Victoria agrees to go to New York with Ashland
The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, June 10, 2021
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Thursday, June 10, 2021
by Nel

At Newman Enterprises, when questioned about her dinner invitation, Victoria told Nikki that she and Locke were friends. Nikki didn't understand how Victoria could be interested in Ashland. He had dangled Cyaxares under her nose and then yanked it away like it had been nothing. Victoria said it had been a business decision, but Nikki said it spoke to who he was. Victoria stated that Nikki had a problem with Ashland. She asked if Nikki noticed who Nikki had been married to for the past several decades.

Victoria reminded Nikki that Ashland was in Genoa City because his son was there, and he was trying to be a good parent. Victoria stated that Nikki knew how complicated the end of a marriage could be. Nikki said that Ashland was on the rebound from a divorce. Victoria asked if Nikki believed she wasn't smart enough to recognize the situation.

Nikki told Victoria that Ashland was known for his ruthlessness. Victoria shot back that Nikki wouldn't dream of getting involved with a ruthless man. Victoria said there was no deep commitment, only dinner. She like being with a man who wasn't intimidated by her position, and not everything had to be some deep, co-dependent relationship like Nikki had with Victor. Nikki said she would pretend Victoria hadn't said that. Victoria said Nikki had been hounding her about needing to take time for herself and meet new people. She said she'd taken Nikki's advice.

After Nikki left, Victoria received another call from Ashland. He told her he would give her another opportunity to reject him. Victoria said she would ask Billy to watch the kids. Ashland asked Victoria to please join him. Victoria said "What the hell. Let's go to New York."

When Ashland arrived at the Abbotts', Kyle assumed Ashland was there for an answer to the ultimatum he'd given Tara. Tara said Ashland was forcing her to make an impossible choice by asking her to cut Harrison out of Kyle's life.

Ashland told Tara she had two choices, either she cut Harrison out of Kyle's life, and she and Harrison would receive substantial support; or she kept Kyle in her life, and she and Harrison would receive nothing. Kyle said he'd only known Harrison for a short time, but he felt a connection to him, and he'd seen what an amazing kid Harrison was. That spoke well for the parents. Kyle said Ashland could continue being a good parent without forcing Kyle out of his son's life.

Ashland asked Tara if Harrison had been told. Tara assured Ashland that she and Kyle had been very careful not to undermine Ashland in any way. She'd made it very clear that Ashland would always be a father to Harrison. Tara said it was a lot to take in, and she wasn't sure it had sunk in; however, it had gone well. She said Harrison had such a big heart that he was happy to have one more person to love. Kyle added that Harrison had a whole new family to love him.

Tara told Ashland it would help if he spoke to Harrison. Ashland said he didn't want Harrison growing up resenting him for keeping Kyle out of his life. He said he was withdrawing his ultimatum. He had a new plan for Harrison's future. Kyle said Ashland couldn't make unilateral decisions about Harrison.

Ashland told Tara that he was returning to New York to meet with his legal team about his new custody request. He assured Tara his lawyers would be in touch with hers. Ashland said he was looking for shared custodial time with Tara. Kyle asked how he fit in. Ashland said it would be up to Tara, as it would have to be during Tara's custodial time. He said Kyle was free to be involved in Harrison's life.

Tara told Ashland she was grateful. Ashland asked if she agreed to his terms. Tara wanted to hear from her lawyer. Kyle said it sounded like a fair compromise. After Tara took Ashland to see Harrison, Summer told Kyle there wouldn't be a messy custody battle, and Kyle would get to see Harrison. She felt it was all great news. Kyle said only if Ashland could be trusted. Summer said Tara and Kyle's lawyers would be able to tell whether Ashland was trying to pull a fast one. Kyle suspected Ashland was trying to pull something, and he didn't trust Ashland's about-face.

When Ashland and Tara returned, Tara said they should all feel better about the custody arrangement. Ashland reminded Tara the prenup still stood. He said he would make sure that Harrison was well taken care of, but Tara's alimony would be minimal compared to what it would have been if she hadn't cheated. Tara reminded Ashland that if she hadn't cheated, Ashland wouldn't have a son. Ashland left.

Kyle asked Tara if Ashland's visit had gone as smoothly as he'd claimed. Tara said Ashland hadn't done anything to upset Harrison. Summer claimed the worst was over, and they could relax and enjoy their good news. Summer asked what Tara's answer would have been to Ashland's ultimatum. Tara claimed she would have turned Ashland down. Kyle wondered if they could trust Ashland about the compromise or if it was another mind game.

