A mass drugging derails the hotel opening
The Young and the Restless Recap for Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

At the Grand Phoenix opening gala, Zoe smirked as she snapped a photo of some empty sangria pitchers. Theo and Summer reviewed photos that they'd posted and thought they'd effectively generated interest in the event. She remarked that it was too bad that they had to spend the night working, but he declared that there was nothing more fun than seeing his creative ideas pay off. Summer purred that she could think of a few things that were more fun, and she suggested that they get a hotel room there see if it was up to snuff. Theo pointed out that there were still late arrivals who needed his attention, and he headed off to work the room.

Summer spotted Kyle and Lola happily enjoying the party together, and she grabbed another drink as she sat alone. Lola asked Kyle what was happening, since she didn't want Rey to see her looking at him. Kyle reported that a woman had given Rey her phone number, and an excited Lola gushed that she just wanted her brother to be as happy as they were. They kissed.

Sharon chugged her drink when she spotted Rey talking to another woman. Mariah asked if Sharon had seen Theo, but Sharon couldn't take her eyes off Rey. Mariah said she was sorry, but Sharon insisted that Rey had every right to get back out there. Sharon added that he was a catch, and Mariah implied that it was the perfect time for Sharon and Rey to reunite.

Phyllis joined Summer and admitted that she was having a surprisingly good time. Phyllis recognized that Summer had been afraid that she'd cause a scene with Chelsea and Abby, but she'd shocked herself when she hadn't. Phyllis figured that she'd taken the high road by letting the women bask in the glory of their accomplishment. Phyllis added that she was proud of Summer for how hard she'd worked on the promotion, and she swore that she wouldn't do anything to ruin her daughter's evening. Zoe snapped a photo as they hugged.

Devon observed that the sangria looked good, but Elena declined because she had to work early the next day. Nick did likewise because he had to take off soon. Elena offered to be the designated driver and encouraged Devon to imbibe. Devon approached the bar, where Chelsea was filling in for the bartender. He congratulated her on the opening and thought she'd enjoy working with Abby. Chelsea hoped they captured the same magic that Society had. He grabbed a glass of sangria and remarked that she was well on her way.

Abby wrapped up a call with Nikki and reported to Nate that her dad had gone to bed and was resting comfortably. Nate intended to check in on Victor on his way home, and he assured Abby that Victor would want her to stop worrying and enjoy her success. Abby was pleased that things seemed to be going very well, and Nate pointed out that not even Phyllis could deny it. Abby planned to keep an eye on Phyllis -- just in case.

Zoe greeted Phyllis, who trusted that Zoe was behaving herself. Zoe replied that she was at her very best, noting that she wasn't drinking because she was working that night and had to stay sharp. Phyllis added that Zoe was also underage. Zoe pledged to stick to sparkling water, even though she'd heard the Grand Sangria was fantastic. Phyllis started to accept a glass from a server, but she suddenly changed her mind. Phyllis asked if it was how Zoe got celebrities to do embarrassing things for her pictures, and Zoe looked offended and sauntered off.

Mariah was appalled that Rey was dancing with a woman while Sharon was sitting right there. Sharon accepted that Rey was moving on, but she hadn't expected it to happen that quickly. Mariah figured that some time on the open road to reflect and think things through would be a good thing for Sharon, and Sharon agreed that it would be an opportunity to decide what she wanted going forward. Tessa joined them and insisted that they cease all serious conversation, and Sharon committed to having fun at her unofficial sending-off party. They clinked their glasses of sangria together.

Chelsea reported to Abby that the drinks were flowing and that everyone was having a great time. Phyllis warned that the first rule of business was never to settle, and she requested a Shirley Temple. Abby muttered that it was too sweet for her taste. Phyllis reiterated that she wasn't looking for a fight, since she was there to support her daughter. She voiced surprise that Victor wasn't doing the same thing for Abby, who relayed that he was feeling under the weather. Phyllis was sure that he was very proud, and Abby became suspicious of Phyllis' uncharacteristic graciousness.

Devon anticipated that the Grand Phoenix would be a popular place and that Abby's brand would be worth twice the price. Nate hoped he and Abby could be like Devon and Elena, who both had demanding jobs but still found time to be together. Nate grabbed a sangria, mentioning that he'd had a sneak preview of the amazing signature drink the night before.

At the pool table, Kyle and Lola playfully made a bet about what the loser of the game would have to do for the winner. Summer excitedly ran over and informed Kyle that the collective's online sales had spiked, with the jewelry piece she'd flagged for the swag bag being a hit. Theo recommended that Summer renegotiate her contract to get a piece of the sales, but she was happy with the salary she was being paid. Kyle asserted that as the temporary boss, he wanted to arrange a reward, like the use of Jaboat for a few days. Theo proposed that he become Summer's agent from then on to prevent Kyle from taking advantage of her more than he already had. Kyle glowered.

