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The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, March 23, 2020
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Monday, March 30, 2020

At the hospital, Victoria learned that she'd experienced angina and hadn't suffered a heart attack. Nikki held her daughter's hand while Nick looked on. Nate entered and explained that low blood flow to Victoria's heart had resulted in the pain she'd felt. Nick said he was relieved and promised to phone Victoria later because he had to leave. Nikki prepared to take Victoria back to the ranch to continue her recovery.

Nick walked past the waiting area and spotted Billy. Nick confronted Billy and said, "What the hell are you doing here?" Billy said he'd stopped by to visit the mother of his children after learning from Nikki that Victoria had suffered chest pains. Nick said his mom had called only because Victoria's setback could have involved Johnnie and Kate. Nick added that because nothing was seriously wrong, Billy should leave because Victoria didn't want to see him. Nick recalled how miserably Billy had let Victoria down and warned him to stay away from her. Billy said all that mattered was that Victoria was okay, and he agreed to leave. Billy warned Nick that one day, he'd fall from his high horse.

At the ranch, Nikki helped Victoria get settled. Victoria said she hoped she hadn't worried her mother too much. Victoria asked about her father. Nikki said Victor had traveled to Kansas after Adam had claimed that Hope's farm had fallen into disrepair. Victoria said she hadn't known her father still cared about the place. Nikki said she was certain Victor would return after hearing about what had happened. Victoria wasn't in favor of Victor canceling his plans. Nikki embraced Victoria and said nothing was more important than she was.

At Society, Jack invited Jill to join him for drinks. Jill admitted she'd tired of running interference between Lily and Billy. Jack asked Jill if she was ready to admit that her idea to pair Billy and Lily to run the company hadn't been a great plan. Jill explained that her plan was working because a constant battle of ideas produced varied perspectives. Jack asked Jill if she preferred gladiators instead of CEOs. Jill explained that she'd ensure Lily and Billy would work together competitively without being combative, comparing her role to Jack's in maintaining peace between Kyle and Theo.

Jill recalled having told Jack that Theo was a go-getter with a fire in his belly. Jill warned Jack that Theo's traits would be advantageous only if Jack could control him to avoid trouble. Jack said he'd made it clear to Theo that if he wanted a future at Jabot, he'd have to find a way to get along with Kyle. Jill agreed. Jack added that he hadn't the time or inclination to babysit his nephew.

Jill asked Jack about having Dina back home. Jack cried that Dina no longer seemed like his mother, other than infrequent, brief glimmers of recognition. Jill told Jack that he, Traci, and Ashley should take comfort in knowing that they were doing the right thing. Jill cried that she regretted not having made her mother a priority during her last years. Tears welled in Jack's eyes when Jill said he wouldn't have regrets when he looked back on his difficult days. Jack told Jill he'd read what Dina had written about her life before the disease had taken its toll and learned that his mother had lived with more regret than he'd ever realized.

Jill asked Jack if it had helped him knowing that Dina had regretted abandoning him. Jack explained that Dina had made the only choice she could have at the time. Jill reminded Jack that they'd had their painful moments in the past, so it was nice that they could still be friends. Jill recalled that Colin Atkinson was by far her worst partner and might have turned her off men for all time. Jack said he hoped Jill was kidding about being done with men. Jill said romantic relationships might not be worth the hassle and thought Jack might agree, given his own unfortunate experiences. Jill explained to Jack that she had a full life with her family, good friends, and trips to wonderful places. Jack invited Jill to join him for evenings out more often. Jill said she'd like to.

At Crimson Lights, Theo met with Kendra. Theo looked over the material Kendra had gathered and told her it wasn't quite what he was after. Kendra replied, "Those are private emails that Kyle wouldn't want out there." Theo explained that the email exchanges were too tame and said he needed something really big. Theo said Kyle's ego would eventually lead to sloppiness and mistakes, so Kendra should continue digging and let him know when she found something he could use.

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle worked on advertising pitches. Kyle suggested they grab takeout and continue working from his hotel suite. Summer told Kyle they'd likely get no work done there. Kyle promised they would. Summer agreed to meet Kyle after she stopped by her dad's house to pick up a change of clothes. Kyle mentioned how inconvenient it was for him to be living out of a suitcase and living apart from Summer. Kyle suggested he and Summer find a place of their own. Summer said she wasn't certain they should add the stress of moving to their already heavy workload. Kyle reminded Summer that they could hire movers to do the work.

