hilarious that Kevin complained about Adam waking him up at the crack of dawn when it was 10:00! I loved the subtle OCD symptoms Kevin displayed as he set up his space before he opened his computer, positioning it just right. I also liked that he told Adam he is fully expecting Adam to make a mistake, and I have no doubt he'll not only celebrate but also possibly be involved.

Phillip Chancellor IV, Chance, was busted for assault, and Adam bailed him out. Now Chance is off the grid. Chance was a good guy, but it seems like he snapped. I expect he'll be returning. Not sure if he'll look the same, but this might be a really interesting time to bring him back, explore the connection to Adam, and really piss Adam off by having Chance find a connection with Chelsea. Plus, there aren't a lot of Chancellors around these days. Jill visits, but not for long.

Phyllis told Adam, "No Newman is ever going to get the better of me again." She seems to be playing Adam, but I think he's playing her, or at least keeping his enemies closer. He was able to tell her, "Everyone's got a price -- you're proof of that." And he wasn't wrong. Phyllis may be using Adam, per previews, but I'm not sure which of them is smarter than the other and which, if either, of them will win.

Why was Delia's doll on the floor of the Chancellor mansion? Who put it there? Billy was definitely triggered by it, and I was a little glad he went back for it. He doesn't ever forget her, but seeing that piece of her just sitting on the floor wasn't something he was prepared for, and it also wasn't respectful of her memory.

Jack told Billy, "Our friend Victor might be losing it a little -- or a lot." I was glad to see that Billy protected Victoria and Victor's privacy, even with his brother. That's what we do when we're committed to a romantic partner.

Exerting Influence:

Summer pretended not to see Theo at Crimson Lights so he'd have to notice her. I've pretended not to see people, but usually they pretend not to see me, and it works out well that way. I was a little stunned when he said she should be an influencer. "I've never met anyone as beautiful, brilliant, and sexy as you are," which is apparently what it takes. She jumped on board and presented the influencer idea to Jack and Billy, saying she could include products that complement and cross-promote Jabot Collective products. Not sure how that will work, but Summer's slight tan does make her look healthier.

According to Jack, Theo and Kyle got into a lot of trouble in New York. To prove how dependable he is, Theo took his party to the Abbott mansion. I thought maybe it's time for him to grow up. How is he a respected businessman when he's so much a party boy? Because I'm not a Millennial, I asked some Millennials if influencers had agents (yes, because of unscrupulous businesses they deal with and because it helps find better deals and get better pay and rights). I asked if their agent should be a partier, and they said they absolutely would not trust a partier. So, despite being more Generation X than Millennial, my instincts weren't that far off.

I cringed when I heard that Don-Don's been "dying to meet the woman who bagged Kyle Abbott." Lola was notably uncomfortable with this crowd, and she went home early. Kyle looked like he was getting uncomfortable, too. Imagine that. I was a little surprised when Summer said, "Lola left because of me," because that wasn't the reason at all. I think she wanted it to sting Kyle when she told Theo, "You're right, he's lost all capacity to have fun." But he didn't forget how to have fun. He just grew up.

Party boy Theo, who also is now mentoring Ana (is he older than her? Not by a lot), told her, "You've got good instincts, and you can't teach that." Do I think Ana is too young and inexperienced to run LP alone? Oh, yes. Yes, I do. Do I think Theo is the answer? No. He seems to have his finger on some pulse, but until he slows down the party roll, I don't think he's got what it takes to be taken as seriously as he wants to be. And I do think he's also too young for it.

Mama Celeste:

Lola's mom, Celeste, is too much. Way too much. It explains a lot about the Rosales siblings, though!

Mariah's plan for Lola's video and future endeavors, cookbooks, tours, more restaurants, supermarket meals, is ambitious, but it's a good plan to make Lola a household name. Her execution of the videos, on her phone with an audience that included Celeste? Not so good. Bringing in Kyle loosened Lola up, but I'm not sure I'd watch a cooking video with all the extraneous voices. And Mariah has a lot of resources at her disposal. She's an executive. She could have someone using real cameras, and I don't think an executive would be filming this big thing on her phone. But maybe I'm wrong.

Lola said she needed a whole chicken boned, but her chicken in the pot that she pointed to had bones, at least in the legs. She did develop a catch phrase when she said, "Every dish you make is a star if it comes from the heart," and she pointed out that the most important ingredient is love. I've had people who cooked with love who did not cook well. The only meal my ex-husband ever cooked, he used three tablespoons of salt on a chicken (because it had called for a teaspoon). At the time, he cooked it with love, not with a plan to kill me (that I know of). Love isn't enough. But it doesn't hurt!

Lola said a lot when she told her mom, after filming the video, "Why do you always do that? Make me feel bad about something I'm proud of." It is clear Celeste uses guilt as a weapon of manipulation, and she has mastered that weapon. She acts like a victim to manipulate; her kids know she's doing it, and yet she still manages to get her way by sheer force of will.

Celeste told Rey to call his brother, and she defended Papa Rosales. She even told Rey, "Your father wants to come to the wedding and walk Lola down the aisle" I was not surprised by Rey's response: "Hell, no!" But when Celeste said, "He cheated, I helped him out the door. What's the difference?" I realized that the family story was changing. Dad didn't desert them (but he wasn't there for them after he left). Mama Celeste kicked him out the door. Rey was right when he said, "Lola's big day should be about Lola," but I don't see Celeste abiding by that. In fact, Celeste was moving back in with Lola. Oops! "I think something got lost in translation," Lola said after she had tried talking with her mom. Understatement of the week.

I've worked with people whose parents are manipulative like that. One consistent feature is that the kids don't appreciate it. They see it happening. They feel powerless to stop it. They roll their eyes, comply, and then try to keep a safe distance between them and the parent that they love but find unbearable.

Random Thoughts:

Ana needs to get over herself. Not that I think Theo has that much experience, but Ana really doesn't. She's got raw talent, but she needs to finesse it. If she fought less with Devon, they could make this work. I may not always agree with my boss, but I have to do what the boss asks.

Jack and Mallory met for coffee and reconnected. I liked them together and wondered if they might work something out, especially when her father reminded Jack so much of his own. But then, her dad died, leaving her no longer "in stasis," so she was moving closer to his kids. Jack seemed a bit sad that she's leaving.

Victor's lawsuit was deemed "untenable" by the city, so they were settling. I didn't like that Christine and Paul had all their discussions about her decision to leave off-screen. Not that we ever see inside their home, but they could have talked it out in the park on a picnic or over dinner somewhere.

I thought Phyllis should maybe use less snark to a lame duck but still fully seated D.A.? Unless she's breaking no rules, and I don't see that happening.

Lines of the week:

Phyllis to Billy, who looked upset: Trouble at home? What'd you do? Put too much starch in the boss's pants?

Christine to Phyllis after their verbal sparring had gone on for a bit: They hate you because you're you.

Reader Feedback:

Until we meet again, happy viewing! I don't know what's coming, but I'll be right here watching with you.

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