Kyle asked Tara what had changed Ashland's mind. Tara said she felt it was sincere. Summer told Kyle not to fight a battle when the other guy had already surrendered. Kyle asked Tara what was bothering her. Summer's hackles went up when Tara said Kyle could always tell when something was bothering her. Tara felt there had to be more to Ashland's decision. It wasn't like him to reverse course.

At Crimson Lights, Michael told Rey he'd wanted to check in with Rey before Rey left for Miami. He said they needed to discuss Chelsea. Rey didn't know what was left to discuss. Michael claimed the case was endless, and they had both had questions about Chelsea. She had a mental disorder and was recovering from a stroke. Michael asked how Chelsea had been able to execute her elaborate plan to poison Rey. Rey asked if Michael believed someone had helped Chelsea. Rey admitted it had crossed his mind. Chelsea was resourceful.

Rey told Michael that Chelsea would have been the one who could have pulled off that plan. She'd hidden her recovery from everyone including her doctors and nurses. Michael wondered if Chelsea had had the ability to sneak out of her house at night, arrive at and break into Rey's house, spread the poison that she'd acquired from who knows where, plant evidence to frame Adam, and return home to her wheelchair, completely undetected.

Rey told Michael it was unlikely that she'd been able to fool everyone for weeks. Michael felt it hadn't been a one-night operation, and everything had been executed, meticulously. Michael claimed the chances Chelsea had done it on her own were miniscule -- ten million to one. Michael was convinced that Chelsea hadn't committed that crime alone. Rey agreed and said he would do whatever he could to expose whoever else had been involved. Michael was convinced it had been Chloe.

Rey told Michael that when he'd questioned Chelsea, he'd brought up Chloe's name more than once to see if she would slip up, but it hadn't happened. Chelsea had acted like she'd been in control, but emotionally, she'd been teetering on the edge. Rey felt it was time to pay Chelsea a visit.

At Fairview, Chelsea asked Adam when Connor was returning to Genoa City and when she could see him. Adam told her not to get too excited. She said Connor could visit her in the facility. Adam asked if it was a good idea for Connor to see her in that place. He suggested they wait until she was out of Fairview.

Chelsea accused Adam of wanting to keep Connor away from her and to poison Connor's mind against her. She accused him of being cruel. Adam tried to calm her by telling her he would never use Connor to torment her. Chelsea said it was like he hadn't tormented her by kissing Sharon when she'd been stuck in a wheelchair.

Adam told Chelsea it had been a momentary lapse in judgment, and he apologized. Chelsea claimed everything Adam did was cold and calculated. Adam stated they were Connor's parents, and he didn't want to keep anything from her. Chelsea spat that he wanted to keep her son from her. Adam claimed it would confuse and scare Connor to see her not at her best. They had been very careful about Connor finding out about her stroke so he wouldn't worry, and they had to stick to their strategy. Chelsea claimed it had been Adam's strategy. She'd been paralyzed at the time and unable to speak.

Adam reminded Chelsea that she'd been faking her symptoms. She could have reached out to Connor. Nothing had stopped her from sending Connor text messages, like the text messages she'd sent to Sharon from him to frame him. Chelsea claimed she was still Connor's mother, and she had rights, even in Fairview. Adam stated that her doctors had recommended that she not see Connor while she was in Fairview.

Agitated, Chelsea told Adam she was sick of people treating her like she was insane. The sanest thing she'd ever done had been... Chelsea stopped herself before she said any more. Adam asked her to continue. Chelsea claimed the best thing that had happed to her had been arriving at Fairview and getting the help she needed. She claimed she was starting to get some clarity. She knew how messed up she'd been, but being in Fairview had helped her, and she would get better.

Adam told Chelsea she was on the road to recovery, but she wasn't there yet. He said once she was released from Fairview, she could spend all the time she wanted with Connor. Chelsea warned that Adam better not be lying, because it would be a mistake to play her. Adam assured her he wasn't playing her. Rey arrived, and Adam wanted to know why Rey was there to see Chelsea. Rey said Chelsea had asked him to visit.

Rey stated that Adam didn't have jurisdiction over who Chelsea saw. Adam told Chelsea to watch herself because Rey was after something. He asked why else Rey would visit the woman who'd almost killed him. Chelsea said Rey was helping her. Adam claimed Rey was helping himself because he had doubts about what had happened. Rey said that compassion had to be a new concept to the new and improved Adam.

Adam told Rey it didn't preclude him wanting to protect the people he cared about. Rey asked what Adam was protecting Chelsea from. Adam claimed harassment., coercion, and whatever else Rey was up to. He said he would keep looking out for Chelsea's interests.

