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The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, April 5, 2021
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Monday, April 12, 2021

At Chelsea and Adam's penthouse, Nick was shocked when Chelsea said, "Sharon knows." Afterward, Chelsea pretended she couldn't manage to vocalize without struggling, so Nick said, "Are you trying to tell me that Sharon knows where Adam is? Is that possible?" Chelsea cut her eyes toward Chloe. Chloe claimed that what Chelsea had uttered were her first words in months, so she shouldn't be pushed. Chloe suggested Nick ask Sharon what Chelsea meant. Chloe added that Chelsea didn't need to be interrogated and instead needed a doctor. Nick agreed and summoned Nate.

At Sharon's, Rey wasn't pleased when Sharon admitted she'd met with Adam. When Sharon tried to explain, Rey interrupted and demanded to know Adam's whereabouts, so he could be arrested and jailed. Sharon asked Rey if he hadn't heard what she'd just told him. Rey replied, "What, that Chelsea's the one that poisoned me? Do you know how crazy that sounds, Sharon? She can't even move." Sharon said she'd tell Rey where to find Adam only if he listened to what she had to say about Adam having been set up.

Sharon informed Rey that both Chelsea and her mother had been scammers when they'd first arrived in Genoa City. Rey insisted Chelsea was still paralyzed and unable to speak. Sharon said she was certain Chelsea had begun to improve, but had hidden her progress in order to set up Adam and make it appear that he'd poisoned Rey. Sharon told Rey about the text messages purported to have been sent by Adam that had stated, "I love you and can't stop thinking about you." Sharon said Chelsea had sent the messages using Adam's tablet. Rey insisted that Chelsea couldn't have pulled off everything that had happened. Sharon agreed it had been difficult for Chelsea, but she'd done everything with Chloe's help. Rey was obstinate and said Sharon had not proof.

Sharon recalled the day Rey had served the search warrant and said Adam had seen Chelsea smile when she thought no one was looking. Sharon added that she'd also sensed that Chelsea was holding something back. Sharon explained that Chelsea's aim was to exact revenge against her, mistakenly believing she'd never let go of Adam, just as Rey also believed. Rey demanded to know where Adam was. Sharon said he was staying in place near a lake, and she insisted on accompanying Rey. After Sharon received a message from Nick about Faith being released, she agreed to disclose Adam's location. After Rey left, Sharon considered letting Adam know Rey was coming, but she changed her mind.

At Crimson Lights, Moses had hot chocolate with Nate. Moses asked Nate if he might tag along to the hospital and learn what he could before his classes began at Walnut Grove. Nate agreed. Elena entered, and Nate introduced her to Moses. Elena welcomed him to Genoa City and said she'd heard Moses would be interning with her and Nate soon. Nate credited Elena with his decision to mentor Moses. Elena heaped praised on Nate, proclaiming he was one of the best doctors she'd ever known. Moses noticed the twinkle in Nate's eyes after Elena said Nate was also one of the best men she knew. After Elena walked away, Moses told Nate he should ask her out. Nate said he and Elena had dated, but it hadn't worked out. Nate received a call from Nick and left.

When Nate arrived at Chelsea's, Nick told him that Chelsea had said, "Sharon knows." Chelsea thought to herself that she had to stay calm and not raise suspicion. Nate asked Chelsea to say her name, explaining that she should take her time because her vocal chords hadn't been used in a long time. Nate was surprised to learn from Chloe that Chelsea's nurse had quit. Chloe insisted that Chelsea had not spoken any words before she'd uttered, "Sharon knows." Nick was eager to know what Chelsea meant and asked Nate if he could assist. Nate explained that rehabilitation of motor skills would take time.

Nick left after Nikki phoned to let him know Faith was being discharged. After Nick left, Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief. Nate performed an exam and proclaimed that Chelsea was on the verge of significant improvement, though she'd require hospitalization for tests and additional therapy. Chelsea spoke again and told Nate she needed Detective Rosales. After Nate left, Chelsea told Chloe she'd discovered the most organic moment to start using her voice again. Chloe recalled that Chelsea had failed to warn her beforehand. Chelsea credited Chloe for having picked up on her cues right away. Chelsea smugly said her secret was safe, unlike Sharon's and Adam's. Chelsea smiled and said her plan had come together. Chloe seemed uneasy.

At the hospital, Faith was already dressed and ready to leave when Nikki arrived and inquired about how Faith was feeling. Faith seemed anxious to return home, though she admitted being reluctant to face the punishment that awaited. Nikki told Faith her mom and dad were eager to get their daughter home. After Nick arrived, he introduced Faith to Christine, who'd be representing her in court as an advocate. Christine advised Faith to be honest when responding to the judge. Christine tried to put Faith at ease, though she cautioned that the judge would request an assessment of her alcohol use. Nick explained that Faith would seek treatment at a rehab facility.

After Sharon arrived, Faith was ready to go home with her. Faith mentioned how weird it was that Adam had been the one who'd found her after the accident. Christine prepared Faith for what to expect in court while Nick helped Sharon pack their daughter's things. Sharon asked Nick why he was staring at her. Nick said he hadn't realized he'd been staring at her and said they should get their daughter home.

After Sharon and Faith returned home, accompanied by Nick, Sharon went to make a snack. Nick advised Faith to get rest and prepare herself for her the next steps, including court, therapy, and a search for a rehab facility. Faith blamed herself and said she yearned for her life to get back to normal. Sharon overheard Faith's comment and reminded her daughter that she had many people who loved and supported her, just as she'd leaned on the people who'd rooted for her during cancer treatment. Faith apologized to her parents and told them she loved them before she went upstairs to rest.

