Were these boots made for walking?
by Nel
For the Week of March 8, 2021
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Another week that has been fraught with turmoil. How long will Summer stand by Kyle, knowing he has a son with Tara? What evil plot does Chelsea have in her cauldron for Adam and Sharon? Will Chloe be able to help Chelsea with her plans for revenge? Can Chelsea walk away from Adam for good? Will Sharon be able to walk away from the hold Adam has over her? Can Sharon and Rey save their marriage, or will Rey take a hike? Has Faith turned over a new leaf? Will Abby's plans to start a family without Chance succeed? Many opinions, and perhaps a speculation or two, are waiting in Two Scoops.

Where should I start? At the beginning? At the juiciest part? Let's go with the juiciest, Summer and Kyle. Now that Kyle has confirmed he is Harrison's biological father and he finally shared that tidbit with Summer, will Summer really stand by her man, or will she head for the hills? My bet is she is going to choose the hills. I think once she gets a taste of what Ashland Locke can do, she won't want to face the ensuing turmoil he will create, and she is going to leave Kyle high and dry. Kyle is going to be devastated, but then again, maybe not. He might finally realize how shallow Summer really is.

Let's welcome Richard Burgi in his recurring role as Ashland Locke. He always does such a great job playing the ruthless villain. He is certainly going to churn things up in Genoa City. Kyle better find a suit of armor to wear if Ashland ever discovers that Kyle had an affair with Tara, Ashland's wife, and that his son, Harrison, is really Kyle's. But maybe the suit of armor isn't such a great idea if the thunderbolts begin to fly -- or Kyle might be roasted in it!

I think Summer, like her mother, is very shallow. Summer's insecurities rear their ugly little heads when Summer believes she isn't in the loop about something, especially if she thinks Kyle is keeping secrets. She believes she should be privy to everything about Kyle. Summer told Kyle she would stand by him through thick and thin, but does she really mean that? Summer's priority has always been to look out for Summer, and I don't believe she will back Kyle when things get tough. At this point, I think Summer believes that all they have to do is keep quiet about Kyle's affair with Tara and the truth about Harrison, and all will be well. However, once things start to heat up, it's in her nature to run, and that is what she will do -- again. I will eat my words if she sticks by Kyle when things become heated.

Summer wasn't happy, to say the least, when Kyle informed her that he'd confided in Mariah. She claimed that Kyle should have confided in her, not anyone else. I agree with that, but only to a point. First of all, when Kyle confided in Mariah, he didn't have confirmation that Harrison was indeed his son. He needed to talk to someone he could trust, and he knew Mariah would keep his secret.

However, as soon as Tara confirmed that Harrison was Kyle's son, he should have informed Summer immediately, which he didn't do. He stewed over it until Sally made some veiled comments about him not telling Summer. That was when he decided it was time to tell Summer, regardless of the fallout. Having said that, if Kyle really believed Summer loved and stood by him -- loved him unconditionally -- he would have confided in her immediately. Obviously, he didn't feel that way, and that was the reason he confided in Mariah.

Summer provided Phyllis with the bare-minimum description of what was going on between her and Kyle. When Summer asked Phyllis to help her break into Kyle's phone, Phyllis said she could do it, but she wouldn't. I have to admit, I was shocked when Phyllis discouraged Summer from breaking into Kyle's phone because she wouldn't necessarily find the answers she was looking for. However, Phyllis is a walking contradiction, and she has quite the set of double standards.

On the one hand, Phyllis stopped Summer from breaking into Kyle's phone, but she had no qualms about stealing and then breaking into Sally's computer and discovering that Sally had done extensive research about Jack and the Abbott family. When Nick called her out on her actions, Phyllis claimed she had to protect Jack from Sally. She told Nick she'd do anything to have a drama-free life.

Nick was right when he pointed out that Phyllis wasn't happy unless she had her nose in other people's business. Phyllis' newest target is Jack. She insists on protecting him from Sally. Jack is a grown man and can look after himself. Summer is an adult and should be able to take care of herself, but Phyllis treats her like a ten-year-old child. She constantly peppers Summer with questions about her relationship with Kyle. It's none of Phyllis' business. Phyllis is a busybody and a revenge seeker. I hope Nick gets fed up and finally walks away from her. Again.

