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The big Grand Phoenix opening is upon us, but it looks like the event won't be as smooth as Society's opening was. Who is going to blow everything up? And who will emerge from the ashes as the new phoenix in the miraculous resurrection club? Join our Two Scoops writer as she reflects on the unbelievable returns, the surprising departures, and the looming disasters.

Michael thought he had outsmarted the not-dead Adam, because Adam can't blame the officially not-dead Chloe when someone else is in jail for shooting him. But, alas, Adam "has been expecting this from you for some time." Then, Adam went there. He asked Michael about Fen. Michael was not impressed and responded with, "Did you just make the mistake of threatening my son?" Adam showed him a picture of Fen "partying and apparently dealing."

Was it reassuring when Adam said, "No need to get riled. According to my source, he's not in deep." No. It was not. Because Adam has pictures of Fen involved in drugs. And D.A. Michael asked, "What do you want from me?" Adam responded, "Nothing at the moment. I just want you to be aware that that little bit of time that the knife wasn't at your throat, it's only because I was sharpening it."

Oh, Adam. You're such a ray of sunshine.

There was no irony lost in Lauren giving Jack five percent more to rehab for musicians. The moments when Michael took Lauren aside to tell her what Adam knew were emotionally loaded, most any parent's worst nightmare. My kid is using drugs. My kid is dealing drugs. And my enemy has pictures to prove it.

Lauren knew she had to get her son into treatment immediately. Michael admitted, "It was arrogant of me to think I could take on Adam on my own." And then Lauren said, "When I get back, we are going to take down that son of a bitch together. He is going to be so sorry he messed with the two of us." And that was a happy moment for me. I am so glad Lauren is finally involved. Michael being all secretive around her was a mess. Not that he's never kept things from her before (cancer diagnosis, anyone?), but they work better when they're a team.

Adam didn't want Sharon to care because she turned him down. She tried to explain that his proposal was out of the blue because they weren't in any relationship, but he's still got his panties in a bunch over that, as if to say if you won't marry me, don't care about me. Not that I'm analyzing him, but really, he doesn't seem to see any shades of grey for anyone, only black or white. Which is why he's in attack mode all the time.

Adam fears that Christian will hate him as much as Adam hates Victor, which should be an unfounded fear. If Adam is open and loving and appropriate when he sees Christian again, if he is fun Uncle Adam, Connor's dad who plays sports with the boys, I don't think Christian needs to hate him. If Christian does learn Adam is his bio-dad, Adam can just tell him he made the best choice for Christian, who had spent his formative years with Nick, but he never stopped loving him. I still think Adam gave up Christian at paternity test, so he can't really lay claim now that Nick has raised the child, but any doubts I had were removed when Adam conducted a drug deal in the park, but let me back up a few steps.

Adam stole Nate's hospital-issued tablet while asking about Victor's health. Adam got Phyllis to hack the now-missing tablet and get Victor's medical records, assuring her, "Don't worry, I won't kill him." (At this point, Luke, who watches with me, said, "That's pretty low.")

I'm putting this out there: someday, I expect Phyllis will use her tools against Adam. That would be a fun match-up. Unless...what if Adam and Phyllis become Genoa City's next power couple? Couldn't they do more damage that way? Being legitimate in business dealings instead of underhanded, but using their combined skills? Could be interesting.

Anyway, back to why I think Adam is not a good parental candidate. Adam took Connor to park to use his new glove. Adam let the boy run off with a group of unknown kids, then he met a stranger out in the open to be "discreet." This lady with the drugs was not what I'd envision as an evil drug dealer. As she was explaining and showing the drugs, Adam was very nervous, looking around as if fearing getting caught. There is no way this lady thinks she's doing the right thing or helping out, and Adam isn't even pretending. Pills for cash in the park, a full-on drug deal, while Adam is having visitation with his son (because this couldn't be arranged for another time) is a huge bad parent move.

