Nikki and Victoria discover Victor's secret
The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, April 15, 2019
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Monday, April 15, 2019

At Victoria's, Nikki was pleased to learn that Victoria's secretive trip to Las Vegas had enabled her to face her demons and move on. Victoria explained that Billy had tracked her down. Nikki hinted that perhaps Victoria and Billy had mended their relationship. Victoria noted that she and Billy would proceed very slowly. Nikki said it sounded as if Billy and Victoria had at least forged an understanding. Victoria said she'd been reminded of how good they could be together. Victoria added that she and Billy had been brutally honest while discussing issues they'd been holding back for a long time.

Nikki became concerned when Victoria mentioned having hosted a high-stakes poker game. Nikki asked if Victoria had set up the game intentionally to determine how Billy would react. Victoria, taken aback, insisted she would never do such a thing to Billy or to anyone in recovery. Nikki accused Victoria of treating her like Victor did by acting as if the truth would break her. Victoria asked Nikki when she'd last heard from Victor. Nikki said she'd only received text messages and asked Victoria what she knew. Victoria replied, "Dad is in Vegas. He said he was closing a business deal in New Zealand." Victoria showed her mother a photo of Victor with a man she couldn't identify.

Victoria admitted to Nikki that Victor had been attending poker games up and down the Strip. Nikki surmised that Victoria had hosted a poker party in hopes of luring Victor. Victoria agreed, explaining that she'd hoped to catch her father red-handed. Angry, Nikki cried, "That man has lied to me for the last time." Victoria suggested that her father might have a reasonable explanation. Nikki phoned Victor and left a message demanding he return home within 24 hours. Not satisfied with waiting, Nikki asked Victoria to join her to track down the truth.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nikki pored over Victor's files in search of clues about his secretive ventures. Victoria wasn't in favor of going behind Victor's back. Victoria suggested that the mystery man pictured with Victor in Las Vegas could be a CEO that Victor hoped might become a partner. Nikki said it didn't explain why Victor had lied about where he'd been staying. Victor returned Nikki's call and claimed he was in Istanbul. Nikki asked Victor how he could travel from New Zealand to Las Vegas and on to Turkey so quickly. Victor refused to explain and quickly ended the call.

Victoria asked what Victor had said. Nikki, frustrated, replied, "Be patient. All will soon be revealed." Nikki and Victoria continued their search. In a drawer, Nikki found a bill sent from Summerlin, Nevada. Victoria noted that Summerlin was a few miles outside Las Vegas. Nikki read the invoice and learned that it was from a doctor's office. Nikki cried, "Victoria, what if he's sick?" Nikki was set to fly to Nevada to be with Victor. Victoria researched the doctor and learned that he was a psychiatrist. Nikki said, "Well, then, what is he doing outside Las Vegas, paying for a shrink?"

At the Abbott mansion, Traci was elated when Billy told his sister that he and Victoria were back on track. Billy noted that Victoria was being cautious and measured, though he expressed joy about seeing a light in Victoria's eyes again. Cane knocked on the door. Billy wasn't receptive, but Traci invited Cane inside. Cane said he'd stopped by to apologize to Billy for having blamed him for his failed marriage to Lily. Billy, noting that Traci had acted as a go-between, didn't immediately accept Cane's apology. Traci reminded her brother that it was customary to accept an apology without being snarky. Billy halfheartedly mumbled, "Apology accepted."

After Billy left, Traci asked Cane about Lily. Cane said Lily would soon be released. Traci said she bet the kids would be relieved. Cane said they were and added that he couldn't sign the divorce papers because he believed he could fix his marriage. Traci replied, "Okay, Cane, from what you told me, I thought Lily was not going to be swayed." Cane said Lily meant too much to just give her up. Cane asked Traci to help him. Traci insisted she couldn't get in the middle of Cane's marriage because she might risk losing one or the other as friends.

Cane told Traci that her keen insight about how people fell in love was what inspired her to be an incredible writer. Traci offered to recommend a good marriage counselor. Cane suggested that Traci pretend he was a character in her novel that needed help creating a happy ending. Traci and Cane visited Chancellor Park and continued their conversation. Traci insisted she wasn't a miracle worker. Cane credited Traci for helping him open his eyes.

Traci told Cane that if he were a character in her book, she'd explore what had happened to the man he'd once been who no longer believed he deserved Lily. Traci added that Cane wouldn't be able to fix anything or anyone until he fixed himself. Cane admitted he sometimes lied to keep from hurting others. Cane added that he'd lied about being a Chancellor when he'd first moved to Genoa City because he'd wanted to escape his own identity and better himself. Cane said he lied to Lily because he felt he didn't deserve her. Traci noted that whenever Cane believed he wasn't meeting Lily's expectations, he'd fall back on lies. Cane recalled that after the truth came out each time, it only made things worse. Traci acknowledged that Cane had taken the first step and had proven that he could be redeemed.

Jack stopped by to visit Abby's new restaurant, which was still under construction. Abby excitedly said she was eager to smell the exotic aromas of Lola's cuisine and experience the ambience and beautiful music her patrons were sure to enjoy. Jack said he had an idea that would propel the opening of Abby's restaurant into the stratosphere. Jack suggested that Abby host the launch of the Jabot Collective. Jack added, "We'll invite social media influencers, models, special guests -- all wearing our fashions." Jack assured Abby that the intrigue would lure new customers to Jabot and, in turn, create interest in Abby's new venture.

