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by Nel
For the Week of January 27, 2020
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Billy wants Amanda as his sounding board -- not Victoria or a therapist. Adam plans a new future for himself, Chelsea, and Connor. Phyllis plots to take Chance and the Grand Phoenix away from Abby. Kyle takes a different approach with Theo. With all the preemptions, not too much happened this week but February Sweeps are just around the corner. Let's have a peek at what things happened during this short week and maybe deconstruct some of the couples.

Hey there, Y&R fans. I have been invited back to share my thoughts and opinions, but last week was a short week (and a confusing week) because of preemptions. So I am going to try something a little different. I'll talk briefly about what did happen and then then share what I would like to see happen.

Sharon's cancer story will be around for some time, and we are all going to share her anxiety and the fear she will face. I thought Sharon taking Faith and Mariah aside to show them what they should look for in their breasts was brilliant, as was her explanation of what must be done as soon as they discovered a lump. It was so heartbreaking to hear Faith ask if Sharon was going to die. I'm certain we will be shedding a tear or three with Sharon, but she has a very strong support system. Mariah and Faith will always be there for her, and it will be a toss-up between Rey and Nick who will be her rock. They both love her, but I don't see any competition from either of them for her attention. Both men know where they stand.

I was happy that Nick backed Faith's decision to not return to boarding school. Faith and Sharon have a very close relationship, and Faith needs to be nearer to her mother. Sharon explained that cancer treatment has come a long way in the past 20 or 30 years, but there were still women who were losing their lives because they ignored the warning signs or they discovered the lump too late and lost their fight. Sharon assured Faith that hers was caught in the early stages, and her prognosis was good. That appeared to ease Faith's anxiety.

Many didn't like the fact that when Nick had gone to see Nikki and Victor, he didn't tell them about Sharon's health crisis. I disagree because it's not Nick's place to tell them, and Sharon had asked that her condition be kept mum until she could reconcile with it. I wonder how Victor and Nikki will react to the news? I know Nikki has never liked Sharon, but I believe she will show Sharon a lot of compassion and support. Nikki and Sharon have a long history of battles and not seeing eye-to-eye, especially where Nick was concerned, but I think that Nikki's nurturing side will prevail during Sharon's crisis. That's not to say that things won't return to normal once Sharon kicks cancer's butt. When that time comes, she and Nikki can resume slinging insults at each other. I can't wait to see an even stronger Sharon giving Nikki as good as she gets.

Billy has inched closer to blowing up his union with Victoria. Victoria told Nikki she knew Billy had lied to her about the receipt, but she had no proof. Nikki offered Victoria some sage advice. She told her to listen to Billy's side without making him feel he was being judged. She told Victoria to make sure that Billy knew he could talk to her about anything and that he couldn't keep shutting her out. Splendid advice -- until Billy told Victoria that he'd been talking with Amanda about his feelings. I'm sure that must have given Victoria that warm and fuzzy feeling. I can't blame her for blowing up after Billy told her that he felt smothered. Wrong thing to say, Billy Boy!

In this scenario, people have painted Victoria as the bad guy to poor misunderstood Billy. Billy claims that Victoria keeps pushing him to see a therapist, but he claims he doesn't need one. He didn't want to be ashamed because he wasn't the person Victoria wanted him to be. I understand Victoria's anger. She has always had Billy's back, and she has given him numerous chances, but she recognizes the warning signs and knows when he needs help. Each time Billy has promised things would be different, they never are, and once, his actions even put her in mortal danger. Victoria has always been supportive, but at some point, she has to say, "Enough!"

I wonder why Billy can never have a "normal" life for any given amount of time? He is always gambling, cheating, drinking excessively, embezzling, or lying, and when the writers ran out of addictions, they gave him an alternate personality. Will Billy ever have a "normal" life? Obviously, Victoria and Billy have failed to connect, and they have reached a stalemate. What should happen now?

Victoria had an abusive relationship with J.T., and she survived that with a few scars. With Billy, she has been in constant forgiveness mode, and I believe she has reached her breaking point. Billy has had too many addictions, and with the recent mental health issues, I have to wonder if there is something so broken about him that he can't be fixed when he's with a woman who tries to be supportive all the time. Her love that he feels is smothering might really be enabling. I would love to see Victoria move forward with someone new. It's time for her to find someone who would provide the quiet and stable love that she deserves.

