Victoria is put into a medically induced coma
The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, February 21, 2020
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Friday, February 21, 2020

At the Newman Enterprises anniversary bash at Top of the Tower, Adam was in awe that Chelsea had said yes to his marriage proposal. She couldn't wait to see the look on Connor's face when they told him they were getting married. Adam regretted that he didn't have a ring, but Chelsea replied that she didn't need one. He marveled that he'd thought they'd celebrate his father and have a drink that night, but one word from her had changed his life. "Our lives," she clarified, and they embraced.

Victor thanked Nate for joining the party, and Nate was sorry that he'd missed the speeches because he'd been held up at work. Victor noted that he might not have been there without Nate's expertise. Elena encouraged Nate to check out the amazing artwork, and Devon called it one of a kind. "Like its inspiration," Nikki lovingly mused.

Amanda waited for the elevator. Ripley stepped out of the stairwell and looked stunned to see Amanda. "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked, but he hurriedly boarded the elevator without saying a word, leaving her behind.

Inside the art gallery, Billy helped Victoria down to the floor after she'd been stabbed. He coached her to stay with him and look at him, and he yelled for someone to call 9-1-1 as Victoria panted for breath. Billy called out for Paul while Christine phoned in a medical emergency. Paul took over tending to Victoria and promised that they'd get her to the hospital right away.

Summer and Kyle raced over, and Christine instructed Kyle to look for a doctor and to fetch napkins and towels. Kyle returned to the dining area and whispered something to Elena, who grabbed Nate. Nate and Elena rushed in to examine Victoria, and he worried that Victoria had a punctured lung that was preventing her heart from pumping the way it should. Paul led Billy away and ordered him to talk, starting with "how the hell" it had happened.

Victoria begged Nate to tell her the truth about her condition, and he counseled her to keep breathing. Paul asked why Billy was there that night, and Billy insisted that he and Victoria had just been talking. Paul speculated that something had gotten out of hand for Victoria to end up with a stab wound, and he suggested that Billy call an attorney. Billy swore that he hadn't done it. Victor entered with Nikki.

Nate mentioned that the paramedics were on the way, and Nikki panicked when she saw a bloody Victoria on the floor. Victor demanded to know who had done it, and Billy relayed that Victoria had said someone had bumped into her. Victor scoffed at the idea that there had been a mysterious intruder, since there was only one person with motive, and he held "Billy Boy" responsible. Amanda confirmed Billy's claim that he hadn't done it.

Amanda contended that Ripley Turner had hurt Victoria, and she reported that she'd seen him leaving. Victor realized that the name sounded familiar, and Amanda explained that Ripley was an ex who she had a restraining order against. Paul wondered why Ripley would hurt Victoria, and a shaken Amanda believed Ripley had mistaken Victoria for her. Paul requested a description of Ripley. The EMTs arrived, and Nate informed them that Victoria was tachy and had lost a lot of blood. The Newman family looked on in horror as Victoria was loaded onto a stretcher.

As the EMTs carried Victoria away, Nate called the hospital to prepare them for the ambulance's arrival. On his way out, Nate instructed Amanda not to be alone that night. Chance asked if Abby was okay, and he wondered what he could do. She understood that he wasn't working for the government anymore, but she requested that he find the "bastard" who'd done it and make him pay. Nick advised Summer not to go to the hospital because there would already be a lot of people there, and he promised to keep her posted. Victor and Nikki helplessly watched as the elevator doors closed behind Victoria.

Phyllis found a distraught Amanda at the bar and asked if she was okay. Amanda stammered that she'd never dreamed Ripley would do that, and Phyllis wondered if Amanda had been dealing with it all that time. Amanda swore that things had never been like that with him.

Billy asked if he was under arrest, since he wanted to get to the hospital. Rey pushed to get information about the incident while it was still fresh in Billy's mind. Billy reiterated that Victoria had said someone had bumped into her, but he hadn't seen the assailant's face because he'd been turned the opposite way. Billy snapped that they knew who the suspect was and the motive, and he rushed out.

Rey crossed over to Amanda, and Phyllis stepped away. Amanda recalled that she'd last seen Ripley at the coffeehouse when she'd warned him to leave town, and he'd promised that he'd go away. Rey understood that sometimes they trusted the wrong people, and it didn't mean Ripley's actions were her fault. Rey wondered if she knew where Ripley might run or who he might turn to for help, but she whimpered that she didn't know who Ripley really was because she hadn't known he was capable of something like that. She shuddered as she thought back to the look in his eyes when he'd run into her and realized that he'd hurt the wrong person.