Adam ended his visit with Connor early on the pretense of not feeling well, and the concerned Connor thought Adam might be sick like Victor is. The boy clearly cares about Victor. Did it give Adam second thoughts? No. It didn't.

Adam wandered into Victor's house, where Victor reminded him he was unwelcome. I wanted Adam to say, "I have a good reason for being here. I'm going to poison you." But no, he pretended to be full of remorse and acted as if he wanted a do-over. He said he was "looking for a truce," talking about family, when he had poison for Victor in his pocket. A double dose of an experimental drug for a sick man is poison. Victor didn't trust Adam's changed attitude, and Adam said he understood -- while eyeing Victor's jacket to switch the meds.

Adam grabbed Victor's meds, but Nikki found him, sort of. He made the switch with no problem, and Victor took the poisoned pill. I thought his jacket pocket was an odd place to keep his meds. That's a plot device, not practical. So, Victor has taken this poison, a double dose of an experimental drug -- allegedly -- bought on the street. Seems legit. Adam isn't going to kill him, right?

Members of a Club Nobody Wants to Join

It's official. Chloe's not-dead status made the news. Chelsea and Chloe talked about both staying in Genoa City, and Chloe offered to keep her distance. But Chelsea is giving her a chance, and I'm glad they're taking these tentative steps. There's a lot of hurt, but there once was a lot of love there. Chelsea did say, "Do not make me regret this, Chloe." I have hope they'll work this out.

Jack, Traci, and Victoria received a group text from "Billy," who said he was in rehab again. Victoria met with Chloe and learned that Billy had known of Chloe being alive. And he'd known that Adam had blackmailed Kevin. Kevin tried to explain that Billy had said he would get a therapist. Victoria thought that was not enough and was upset that Kevin hadn't reached out to her. She's not wrong. It wasn't enough. But I'm not sure if Kevin was in any place to talk to anyone then. He was trying to protect his wife from a dangerous man.

Victoria told her family she knew Billy was struggling, but she hadn't thought it was gambling. She wondered if maybe his disappearing trick was related to Adam (but didn't pursue it). As Victoria talked to her parents about Billy, it was obvious Nikki is a great person to talk to about addiction.

In the house of Abbott, Traci recognized grief had triggered Billy's issues. Traci has lost a child, so she gets it. Yet, Billy left his kids like Dina left Jack, Ashley, and Traci. Traci tries harder to understand Billy than a lot of people do.

Nikki and Nick discussed Chloe's return, and he said he chose to focus more on relief than anger. Then he told his mom that he and Chelsea were more than just friends. Nick can empathize with Chloe's grief behavior because his behavior changed when Cassie died.

When Kevin and Chloe were trying to act natural and failing, it was hilarious. I loved when Kevin said, "Chloe, I am worried that you working with Billy is going to bring out your murderous rage." As if it was normal dinner conversation. Perhaps for them it is.

It was awesome when Billy awoke alone, couldn't move, and saw his leg in a splint. His "Where the hell am I?" was great. He thinks Chloe must have done something to him. He has no recollection of driving, no idea whose car it was. He said he never goes to the road where Delia was hit. Yet he did. Billy is full-on dissociating, which in real life is exceedingly rare, but this is being done better than I've seen it on any soap before. This is not frivolity and fun. This is brokenness and pain. When Delia died, so did part of Billy. And he's been split because of it.

Billy asked, "Are we in hiding?" Chloe confirmed it. He asked why. Chloe said, "Because you tried to kill Adam, and I stopped you from doing it." Billy's memory is spotty at best.

While Chloe went through a lot, and she shares the loss of Delia with Billy, is she the right person to treat Billy's mental illness? I don't think so. She did tell him, "I have pulled myself out of that dark place, and I will be damned if I leave you there." I like her as his ally. Kevin pointed out that Billy needs serious help. Chloe agreed, "And that's why I'm the one who's gonna help him." This should be interesting. I look forward to seeing Billy's path to healing, however he gets there.

