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All you need is love, but what we do to get it sets us apart. Apparently, Adam will destroy everything and everyone for it, and it looks like Phyllis is on the way to that, too. Michael had a strange way of showing love to Kevin, and Sharon and Nick still have some love, as Chelsea and Adam witnessed. Kyle and Lola are basking in love... but will love be enough for our friends and frenemies in Genoa City? Let's do a little of our own lurking and find out.

Lola and Kyle got married. Sure, Adrian was lurking. Sure, Theo was lurking. There was a lot of that going around, but where would soaps be without lurkers and eavesdroppers? I mean, if people didn't talk in public places about top-secret things that could get them in trouble, there would be no drama!

Adrian refused to leave, and ultimately, Lola let him stay -- but that didn't mean she welcomed his presence. She did not look gleeful to see Daddy dearest. I think he's a little smarmy. You can tell he's up to no good and probably would take advantage of his own mother, but we've heard about him for so long that it doesn't feel forced to have him show up on the screen. I won't be bothered (so far) if he stays around for a while, even though I don't especially like him. He's got a daughter who married into money. I suspect he'll hover and try to ingratiate himself.

Arturo also lurked at the wedding, but he was a more welcome addition, although not to everyone. Nate spared Abby from an uncomfortable Arturo confrontation, but I also thought that Nate couldn't fight. He'd ruin his surgeon hands. Plus, he doesn't seem like much of a fighter, anyway. Arturo did patch things up with Rey, more or less, and wished Rey the love of the right woman. Celeste might have forced them to talk at the end of the week, but they seemed glad that they had, although Rey was less invested in the bro hug than Arturo was.

Theo also seemed to lurk about the wedding and reception. He brought himself there with the girl whose father Kyle had paid off after she drank too much at a party. It turns out Zoe only went because she followed Summer on social media. How long has Summer been an "influencer" now? I didn't think it would be long enough to have fans like this, who would accept an out-of-state wedding invitation from an older guy who used to throw big parties.

Even Phyllis thought Theo bringing Zoe was "kinda crass," and she makes no attempts to hide her dislike for Kyle. But it was really "a gift" Theo brought for Kyle, after threatening him about revealing this deep, dark secret for weeks. Turns out she's over it, no big deal. That was just weird. All that anticipation for this big confrontation -- and Kyle was pissed, so Theo did get under his skin -- but it fizzled.

At one point, I wondered why Phyllis was at the reception, then I remembered she was Summer's date. And she told Adam that Summer was her best friend. Call me crazy, but I don't think it's particularly healthy for mom and daughter to be best friends.

I called it that Abby would catch the bouquet. I hadn't predicted Abby would toss it away like it was a game of Hot Potato. The ladies passing it off was hilarious, as was the shrug when Mariah caught it and kissed Tessa. The Young and the Restless could do worse than have a healthy gay marriage storyline.

Losing It:

Billy is clearly very anti-merger and is almost acting as if he feels his opinions should override everyone else's. I liked that when the sibling conflict started between Jack, Ashley, and Billy, Summer and Abby sort of wafted away on the breeze. It wasn't their fight, and they let the parties involved hash it out, even though they really didn't hash it out, at least not to any resolution. Billy said he doubted Ashley and that people didn't change, but he left.

I wondered about the significance of Billy chewing the gum as he walked into Crimsons Lights and saw Adam shaking hands with Michael. It was an unusual behavior for him, in my mind, at least as dramatically as it happened. Even down to the color of the gum (it looked like maybe a stick of Big Red? Or I could be remembering wrong). He later feigned ignorance when he talked to Victoria about Michael running for D.A.

Billy is slipping further and further. He forgot to pick up Johnny from daycare, and he is not sharing what he's thinking or feeling with Victoria, the one who loves him most. But too many people can tell there's something wrong. This is good. He needs help -- and more than just one visit with a therapist. Perhaps he can spend a little time in a hospital, step away from the stress, before he hurts himself or someone else (read: Adam).