Abby turned down Jack's plan, citing the feud between her mother and uncle. Abby cried that Ashley would consider it to be a total betrayal. Jack said he understood. Jack added that he still hoped he'd be invited to the grand opening. Abby embraced Jack and said she wouldn't have it any other way.

After Jack left, Devon stopped by and asked about the construction timeline. Abby said she was confident that her crew would soon revamp the space and make it look like a million dollars. Devon mentioned that Mariah had told him Abby believed he would promote the restaurant on GC Buzz. Abby said it was a misunderstanding, though she did float the idea of Devon enlisting his LP artists to perform. Devon said Abby had definitely made him a believer by pulling off what had seemed to be impossible. Abby said she believed she'd found her calling. After Devon left, Arturo stopped by.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Billy paused at the door and took note of the oversized plaque engraved with Jack's name. Billy stood in front of Jack's desk and said his brother had to be a glutton for punishment to sit in the CEO's chair. Jack told Billy he'd stopped by Abby's restaurant and had been impressed that their niece, while possessing Abbott and Newman traits, had also proven she had a mind of her own. Jack added that Abby was a force to be reckoned with. Jack told Billy that Abby had refused to take sides in the family feud. Billy didn't seem surprised.

Billy was guardedly relieved to hear that Jack had used his own money to persuade Ashley to abandon her My Beauty Collective line. Jack added that Jabot could get off to a running start with the Jabot Collective without worrying about any new competition. Billy recalled that Ashley had planted a listening device to find out about their plans in the first place. Jack replied, "Hell hath no fury like an Abbott scorned." Billy warned that it would only be a matter of time before Ashley struck back.

Jack insisted he could handle whatever Ashley dished out, though it was helpful that he and Ashley were communicating. Billy said he feared Ashley might be playing Jack. Billy said he was worried that Jack and Ashley might destroy each other and the company. Jack said the only thing Ashley had ever wanted was to be Jabot's CEO, though she'd moved on to chart her own course. Billy didn't seem as convinced as Jack.

Billy remained wary and noted that Jack and Ashley had taken sibling rivalry to the extreme. Billy warned that Ashley could make her own money and really wanted Jack's head on a platter. Billy, recalling his own struggles, set Jack's mind at ease and said he'd attended gamblers' support meetings. Billy proudly announced that he'd set his priorities in order. Jack asked if Billy's new priority included Victoria. Billy said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Victoria, so he intended to move back in and help Victoria raise their kids.

Billy returned to Victoria's. Victoria wasn't home. After Billy realized no one was home, he talked aloud to himself and said he'd wait because he'd waited his entire life to be with Victoria. Billy opened a ring box and admired the sparkly ring nestled inside. Finishing his statement, Billy added, "What's a few minutes more?" Billy sat back and seemed lost in thought while imagining greeting Victoria with a proposal.

At Devon's penthouse, Ana and her father, Jett, sang a duet while Jett accompanied on Devon's grand piano. Devon said he would be willing to bet that Jett's fans would enjoy hearing him perform again. Jett said he was certain the world had forgotten him. Devon insisted he could prove otherwise if Jett would sign a contract to produce an album. Jett replied, "No way, no how." Jett claimed his voice sounded like he'd swallowed a frog. Devon explained that everyone's voice mellowed with age.

Devon insisted that Jett visit the studio so he could hear the depth and purity in his voice. Devon added that a voice like Jett's was rarely heard anymore. Elena had entered the room and nodded in agreement. Devon recalled that one of Jett's songs had inspired him to get involved in the music business. Devon told Jett that a whole new generation would be at his door if he'd agree to record again. Ana was grinning as she listened to Devon heap praise on her father. Jett said he'd think about it.

After Devon returned from meeting with Abby, he told Jett and Ana that they would be performing at the opening of his new restaurant. Jett and Ana were reluctant, but Devon noted that it was just for one night. Elena added, "Yeah, how bad could it be?" Devon explained that only friends and family would be present, so it would give Jett an opportunity to share a beautiful moment with his daughter. Devon assured Jett he would blow the audience away. Ana said she'd do it if Jett did. Elena gave the green light if Jett didn't overdo it. Jett agreed to perform a couple of songs with Ana.

After Ana and Jett went upstairs, Devon told Elena he'd never do anything to exploit his family. Elena replied, "So, between the two of us, my Uncle Jett is in really good hands." Devon agreed. Devon invited Elena to have dinner with him at the opening of the new restaurant. Elena replied, "Sounds like a date." Devon said it did. Elena accepted.

After Jack returned home, Traci showed him a promotional ad Ashley had created for her Jack of Hearts cologne. Jack said, "Well, you've got to give her credit. She knows how to hit a guy below the belt. Jack studied the photo of a couple on the ad, and the woman was Dominique, who had dated Jack as Kerry. He proclaimed that Ashley had ice water running through her veins. Traci disagreed and said Ashley felt hurt. Traci made Jack promise not to sink to Ashley's level.

Jack took out his phone. Traci cried, "I hope you don't do something you're going to regret." When Ashley answered, Jack said, "Well played, indeed. Well played."

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