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Is Chance real, or is someone pretending to be Chance? If so, who is behind the will mess, and why does it even matter when the lawsuit has no teeth? Has Victoria finally inherited the reins from her father, or is she a fill-in until one of his boys can take over for her? Our columnist fills in for a vacationing Teddi in this week's Two Scoops.

Who has actually seen Chance? Riza? Adam? Anyone else? Is Chance actually Chance, or is he someone else? And if there is no Chance, who is pretending to be Chance?

One of my friends thinks there is no Chance, and maybe it's one of Billy's alters (because Billy still seems a little off, although maybe he's always been a little off and I'm just being more attentive to it now). This could be really interesting, because really, could Billy be healed this quickly and miraculously from something as huge as dissociative identity disorder? I don't think so. And who knows what the trigger might be. However, Adam might have seen Chance in Vegas, so he would know if it was Billy.

Another friend disagrees strongly. She said, "What reason would Billy have to mess with Devon's fortune? Billy and Devon's paths haven't crossed in an adversarial way, but Cane would have issues with Devon because Devon made sure that Lily went to jail, and as a result, it ended his marriage to Lily. So, I rule out Billy."

Honesty, I'm not ruling out anyone! But I'm not sure Chance is Chance. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Jill had something to do with it. It looks like Cane does not, and I was skeptical of him last week. I totally get Devon having Cane followed, and hopefully they'll get to the bottom of this. But I seriously doubt Cane would have had himself knocked out. I was thinking those sneakers looked familiar, but then I realized that someone I know in real life wears them, and I seriously doubt he knocked Cane out. I don't think Cane had anything to do with it, though. If he did...well, I can't even entertain that. He was knocked out cold and dragged away.

The big thing is, someone sent Cane a text message and then assaulted him in an alley-like area. Was it Adam? Whoever it was appears to have been male due to size and strength. I could be wrong about that. But that's what it looked like. I suppose they'll show us on Monday. And what kind of rashes and bruises would a person really have if they were dragged away over pavement?

Did anyone else get the vibe that Phyllis is crushing on Adam? I also feel like she's got more at stake in this game than just getting Adam back to Genoa City. She really wants to know what's going on with Cane and Chance and the family. The obsession feels like it's about more than her attraction to Adam, although I do believe that's there. She wants him back and might just continue to stay in his penthouse when he's back. She's been with or hates most of the other men in town, so she does need to move on to someone new, and they both share being hated.

Anyway, there's a lot of fuss about a will that can't legally be contested due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. I am hoping there's some payoff for this storyline (and that it's not Devon losing his inheritance).

You're Fired:

Well, Theo was fired. Luke, who watches The Young and the Restless with me, had been looking forward to that scene since he saw it in the previews. He was not disappointed. Theo has looked a little more like he can't manage himself lately. He's not so pulled together and on top of things.

Has Lola pegged Theo? Why does he self-sabotage all the time? "That seems to be your thing," she told him. And he paused. I mean, he seems to get why Kyle is into Lola, which makes me wonder if he'll make a play for her. He definitely looked jealous when he was watching them through the window at Society. Is Theo "I would never cheat on anyone as hot as Abby Newman" like Arturo? Does Lola suck as a shrink, though? I don't think she's wrong. Theo can maybe read others, but he's not so good with himself.

Is Kyle spending too much time with Summer and paying too much attention to her? When he put his hand on hers, I cringed. He's still hot and heavy with Lola, but Summer isn't out of his mind and thoughts. And with her newfound maturity, will that draw them together again? With all the attention Theo is paying to Lola and all the attention Kyle is paying to Summer, I fear it might only be a matter of time before Lola gives in to Theo's apparently obvious charms (he doesn't do it for me, but I'm not a millennial, either). Theo using Society as his office puts him in proximity to Lola on a daily basis.

Still, it's not making Theo interesting to me. I would not mind him leaving the show.

Talk to Me:

Therapist Sharon is doing great talking to Connor. I honestly feel like she'd make more progress if she did some play therapy and didn't just try to talk with him. The last thing that child wants is to talk, although she can get him to talk a little. He wants to act up, but as with many (most) kids who are acting up, the problem is the situation around him, not him.

Would it be smart for Sharon to go back to school and get some post-grad degree(s)? I think she'd do well getting a license and really doing therapy. Perhaps she has a calling. It seemed she did well with it with the police department. I'm in favor of showing her pursuing her passion and committing to helping others. It gives hope to a lot of us who have a second calling after we raise our kids and want to help others.