Rey assured Amanda that there were cops all over the street, trying to find Ripley and make sure he got what he deserved. Rey instructed her to let him know if she remembered even the smallest detail, and he urged her to go home and get some rest. She questioned how she was supposed to do that, and he offered to post a cop outside her door, day and night. Amanda swore that if she had known, she would have made sure Ripley had spent time behind bars. Rey reasoned that there was no way she could have known, and he maintained that she shouldn't blame herself.

At the cottage, Noah made Sharon some tea, and he apologized for staring at her. He asked if there was anything else he could do for her, and she urged him to go back to the party and soak up the spotlight. She gushed about how proud she was of him for creating the art installation, and she was glad he was there. Noah pointed out that he wasn't only there because of his exhibit, though he recognized that she'd told him not to run back because of her chemotherapy. Sharon questioned when her children had ever started listening to her.

Noah wondered what chemo was like, and Sharon admitted that it sucked. She recalled that the anticipation of it had been "hell," but the reality of it wasn't as exciting as watching grass grow. Noah inquired about the side effects, and she shared that they were supposed to get worse over time. She recounted that she'd gotten through her first round of treatment fine, but then she'd been hit with nausea and exhaustion. She'd dealt with it by cocooning. She was still glad she'd gone to the party that night, since it had been a lesson for all of them. She considered it a reminder that whether one was sitting on the prettiest horse on the carousel or just watching the ride, it just kept twirling.

Sharon and Noah looked at old photos. She pressed to know more about his life in London, and he admitted that it had taken awhile for him to figure out what to do with his life. Sharon imagined that Victor pushing him to work at Newman Enterprises since Noah had been a baby hadn't helped. Noah mentioned that he'd done a show at a gallery in London and that someone else had commissioned an installation similar to the one on display at the gala. Sharon jokingly asked if she had any grandkids she didn't know about, and Noah shared that he'd met someone but that they were taking it slowly. She wanted to hear all about it when he was ready to share.

Noah assured Sharon that she was as beautiful as she'd ever been, and she asked who had paid him to say that. He implored her to let him photograph her so she could see herself through his eyes. She encouraged him to go back to London to do the work he wanted to do and make a name for himself, since he might not get back to his plans if he put them on hold. She asserted that it made her happy that he'd found what he loved to do in life, but he insisted on being there. Sharon agreed that Noah could stay until her surgery; however, she wanted him on a flight afterward, and she lectured not to argue with her because she was the mom.

Over the phone, Sharon thanked Rey for some information and told him to be careful. Faith descended the stairs and revealed that she'd read online that something had happened at the party, since an ambulance had rushed someone to the hospital. Sharon mentioned that Rey had just called to let them know that Victoria had been stabbed. She continued that the police were in pursuit of the suspect, and Victoria needed their prayers. She shared that it appeared to be a case of mistaken identity.

Victoria was rushed to the hospital, where Nate directed a team to stand by in the operating room. In the waiting area, Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Abby anxiously anticipated an update. Victor pledged to find out who had been responsible and why. Nick preferred to concentrate on Victoria, and he willed her to make it. Adam and Chelsea arrived, and the minutes of waiting turned into hours. Abby and Nikki worried about how much longer it would be.

Later, Nick called Summer and reported that the doctors were still running tests. Chelsea returned from fetching coffee for everyone, and Adam informed her that there still hadn't been any word. Nate appeared and announced that a CT scan had revealed severe injuries to Victoria's liver and lung, but she'd stabilized, so they were transporting her for surgery. Victor firmly stated that he had confidence Nate would save her, and Nate rushed off. Nikki wished she could see Victoria, and Victor assured her that there would be plenty of chances once Victoria got out of surgery.

Paul walked in, and the Newmans updated him about Victoria's condition. Paul swore that finding the assailant was the police's top priority, and he mentioned that he'd posted an officer outside Victoria's hospital room. Victor refused to thank Paul until the police found the "son of a bitch," and he barked that Billy was just as much to blame as the other fellow. Nick suggested that Victor let Paul and Rey deal with it while their family focused on Victoria. Victor vowed to get "the bastard" just as Billy entered. "Well, now, if it isn't the devil himself," Victor growled.