Not that I can blame him. Adam isn't all that lovable, and he did kill Delia, but it was an accident, even if the cover-up wasn't. Billy did say Adam has never been held accountable for his actions, "and it is long overdue." Blaming Adam does help him ignore his own feelings of guilt in the situation, though, and I think a part of him needs to do that. Regardless, Billy is still careening off the rails, so much so, he texted Phyllis. While it is good drama, I hope he comes out of it okay.

Jack went to Victoria to help Billy. They acknowledged that the wedding was a trigger. I honestly don't think the therapist is the problem Billy had when he met with her. I think on some subconscious level, Billy wants to keep having his nightmares about Delia because it makes him feel closer to her. I wonder if his own guilt is going to explode or implode, though.

Family Matters:

Victor is seeming healthier. His treatment seems to be working.

Phyllis told Adam she might get the money for her 20% stake -- in a public place, of course. Victor overheard Phyllis saying she'd take over and squeeze Abby out (just after I had told Luke that we hadn't seen Victor in a while). Victor went to Abby to report Phyllis' plans. Victor advised her not to bring Phyllis in to prove a point to him, and he warned that Phyllis is dangerous. Abby felt she had enough business savvy to handle it, but Victor has enough experience that I'd believe him and be leery of Phyllis. Heck, we'd probably all be leery of doing business with Phyllis. Or Victor.

Phyllis went to visit Victor and told him, "Going behind my back, sabotaging my life at every turn. You're going to deal with me now." Victor told her, "If you wanna find someone to blame, you should find a mirror." Now, I don't fault Victor for reporting to Abby, who is his child. I don't know a lot of people who would hear someone plotting against their child and wouldn't warn the child. Phyllis wouldn't stand for someone plotting against Summer or Daniel, would she?

Phyllis felt that "everyone in this town is trying to take me down just for the sport of it." But she insisted to Victor, "I'm not going down... You are the one who will fall." She added, "Never underestimate the power of a woman who has nothing to lose." This could be fun, honestly. I liked that Phyllis tried to turn around and do the right thing for a minute, but it isn't in her nature. As Billy said, people don't change. She seems most alive when she's plotting.

Victor joined Nick and Christian at visitation, and it was sweet. He even looked like he had grease spots on his jacket from the popcorn Christian put on him. Adam was lurking behind a sign. Victor signaled him away instead of calling the cops, which did show he had some love for Adam. A restraining order violation would make the custody case a lot easier to resolve.

There's a New Sherriff D.A. in Town

Michael was elected and inaugurated in just a couple days. Victor was not displeased, telling Michael, "I couldn't be happier that Christine's rein of incompetence has come to an end." However, he also asked, "What does Adam hold over your head?" Michael better tread lightly. A lot of people see something going on here. He hasn't been so discreet about things. (As I mentioned, why would anyone on a soap meet in a private location and talk where nobody could hear it?)

Lauren noticed Michael's nervousness. Lauren suspected that Michael's run had something to do with Adam. He replied that "if I'm district attorney, I can no longer provide legal services for clients." But Lauren knows "something's very off about you and Adam." Phyllis is also onto the Adam/Michael connection, and I have no doubt she'll be using that to her advantage. In fact, I'd worry about her if she didn't. It's unlike her to let stuff go.

Michael wasted no time getting to work. After making peace with Rey, he handed over an arrest warrant. When Rey returned, he reported there was "some resistance," but "the suspect's in the interrogation room, waiting to be questioned." Then Kevin punched Michael, asking, "How could you do this? Betray me, destroy our family?" Then we saw that Chloe was locked up, struggling against her handcuffs. That's how you do a Friday cliffhanger!

Grand Phoenix Drama:

Phyllis asked Chelsea for money. Chelsea took time to get her coffee just right to annoy Phyllis. ("I just did that to make you squirm.") When Phyllis asked for a piece of the inheritance pie, Chelsea responded with, "The inheritance you accused me of murdering my husband for?"

