Adam plots to hide his shooter's identity
The Young and the Restless Recap for Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

In Jack's office at Jabot, Lauren introduced Jack to Claire, a Fenmore's regional manager who was based in Chicago. Lauren crowed that no one knew their business better than Claire, and Jack was interested to know Claire's take on the collective. Claire wanted to hear more details, and Jack mentioned that he'd made a reservation for three at Society. Lauren pointed out that the chef was practically Jack's family, since Lola was seeing his son. Jack and Claire made cheerful small talk as they headed out. Lauren sent a text message, indicating that "Operation Jack" was on track.

At Society, Jack examined the menu, and Claire marveled that Jett Slade had played there. Jack imagined doing something with that kind of energy for the collective. Michael apologized for interrupting and claimed that he'd been trying to reach Lauren, since there was a leak at their apartment, but he was due in court. Lauren protested, but Jack urged her to take care of it. Lauren and Michael headed out.

The Baldwins peered back into the restaurant from outside, and Michael thought Jack and Claire had bought the story. Lauren observed how absorbed Jack seemed in his conversation with Claire, and Michael teased Lauren for her need to meddle. She reasoned that it was how relationships were made when people weren't on dating apps, and she expected Jack and Claire to thank her later.

Claire spoke about her involvement in a mentoring program for young people. She suggested that she show Jack how well the program worked by putting together a promotional event for Jabot Collective where the mentees would get real-life experience at Fenmore's stores. She invited him to Chicago to meet her team before he decided, but he was ready to sign off on the idea. Claire insisted on dazzling him, and she proposed that they go to a black-tie event at a Chicago museum. She added that if they got sick of it, she'd take him to a Thai restaurant she knew he'd love.

Jack asked how Claire had known he liked Thai food, and she disclosed that Lauren had mentioned it. Jack realized that there was no leak at Lauren's apartment. Claire confided that Lauren had thought they'd hit it off -- and she didn't think Lauren had been wrong. Claire pressed him to decide on Thai or black tie, but Jack replied that he was tied to his desk with the collective. Claire jotted down her personal number on her business card and told him to contact her when he decided he deserved a break. He promised to hold onto it.

Jack returned to Jabot, where Lauren conceded that she might have been overeager, but she thought Jack and Claire were the real deal. Jack assured her that he wasn't angry, but he also wasn't available for dating. Lauren hated to think Kerry had turned Jack off women forever. Jack swore that he was still attracted to women and always would be, but he wanted to focus on business. Lauren thought it wasn't fair to the eligible, fabulous women who were wondering where the equally fabulous men were, and she knew that there was someone out there who would make Jack very happy. He promised that he'd spread the happiness around when he was ready, but he was clipping her wings where he was concerned. Lauren kissed Jack's cheek and exited.

Lauren ran into Michael as he stepped off the elevator. She joked that he should be in court, and he replied that she should be at their apartment with an escaped baby hippo. She lamented that Jack had busted her after Claire had caved, and Michael thought it was too bad, since he'd seen a little spark. Lauren agreed, but she figured that Jack was still dealing with the mess with Kerry. Lauren groaned that she'd failed miserably, but Michael proclaimed that there was still romance in the world, and he wanted to take her out dancing that night to cheer her up. He twirled her around as they boarded the elevator, and they kissed.

Jack looked at Claire's card and placed it in a drawer. He pulled out Ashley's invitation and scowled.

In Adam's hospital room, Victor informed Adam that he'd just gotten out of surgery but would be all right. Adam recalled that he'd been shot, and Victor asked if Adam had any idea who had done it. Adam claimed that he hadn't seen his assailant because everything had happened too fast. Victor reminded Adam that he'd been standing in the door of the tack house, and Adam mentioned that he'd been on his way out, but he maintained that he hadn't seen anyone.

Victor indicated that there was a security guard outside the door who wouldn't let anyone hurt Adam again, and only those they knew and trusted would be allowed inside. Adam muttered that it was a short list, but Victor adamantly stated that no one in the family would have done that to him. Adam replied that he knew better -- because he remembered everything. Victor realized that Adam had called him "Dad" because Adam had regained consciousness as well as his memory.

Adam remarked that it had taken a lifetime to connect the moments, and he'd had time to rationalize, process, and make excuses, but having everything flood back at once was like getting shot all over again. Victor inquired whether Adam remembered anything positive, like his mother, Hope. Adam reflected back on growing up on the farm in Kansas, and it made him miss his mom all over again. Adam contemplated what she would think of him, and Victor imagined that she would have been grateful that he'd survived so that he could start over by living his life without regret.