Summer told Kyle that moving in together might involve a bigger conversation than they had time for. Kyle picked up on Summer's reluctance and said, "Message received." Summer explained that being with Kyle at the hotel was kind of like being on vacation and provided a welcome respite from their crazy schedule. Kyle was taken aback when Summer suggested he get his own place. Summer assured Kyle she wanted all the things he wanted but felt no need to rush.

Kyle mentioned Nick and Phyllis' relationship and asked Summer if she was concerned. After Summer cried that her mother's fling with Nick would blow up in their faces, Kyle suggested the same might happen to them. Summer insisted that Kyle was wrong, noting that Nick and Phyllis were completely incompatible. When Kyle pressed Summer to give a reason why she was hesitant to take the next step, she said, "Because you're still married, Kyle."

Summer said she understood why Kyle hadn't yet filed for divorce. Kyle admitted he felt bad about hurting Lola. Kyle told Summer he feared filing for divorce so quickly would add insult to injury. Kyle said he hoped Lola might handle the divorce and would talk to her soon about why she hadn't. Summer told Kyle she wouldn't pressure him and was content with the way things were.

Theo stopped by Society and told Lola he missed her. Lola said she was busy. Theo said he couldn't wait to tell Lola that he'd secured reservations to the Crowing Rooster in New York City, which would include a private tour of the restaurant's kitchen. Lola was impressed. Theo rattled off an itinerary that included shopping and tours of museums. He added that they'd barely have time to sleep. Lola inquired about accommodations and sleeping arrangements. Theo said he'd booked a suite with two bedrooms because he wanted to honor Lola's request to take things slow. Theo said Lola deserved to have an uncomplicated, good time after all she'd been through.

Kyle approached and said he'd overheard Lola and Theo talking about a trip to New York. Theo said, "Lola could use a little break." A waitress handed Kyle his takeout order. Lola was aloof and told Kyle to enjoy his meal. After Kyle walked away, Theo told Lola to forget Kyle had ever been there. After Lola returned to the kitchen, Kendra phoned Theo. As Theo watched Kyle walk past the windows, he told Kendra he was certain she'd find something to take down Kyle.

Aboard a private jet, Mariah told Tessa she enjoyed chilling out with her after a show. Mariah said seeing Tessa perform had given her an adrenaline rush, especially when she watched people in the audience sing along to a song Tessa had written about her. Tessa said it was as if others had put a piece of Tessa and Mariah's love story into their own hearts. Tessa asked Mariah how it felt to have their love story declared before hundreds of people. Mariah seemed overwhelmed. The couple kissed and later toasted their reunion with Champagne.

Mariah expressed appreciation for Tanner's support and for allowing them to use the private jet all by themselves. After the couple made love, they were snuggled together in a blanket when Mariah received a phone call from Faith. After Mariah hung up, she told Tessa that Sharon was scheduled to undergo a scan to determine whether the tumor had shrunk. Mariah told Tessa that Faith was really scared. Tessa insisted that Mariah return home. Tessa said they'd talk every day, and she made Mariah promise to be open and honest. Mariah promised to rely on the people that loved her and said she wouldn't pretend to be tough all the time.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told her guests that Society was only a decent restaurant at best. Phyllis suggested the couple dine instead at a nearby steak house. After the guests left, Nick stopped by. Nick told Phyllis about Victoria's health scare and about running Billy off before Billy had gone to visit Victoria. Nick said the setback had convinced him that Victoria needed time to recover, so he planned to hold down the fort at Newman Enterprises for as long as needed. Nick added that other priorities would have to take a backseat, as well.

Phyllis leaned in close and suggested Nick had much to offer the ladies of Genoa City. Summer entered and saw her parents engaged in foreplay. Summer muttered to herself, "Oh, God. Get a room." Summer faked a nonchalant demeanor when she approached Phyllis and Nick and asked her dad if he'd stopped by looking for her. Nick explained that he'd stopped by to talk to Phyllis. Phyllis said Nick had wanted her to know about Victoria. Summer said she was relieved to hear that Victoria's condition wasn't as serious as first believed.

Summer noted that it was close to Christian's bedtime, so Nick should probably head home. Nick replied, "Actually, Christian is at a sleepover." After Summer turned down an offer to have cocktails with her parents, she went upstairs. Phyllis invited Nick to her suite. After Nick and Phyllis entered her suite, she offered to make drinks. Nick began disrobing Phyllis, and they hopped on the bed to make love.

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