Victoria and Nate appeared to have some chemistry, and he might prove to be a good match for her, but I personally would love to see her with someone completely new, like a corporate executive who would support her in her job as well as in her personal life. It's time she had a life without the drama that Billy brings.

As for Billy, in my opinion, pairing him with Amanda would be a really bad idea. They both have far too much baggage, and they would probably wind up in a short-lived, volatile relationship. Lily might be a good match for Billy because she seems to keep him on an even keel, but there again, who knows. Billy is very unstable, and perhaps living with him might be akin to living on top of a volcano.

Devon appears to be very laid back most of the time, but he has been in a bit of turmoil since Amanda Sinclair arrived. He has admitted to Elena that he's been fixated on Amanda because she was a dead ringer for Hilary. Is Devon thinking of uniting with a doppelgänger of Hilary? I hope not. Amanda strikes me as being completely self-possessed and secretive. I don't believe that will change anytime soon. Devon loved Hilary because she was spunky, driven, and tenacious, a complete opposite to Amanda.

A better match for Amanda might be Nate. They could hit it off if Amanda wasn't so standoffish with him. If she'd let her guard down, she and Nate might make a good couple. Hmmm... on second thought, Nate and Elena might make a better couple. Nate and Elena have a very easy rapport, and they are very open to each other. They appear to keep each other in check. Will Nate and Elena pair up if Devon decides he wants to be with the Hilary look-alike? Oh, good grief, I certainly hope not.

Poor Mariah is so morose. She is lost without Tessa, yet she trusts Tessa. She hates that she and Tessa are separated on the one hand, but she is really happy that this tour could set Tessa's career on fire. Why does Mariah trust Tessa? Tessa has neglected to tell her that she'd been married to Tanner, and now she is on tour with her ex. Watch out, Mariah! Tessa might break your heart if those little sparks reignite between her and Tanner. Tessa and Tanner have been spending a lot of time writing music together and forming a bond. The last time we saw Tanner, he looked like he was interested in renewing what he'd had with Tessa, but that could have just been my imagination.

Tessa hasn't always been transparent with Mariah. Why didn't she tell Mariah that she'd been married to anyone, let alone Tanner Cole, a popular rock star? You mean to tell me neither one of them heard any of his songs currently streaming or on the radio? (Does anyone listen to a radio anymore?) That would have been the perfect opportunity for Tessa to fess up, but she didn't. Tessa probably wouldn't have told Mariah about her marriage to Tanner had he not invited her to tour with him. I really hope Tessa stays true to Mariah.

I loved Mariah with Kevin. They made such a cute couple with the easy, teasing, and relaxed friendship. They were quirky and fun. I think that if Tessa sees a greener pasture with Tanner, that's the way she will go. I would love to see Mariah with someone who would cherish her for the warm-hearted and caring person she has become. I have always felt Mariah needs someone better than Tessa, someone with the same standards.

Mariah has come a long way since her cult-following and gaslighting days. We must remember that she'd been brought up by the charming cult leader Ian Ward, who could probably charm a snake into thinking his way. Mariah went through a hard period of adjustment, but with Sharon's love, guidance, and nurturing, she has turned out to be a warm and caring individual. If anyone deserves peace and stability after the life she's had, it's Mariah. She has been through enough hardship and heartache, so I'm really hoping that Tessa doesn't pull the rug out from under her.

Nikki and Victor have had a turbulent marriage, but they always found their way back to each other over the years. They seem to have settled into a comfortable life, and I believe they will remain together. Hmmm... how many times has Nikki been married?

Nikki has been married to Greg Foster, Kevin Bancroft, Jack Abbott twice, Dr. Joshua Landers, Victor Newman three times, David Chow, and Deacon Sharpe. That's ten engagement rings! WOW! Most ladies are happy with one or maybe two. That many engagement rings require a jewelry box of their own. Can you imagine if Nikki was required to fill out a form that required her to disclose all the names she's used? Nikki Reed-Foster-Bancroft-Brooks-Newman-Abbott-Landers-Newman-Chow-Sharpe-Abbott-Newman.

Let's not point our fingers just at Nikki. Jill comes a close second. She got eight engagement rings! With two more, they, too, could have had their own jewelry box. That's eighteen engagement rings between Nikki and Jill. They probably could have bought a small island with the fortune invested in those rocks. Jill was born a Foster, and she married Brock Reynolds, Phillip Chancellor II, Stuart Brooks, Derek Thurston, John Abbott, Rex Sterling, John Abbott, and Colin Atkinson. You can write out her name, because my fingers will cramp if I do.