Adam compared the statement to something Sharon had said, and he noted that Victor had done a solid job of pretending to tolerate Sharon. Victor swore that he was proud of the way she'd turned her life around, and Adam questioned whether Victor had really changed that much in the past few years. Victor admitted that he had a lot of regrets about their past relationship, but they had a chance to start over, and he was very happy to have Adam home again. Adam thought regaining his memory was even more reason to take off, but Victor refused to talk about it then. Victor vowed to find out who had shot Adam and deal with them.

Later, Sharon visited Adam, and he mentioned that Victor had said she'd found him. Sharon recounted that there had been a lot of blood, and she'd been really scared. He referred to her earlier statement that she owed him, and he considered the debt paid in full. She insisted that she hadn't thought he'd be in danger when she'd convinced him to return to Genoa City, but he assured her that it wasn't her fault. He anticipated that they might never know who'd shot him, sarcastically adding that he had a lot of fans.

Adam informed Sharon that Victor had him covered, and she confirmed that she'd had to show identification to the guard outside. He swore that everything was good, but she argued that he'd had a bullet in him. He quipped that it hadn't been the first time, and he recognized what it had taken for her to go to Las Vegas, reach out to him, and wait until he was ready. He shared that he remembered everything, including what he'd put her through, and he couldn't believe that she'd wanted to help him. Adam thought Sharon never should have forgiven him, but she stated that it had been her choice and not anyone else's.

Adam explained that he'd felt his memory there for the past few days, as if he could almost grab it. He refused to give the shooter the credit for restoring it, since it had been bound to return, whether he'd been ready for it or not. Sharon recognized how worried he'd been when he'd learned about Delia, and Adam wondered how anyone could be in the same room with him. After seeing all the people he'd hurt, he understood why his brain had wiped itself clean, and he'd been ready to run away from Genoa City even before he'd known all that. He thought it might be best if he disappeared again.

Paul entered, and Adam recognized him. Sharon revealed that the trauma or something else had triggered Adam's memories. Paul called it good news, even though it was a lot to remember all at once. Paul had a few questions, and Sharon moved to leave. Adam inquired whether his phone had been taken in as evidence, but Paul thought it was still at the ranch. Sharon offered to pick it up for Adam, and she left. Paul asked if Adam had seen who'd shot him. Adam said no, but he had a pretty good idea who it had been.

Paul was skeptical of Adam's theory that someone from Nevada had tracked him down in Genoa City to shoot him at the ranch, which was full of guards and cameras. Adam explained that he had enemies in other players who thought he'd cheated, and they might have learned his real name. Paul pointed out that the shooter hadn't taken a bag full of money that had been left in plain sight, and Adam guessed that they'd panicked or that it had only been about revenge. Paul inquired about the money, and Adam confirmed that it was every penny he had, since it had been hard to get a bank account when he hadn't had a name or identification.

Paul divulged that he'd requested security footage from the gatehouse and surveillance tapes from the area, and he wondered who had known Adam was back in town. Adam rattled off a list of names of people he'd interacted with, and he figured that Victor could have taken him out in Vegas if that had been his father's intention. Adam insisted that someone had gone all that way to give "Spider" his due and that Adam hadn't been the target.

Victoria met Nick at Crimson Lights and was aghast to find out that their father had barged in and made Christian meet Adam. Nick recalled that Christian hadn't remembered Adam at all, but the scene had left Nick with a pit in his stomach. Victoria chided Victor for not taking Nick and Christian into consideration, and she doubted that their dad had gotten the moment of recognition that he'd wanted. Nick reported that Adam had hated what Victor had done, too, and he griped that Victor didn't think of Christian as Nick's son. Nick accused Victor of using Christian to get Adam back into the fold, and Victoria reiterated that their father seemed desperate. She expected things to get worse.