Theo insisted that he was just looking out for Summer, but Kyle barked that Theo was looking out for himself. Lola suggested that they play a game of pool if they were determined to turn everything into a competition. The men began to play, and Theo apologized for giving Kyle a hard time. Theo imagined that it was a lot of pressure to be "baby CEO," but Kyle countered that his stint as interim CEO had been a blast so far. Theo teased Kyle for finally admitting that he enjoyed the power.

Kyle wondered why Theo cared that much about Kyle's job, and Theo maintained that he was tired of seeing Kyle pretend to be something he wasn't. Kyle spat that Theo was jealous of him and always had been. Summer intentionally scattered the balls on the table to disrupt the game, and Lola led Kyle away to dance. Summer chided Theo for being unable to act like an adult, and he retorted that she sucked up to Kyle enough for both of them. Summer huffed that Kyle had had enough of Theo, and so had she.

Sharon fanned herself as Phyllis joined her. Sharon pointedly turned away, and Phyllis informed her that if she was looking for Adam, he wasn't going to be there. Phyllis mentioned that another woman had been all over Rey on the dance floor, and he hadn't seemed to mind. Sharon walked away and ran into Rey, who handed her some sangria. Rey wondered if Phyllis wanted some, and she figured one wouldn't hurt. He pointed her to the bar.

Sharon thanked Rey, and he explained that Lola had made it her mission that night to get him back into the dating pool. Sharon commented that any woman would be lucky to have him, but Rey didn't want her to think that he was trying to hurt her feelings. She recognized that it wasn't his thing, and they toasted and drank their sangria.

Abby suggested that she and Nate check out the dance floor, and Devon and Elena followed them. Zoe watched with interest as the guests clearly became more uninhibited.

Theo plopped down next to Summer and apologized for busting Kyle's chops earlier. She doubted that he meant it, and he admitted that he didn't. She complained that she was sick of their bizarre pattern of fighting over him giving Kyle a hard time, followed by makeup sex. He recognized that they were at the fighting part of the cycle, but she suggested that they skip to the sex part instead. They kissed as Zoe jealously watched.

Lola congratulated Chelsea on the night, and she and Kyle went to find Rey. Nick needed to go home to relieve Monique, and Chelsea asked him to make sure Connor wasn't sneaking in any video games. Chelsea imagined that it would be awhile before the party slowed down, and Nick invited her to wake him up when she got home. They kissed, and he told her how proud he was of her.

A flushed Mariah raced over to Sharon and inquired about her chat with Rey. Mariah babbled about how cute Rey was, but Sharon wasn't sure that was the word she'd use to describe him. Mariah called him ruggedly handsome, and Tessa wondered if Sharon liked to run her fingers through his thick, shiny hair. Mariah pushed Sharon to ask him to dance, but Sharon protested that the dance floor was hot. Mariah and Tessa excitedly left to dance, and Sharon nearly fell over on her way to sit down.

Elena asked if a woozy-looking Devon was okay, and he remarked that it was hot. She led him to sit down and apologized about the shop talk with Nate, but Devon loved hearing her excited about her work. Devon stepped out to get some air on the patio, and he grabbed another sangria on the way. Elena eyed him with concern.

Theo and Summer made out in a corner, and Zoe approached them with more sangria. Zoe claimed that it was a peace offering, and she praised them for the great job they'd done with the party. Theo asked if Zoe was getting some good shots, and Zoe expected them to get better as the night went on. She imagined that the photos would be everywhere by the next day and that they'd all have a ton more followers. "Cheers to that!" Theo cried.

Elena worried that Devon had gotten overheated, and Nate suggested that Abby check the thermostat. Abby thought the temperature was fine, but she realized that others had complained about the heat, too. Nate gazed up at the ceiling and admired the flickering effect of the lights. Abby and Chelsea looked puzzled.

Mariah asked why Tessa had left the dance floor, and Tessa suggested that they dance right there by singing the same song. Tessa caressed Mariah's hair and commented that it was so pretty and shiny -- even better than Rey's. They began kissing passionately. From Theo's lap, Summer noted that Mariah and Tessa were really into one another, and she asked if Theo was into her. Theo suspected that they were high, since the colors were brighter and the music more intense than usual.

Summer wondered if she seemed sexier than usual, and Theo replied that it wasn't possible. Summer realized that they'd taken "Molly," and she asked if he'd spiked her drink. Theo swore that he hadn't, and he observed everyone else's behavior and thought someone had dosed all of them. He recommended that they ride it out alone in the room they'd talked about, and he instructed her to stay there while he checked them in.

Rey played pool alone. As he surveyed the table, he began having double vision. Lola and Kyle joined him, and she hoped she hadn't made Rey feel awkward by sending women his way. Rey stepped away to get water, and Lola sensed that something was off with him. Kyle agreed, and he looked around and spied Summer, Mariah, and Tessa acting spacey. Kyle didn't think Rey was the only one, and he stormed off to find Theo.