Michael and Lauren have been the most stable couple in Genoa City. We need more couples like them. In spite of everything they have been through, the love they have for each other has kept them together. They are true soul mates. I think it would take an extinction-level event to break up this couple.

That brings us to Kyle/Lola and Theo/Summer. It looks like Kyle and Lola's honeymoon is over. It might even be the end of their marriage. Theo is busy trying to woo Lola, and he seems to be making progress because Lola appeared to be quite jealous when Leanne, the influencer, arrived at Society for a meeting with Theo and Theo greeted her with a hug. Meanwhile, Kyle and Summer kiss while on their business road trip. So, who will wind up being the biggest culprit in destroying Kyle and Lola's marriage? Theo or Summer -- or will Kyle or Lola do it on their own?

Summer has always loved Kyle, and Kyle has always loved her. When Summer returned to Genoa City, she was nothing but a party girl, and she shunned Kyle. Kyle was hurt by Summer's rebuff. Summer suddenly became very interested in Kyle when she discovered that Kyle was in love with Lola. Summer was intent of making Kyle hers, and like her mother, Phyllis, she used every trick in the book until she managed to blackmail Kyle into a very short-lived marriage (which, admittedly, was his suggestion). Summer has matured somewhat, but I think she will keep trying to win Kyle back because she can't help herself.

Lola, on the other hand, understands Theo because, like her, he came from a blue-collar family, and he has had to fight for everything he wanted, unlike Kyle, who came from money and never had to fight for anything. This appears to be what is drawing Lola to Theo.

Phyllis has always been a conniver and a schemer, and she will likely always be plotting revenge against those she feels wronged her. Nothing stops her. She has no qualms about blackmailing anyone. Phyllis really is an entity unto herself. She is shameless, and it's always no holds barred with her. She believes the Grand Phoenix had been sold out from under her and taken over by Abby Newman (after Phyllis tried to trick it away from Adam then manipulated Abby into buying it then talked publicly about her plan to oust Abby, and somehow she's surprised and upset that Abby bought it and kept her out of the deal). Phyllis wants to destroy Abby. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and that includes luring Chance away from Abby. Abby has admitted that Chance found Phyllis intriguing and entertaining, but I hope Chance has enough sense to stay with Abby. Phyllis would wear him out in a day. She has always been better with Jack, and I would love to see them revisited as a couple. Jack and Phyllis really loved each other, and that was the reason they were so good together.

I have my doubts that Chelsea and Adam will last. Chelsea is deluding herself if she believes that Adam truly loves her. Chelsea needs to heed Chloe's warnings that it's insanity for Chelsea to leave Nick for Adam. Chloe is right. Adam is a sociopath who makes people believe he is the person they want him to be, but Chelsea has turned a deaf ear to the warning, and Adam is going to hurt her when he shows his true colors.

Adam is keeping Chelsea in the dark about his and Chance's association in Las Vegas. She'd seen them together in what appeared to be a very deep conversation. When Chelsea questioned Adam, he told her that if she needed to know, he would tell her (which sounds like something a CEO would tell an underling). This partnership between Chance and Adam is intriguing. Who is this "she" they are referring to? I have read that Abby will be hiring someone to work at Society to replace Tessa, and I'm wondering if this little lady will turn out to be the "she" that Adam and Chance have been referring to. If that's the case, then what is she going to do to make Chance and Adam's hair turn grey?

Adam had mentioned to Chelsea that he wanted to resurrect Dark Horse, and she was all for it. Why? Chelsea should have nixed that idea and realized that Adam was trying to stick it to Nick again. It appears that Adam isn't done with Nick yet. I found it odd that he bought a video game company instead. What is his end game? What happened to resurrecting Dark Horse? Although, now that I think about it, we do see Nick playing video games...

Kevin and Chloe have found their way back to each other and into a very happy life. What can we say about them other than Chloe has accepted that killing Adam wouldn't bring Delia back, and she has decided to move on. Kevin has turned his life around, as well -- well, almost. He has engaged in a little wrongdoing now and then, but he is back with the police department, and he is living his dream with Chloe and his little family.

In closing, I have to say I have enjoyed watching the relationship between Abby and Chance blossom. They appear well-suited for each other and I would love to see this couple have a future together. Abby has had too many unsuitable partners, and I think it's time for her to be with a stable partner -- if only brazen Phyllis could stay out of their orbit with her childish pranks. I can dream, can't I?

And that's a wrap from me for this week. Until we meet again.

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