Is revenge sweet or a bitter pill to swallow?
by Nel
For the Week of January 25, 2021
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So much skullduggery, revenge plots, threats, and more blackmail seem to be on the menu in Genoa City. Will Adam remain at Chelsea's side during her recovery, or will he be drawn to Sharon (again)? Can Amanda live with being rejected by her birth mother, or will she fight for recognition? Will Chance tolerate Victor's interference regarding his and Abby's pregnancy issues? Will Summer have the upper hand over Sally with the information Summer gathered in Los Angeles? Join our columnist as she explores these burning questions.

How many of you are tired of Abby's constant weeping? Yes, Abby received the devastating news that she wouldn't be able to bear children because of so much scarring on her uterine wall. My heart goes out to her, but how many women do you know would sit around the house, weeping all day, every day about not being able to get pregnant? I'm surprised that Chance hasn't filed for divorce. Poor Chance! Not only does he have a weeping not-soon-to-be pregnant wife, but he now has Victor interfering in their lives. Ashley did ask Victor to provide Abby with comfort and support, but to Victor, that's a license to take over the situation.

Victor actually had the nerve to tell Chance that, as Abby's father, he had the right to do whatever he thought was best for Abby. I would love to have seen Victor's reaction back in the day if Victor's wife's father had interfered in his life the way he is interfering in Abby and Chance's lives. After the specialists Victor contacted confirmed Abby's doctor's diagnosis, Victor seemed to imply that he would be part of Chance and Abby's decision-making on how they would proceed in bringing their dream of having a child to fruition. Chance certainly didn't look happy, but he chose not to say anything so he wouldn't upset princess Abby any further.

After more weeping and Abby's night at the Grand Phoenix, Abby had an epiphany, and now she wants to explore all avenues that lead to them having a child. I think she is going to become obnoxious with her research, but in the end, I think that Abby and Chance will opt for a surrogate. I think that they are going to choose Mariah as their surrogate. Mariah is a very giving person, and she is Abby's close friend. Mariah and Tessa had discussed having a child, but they weren't certain they wanted that to happen yet. Perhaps with Mariah carrying Abby and Chance's child, it might prompt Mariah and Tessa to have a child of their own. Just a thought playing a game of Ping-Pong in my head. Who do you believe should be Chance and Abby's surrogate, if that's the route they decide to follow?

I'm loving the Billy and Lily relationship. When have we ever seen Billy being honest about what he has done in the past? Lily is certainly bringing out Billy's softer side. In her own way, Lily has made Billy take a good look at himself, and in turn, Billy isn't trying to be someone he isn't. Billy appears to be more at peace with himself, knowing Lily is not judging him. Victoria never did that for him. He always seemed to be walking on eggshells around Victoria.

It appears that Billy and Lily's relationship isn't sitting well on Victoria's palate. You can see the wheels turning on how she can use the kids to manipulate Billy away from Lily. Did anyone notice how flippant Victoria was when she told Nikki that she wouldn't be able to take the kids to the fundraiser skating party at school and that Billy would step in. When Nikki suggested that Billy might have plans, Victoria claimed that Billy would change his plans every time to be with his kids. She was right; Billy canceled his plans with Lily to be with the kids. Lily looked a little miffed, but she has always said the kids came first.

I think Billy caught on to what Victoria was doing when she told Billy she would be joining them at the fundraising skating party. She claimed her meeting had ended early, and she was able to attend with him and the kids. I think Billy needs to reject Victoria the same way she has rejected him time and time again. It's time she got a taste of her own medicine. Why is Victoria so determined to break Billy and Lily apart? She and Billy have reconciled many times, and it never worked, so why is she so determined to make sure that Billy and Lily part ways? Curious. I really hope that Billy tells her it's over and that he is moving on with Lily.

Fresh off her honeymoon, Sharon should be full of romance about her new husband, so why is she so drawn to Adam? She should be more worried about Adam's effect on Faith and Faith's acting out. Something else I noticed, which I'm sure you all did, as well: When Sharon arrived at Adam's penthouse, why did she act so out of character? Was she nervous being around Chelsea, or did she suddenly feel awkward being around Adam with Chelsea present? Then there was the quick exit as if the alien was about to catch and devour her.

Poor Chelsea. In this instance, I feel sorry for her. She really hates Sharon because of Adam's attraction to and reliance on Sharon. Even in her present state, she was able to show her anger by growling. Oh, here's another question for you. I thought Chelsea lost the use of her right side but had some mobility in her left side, so why isn't she moving at all now? This seems very curious to me -- and it did to the doctor, as well. Is this psychological? Another thing... I don't believe for a second that Adam is going to remain at Chelsea's side until she's better. You can see his frustration already, and a frustrated Adam means he didn't get instant gratification, so he is going to look for greener pastures -- like Sharon. By now, Adam and Sharon should be polar opposites. They bring out the worst in each other, but then Adam tends to bring out the worst in any partner.

I thought Sharon turning to Nikki for help with Faith was refreshing. I had grown tired of the constant bickering between these two. I like this newly forged friendship. But Faith is another story. She really lashed out at Sharon because Sharon told Nikki about her drinking. If Faith's drinking wasn't a problem, as Faith states, then why is she so angry? This Jordan chick is such bad news, and it surprises me that Faith is friends with her. Faith has always had a good head on her shoulders, so what is the attraction to Jordan, who is also older than Faith. Perhaps that's what the draw is, the age difference and the liberties the age difference allows. I wonder how long Faith is going to allow Jordan to manipulate her before she sees Jordan for who she really is. I hope Nikki can point Faith to the right fork in the road.

