Chelsea overhears Adam professing his feelings for Sharon
The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, October 23, 2020
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Monday, October 19, 2020

At Sharon's, Faith, Mariah, and Nick gathered after Sharon had sent a text message to each, requesting their presence. Sharon emerged from the kitchen and shared news about her cancer journey. Sharon said, "I heard from my doctor today, and my margins are all clear. This is the good news that we've been waiting for." Mariah asked Sharon how Rey had received the good news. Sharon, smiling, admitted that Rey had become a little teary. Faith remained apprehensive and asked about the possibilities of additional surgeries or other treatments. Sharon said her doctor was almost completely certain there'd be no more surgeries and that she was on her way to being declared cancer-free.

Mariah noticed a look of angst on Faith's face. Mariah told her younger sister she no longer needed to hold back because it was time to be happy. Nick assured Faith that her mother would be okay. Faith remained somewhat disengaged when Mariah suggested it was time to plan Sharon and Rey's wedding, in addition to resuming other activities they'd placed on hold. Mariah was insistent they set out soon to shop for a wedding gown. Sharon explained that she still had a few treatments to set up because her prognosis wasn't yet considered a completely clean bill of health. Faith quickly stepped out and sent a text message to someone, explaining that her family was driving her crazy, so she needed to get out.

When Sharon asked Faith if she was okay, Faith lied and claimed she'd sent a text to a friend about the good news. Sharon spoke to Faith privately and questioned her about her feelings. Faith assured her mother she was thrilled and excited about the good news. Sharon suggested they enjoy a movie night, but Faith suggested Sharon get rest instead and postpone their plans until the next night. Sharon agreed. Faith appeared distraught as Sharon shuttled beverage containers to the kitchen.

Jack stood at the front entrance to his family home and tearfully watched as the coroner drove away with Dina's body. Jack wiped his face, took a deep breath, and returned inside, where Ashley, Traci, Abby, and Kyle stood shocked by the loss of their beloved family member. Jack cried, "She's gone." Abby asked Jack how he felt. Jack acknowledged his overwhelming feelings of loss and pain and admitted he also felt a sense of relief. Traci assured Jack it wasn't shameful to feel relieved after difficult weeks of caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Jack took comfort in believing that Dina had felt loved as she'd left the world.

Ashley credited Jack for having made Dina's last moments very special by locating the necklace their mother had dearly treasured. Traci agreed and said she'd witnessed the amazing joy Jack's act of love had brought to Dina's final interactions with her beloved family. Jack credited his siblings, son, and niece, as well as giving a nod to Victor, for having aided in the search for Dina's heirloom necklace. Traci remarked that it wasn't just the presentation of the Teardrop that had deeply touched Dina. Traci explained that it was more about the enormity of the act of love it had taken all involved to reunite Dina with the necklace. Ashley agreed and said she'd never forget the final moments.

Kyle suddenly spoke up and said he needed to step out and get some air. Abby protested and reminded Kyle it was time for their family to grieve. Jack defended Kyle's decision and said everyone grieved differently. Ashley suggested contacting Dina's attorney. Traci expressed urgency to write an obituary. Abby offered to set up the arrangements for a memorial service. Jack begged to let those tasks wait, so they could just remember Dina.

Abby fondly recalled her months living with Dina in Paris. Abby said her grandmother had found beauty in small things, like shadows cast on buildings, the smell of flowers in a garden, and the sounds of children laughing. Traci agreed that Dina had always been determined to experience everything, which was perhaps why she'd had a restless spirit. Jack noted that he'd come to understand Dina's basic nature, which had explained her desire to be free to roam instead of remaining in Genoa City. Ashley laughed as she recalled having wasted time, arguing with her mother. Ashley happily remembered the times Dina had requested applications of makeup. Ashley said Dina had even given her a tip afterward, not realizing it was her own daughter who'd applied the blush and lipstick. Ashley remembered how the experience had moved her to tears and that Dina had cried along with her, somehow discerning there was a close connection between them.

