Victor collapses in front of his family
The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, September 13, 2019
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Monday, September 9, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Elena and Nate returned home from their shift at the hospital later than expected. Nate explained that he'd invited Elena to stay and observe an emergency surgery. Devon told Elena he didn't mind. Nate said he should get ready for the gala because Abby wouldn't be pleased if he arrived late. Devon said he should change clothes, too. Elena joked that the guys only had to throw on a suit while she'd have to rush to get even halfway decent. Devon assured Elena that even in scrubs, she'd still be more beautiful than anyone at the party. Elena assured Devon that he'd be pleased with the dress she planned to wear.

In the dining area at the coffeehouse, Phyllis and Adam sat in a corner booth. Adam told Phyllis how he'd covertly switched Victor's medication with pills that were double in strength. Phyllis asked Adam if he felt he might be going overboard with his scheme. Adam replied, "Victor tried to run me over with a car. Is that not enough?" Phyllis changed the subject and mentioned that the Grand Phoenix was hosting its grand opening. Adam asked what Phyllis was cooking up to get even with the new owners. Phyllis said she'd enjoy watching Abby and Chelsea being unnerved by her presence.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nikki, concerned about Victor, urged him to take their coffee with them and head home to rest before the festivities at the Grand Phoenix. Victor was enjoying being out and blamed Adam's visit for his fatigue. Nikki asked Victor if he was certain there wasn't some other reason he wasn't feeling well. Victor replied, "What else could it be?" Victor became noticeably weaker, hunching over the table and taking deep breaths. Nikki acknowledged that though frequent run-ins with Adam had taken a toll on Victor's energy level, she insisted on contacting Nate to check things out.

After Victor nearly passed out, Nikki ran into the dining room to fetch a glass of water. Nikki, obviously distressed, approached the counter and requested a glass of water. After Nikki took the glass of water to the patio, Adam followed and asked Nikki what was going on. Nikki placed the glass in Victor's hand and turned to glare at Adam. Victor, struggling to speak, said, "Get out. Just go away." Nikki told Victor that she'd summon their driver and call Nate. Nikki turned and told Adam that it was all his fault. Victor lifted his head and again told Adam to leave. Adam said, "Sorry you're not feeling well."

After Adam rejoined Phyllis in the dining room, she seemed shocked and said, "That was fast." Adam appeared unnerved and said he couldn't be certain that switching Victor's medication could have caused a reaction so quickly. Adam added that Nikki had blamed stress. Phyllis replied, "You sound like you're hoping that's all it is." Adam insisted that regrets were for other people because he was certain he'd made the right decision. Phyllis assured Adam that, as a human, it was natural to have second thoughts after having seen his father in a weak and vulnerable state.

Phyllis continued her conversation with Adam after they arrived at Adam's penthouse. Annoyed, Adam asked Phyllis why she kept bugging him after he'd insisted he was fine with his decision to switch Victor's medication. Phyllis said she didn't believe Adam. Adam reminded Phyllis how she'd ranted about the world having been unjust to her. Adam cried that his own family had treated him like something they'd scraped off the bottom of their shoes. Adam stated various reasons to convince himself that he was entitled to render his father completely incapacitated.

Phyllis, concerned, cried that the reaction she'd witnessed was different than what Adam had described might happen to Victor. Adam wagered a bet that he wouldn't back away from his plan. Phyllis agreed and said that if she won, she wanted Adam to end his vendetta against his family. Adam scoffed and said, "Why would you care?" Phyllis, pleading, told Adam that she didn't want her daughter to be caught in the crossfire of a Newman family feud.

After Phyllis asked for confirmation of her wager, Adam took a sip of whiskey and replied, "Sure. What the hell?" Adam added that he would think carefully about what he'd demand from Phyllis. After Phyllis left, Adam held a photo of Victor. Adam seemed lost in thought. He appeared to admire the image of his father. Adam's mood suddenly shifted, and he crumpled the picture into a ball and tossed it into a wastebasket.