Victoria clucked that Adam would always be Adam, no matter what he remembered. Victoria relayed that, according to Adam, Victor's plan was to push Adam toward Christian and reinstate him at Newman. Nick was appalled that Victor had never mentioned it to his COO, and Victoria expected that Victor would give Adam anything to make him stay in Genoa City. Nick envisioned Victor trying to shape them into a family unit that had never existed, including finally having "Newman and Son" -- and it wouldn't be him. Victoria thought it clearly wasn't her, either, and Nick imagined that Victor Newman Jr. had been the one Victor had always seen himself in. Victoria believed that there was no way to talk someone out of a connection like that.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nick asked Victor and Nikki if they'd found the shooter. Victor reported that his team had searched the ranch, but the culprit had been long gone. He revealed that he'd increased protection on the property to make sure Nikki, Sharon, and Faith were secure, but Nick worried that the shooter had gotten on the grounds, unnoticed, and could do it again. Nick suggested that Adam be placed in a safehouse, and Victoria proposed that Adam go out of town for his own protection.

Abby arrived, and Victor informed his family that the upside to the shooting had been that Adam had recovered his memory. A skeptical Nick asked if the doctors had explained how it had happened, and Victor shared their hypothesis that the trauma had triggered it. Victor requested that the family give Adam the support he needed to recover from his injuries and reclaim his life. Nick sourly responded that it depended on what that meant.

Nick swore that they were all happy that Adam was going to recover, but it was truly amazing that a bullet had cured Adam's amnesia. Nikki understood that Adam's sudden recollection of the past seemed convenient, and Victor contended that it was why he'd hired a doctor to confirm that Adam had lost his memory of his life before Vegas. Nick wondered if Adam would hold old grudges because his memory had returned, but Victor defended that Nick and Adam had gotten along well before the explosion. Victor credited Adam with making sure Nick would raise Christian, but Nick countered that Adam's looming prison sentence had been a buffer for both of them.

Victoria admitted that she had her doubts about Adam, and she thought Billy had every right to be wary of the man who'd taken Delia's life. Victor stressed that it had been an accident and that Adam was suffering from that memory, yet they still wanted to punish Adam. Nick asserted that Adam had caused all of them pain, and Abby piped up that Adam had chosen to work with shady people instead of getting help. Victor voiced his disappointment with their level of judgment against a member of their own family. Nick accepted that Victor had done an amazing job with Adam's legal issues and could give Adam an office at Newman, but it wouldn't fix their family.

Nikki lectured that everyone had to move at their own speed and that Adam also needed his own time and space. Victor groused that Adam was well aware of how everyone felt about him and that he would have left town if it hadn't been for the shooting. Abby insisted that no one had wanted Adam to leave, and she thought he understood why he hadn't gotten the warmest welcome. Victor implored them to make their best efforts to stick together as a family, and he wouldn't tolerate them treating Adam like an outsider.

Victoria defended that they were being protective of Victor, since Adam could be taking advantage of Victor's love and trust. Victor huffed that he didn't need protection. Nick recognized that it was impossible for any of them to be objective, but they were just being honest with Victor. Victor declared that it was the end of the discussion, and his children filed out.

Nikki asked if Victor would be joining her to head home. He said he would see her later, and she understood that it hadn't been an easy day for him. She recognized that Adam was his priority, but she hoped he wouldn't be too hard on his other children where Adam was concerned. Victor barked that his children's jealousy and refusal to accept Adam as their brother was an embarrassment.

Nikki thought Victor's children just wanted reassurance that Victor's eyes were wide open. She scolded him for not assuring Victoria that her position was safe or telling Nick that Victor would never help Adam fight for custody of Christian. Victor countered that he was fighting for his family, and he expected and demanded that they behave like one.

At home, Nick referred to Christian having a good time on a play date. Nick asked if cookies had been involved, and the boy shook his head. Nick mused that he could go a day without a cookie but not a day without Christian, and he kissed the tot's forehead and held him close.

Sharon returned to the hospital and hesitated to give Adam his phone, depending on whether he intended to use it to leave town. She requested fair warning if he planned to take off, but he assured her that he wasn't ready to say goodbye. She handed him the phone, and he noted that she kept saving his life. Sharon left to meet Faith. Adam made a call and curtly informed someone that he was in the hospital after being shot. He added that he knew exactly who had done it, but he had to shut the investigation down. "Find me a fall guy," he ordered.

Later, Adam awakened and found Victoria at his bedside. She said she hadn't meant to startle him, and he dryly replied that it was a side effect from the bullet. She imagined that regaining his memory had been a shock, and she asked if he wished he didn't remember. Adam accepted that he couldn't stick the genie back in the bottle. Victoria wished she could forget everything he'd done to her and the people she loved -- but she couldn't and never would.

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