After Adam left, Chelsea asked Rey if she should be suspicious. Rey said as a detective, it was in his nature to be suspicious. He said Chelsea was struggling, and he wanted to help her. Rey felt Adam had pushed her into a corner. Chelsea said Adam wrecked everyone he touched. Rey said Adam hadn't wrecked his marriage, even though he'd tried, and that Rey and Sharon were going to Miami for a second honeymoon. Chelsea remarked that she wouldn't see him for a while.

Rey told Chelsea there was something that didn't make sense to him. He wanted to know how Chelsea had been able to poison him and frame Adam, alone and in her condition. With soaring anger, Chelsea yelled that Adam had been right. Rey didn't believe her. She told Rey to go and enjoy his freedom and vacation with Sharon while she rotted in Fairview. Rey left.

In the park, Adam told Chloe he'd been to see Chelsea and that she'd been upset because she couldn't see Connor while in the state she was in. Adam suggested that if Chloe had time, Chelsea could use a visit from her friend. Chloe thanked him. She was about to leave when Adam asked if she'd considered his offer. Chloe claimed the offer sounded more like a bribe to ease his guilty conscience than an actual job.

Adam assured Chloe the offer was very real. He believed if Chelsea knew she could work with Chloe again, it would give her motivation to get well. Chloe agreed Chelsea needed something to focus on after she was released from Fairview. Adam promised he would be hands-off, and she would never see him. Chloe accepted his offer with a warning that he'd better not be messing with her. Adam said he would have the contracts drawn up with a provision for Chelsea. Adam thanked her for being Chelsea's friend.

Ashland sat down at the bar at Society, and Sally immediately sat down with him. Ashland said he wanted to be alone, but Sally said they'd had a deal. She said she'd heard a lot of stories about him, but she'd never heard that he'd weaseled out of a deal. She asked if the information she'd given him had been useful in locating Tara and Harrison.

Ashland told Sally that he wanted to enjoy his drink and then catch a flight. Sally reminded him that what she'd asked for, he could do with a simple phone call, and she had told him where his wife and son were. Sally claimed it was Ashland's turn to make good on their deal. She told him to take out his phone and make the call. She wanted Summer to leave Genoa City for her dream job in Italy.

Sally told Ashland that Kyle loved Summer so much that he would go to Italy with Summer, and Ashland would be Harrison's only daddy. Ashland said he owned a big enough piece of Marchetti that they would listen to him. He would convince the other investors to support hiring Summer. Ashland told Sally to give Eric Forrester a call, and Ashland left.

Rey returned to the coffeehouse and told Michael that Adam had been with Chelsea when he'd arrived. He said Chelsea had become unglued at the mention of Sharon's name. Clearly, Chelsea was on very shaky emotional ground. Chelsea had lost it when he'd asked if she'd acted alone in poisoning him. Her reaction had been like a performance, but false. Rey said Chelsea had lied.

Michael wished Rey wasn't leaving. He wanted to keep the pressure up and get to the bottom once and for all. Rey said Chelsea was under a lot of pressure, and she hadn't been in the right mindset when she'd poisoned him. Rey claimed Chelsea was getting the help she needed, and as far as he was concerned, justice had been served. Michael asked Rey how he would feel if Chelsea had had an accomplice who'd tried to kill him. Rey stated he wasn't sure he would go so easy on Chloe.

When Chloe arrived at Fairview, Chelsea said Adam had shown up, and she had almost blurted out that she was faking her condition, then Rey had arrived and started asking her questions like he was investigating. Rey had asked her how she'd been able to carry out her plan alone. He doubted that was possible. Chloe was worried she wouldn't be able to talk her way out of a prison sentence. Chelsea assured Chloe that she'd stuck to her story that she'd done it on her own. She would never implicate Chloe.

Chloe told Chelsea that Rey was a good cop, and Chelsea wasn't exactly credible at the moment. Chelsea claimed that if Rey had any evidence that someone else had been involved, he wouldn't have asked her. Chelsea claimed no matter what, she wouldn't throw Chloe under the bus for something Chelsea had tricked her into doing.

Chloe told Chelsea that Adam had offered her a job, and she'd accepted his offer. Chloe said the job was for both of them. She explained that she would get the platform up and running. Once Chelsea was released, she would join Chloe, and they would run it together. When Chelsea asked why, Chloe admitted she needed the money. Chloe claimed that they could turn it into something amazing. Chelsea stated that they would be working for Adam.

Chelsea stated that Chloe had made a really bad decision. It was Adam's way of controlling her. He kept her away from Connor, decided her future, and was running her life. She refused to let him dismantle her entire world. She said she had to find a way out of Fairview.

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