Who framed Roger Rabbit?
by Nel
For the Week of December 14, 2020
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The mystery of who has framed Billy continues. Chance survived after being shot with a bullet that was meant for Adam. The friction between the Abbotts and the Newmans has ignited as a result. Who framed Billy? Will Lily and Billy be able to discover who the eyewitness is? Will Theo take Jack's offer, or will he proceed with his lawsuit? Will Adam and Chelsea eventually leave Genoa City? Join our columnist as she delves into the antics in Genoa City and offers her opinion on these questions and more in this issue of Two Scoops.

WOW! So much going on with Billy. I wish I could say this is payback for Billy, but I can't. Billy's hatred of Adam is understandable to a degree, but Billy needs to temper that hatred because he was also culpable in Delia's death. He left her alone in the car. As far as I can recall, Billy hasn't tried to frame anyone for anything, but I could be wrong. I do feel for Billy in this situation

The evidence against Billy has certainly piled up. The prosecution has an eyewitness, DNA evidence, a gun registered to Billy that was found in the Dumpster next to Billy's office, and Billy's hatred of Adam for motive. Michael says it's an airtight case against Billy, but I say, "Nay." Has Rey turned into a "Keystone Kop"? When Rey showed Billy the earbud that had been found on the roof where the shooter had been, why would Billy admit to it being his? Okay, the DNA verified it was his, but why would Billy be listening to music when he would have been focused on shooting Adam. That earbud with Billy's DNA was put there to prove he'd been on the roof.

The obvious trail continues. The gun registered to Billy was found in the Dumpster next to his place of business. Well, how stupid would Billy need to be to keep it so close to him? Ridiculous! Billy is smart, and I don't believe for a second he would have thrown his gun into a Dumpster next to his office. IF Billy had been the shooter, he would have taken it across town and thrown it into a Dumpster as far from the shooting scene as possible. Billy told Rey that Victoria's house had been broken into, and Victoria confirmed it. That should have been Rey's second clue Billy was being framed.

I absolutely love Michael with that white hair. It really suits him, but I'm not happy with him. He is a brilliant lawyer but he doesn't see that all this "airtight" evidence leads to a frame-up. Geez, do I need to buy the Genoa City Police Department a clue? Thank goodness we have Lily helping Billy. She is determined to prove Billy's innocence. I don't blame Billy for firing Amanda. Why would she tell him she could reduce Michael's offer from a five-year sentence to a two-year sentence? Does she believe he's guilty? I wouldn't want her as my lawyer, either. She is supposed to give him options and counsel him on whether he should take the deal or not and the ramifications of any decision he makes in that regard. She didn't do any of that. She simply jumped in and said she could reduce his sentence.

The police, the prosecutor, and Victor are all out to get Billy. Thankfully, Billy has quite a number of people who believe and support him. Victor has set his sights on one goal -- get Billy Boy Abbott, whether Billy is guilty or not. I loved how fearless Lily was when she confronted Victor and asked him outright if he'd framed Billy. Funny, Victor never gave her a straight answer, but he did say that if Michael didn't get Billy, he would. He even had the audacity to tell Lily she didn't need Billy as her co-CEO because she was smart enough to run ChanceComm on her own. Well, where does he get off? That was Jill's call, not Lily's. Jill said either Billy and Lily ran ChanceComm together, or there would be no ChanceComm.

Lily is taking a big chance helping Billy, because she believes in his innocence. Lily discovered that the witness' name was Celeste Rosales and at which hotel she was staying. Lily used her skills to find out the witness' room number and went to talk to her. I wonder who the witness really is. I don't believe it was Celeste Rosales, because if it had been Celeste, the first thing she would have done would have been to go and see Lola. Since this is Rey's witness, I assume it was his brilliant idea to register his witness under that name. (Calling Keystone Kop!)