I can't blame Faith for going off on Adam. She is suffering with being bullied as a result of what Adam did to her at birth. She has also learned of Sharon and Adam's connection, and she can't understand how Sharon was ever able to forgive Adam for telling Sharon her baby had died after he'd given Faith to Ashley. Faith is hurting, and at fourteen years old, she has no idea how to handle the situation, so she is acting out. I really hope that, between Sharon, Nick, and Nikki, they can find a way of helping Faith stop her spiral.

Summer is hot on Sally's trail. Look who she bumped into and who is ready and able to give her all the damaging ammunition she needs to put an end to Sally's reign of terror -- Flo Fulton, Wyatt Spencer's girlfriend (and Wyatt is Sally's former boyfriend)! Will the information that Flo provides Summer be delicious or merely burnt offerings? I'm sure Summer will believe it's delicious because she will have the upper hand, but for how long? Will this lead to Sally losing her new job at Fenmore's? Will Sally find a way to twist that information to make herself look like she'd been the victim? That remains to be seen. Will Jack and Lauren believe Summer?

It's going to be hard for Sally to put a twist on what she's done. In case some of you don't watch The Bold and the Beautiful, Sally has done some unsavory things, but the most recent ones were the worst. She had been dating Wyatt Spencer, but he broke it off with her in favor of Flo Fulton. Sally wanted him back, so she faked a terminal illness to gain Wyatt's sympathy, and Flo went along with it until Flo realized Sally was faking it. Sally, in turn, kidnapped Flo and tied her to a radiator so that Sally could go to Wyatt and seduce him in the hope that Wyatt would impregnate her, which would tie her to him because of the child. Her plan failed, Flo escaped, and Sally ran for the hills. I loved the look on Sally's face when she saw the photo of Summer with Flo. Sally knew she was in trouble.

As much as I don't like Summer, I had to cheer when I saw that. Until now, Sally appeared to have the upper hand over Summer. I don't see how Sally can put a spin on this, so I wonder if she will come clean to Jack and Lauren before Summer does. Sally definitely will not take this lying down. She will strike back in some way. Sally is feeling vengeful, and I wonder if striking back will include Flo. I think Sally will dig up some ammunition on Summer and fire back in some way, but that's just speculation on my part.

Speaking of Jack, does anyone feel that Sally has her sights set on Jack? Jack seems to have a real soft spot for redheads, so he might just fall for Sally's machinations. But maybe not -- Sally might tell Jack about her past before Summer has the chance to. That information might have Jack seeing Sally in a different light. If he and Sally do become a couple, Sally will tear him apart. If Jack is partial to redheads, let it be Phyllis and not Sally. Jack and Phyllis were good together until Victor ruined them.

What has happened to Nick? When did Nick hop on the revenge wagon? Phyllis has certainly converted him, and I'm not sure this is a good thing. Why is Nick so hellbent on getting revenge on Victoria? Was it because she bought up Phyllis' loans for the hotel? I wonder if Nick knows that Phyllis had tried to outsmart Victoria when Victoria had turned down Phyllis' proposal that Newman use her hotel for clients and functions? That was what lit the fire under Victoria to take the action she did. (And why does he forget that Phyllis' subterfuge with Adam is what led to her even being in possession of the hotel that Nick was building in the first place? I mean, he was screwed over -- by Phyllis!! -- and he just lets that go like it was nothing. And gives her a boatload of his money to fix the situation she got herself into.)

Now Nick wants to hold the embezzlement by the CFO in the Los Angeles office over Victoria's head. To what end? Is he planning to blackmail Victoria to ensure that she leaves Phyllis and her hotel alone? For a guy who is ready to help those in need, his attitude toward Victoria goes against the grain for me. I'm not saying Victoria doesn't need to be brought down a peg or fourteen, but it shouldn't be by Nick.

What does Nick think he will gain from that? I don't remember Nick ever being a revenge kind of guy. Nick always stood behind Victoria about becoming CEO of Newman, but once Victor finds out that Victoria covered up the embezzlement in the Los Angeles office by the CFO, Victoria could lose the CEO chair. Does Nick really want that for her? His attitude has me confused, so I guess we will just have to watch how things play out.

Amanda and Devon appear to be getting closer, but do we want to see a Devon and Amanda union? I don't! This is too much like Devon and Hilary, and I would really rather see him and Elena reunite. Devon and Hilary were a volatile couple, while he and Elena were loving and understanding of each other. Devon and Hilary never were. I'm not sure if a day went by without them arguing. We have seen Amanda's angry side, and I think a union between Devon and Amanda would be the same as Devon and Hilary, but on a somewhat less volatile level. So, no thank you to this union. I just hope Devon and Elena can find their way back to each other.

Amanda certainly had a rude awakening when she met her birth mother, Naya, and overbearing half-sister, Imani. Weren't they just a joy and a family everyone would love to have? I couldn't believe that Naya had allowed her parents to make the decision regarding the twins and that Naya would allow Imani to dictate whether Naya chose to have a relationship with Amanda or not and then follow up with a restraining order. I always thought my family was dysfunctional, but by comparison to Amanda's, mine was a dream. I wonder if Amanda is going to pursue a relationship with her mother in spite of the restraining order, a mother who really didn't seem to care about her. Naya didn't seem interested in anything that would tie her to Amanda. It appears that Amanda got all the answers she wanted -- or at least all the answers, not necessary what she really wanted.

Does Elena have the same feelings for Nate as she does for Devon? I don't think she will ever feel for anyone the way she feels about Devon. You can see how much she regrets that one night with Nate, but that's not to say she doesn't have deep feelings for Nate. They just aren't as deep as her feelings for Devon. I would love to see Devon forgive Elena and reunite with her, and Devon remain close friends with Amanda.

I hope you enjoyed my insights and views about what has been happening in Genoa City. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own theories. In the meantime, it's a wrap for me. Until next time, stay safe!

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