Miles Gaston Villanueva would love to return to The Young and the Restless and work with "powerhouse women"
Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2020 1:33:11 PM
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Anyone up for a Luca and Victoria pairing? Miles Gaston Villanueva says he's into the idea, as he loved working with Amelia Heinle while he was in the shoes of Luca Santori.

The Young and the Restless alum Miles Gaston Villanueva (ex-Luca Santori) recently asked his Twitter followers what role they would most love to see him in and -- not surprisingly -- several people wrote that they'd love to see him return to Genoa City, the place he called home from 2015 to 2016. But would the actor be up to reprising his bad boy soap character?

The conversation about his possible return to daytime started when Villanueva asked his followers, "If you could see me play one role, in any franchise, TV show, or film -- existing or to be done for the first time -- what/who would it be?"

A Y&R fan responded with, "Luca on Y&R. Kyle [Michael Mealor] needs some competition for Summer's [Hunter King] affection."

In response, Villanueva first expressed shock that Kyle was back (the fictional characters didn't exactly, er, get along) and then said that the thing that would really excite him into returning to Genoa City would be the chance to continue working with Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) or Gina Tognoni (who played Phyllis Summers while he was on the show but was replaced by original portrayer Michelle Stafford in 2019).

"Bring me back so I can work with Gina and Amelia in greater capacity. That would make it real worthwhile," the actor tweeted. "Best scenes I experienced were with those powerhouse women. Gimme more of that sharp and powerful and connected storytelling."

As Y&R fans may recall, Villanueva was written off the canvas in 2016 after it was revealed that Luca was a bit of a shady character. But long before he went, there was a fantasy scene that had fans jumping at the idea of a Victoria and Luca pairing. Unfortunately, it didn't happen -- but a romance between Luca and Summer did.

Viewers were very vocal about which woman was best for Luca, with Villanueva telling Soap Central about fan reaction, "Just to see them respond to the potential, the what if, of Luca and Victoria, that was fun. And just to see them respond so vibrantly to certain things on the show: Summer and Luca, the Victor [Eric Braeden] and Luca confrontations, the Luca and Victoria fantasy. That's so cool to read that stuff... It's a wonderful perk of the job."

Judging from the conversation that followed Villanueva's recent "casting call" tweet, it looks like the Victoria versus Summer debate is still thriving -- even if Luca isn't! Which way do you lean on the debate: Luca and Victoria, or Luca and Summer? Would you even be interested in seeing Luca return to Genoa City? Let us know in the Comments section below.

How do you feel about the potential Y&R return that was discussed on Miles Gaston Villanueva's Twitter feed? Would you like to see Luca back in Genoa City? If so, would you be interested in the writers exploring something between Luca and Victoria? Or would you prefer that Luca get between Summer and Kyle? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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