Nick told Sharon he'd witnessed Chelsea regaining her ability to speak when she'd said, "Sharon knows." Sharon admitted she knew where Adam was hiding and that Rey was headed there. Sharon said she could no longer hide her involvement with Adam and had angered Rey when she'd insisted that Adam was innocent. Nick scoffed when Sharon said she and Adam believed Sharon had poisoned Rey. Sharon added that Chelsea had had help and had been faking her paralysis. Sharon pointed out that Chelsea had even managed to divert blame by suddenly telling Nick that "Sharon knows."

Sharon told Nick that he owed Adam the benefit of the doubt for having saved Faith's life. Nick demanded to know where Adam was. Sharon replied that Adam was at the cottage at the lake house he used to own, though Rey had likely already arrested him. Nick said he wanted to be present to thank Adam, and then watch Rey handcuff him.

Nikki and Christine arrived at Sharon's. Christine assured Faith that everything would go smoothly. Nikki was relieved when Faith said she'd enjoyed a restful nap in her own bed. Sharon gazed out the window. Nikki encouraged Faith to eat something substantial to build her strength. Sharon seemed more concerned about what was going on with Adam.

When Rey arrived, he drew his weapon and peeked through the slightly open door to Adam's room. When Rey burst inside, he yelled Adam's name, but Adam was gone. Rey began stuffing Adam's belongings into a bag. Nick arrived, and Rey said it appeared Adam had moved on. Nick said Sharon had told him she thought Adam was innocent. Rey replied, "Maybe his is. Maybe he isn't, but he's long gone." Nick told Rey he'd witnessed Chelsea regaining her ability to speak. Rey replied, "Really? Just like that?" Nick said Chelsea had spoken two words that indicated Sharon knew where to find Adam. Rey blamed Sharon for having warned Adam, so he could escape.

At Society, Amanda joined Victor and didn't waste time mentioning a former employee of Victor's named Richard Nealon, who had worked at Newman Enterprises around 1991. Victor laughed and said 30 years ago was ancient history. Amanda explained that Nealon had died in a car accident shortly after having been hired at Newman Enterprises. Amanda, in a serious tone, replied, "And now there are questions about how much of an accident it really was."

Amanda explained that she was investigating the matter for her client, Sutton Ames. Victor vaguely recalled that Ames was a power broker in Illinois politics. Amanda told Victor that while Nealon was working for Newman Enterprises, he'd discovered that an executive had made an illegal arrangement with someone in Sutton's office. Victor asked Amanda to clarify. Amanda explained that Newman Enterprises had received favorable treatment in Illinois in exchange for payments to Sutton's office. Victor asked if he was being accused of bribery. Amanda said she wasn't because she'd realized that in a large company, things could be done without the CEO's knowledge.

Amanda told Victor that a reporter named Bruce Stansfield had dug up information and was contending that someone had tampered with Nealon's brakes in order to keep him quiet. Victor recalled that Stansfield had raised the same questions before and that he'd told the reporter he had no answers and insisted to Amanda he still had no answers. Victor warned Amanda not to implicate him or Newman Enterprises in hopes of defending Ames. Before Victor left, Amanda said she'd already sent a letter to Newman Enterprises' attorneys requesting the names of all executives who'd dealt with Richard Nealon. After Victor left, Devon met with Amanda and accepted her invitation to discuss what had just happened at his place.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon told Amanda that Victor was very aware of how intimidating he could be and used it to his advantage. Amanda admitted she'd approached Victor out of the blue and had accused an employee of his company of bribery, even hinting at murder. Amanda defended her actions, explaining that she'd gain a better understanding of her father and the family she was a part of, adding that she'd also have a shot at handling a civil case involving two powerful people.

Amanda told Devon he might not see her for a while because she'd be scouring legal documents related to her case. Moses entered and told Amanda and Devon thaat Nate had been summoned to consult with a patient. Moses worried he might be interrupting something and offered to visit the library. Amanda said she was just about to leave. Moses took notice of Devon and Amanda's interactions. Devon walked Amanda to the door, where she told him that sitting with him had reminded her of the old times when she and Devon would sit around and talk for hours. Devon expressed hopes that they work through their issues and get back to where they had been. Amanda replied, "Yeah. We'll see."

After Amanda left, Moses asked Devon what he'd said to Amanda at the door. Moses admitted he'd sensed vibes between Devon and Amanda. Devon turned the tables and asked Moses if he had a girlfriend. Moses told Devon that a girl at the hospital named Faith had laughed at all his jokes. Moses said he'd missed an opportunity to see Faith again because he'd been unable to accompany Nate when he'd gone to make his rounds.

Amanda went to her suite at the Grand Phoenix. She searched through a box of files and selected one. She opened the file with Richard Nealon's name on it. Amanda removed a photo of a young, handsome man and stared at it longingly. Overcome with emotion, Amanda put her hand over her mouth and broke down sobbing.

Nate phoned Nick from Crimson Lights, mentioned Chelsea's list of developments, and requested Nick phone him to discuss the situation. Elena happened to overhear Nate's side of the conversation. Nate acknowledged Elena's presence and noted that they'd run into each other twice in one day. Nate recalled Elena's previous comment and told her he would've never considered mentoring Moses if not for her. Nate invited Elena to sit, talk, and grab some coffee.

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