Chelsea instead went to Abby, asking to replace Phyllis, promising she wouldn't break rules. "I miss working. I'll manage it." (read: "I've got so much money to launder.") This did not sit well with Phyllis, who said, "The Grand Phoenix is my baby." Not happy to be shut out, she said, "You're going to regret this. Both of you are." Phyllis can certainly inflict damage (ask any previous target). And then, I thought, "What a height difference between Chelsea and Abby!"

Honeymoon in Paradise:

After waking from their wedding night, Lola told Kyle, "If heaven isn't like this, I'm going to be extremely disappointed." I saw the breeze, I saw the setting, and I thought, "Theo is there," lurking, peering at the window for the curtain to part.

Their honeymoon was uneventful, and they had different views of the future. Kyle imagined Lola being awarded a Michelin Star after he single-handedly merged Newman and Jabot. Lola envisioned their future as her doing a cooking show at home, pregnant, with Kyle (in a three-piece suit) working remotely. As they were sharing their dreams, I still was waiting for Theo to peer in the window. The most romantic line of the week was when Kyle told Lola, "With you, forever's not long enough."

Looking for Love:

Adam definitely seemed to be struggling with women (and other) problems this week. Is he looking for love? Absolutely. I think part of why he wants to possess his kids, other than obviously wanting to stick it to Nick, is that a child would love him unconditionally (he thinks), and he could bask in that love.

However, one woman who he does not appear to be looking for love with (but imagine the soapy possibilities of this couple!) is Phyllis. She was clearly not pleased when she said to him, "I heard you sold Abby the Grand Phoenix." She was amused when he told her that "dear old Dad" was leading the charge against him. She advised that revenge would get him nowhere and said she had stopped hurting people. I do think this will change, though. She wants revenge. He wants revenge. Seriously, imagine if they teamed up romantically (there is no spark there that I've seen, however).

Adam's proposal to Sharon was lackluster: "Marry me." No build-up, no "I love you so much and can't get away from it." Nope. Just "Marry me." Sharon resisted. A lot. But she didn't leave. "Marry you? On what planet? Why are you doing this?" she asked. Adam claimed it was just words, and Sharon asked, "What makes you so sure I want you?" I'm no expert, but I have eyes. Sharon is looking for love, too, and his offer tempts her. He doesn't hear her no, but she doesn't leave, and he isn't forcing her into anything he shouldn't force her into.

Sharon and Phyllis both advised Adam to turn negatives into a positive. He won't, but they advised it.

Adam told Sharon their love was unique and powerful, and she replied, "What we had was just too explosive to sustain." Adam said, "I think if I got you back, I could let everything else go." But could he? Is he really looking for love that much? He might be.

Adam insisted he wasn't trying to pressure Sharon into anything, but boy was he pressuring her. And she was resisting, although she was clearly tempted. He got hung up on her use of "can't" instead of "won't," feeling it meant she wanted to marry him, but something was preventing it. Sharon is no saint, and she has a complex history, too, but I absolutely could not agree when Adam said, "You and I are exactly alike." Will they end up together? Maybe.

Nick told Sharon that she saw the best in people, and she snuggled into a hug, which, of course, Adam and Chelsea saw. It was funny that they were both appalled. Adam lied, saying, "Chelsea, there is nothing going on with me and Sharon." I suspected he'd take Chelsea if she'd have him. Then I wondered if Nick and Adam are going to end up fighting over Sharon. I hope not.

In yet another instance of a woman who has been close to Adam giving him good advice, Chelsea said life wasn't a competition where children were involved. She also observed, "Everything revolves around you," yet he was undermining himself by controlling and manipulating people, pushing the people away. Chelsea identified that what Adam wanted most was love. And she told him that. Hopefully, he realizes it on more than a subconscious level and can start making some better choices. He'll never be a hero, but maybe there will be some hint of a soft spot in him?