At the ranch, Nate checked Victor's blood pressure and pulse. Nate said Victor's rapid pulse could be related to other issues Victor had described and not tied to the illness. Nate said he'd confirm results of blood tests before offering an opinion. Nikki asked if stress related to family issues might have been a contributing factor. Nate said he couldn't rule it out. Victor asked about attending Abby's opening. Nate gave his blessing, but Nikki insisted that Victor stay home.

After Nate left, Victor thanked Nikki for taking care of him despite his grumbling. Nikki assured Victor that she'd do everything she could to protect him, just as he'd done for her. Nikki surprised Victor and told him she'd requested their favorite meal from the chef. Victor replied, "We haven't had that for a while." Nikki reminded Victor that they'd had the same meal a week prior. Victor became addled when he couldn't remember their favorite entrée. Nikki told Victor it was Cornish game hens. Victor said he wasn't hungry and would rather dance. Nikki indulged Victor's wishes and danced until Victor stumbled and said he should lie down upstairs.

At Lola and Kyle's apartment, Kyle peered under the sofa and behind pillows and couch cushions in search of his favorite tie. Lola, answering from the nearby bedroom, told Kyle that the tie wasn't the issue. Lola added that Kyle was concerned about being with Theo and should ignore him. Kyle modeled a dark-colored tie by holding it under his throat and mumbled, "Easier said than done." Kyle shook his head and seemed apprehensive and tense.

Lola emerged from the bedroom, wearing a red silk robe pulled down below her shoulder. Lola teased Kyle about ignoring her as practice for his encounter with Theo. Kyle rushed toward Lola, loosely looped his tie around her, and pulled her close to kiss her mouth. Rey stopped by unexpectedly. Lola noted Rey's downtrodden mood and offered encouragement by suggesting he might meet someone at the gala. Rey rolled his eyes and replied, "Let's not get carried away."

At Nick's house, Sharon thanked Nick for allowing Faith to stay with him while she was away on a trip. After Sharon mentioned Faith's boarding school, Nick said he couldn't believe their daughter was old enough to attend boarding school. Sharon said she would have left had she not planned to attend Abby's opening gala. Nick reminded Sharon that it was also Chelsea's opening. Nick suggested that Sharon try to be friends with Chelsea because they were all part of a blended family. Sharon expressed doubt that she and Chelsea could be friends, though she was glad that Nick and Chelsea had rekindled their relationship.

At Chancellor Park, Mariah and Tessa ran into Theo and his friends, Tallulah and Indio. Mariah asked the young women if they were ready for the event at the Grand Phoenix. Tallulah and Indio noticed that Mariah and Tessa were wearing dressy cocktail dresses and asked if they'd just attended a show. Mariah explained that they'd had some publicity photos taken. Theo boasted that his experience with publicity could have been helpful had Mariah enlisted his assistance. Mariah assured Theo that she was handling Tessa's publicity, so no outside contributions were necessary.

Theo said he and his friends, who were both dressed in casual garments that appeared to be an eclectic mix of lingerie, were headed to the gala. Mariah instructed the women to stop by Fenmore's to be fitted with cocktail dresses, which would be provided to them by Power Communications. Theo bragged that he could hustle the talent, while Mariah was adept at putting on the finishing touches. Before Theo left, he assured Mariah that he would be properly attired. After Theo walked away, Tessa said, "Still don't trust him?" Mariah replied that she trusted Theo even less.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby and Chelsea, dressed in eye-catching formal attire, waltzed into the lounge and admired the edgy, modern décor. Chelsea excitedly said, "Tonight is going to be magnificent." Abby said she couldn't wait for Genoa City's movers and shakers to arrive. Chelsea and Abby congratulated each other on their successful joint business venture. Zoe quietly entered the lounge and spotted pitchers of sangria on a serving cart. Abby and Chelsea asked Zoe what she was looking for. Before Zoe could respond, Theo and Summer arrived.