Speaking of walking away, how about our Chelsea! She played out a scenario in her head about how she would exact revenge on Adam and probably Sharon. Not only has she secretly regained the use of both her hands, but she can stand. What a miraculous feat only a few of weeks after her stroke. I guess we have a case of writer's license to move this storyline along, since they couldn't keep Chelsea in that chair for months on end. Nevertheless, I can't wait to see what Chelsea has in store for Adam and probably Sharon.

Chelsea has miraculously regained her mobility, albeit tenuously. Chloe believes Chelsea can only move her left arm, so I imagine Chloe will be shocked when Chelsea reveals the extent of her progress. Chloe has offered to help Chelsea with her plans of revenge against Adam. Chelsea is determined to walk away from Adam, and Chloe hopes she can finally help Chelsea achieve that goal. I hope Chelsea succeeds breaking the hold Adam has had on her. Chelsea seems to be a little paranoid over every text message or phone call Adam receives because she believes it's about Sharon, and I can't blame her. I think she has finally been able to lose those rose-colored glasses and see Adam for who he really is.

I have to wonder if Chloe's new place of residence is in a cave with no reception. I'm surprised she hasn't seen the photo of Sharon and Adam kissing on social media. What surprises me even more is that with Kevin's prowess on computers, he surely would have seen it and shared it with Chloe. Yet, when Chloe paid Chelsea a visit, she appeared to be completely clueless about the photo. Hmmm, this makes no sense to me.

Adam and Victor appear to be cozying up to each other. Victor has given Adam an opportunity to head up the new media company, Cyaxares, that Victor intends to buy from Ashland Locke. Adam is intrigued and is considering Victor's offer, but he also sees through Victor's plan. He knows Victor is buying that company and using it to get back at Billy and destroy ChanceComm. It obviously doesn't bother Adam. I'm not sure I like this new dynamic between Victor and Adam. It feels a little bland to me; however, be that as it may, Victor is in his happy place now that he has Adam under his wing.

Victoria knows exactly why Victor wants to buy Cyaxares. It would be his way of getting his pound of flesh for Billy's exposť about Adam. She wants nothing to do with Victor's plan. She made a stand. She called Ashland Locke herself and informed him that all future negotiations for Cyaxares would be handled solely by her on behalf of Newman. Well, you go, girl. I hope she can block Victor's plan.

In the meantime, Billy has been working very hard, trying to find someone to back him financially for the purchase of Cyaxares and outbid Victor for it. Like Victoria, he is also aware that Victor wants to get back at him and destroy ChanceComm.

Okay, I'm going to do a little speculation, so, I'm throwing this out for what it's worth. After Billy returned to the office, he appeared very excited, even after Jill had turned him down about buying Cyaxares. That had me wondering why he was so excited. What if he and Victoria have teamed up to outsmart Victor? What if Victoria wins the bid for Cyaxares, she might then sell it to Billy, OR, by outbidding everyone for the company, she would have it under the Newman umbrella, thereby acquiring a great acquisition, blocking Adam from running it, and eliminating any retaliation against Billy. Either one of these would be an interesting situation, and it would certainly have Victor's knickers in a knot. We can't always have Victor on the winning end of everything. And who better to outsmart him than his daughter, when he's always had more of a business soft spot for his sons?

Who didn't love the scene between Victoria and Lily? I loved how Lily got her point across. She does it quietly, but she packs quite a punch. I loved how she told Victoria that she'd noticed how Victoria seemed to be a constant presence lately whenever she and Billy made plans. To add insult to injury, Lily told Victoria how well she and Billy got along, how well they communicated, and how wonderful her and Billy's relationship was. As usual, Miss Sour Grapes Victoria, had to tell Lily not to expect things to last with Billy because he was too restless and hated status quo. Lily assured Victoria she couldn't be scared away. She asked if Victoria's sudden interest in Billy was because he'd become the man Victoria had always wanted him to be while they had been married. Of course, Victoria denied it. I think this was one of the very rare times I stood up and actually cheered. Go Lily!

I loved the scene between Sharon and Faith when Sharon explained that things weren't always black and white. She told Faith that Adam had saved Faith's life during a tornado. He'd thrown himself over her to protect her. He had also saved Sharon when she'd been out of control. Adam had gotten her psychiatric help, and that was when she'd been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Faith was surprised by this revelation. That was a lovely mother and daughter moment. Sharon reassured Faith that she and Rey would work on fixing their problems and that she wanted to give Faith a safe and loving environment.