Twisted Sisterhood:

Chelsea walked up to Sharon and said she'd seen Sharon wrapped around Nick. Of course, Sharon thought Chelsea and Nick had a thing going on. Chelsea said she was not after Nick because her husband had just died. They had a fun little semi-snarky exchange. Sharon said, "Nick may have forgiven and forgotten everything, but I haven't." Chelsea said, "You bring drama with you everywhere you go."

Sharon later admitted, "We do share a bizarre bond," and Chelsea called it a twisted sisterhood. Even though they're coming at things from different angles and have different (but not set-in-concrete) agendas, it could be interesting to see these two ladies as something a little better than frenemies. Sharon could sure use a friend and someone to talk some sense into her. Despite all her recent education, she still is very much guided by her emotions.

Lines of the Week:

Victoria to Billy while discussing Michael running for D.A.: I guess working for Adam could drive anyone to the right side of the law.

Rey, clearly not pleased with his father's presence and justifications: I am this close to an assault charge.

Chelsea to Phyllis before the meeting Summer requested: I just want to arm myself with some scalding hot coffee. Just in case.

Exchanges of the Week:

Billy: I smell a rat, Michael. Do you know what a rat king is? It's two rats with their tails intertwined, and they're bound together. Stuck to one another for life.
Michael: Watch it. You may find yourself the cheese.

Theo, after he awkwardly and intentionally bumped into Mariah's chair: "Shouldn't you be working?"
Mariah: "Shouldn't you?"
Theo: "I'm always working." (Writer's comment: "an angle" is what he wanted at the end of this sentence)

Phyllis, about Summer attending Kyle's wedding: You kept your dignity and self-respect.
Summer: Whatever that's worth. (Writer's thoughts: it's sad that Summer doesn't think better of herself, but it explains a lot.)

Random Observations:

Theo had menacing music when ringing Devon's doorbell. Devon offered him a full-time role at LP. Theo sees himself as more of an image builder, though. He thinks he's a better fit at Power Communications. He said Mariah was smart and enthusiastic, but still green. Devon is too savvy to be fooled by that, though.

Mariah told Theo he should be focusing on his own company and could tell it was the speech he had given to Devon. I liked that it lit a fire under her, and I hope it motivates her to make Power Communications grow. She really needed something to get her going on the job that Devon dropped into her lap.

Like the famous painting of the Last Supper, the people at the merger meeting were all on one side of the table.

Phyllis told Summer, "If you see Theo again, do it on your terms." So, Summer told Theo, "We are on opposite sides now." Then, he said, "It feels good to blow things up, doesn't it?" Apparently, those were her terms, because they kissed. I guess I look for more than that in my relationships.

If I said I was glad Theo wanted to stay in Genoa City, I'd be lying.

I was not a fan of Arturo's full beard. Is that to make him look more paternal?

Tessa is nervous to be working with a new producer; I wonder if we'll see any of this or if it'll be behind-the-scenes stuff. If it's Theo, he'll probably punish her because of his conflict with Mariah.

A thought I had while watching Kyle and Lola: if you want to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, you probably shouldn't be on a soap.

The over-the-shoulders jacket and shirt panel on Lauren didn't look like something I'd wear to my husband's inauguration.

Coming up next week:
Adam says he's out to destroy the myth of the Newmans. What myth is this? They're powerful, but I don't think anyone's under the delusion that they're the best, most wholesome American family ever. Devon learns there are issues with Katherine's will, which is somewhat of a surprise. I would think that would have happened already, and if he has to give money back, does he get to keep the profits he's made with the money? Should be interesting. And who is challenging it? Part of me thinks it's Chance! And, of course, there will be drama with Kevin, Michael, and Chloe. I am guessing Michael has a master plan to take away Adam's power and drop the charges against Chloe, but we'll have to wait and see.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, that's it for this week. I'm wondering if Adam and Phyllis will have any success in their campaigns against the world. Should be interesting, that's for sure. Until we meet again in this space, happy viewing, and know I'll be right here watching with you.

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