Summer was impressed and complimented Abby on the flower arrangements and décor. Abby gave credit to Chelsea. Theo assured everyone that everything was in place, social media-wise, to make the event unforgettable. Tallulah and Indio arrived dressed in sequined frocks. They posed for a photographer before the photographer turned to snap pictures of Abby and Chelsea flanking Rey. Lola and Kyle arrived and were photographed with the lounge's owners, too.

After Nick arrived, he took Chelsea aside and told her she was amazing. Sharon congratulated Abby. After Sharon turned around, she encountered Rey. Rey told Sharon that Lola was pressuring him to get out and meet people. Sharon said it was good advice for both him and her. Theo approached Kyle and said he hoped the party wasn't too wild for Kyle's wholesome sensibilities. Kyle told Theo he was counting on him to promote the JCV brand. Kyle added, "Hey, Zoe better not be an issue here tonight, if you catch my drift."

After Theo rejoined Summer, she noticed Kyle and Lola dancing. Mariah and Tessa greeted Elena and Devon. Mariah admired Elena's sparkly dress. Devon noted that they all "cleaned up" pretty well. Nick told Abby that she'd done an amazing job with the project he'd begun. Nick added that people had underestimated Abby's abilities. Abby credited Phyllis for tackling some of the tough work early on. Nick assured Abby that she was a true shining star.

Theo tried to distract Summer from focusing her attention on Kyle. When Tallulah and Indio approached, Theo summoned Zoe and instructed her, Tallulah, and Indio to mingle, take photos, and conduct brief interviews. After Tallulah and Indio walked away, Zoe said she'd do her best not to be too clingy. Summer apologized and said she shouldn't have accused Zoe of being clingy. Zoe said she'd leave Summer and Kyle alone and do her own thing. After Zoe walked away, Summer seemed apprehensive, but Kyle said, "She's fine."

Sharon reminded Mariah and Tessa to put work aside and have fun. Mariah noted that Sharon was in vacation mode. Mariah told Tessa that Sharon had no set destination for her trip. Sharon assured Mariah that she wasn't running away from anything and was instead running toward whatever was in store for her next. Mariah seemed happy for her mother.

Nate arrived late and greeted Abby with a kiss. Abby seemed preoccupied with a bouquet of flowers. Abby opened and read the card. Abby told Nate that Victor and Nikki had sent the flowers because they couldn't attend the opening. Nate explained that he was late because Victor had experienced a minor setback. Nate assured Abby that Victor would be fine after a night of rest.

Phyllis arrived and paused in the doorway to be photographed. Chelsea, Abby, and Nick turned and looked at Phyllis like she wasn't welcome. Phyllis told Abby and Chelsea that she'd stopped by to congratulate them on their epic achievement, adding that they'd done everything better than she ever could have. Abby and Chelsea seemed taken aback by Phyllis' compliments. Phyllis, unfazed, flitted around the room, sipping a drink.

Devon told Elena that he'd spoken to Jill about the lawyer who'd contacted him about Katherine's will. Devon said both he and Jill believed her grandson, Chance Chancellor, had contacted the lawyer. Phyllis' ears perked up when she overheard Devon mention Chance's name. Devon told Elena he couldn't imagine why Chance would challenge Katherine's will after so much time had passed.

Across the room, Theo dropped a glass. Guests turned to see what had happened. Theo loudly announced that everything would be fine. No one paid attention as Zoe quickly made her way to the bar. Zoe, with her back turned toward the guests, opened her handbag. Zoe reached into her handbag and took out tiny pouches of a powdery substance and emptied them into the pitchers of sangria. Zoe stirred the powder into each of the pitchers of drinks.

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• Billy wonders what will happen if he can't get his dark side to go away.

• Nick barks that his dad is gone, and it's all Adam's fault.

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