Victor warned that if Billy hurt any of them, he had to deal with all of them. Billy repeated that he hadn't done anything, and Nick and Adam tried to calm Victor down. Billy agreed to leave after he found out how Victoria was doing, and Victor snarled that she was in critical condition and close to death. Nick advised Billy to leave, and Nikki pleaded with Billy to leave them in peace if he'd ever loved Victoria. Billy asked if it meant anything that she was the mother of his children. Chelsea volunteered to walk Billy out and fill him in on what they knew, and they headed out.

Chelsea escorted Billy back to the Grand Phoenix. He asserted that he had a right to find out how Victoria was, and Chelsea promised to make sure he was kept in the loop. She cautioned him not to add to the Newmans' burden by making demands, since they viewed him as the enemy, and he'd never get what he wanted. Chelsea told him to take step a back and let her do it for him, and he said she could write a book on being a Newman outsider. She recognized that the Newmans were barely at the point of tolerating her, and he wished her luck. She warned him not to do anything crazy, and she departed.

A female officer accompanied Amanda and Phyllis to Amanda's hotel room. Amanda and Phyllis entered the room, and Amanda insisted that she was fine. Phyllis observed that Amanda didn't look fine, and she recommended that Amanda always ensure the door was locked, since Ripley was still out there. Phyllis figured that Amanda was the only friend she had, so she needed Amanda alive. Amanda promised to lock the door and to avoid answering the phone.

Phyllis firmly stated that Amanda was safe, and she headed to the door. Amanda voiced surprise that Phyllis was leaving already. Phyllis explained that she wanted to go to the hospital to check on Victoria and get news on Ripley. Amanda questioned whether Phyllis had to go there rather than making a call, and she realized that Nick would be there. Phyllis offered to stay if Amanda needed her, but Amanda swore she was okay, since she had an officer stationed outside the door and a minibar filled with anything a girl could need in a situation like that. Amanda reeled from the fact that Ripley had tried to kill her, and she thought she was in shock.

Amanda regretted that she'd trusted Ripley to leave town and that she'd thought she'd been doing the right thing by giving him a chance. Phyllis hugged her and asked Amanda to repeat the words that it hadn't been her fault. Amanda couldn't say it yet, but she planned to try again the next day. Amanda sent Phyllis to find Nick, and Phyllis gave strict orders not to open the door or answer the phone if Ripley called. Amanda reiterated that she was fine, and Phyllis departed. From outside the door, Phyllis called out that she hadn't heard Amanda lock up behind her, and Amanda turned the bolt. Once alone, Amanda struggled against tears.

Amanda curled up on the bed and checked her phone. She threw it aside and wiped away tears. She opened the minibar and contemplated pouring a drink but decided against it. There was a knock at the door, and the officer called out that someone was there to see Amanda. Billy identified himself and said he just wanted to make sure Amanda was okay, since he knew it had been a rough night for her, too. He added that he didn't think she should be alone, but he understood if she wanted him to go away. After a moment, Billy began to walk away, but Amanda opened the door and faced him.

Amanda thanked the officer, and Billy stepped inside. Amanda lamented that it had been all her fault for not letting the police take Ripley to prison, where he belonged. Billy blamed himself for going to the party when he shouldn't have. He realized that either of them could have been the victim, but it was unfair to Victoria because she'd had nothing to do with it.

Nikki and Abby glared at Phyllis when she joined the Newmans in the hospital waiting area. Phyllis sat next to Nick, who thanked her for being there. In the corridor, Adam approached Victor and wished he knew what to say. Victor bemoaned that there was nothing to say in times like that, but they were all there, where they belonged. Victor felt it was times like that that made them realize that family was all that mattered -- not the money, the accolades, or the settling of scores. "I know that now," Adam softly replied, admitting that it had taken him some time to finally understand it. Victor put his arm around Adam and said he appreciated it.

Chelsea returned to the hospital. Adam informed her that there had been no word yet, and he thanked her for handling Billy. Nate and Elena returned. Nate shared that Victoria had made it through surgery, but they had to monitor her very carefully. Elena explained that they'd needed to put Victoria in a medically induced coma, and Nate added that it was Victoria's best possible chance for recovery. Elena invited the Newmans to sit and talk to Victoria. Nate stated that all they could do was wait and hope for the best. The Newmans consoled one another.

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