In my opinion, and I have said this before, I think the witness is Alyssa Montalvo. I strongly believe she was the shooter, and she possibly framed Billy for it. She was aware of the animosity between Billy and Adam. I also don't think she is the only one who could have framed Billy. It's possible that Alyssa was the shooter, but someone else might have seen an opportunity to get even with Billy and frame him. Chelsea! Chelsea also has motive for wanting to frame Billy. She is still angry about the exposť about Adam that Billy had published, and she could possibly want to pay Billy back for not allowing her to spend time with Johnny.

Chelsea's desperation to get out of town has also piqued my "spidey senses." Chelsea has been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. I question whether the brain aneurysm is the reason she is acting so desperate to get out of Dodge, or if it is because she's afraid someone will discover that she was the one who framed Billy.

Speaking of Chelsea, I was happy that Adam found out she'd been lying to him about her condition. He chastised her and put his foot down about leaving town before her health has been dealt with. Adam wants his family whole again, but will he ever lose this idiotic vendetta he has against Victor. When Victor came to see him to bid him farewell, Adam couldn't have been ruder if he had tried. When Adam told Chelsea they had to leave for their appointment, Victor asked what that was about. Adam told him in no uncertain terms it was none of Victor's business, and he reminded Victor that he had cut all ties with the Newmans.

Hmm, I'm scratching my head over that one. Adam has legally changed his name from Newman to Wilson. He wants no part of the Newmans, and he has signed off on any heritance coming to him but stipulated it should go to Connor. He and Chelsea are going to move to parts unknown to be away from the Newmans completely. Interesting concept, because when Chelsea couldn't get a doctor's appointment until March, Adam took the phone and, by using the Newman name, got an appointment for the next day.

So, is the Newman name going to be used whenever Adam needs it for leverage? He can't have it both ways. He has legally changed his name to Wilson and no longer has any rights to the Newman name. I have to wonder if Adam knows which end is up. Perhaps he should have stayed in the psychiatric hospital longer than the requisite 72 hours.

How about our boy Theo? Now, there's a guy with a huge ego. He reminds me of that mouse floating down the river yelling, "Lift the drawbridge, I'm coming through." Theo knew Dina for all of five minutes, and now he is suing the Abbotts for Dina's entire estate! Brittany hasn't provided him with stellar advice. First of all, Dina had never paid any attention to Eric, her firstborn, after she'd given him up for adoption. Eric was adopted and legally became someone else's child and the child of his new family. I don't believe that grandchildren have any claim to a will. My experience in estate law is very limited, so please feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken. I don't believe Theo has a legitimate claim on Dina's estate.

Jack offered Theo one of Dina's boutiques in the heart of the fashion industry in Paris, where Theo could make a name for himself and earn a healthy income. Theo refused it because Dina hadn't included it in her will, and he felt it meant nothing to her. He is also really angry because he hadn't been included in receiving a piece of jewelry from the Teardrop of Love. I had to laugh when Summer asked him if he decided to sue the Abbotts because he hadn't been able to add to his man jewelry collection.

I get the impression that Theo doesn't want to work. He is overconfident, and he really believes he will win in court. I think Theo should take the boutique and run, because there is no way he is going to become a millionaire and live the life of a playboy.

Poor Phyllis will never be happy. She is blubbering all over Nick's shoulder because Victoria is being so mean and playing hardball with her. Boy, does that look good on her. Phyllis had no problem trying to scoop that hotel away from Adam when she was helping him dissolve Black Horse after he had taken it away from Nick, but Adam fooled her and said that the hotel she got was in Detroit, and Abby got the hotel in Genoa City. Phyllis pulled a lot of underhanded stunts to push everyone out of her way in order to get that hotel for herself.

Chelsea and Chloe became 25% partners with Abby in the hotel. Phyllis wrangled her way into that partnership, as well. Phyllis pushed Chelsea out by threatening to blackmail her about the dirty money she'd inherited from Calvin Boudreau, her deceased husband. I can't recall if Chloe just left or if Phyllis pushed her out somehow. Then there were all the tricks she pulled to push Abby out, staging robberies, resulting in disgruntled patrons and bad publicity. When Abby decided to build a bigger and better hotel across the street, Phyllis had to sabotage that by buying bones online and burying them on that building site to stall the progress. Phyllis needs to stop the blubbering because she is getting a taste of her own medicine.