Where There's a Will, There's a Chance to Contest It

Devon reminisced about Katherine and had regrets. He remembered hurting her, wasting time instead of enjoying it, but then getting to a place of connection. I like that he will not let anyone take what he built with Neil. Because that legacy matters to him, as much as the money probably.

Nick went back to work on New Hope with Devon. Devon proposed expanding to single-family homes. I like that they're both feeling the pull toward helping others, and I'm sure the will issues are making Devon realize how much he has received.

Jill rang Devon's doorbell, responding to Devon's message, and for a moment, I wondered if she was the one taking legal action. Fortunately, it wasn't her, and she and Nick were actually surprised someone was contesting Katherine's will. Nick asked, "What about Chance?" Jill had left a message for him, based on Nick and Rey seeking information about his connection with Adam. And Chance had just returned her messages around the same time Devon got the letter. Devon said he will fight for what Katherine left him. I suspect Chance will show up sooner rather than later, though.

World's Best Frenemies

I love Jack and Victor as frenemies. They were open and a little vulnerable with one another. Victor admitted, "I failed Adam. That's why he's done so many unforgiveable things. And the things that have been done can't be undone." Further, he said Adam felt abandoned because Victor had accepted Hope's wishes.

Victor sensed something was off with Jack, who responded, "On the surface, I have everything I want." But he wanted Victor's advice. At the end of it all, a somewhat surprised Victor said, "Jack, it was kind of nice chatting with you." It was nice for us, too, Victor!

I liked the background for Jack's mood. Young John and Dina argued, and Jack overheard their argument. He realized, "Her life was out there somewhere, and she had to find it." I loved Jack taking a road trip with young Dad in the back seat.

Sharon dropped by Nick's and said she was happy Christian was home. Nick was glad to have a full house. She asked if he would want it a little fuller, because Sharon wants to take a trip. Nick supported her getting back some perspective.

Jack's brochure was for somewhere in Arizona. Is there someone there he's going to meet? Will he and Sharon both magically end up there? I guess we'll have to watch and see. But I look forward to the self-discovery. Something like that could be good for a lot of us, honestly.

Young Love or Some Semblance Thereof

Kyle and Lola's apartment is falling apart. Lola was the one who suggested moving, claiming the apartment was a trigger for Rey: "This place is like a regular Heartbreak Hotel for him." Good for them. Honestly, they could buy a place. They both make good money.

In a shock to the newlyweds, Jack made Kyle the interim CEO while Jack is away. Kyle made sure Summer was cool with it. As Kyle sat at the CEO desk, I had to wonder, will he be there for real someday? Summer and Kyle planned for the Grand Phoenix opening, with new rules for them. Mentioning Theo is a violation of their new code of conduct.

Lola told Abby, "Abby, you are the best boss I ever had. Even when I was my own." She admitted that she and Kyle might have to put off finding a new place because of being busy. Meanwhile, Theo was lurking, eavesdropping. Lola said they were looking for a more modern look, and Abby suggested the Abbott mansion?

Kyle and Summer met for lunch at Society, and he called the first day a slam-dunk with an assist from Summer. Who's lurking? Oh, right. Theo. Theo lurks so long, how can nobody notice? Theo finally showed himself, walking in as if out of the blue... "I just happened to be here." He snarked to Kyle, "Daddy's letting you sit in the big chair?"

Here's what I think. Kyle should suck it up and tell Lola about Zoe. He can frame it so it looks even less bad than it is, but it's not the world's biggest crime. Kyle questioned Zoe about why Theo brought her in, and warned her about him.

Summer called Theo out on his behavior, saying she knew he was only keeping Zoe around to bug Kyle. She was mad. And yet Theo said she was sexy when she called him on his crap. Somehow, Theo holding this power over Kyle led to Summer and Theo rolling around in bed. I don't get the appeal of him at all.