I'm happy Sharon has agreed to go to counseling with Rey; however, I have to wonder if the counseling is going to help her shed the hold Adam seems to have over her. I also wonder if she is going to be completely honest about Adam in these counseling sessions. Will they bring this couple together, or will Rey walk out? I personally hope it brings them together. Rey is a steadying force in Sharon's life. I know what you are all thinking, that they are a bit boring, but after a long stretch of drama, everyone needs a bit of boring in their lives. I think it's time for a little bit of boring in Sharon's life before the drama regains its consciousness.

Faith appears to have matured overnight, or is that just my imagination. Nick told Faith he'd discovered who had posted the photo of Sharon and Adam. Many people thought it had been Jordan, and I have to admit that in the beginning, I also thought it was Jordan, but it turned out that busboy at Society had given the photo to his girlfriend, who attended Walnut Grove, and she posted it. Mystery solved, or is it?

Faith told Nick and Sharon that she'd been reflecting on everything that had happened to her during the past year. She realized that Jordan had manipulated her, which resulted in her making some bad choices. She also noted that Jordon became extremely miffed if Faith didn't do as Jordan asked. Faith said that wasn't cool. After she'd heard that the girl who had posted the photo of Sharon and Adam had been suspended, it seemed to give Faith that extra boost she needed, and she gave up the names of the other girls who had been bullying her. She wanted an end to it, but is it really the end?

Who sent her that text message saying they hoped these girls got what was coming to them for hurting Faith? Like Faith, I also want to know how this person got her new number. Who is this person? Could it be a secret admirer? Are Faith's bullies really gone, or is this a new approach to bullying?

I'm not a fan of the surrogate storyline. What woman in her right mind would go ahead and plan to have a child through surrogacy when her husband is on a secret assignment with no expiration date? Why is she in such a rush? Abby has a close friendship with Mariah and Devon, but in the end, I think these friendships will be destroyed. I believe Abby would have been better off choosing a stranger as a donor and a stranger willing to carry Abby's baby.

Asking Mariah and Tessa to move in with her is a huge mistake. Abby is strong-willed, and she will keep trying to dictate to Mariah. Mariah will get her dander up, and the in-house arguments will begin, at least that's the way I see things playing out. My best friend, who I knew from the age of three, decided we should move in together once we graduated. While we were very close growing up together, we couldn't live together, and it almost destroyed our friendship. I heard the same thing happened with some of my other friends who had moved in with their besties. I see the same thing happening if Mariah and Tessa move in with Abby.

Tessa will always protect Mariah. Abby will be pitted against the two of them. I see Devon stepping in as mediator, and that will rankle Abby if he doesn't see things her way. That will be the catalyst that will destroy their friendship. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see a happy ending here. The best thing that could happen is if Abby decides to put everything on hold and wait for Chance to come home and share in the experience with her. Who knows, if and when Chance returns, he might be able to father their child. At this point, I think Abby needs Chance at home, be it Donny Boaz or a recast.

Here is something else I am pondering. Devon, Mariah, and Abby have had their contracts drawn up, and they have all signed them. Shouldn't Chance also have a say in Abby's contract, and shouldn't his signature also be on it? How legal is all this without his consent? I can see Abby going ahead with all her plans if she was single, but I think the contract also needs Chance's signature. They are all proceeding like Chance has no say. I don't think Chance stating in a letter that Abby should proceed with creating their family is enough to make everything legal.

Devon has his own issues. He's feeling guilty for sleeping with Elena and not telling Amanda. Amanda is on cloud nine, thinking she and Devon have a great thing going. Devon claims he can't forgive Elena for betraying him. Hey, Devon, remember when you carried on an affair with Hilary while she was married to Neil, and you had no regrets? Neil forgave you. Elena only had a one-night stand with Nate, and you can't forgive her? Shame, shame, Devon.

I'm also not loving that Devon has been dickie-dunking with Amanda, Hilary's twin. Why? Hilary was a force to be reckoned with, but so is Amanda -- in a different way from Hilary -- but nonetheless, their personalities are similar. Is Devon trying to reclaim the life he lost with Hilary by replacing it with Amanda? He has admitted that he still loves Elena. I would like to see him forgive her and reunite with her. Let Amanda and Nate make a life together. They had a lot of chemistry, and they seemed to enjoy each other's company. I would love to see Devon away from his wife's look-alike and with Elena.

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts about what has been happening around our favorite town recently. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own thoughts. In the meantime, it's a wrap for me. Until next time, stay safe!

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