Stacy Haiduk back to The Young and the Restless? Actress says she'd "absolutely" love it
Posted Monday, June 08, 2020 8:26:35 AM
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Now that she has wrapped her run as Days of our Lives' Kristen DiMera, could Stacy Haiduk return to The Young and the Restless? She says she'd love to step back into the shoes of Dr. Emily Peterson in a super soapy twist.

Most The Young and the Restless fans know Stacy Haiduk as Paul's (Doug Davidson) wacky sister, Patty Williams, but the actress has also played two other Genoa City characters -- one of which she says she would "absolutely" love to revisit.

In a quick chat with Soap Hub, the actress opens up about her acting future now that she has wrapped her time as Days of our Lives' Kristen DiMera. And she says that she would welcome a return to Y&R, where she first debuted in 2009 as Mary Jane Benson -- who later turned out to be Patty Williams -- and also played the role of Dr. Emily Peterson, Patty's look-alike therapist.

With Y&R writers possibly needing to explain on-set social distancing when the show resumes production (which could be as early as this week), they could have some characters begin remote therapy sessions with Dr. Peterson -- which Haiduk would love.

"Oh, yes, absolutely!" Haiduk enthuses of reprising the character before joking, "Maybe Patty can dress up as Emily and start seeing patients?"

There's plenty of drama to be had with that, especially considering Patty's obsession with Dr. Peterson. As fans may recall, Patty had had plastic surgery to look just like her therapist because she had grown so dependent upon her.

However, fans might not want to get too attached to the idea of Haiduk returning. Although she wrapped her DAYS run in May, the actress teased that it's not necessarily the end. "After all, I am the Phoenix!" she joked about her Salem character.

For more from Haiduk on her history at Y&R, check out Soap Hub's original article here.

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