Mariah and Tessa are apparently now the start of the party. Mariah is acting odd now that she's working with Theo, but she claims to want to keep her enemies close. Mariah did warn Abby about Theo. I'm not sure how more people don't see how slimy he is. But since he brings the influencers, I suppose they'll work with him until Mariah is up and running. Please hurry, Mariah!

The Phoenix May Not Be So Grand

Zoe photographing food and getting a selfie with Lola makes Kyle uncomfortable. When will Lola call him out on this? Zoe tried to claim she was just like Phyllis and offered to promote a scandal as a positive to Phyllis, promising it would go viral. She said she wants to be an influencer like Summer. Phyllis warned Zoe, "Hey, sweetie, you're out of your league."

Zoe was not on the guest list, but she responds to Theo's every call, and she still makes Kyle uncomfortable. Zoe hovers. She tries to fit in, but people treat her kind of like gum on their shoes. Everyone escapes Zoe, who didn't seem to like the virgin margarita. Is she still under 21? Because she was 17 at the time of the incident, which means it wasn't so long ago, apparently. It feels like Kyle has been around longer than he has.

Summer refused to do things with Zoe, telling the girl, "You are being beyond clingy right now." Even Theo said to take it down a notch. (Luke said, "She's gonna go postal.") I think she's going to be a big problem before she's done in Genoa City.

At the pre-Grand Phoenix Grand Opening party, Chelsea tried talking to Summer, who wanted her dad to be happy. That didn't mean she wanted Nick to still call her "Supergirl." It's funny to see Summer and Lola trying to get Kyle and Theo to play nice.

Tessa was volunteered to sing at the party, and it was kind of fun for Lola and Chelsea to join in. I liked Nick's smile when he came in and saw Chelsea on the stage.

Lines of the Week:

Phyllis to the chummy Jack and Victor after saying hell froze over and she didn't get the memo: I'd join you, but I'd rather stick a thousand needles in my eye.

Nick to Nikki while discussing Chloe: Well, it wouldn't be a week in GC without somebody returning from the dead.

Phyllis to Adam: You win the "poor me" prize. Congratulations. Enjoy your victory.

Phyllis to Summer about losing the hotel:This is why I hate people.
Writer's response: If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say this, I'd have a pretty tidy sum of money.

Summer to Phyllis: Mom, if I alienate myself from everybody on your hit list, I would be a complete outcast.

Abby to Nate: Taunting people is like air to Adam.

Summer to Theo about Zoe: The last thing I need is a wannabe me with a girl crush.

Exchanges of the Week:

Jack: I don't know why I'm opening up to you.
Victor: Perhaps you should lay off the scotch.

Adam: You were right. It was Victor.
Phyllis: Well, I'll be damned.

Random Observations:

If we played a drinking game with "influencer" as the cue to take shots, we'd all be hopeless alcoholics, passing out before each episode ended. I wish marketing involved more than influencers. Because good marketing gets in our bones, and we're not even aware of the best of it (we do know when we're looking up influencers, even if we're delusional enough to consider these pseudo celebrities our friends).

Has anyone seen Cane? He seems to have vanished.

Will Fen be returning now that his parents are going to rescue him and he's dealing with some drug abuse that possibly includes dealing? Guess the music career isn't working out quite as well as he'd hoped!

Adam and Connor were playing catch awfully close to each other.

Coming up next week:

In the previews for next week, it looks like Victor will have a reaction to the change in meds. It looks like at the opening of the Grand Phoenix, Summer says she misses Kyle and kisses him -- and of course Lola sees it. And Rey and Sharon look like they kiss, so maybe she and Jack won't cross paths in Arizona.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, that's it for this week. Someone is going to blow up the Grand Phoenix opening, and I don't know who. But everyone will be together in one place, which should make for some fun (or complete disaster). Until we meet again in this space, happy viewing, and know I'll be right here watching with you.

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