Some Newman Stuff:

What can we say about Victor and Victoria's relationship? I 100% understand Victoria being upset that she found out from a reporter about Daddy Dearest's return. When she tossed the letter opener at his portrait, I was impressed with the throw because it went into the picture. I am not sure I'd even hit the picture. Had it been him, she might have broken his collarbone. But I get the anger.

Would she have given up the position if he'd talked to her about it? I'm not entirely sure. She might have. But when she made her impassioned plea for the CEO position and for Victor to retire, it didn't sound like she was willing to step out of the job again. She's been bounced around a lot, and it's time for her to feel that she is as important as one of his boys. If Adam is willing to take over, will Victor dump her and put him in? I sure hope not.

Say what you want about Victoria. She may not be warm and fuzzy (but Billy does make her warmer and fuzzier), but she has worked hard for Newman, and she has been Team Newman more than Adam or Nick has. Of the Newman children, she seems like she is the best fit for the position because she wants it so much. I know you won't all agree, and that's fine. But she has worked harder for Daddy's love than any of her siblings.

Nick is doing his own thing, and I predict he'll run for some office soon. Abby is doing her own thing and creating her own enterprise, which seems to suit her well. Adam? Well, he's not very stable right now and has some things to work out. Which leaves Victoria as the only one who wants the job to prove her love and dedication to Victor's life's work. And I prefer her at Newman to working at Jabot.

Honestly, I don't think it would have gone well for Billy and Victoria to work together (again). We've been there, done that. We can watch our power couple balance their relationship (with romantic interludes like the one they had to end the week) and their work with their family. They can't be together 24/7. None of us can.

Should Victor have stopped the surveillance on Adam? Because I think Phyllis is going to get him back to Genoa City. Did Adam have his come-to-Jesus moment and actually change? Or is he going to be persuaded to help Phyllis get revenge. I have no idea. He is, as I mentioned, a bit unstable, so I don't know where he'll end up or what he'll be doing. His siblings aren't awesome to him, but neither is he awesome to them. Maybe they could all go to a family-building retreat and work through some stuff. But they should all have to walk through a metal detector first. Not that I could see someone pulling a knife, but...

Will Connor end up like Adam? He's got a lot of anger. Perhaps breaking the cycle will take a few more minutes than Chelsea wants it to. I sometimes wonder if Chelsea and Adam should get together again. I think they both have feelings for each other. Even though he doesn't look like Justin Hartley anymore, I think the characters have more in common than Nick and Chelsea do. Nick is perhaps cloyingly sweet to her at moments, and she is perhaps a bit rough on him at other moments. I get that Victor's lie and the small circle that was allowed to know the lie is an issue, but Nick was in an impossible situation. Plus, he was not nice to Adam, and I don't think it was all an act. I wish they could be almost-friends again like they were before Adam "died." Maybe Adam wouldn't try to kill Daddy if he had an ally.

I did like that Victor said he'd always assumed he'd leave Newman feet-first. He'd be happy to die doing what he loved.

Random Thoughts:

How about that Lola ketchup prank? She has a hint of a mean streak. Miss Perfect was a little flirty with Theo for someone who doesn't like or trust him.

Why is Lola always just chopping veggies (and holding the knife incorrectly and cutting super slowly)? She would have a sous chef or two doing the chopping. She is the head chef and should be cooking or at least supervising and creating new entrees.

I hope you're sitting down when you read this, but Victor said he built the company from the ground up. I know, I know. We've never heard this before. What's his next step going to be now that he stepped down (under pressure of loss of family love, it felt like)? I don't think for a moment he'll sit around or take up golf.

Coming up next week:

In the previews, Sharon and Rey may have coffee and a second date (this time around). And is Lola pregnant? Could put a damper on Summer's hopes -- or not if Kyle isn't on board. It seems Amanda wants it to be over, but not sure what that means. She still doesn't have an address on her business cards. And there appears to be a connection between Dina and a Stuart Brooks, and it seems like Traci might be setting out on an adventure. Good! It would be fun for her to have a real storyline (not that we didn't want to see her fantasizing about Cane in her book, mind you, but...).

Closing Thoughts:

Well, that's it for this week. Will there be a way where there's a will (or a fake way where there's a fake will)? Will we find out who has Cane hostage? Will Adam return to Genoa City sooner or will it be later? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Until we meet again in this space, happy viewing, and know I'll be right here watching with you.

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