Traci thought back to Thanksgiving, when she'd read the Abbott family memoir to Dina. Traci recalled how proud she'd felt because Dina had hung on every word, heaping praise on her writing skills. Traci acknowledged that though they'd lost many years with their mother during her absence, they had much to be grateful for. Jack agreed that Dina had left them all with a lot of memories. Ashley remembered Dina's loving acts, including arranging for John to bequeath to her all the patents for the formulas she'd created. Ashley recalled how she'd struggled to feel part of the Abbotts after discovering that her father was Brent Davis. Ashley praised her mother for protecting her by ensuring she'd be part of John's legacy. Jack, Traci, Abby, and Ashley drank a toast to Dina's memory.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Summer, wearing a black hat with a wide brim, stopped in her tracks when she spotted Lola sitting in the dining area. Lola had just picked up her phone to make a call to Kyle. When Kyle answered, Lola told him she'd called to let him know he'd left something behind at Society. In a serious tone, Kyle told Lola it was the absolute worst time. Kyle told Lola he'd catch her later because he needed to go. Summer covertly listened to Lola's side of the conversation and seemed relieved after the call ended abruptly.

When Summer was about to quietly exit, she noticed Kyle entering the coffeehouse via the main entrance. Summer hid from view and strained to hear the conversation. Lola was surprised to see Kyle because she hadn't mentioned where she'd been when she'd phoned. Kyle explained that he'd had to get out of his father's house for a minute. Lola replied, "Is it Dina?" Kyle nodded, and Lola invited him to sit down. Lola expressed her condolences and said she'd always considered Dina to be an incredible woman. Kyle recalled that Dina hadn't liked many people, though she'd admired Lola's independence and entrepreneurial spirit.

Lola invited Kyle to stay and talk or just sit quietly. Summer appeared distraught as she watched Lola and Kyle interact. Kyle told Lola that Dina sometimes had misidentified him as someone from her past, though the instances had given him insights about the fun, feisty woman she'd once been. Kyle's mood lightened when he remembered awkward experiences when Dina had verged into flirtatiousness.

Summer couldn't clearly hear the conversation and thought to herself that Kyle had told Lola he'd missed her and thought they should be together. Summer propped her elbows on a table, held her head in her hands, and accidentally knocked over a vase of flowers. The crash drew Kyle and Lola's attention. Kyle stepped out to the patio to investigate, but found no one. Kyle returned and told Lola the vase had evidently fallen on its own. Lola told Kyle she'd called earlier to inform him that he'd left his Jabot ID badge at the bar and should pick it up.

After Kyle left, Summer confronted Lola and said, "This is exactly what you wanted, isn't it?" Summer turned to leave, but Lola told Summer she couldn't make such accusations about something she'd misunderstood and walk away. Lola recalled that Summer had left Kyle devastated and was spying on him, seemingly afraid to face him. Summer said she'd read the text message Lola had sent to Kyle just before the elopement. Summer accused Lola of having attempted to lure Kyle back. Lola insisted she didn't want Kyle back, and she asked if Summer believed that behaving like a crazy stalker was the way to win back Kyle's heart.

When Kyle returned to his dad's, Jack told him that Ashley, Traci, and Abby had stepped out. Kyle apologized for having left so abruptly, explaining that he'd felt like the walls had been collapsing in on him. Jack acknowledged that Kyle was dealing with more than just the loss of Dina. Kyle said perhaps it was fortunate Summer had "ghosted" him, because otherwise, he wouldn't have been with Dina. Kyle sadly recalled that he hadn't been present when his mother had died and still lacked a sense of closure. Kyle offered sympathy for Jack having lost both his parents. Kyle acknowledged that he was fortunate to have Jack to rely on for advice and strength. Jack said that love had helped them both get through the rough patches.

Before Rey headed to join his team at a stakeout, he met with Chance at Society. Rey said he'd welcome Chance joining him on the mission. Chance, sounding apprehensive, explained that he wasn't yet an official member of the Genoa City Police Department. Rey tried to set Chance at ease, noting that there was a difference between actual malfeasance and what he'd been involved with. Chance feared his missteps might still be a problem and expressed doubts he'd ever be a cop again after facing questions from a review board.