Victoria's personality has certainly changed. She has grown quite the backbone. Until there had been a fight for the CEO chair between her and Adam, compliments of Victor, Victoria had always accepted Victor's decisions and how he handled any given situation. The change seems to have happened overnight. She has stood up to Victor, and she has threatened to be done with him over Adam. Many viewers find her cold and heartless, but this is much better than the wishy-washy Victoria who never stood up to Victor -- or anyone else, for that matter.

She put her foot down with Phyllis. Victoria told her she was acting on the clause in their contract for a forced sale of the hotel because she wanted to sell the building at a good profit. If it hadn't been for Nick's help, Phyllis would have been "hotelless." Victoria warned Victor that Adam was blowing smoke about leaving town. She predicted that Adam wouldn't. Her meeting with Adam later proved her right. Adam told Victoria that he had to delay his departure. Victoria later passed that information on to Victor. I personally like the new Victoria. I don't believe she will be as ruthless as Victor, but she won't allow anyone to walk over her, either.

Nick to the rescue. He finally talked Phyllis into letting him help. He gave Phyllis the money to buy out Victoria, but now she is crying that she is a loser because she couldn't save her own hotel. She claimed that Nick had saved it for her. Good grief, there's just no happy medium with her. So how many millions did Nick have to pay to buy out Victoria's 75% stake in the hotel? Phyllis claimed it was a loan, and she would pay back every cent. Phyllis better make sure that she keeps that hotel viable and top notch for many years to come. That's a lot of zeros to pay back.

Hurricane Sally blew into Genoa City, full of fire. I have to wonder who has the bigger ego, Sally or Theo. Sally isn't endearing herself to too many people. Jack isn't impressed. He warned Lauren about her. Sally met Mariah and gushed over Mariah being the co-host of GC Buzz. Sally said that when Mariah had time, Sally wanted to pick Mariah's brain. Sally has been bragging all over town that she had run her own fashion house, and she offered to help Summer because she knew everything about the fashion business. Does that mean that her brain is oozing with information, or is it merely slim pickings?

She is coming across as too arrogant. I can't warm up to her, and it seems many others can't, either. She will use anyone to achieve her goal. She has already admitted to Jack that she had used Theo because he knew a lot of key players. She is pushy and a braggart. Will Sally get to be the head of a fashion house, as she hopes? Not with that attitude. Summer seems to be onto Sally. Sally's "kind" offer to help Summer with fashion struck a sour note, and Summer knows that Sally is after her job. Summer might be a flake, but she is a fighter, and I believe she will do whatever is necessary to stop Sally. Lauren already told Jack that she doesn't mind ambition as long as the ambitious person doesn't try to step over people to achieve their goal.

In the previews for next week, Summer warns Kyle that Sally was going after her job and that she was going to go through Kyle to get it. Sally appears to be rubbing people the wrong way. I believe she is in for a very rude awakening.

There is an alternative for Sally, in my opinion. I don't think Chelsea and Adam are going anywhere anytime soon. Something is going to keep them in Genoa City. I believe Chelsea and Chloe will resurrect Chelsea's fashion line, and Sally might be a good fit for that. Chelsea and Chloe are strong personalities, and I think between the two of them, they would be able to keep Sally in line. I think the three of them could make a great team, and perhaps Sally will temper that arrogant side of herself.

Faith hasn't learned her lesson about alcohol, and Jordan has the worst influence on Faith. Jordan instructs Faith on how to fool the adults, and she encourages Faith to drink. I wonder how long it will be before Nick and Sharon need to do more than just talk to Faith. I have this sinking feeling that Faith's drinking is going to manifest itself at Sharon and Rey's wedding. We all know that most weddings aren't drama free. I was surprised that Abby and Chance's wedding only had a hiccup with Abby's meltdown -- minor by comparison to most of the weddings we have seen.

I hope you have enjoyed my insights and views about what has been happening in Genoa City. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own theories. Until next time -- when I come back to share my Best and Worst of 2020 list -- stay safe!

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