After Rey met with Chance, he phoned Sharon and asked how her family had reacted to the good news. Sharon reported that everyone had been happy. Rey said he was glad he'd given her space to speak to her family on her own. Sharon replied, "Hey, you know you can't think like that anymore. We're getting married, so we do everything together, like it or not." Rey teasingly invited Sharon to join him on his stakeout. Sharon chuckled and said that Faith had recommended an early bedtime, so she could rest. Rey expressed appreciation for Faith's devotion and for her looking out for Sharon while he was away.

Chance met up with Abby in her suite at the Grand Phoenix. Abby told Chance that she and her family had reminisced about Dina, having shared both happy and sad stories. Chance said it sounded like the perfect way to honor Dina. Abby said she yearned to spend more time with her grandmother. Chance explained that sometimes people couldn't fully appreciate loved ones until after they were gone. Chance told Abby she should cherish all the great memories she'd made with Dina and not regret the time they'd spent apart. Chance expressed his admiration for Abby and said he was certain she'd be an amazing mother. Abby said she'd been motivated to move forward with their plans to start a family. Chance agreed he was ready, too.

Theo was seated at the bar at the Grand Phoenix when Kyle entered. Theo pounced immediately and suggested Kyle was likely worried sick about Summer having gone missing. Kyle replied, "I'm not in the mood for your games, Theo. Have a good night." As Kyle headed toward the elevator, Theo asked him if everything was okay. Kyle told Theo that Dina had died. Kyle added that his family had been aware that Dina could pass away at any time, so they'd been with her during her last moments.

Theo replied, "Well, not everyone. She was my only grandmother." Theo cried that he would have liked to have had an opportunity to say goodbye. Kyle explained that it had all happened quickly. Theo told Kyle not to bother making excuses because he was well aware he wasn't considered part of the family. Theo walked out after telling Kyle he was sorry for Kyle's loss.

Traci and Ashley had coffee at Crimson Lights. Ashley remarked to Traci that it still mattered to them, even at their ages, what their parents had thought about them. Traci agreed and noted that their parents' disapproval could be crippling, as well. Ashley recalled how hurt Traci had been when Dina had forgotten who she was. Traci suggested that perhaps Dina had forgotten because it had been easier than remembering the pain. Ashley agreed there was likely a psychological component to the memory loss. Traci said she had no doubt that her mother had known who she was in the last moments because Dina had assured her she was loved and would never be forgotten.

After Lola's tense encounter with Summer, Kyle phoned Lola and thanked her. Lola asked Kyle if he'd picked up his badge. Kyle explained that he was thanking Lola for listening to him talk about Dina. Kyle acknowledged that Lola had shown him compassion and understanding, which, he noted, were two things he didn't deserve from her. Lola said she knew Kyle was going through a tough time. Kyle told Lola she didn't know the half of it. Lola said she had something to tell Kyle. Lola paused before continuing and instead reminded him to pick up his badge soon because the restaurant might discard it. Kyle said he would.

Lauren stopped by Jack's to ask how Dina had reacted to the necklace. Jack held the Teardrop in his hand and said he wished Lauren could have witnessed Dina's reaction. Lauren noticed Jack's tears and asked what had happened. Jack replied, "Dina's gone. She died shortly after I gave this to her. Lauren, we gave her the most amazing gift. This necklace meant more to her than you could possibly know." Lauren expressed her sympathy and asked what she could do. Jack thanked Lauren for helping locate the Teardrop and for her constant support over the years.

Nick and Mariah celebrated having received good news about Sharon while they drank coffee at Crimson Lights. Nick expressed concern about Faith's reaction and said something seemed off. Mariah chalked it up to Faith acting like a typical teenager. Nick said he felt as if Faith was pretending to be happy to put on a show for Sharon. Mariah said Faith was always looking around the corner for the next bad thing to happen. Nick agreed, citing the troubling revelations in the article about Adam. Nick said he and Mariah should keep an eye on Faith. Mariah agreed, though she advocated giving Faith space to work through her emotions.

At Sharon's, Faith tiptoed downstairs. She paused to ensure no one was in the living room. Faith put on her jacket and quietly stepped out the front door. After she closed the door, Faith sent a text message to someone to let the person know she was on her way. Faith then stepped off the porch and continued down the front walkway in the dark.

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