Sharon sat with her head in her hands at the bar. Rey asked what was wrong, and she blurted out that she was ashamed about the way she'd hurt him. Rey held her as she begged him to forgive her, and he promised that everything would be fine. She wailed that promises were meaningless.

Phyllis wanted to bend Devon's ear about something, but Elena protested that it wasn't a good time. Phyllis wondered what was going on with everyone. Abby asked if Devon was all right, and Elena requested some water. Abby asked a waiter to find Nate.

Chelsea noticed that something strange was happening, and she suddenly realized that people were tripping. She worried that someone was handing out drugs, but Elena was adamant that Devon would never knowingly take anything. Abby theorized that someone had spiked the drinks. Phyllis overheard and looked over at Zoe, who was gleefully filming the partygoers.

Devon panted for breath, and Elena explained that psychedelic drugs could cause panic attacks. Nate stumbled in and asked what was wrong with Devon. Chelsea realized that Nate had been drugged, too, but Nate insisted that he felt really good. Nate offered to get his medical bag, and Elena wondered what Nate had had to drink. Nate proclaimed that he'd consumed Abby's official drink, the Grand Sangria. Chelsea and Abby reeled.

Kyle pressed Summer about where Theo was. Summer told Kyle not to drink the "Molly sangria," and he asked where her mom was. Summer blathered that she didn't miss Phyllis then, but she had missed Kyle. She planted a kiss on him as Zoe filmed it. Lola stopped in her tracks when she saw Summer all over Kyle, who led Summer over to Phyllis and asked Phyllis to take care of her.

Chelsea began telling guests that they were out of sangria, offering water instead. Abby tried to divert attention by claiming that Indio had taken her top off on the dance floor. Elena coached Devon to breathe with her. Sharon slurred that Rey was such a good man who hadn't deserved it, and he insisted that it hadn't been her fault. Sharon lamented that she couldn't be happy without ruining it, but it had never been Adam for her -- just Rey. Sharon kissed Rey passionately before passing out in his arms. He tried to wake her.

Kyle confronted Theo, who insisted that he hadn't done it. Theo told Rey that someone had spiked the drinks. Rey freaked out because an illegal substance might have reacted with Sharon's medication, and he called the precinct to report a mass drugging. Theo groaned that it would be bad for all of them. Elena announced that she'd called 9-1-1, but she'd take care of Sharon and Devon until the paramedics got there. Phyllis asked Tessa to sit with Summer, who asked Tessa to sing to her.

Chelsea indicated that no one would be getting more sangria. She thought they'd handled the situation as best they could, but Abby recognized that it was a nightmare.

The EMTs arrived, and Rey informed Paul that everyone affected had drunk the sangria, including himself. Rey worried that whoever had spiked the drinks could have killed someone, since Devon or Sharon might have had a more serious reaction with their other medications. Rey mentioned that the pitchers of sangria had been out in the open on the bar. Paul hoped the security cameras had caught the culprit in action.

Kyle addressed what Lola had seen between him and Summer. Lola admitted that it had been a shock, but she knew it had all been on Summer's end and that Summer hadn't been in her right mind. Kyle thought Summer would have kissed anyone, but Lola sensed that Summer wasn't completely over him. Kyle chalked it up to a weird moment that they could pretend had never happened. Lola wanted nothing more, but she thought it seemed unlikely.

Elena informed Paul that the EMTs had said Devon and Sharon should fully recover, but they wouldn't be up to talking that night. Paul instructed everyone who'd been drugged to have blood drawn for a tox screen. Kyle told Paul that Summer had told him about the drugged drinks and that she'd heard it from Theo. Paul insisted on talking to Theo.

Phyllis remarked that it had been "one hell of an evening," and Abby pointed out that the Shirley Temple had turned out to be a good decision. Chelsea called it a curious one, and Phyllis argued that her daughter had consumed the sangria. Phyllis was aghast that they'd imply that she'd put her own child in danger, and Abby asked how Summer was doing. Phyllis huffed that she was taking Summer to the hospital, so they could find another scapegoat.

Paul asked Theo how he'd known the drinks had been laced with MDMA. Theo cited the way Mariah and Tessa had been dancing, and Mariah protested that they'd only had one sangria apiece. Summer couldn't remember how many she'd downed, but Zoe had given her the last one. Theo explained that Zoe was a kid who helped him out at events, but she had been there working, not drinking. Paul inquired whether Zoe was still there, and Tessa displayed the photos on Zoe's blog from when everything had gone down.

Paul guessed that it wasn't the PR Jabot had wanted, and Kyle groaned that he'd have a full-blown crisis on his hands. Paul said he'd be in touch with more questions after everyone sobered up, and he requested the security footage from Chelsea. Abby announced that she had hotel shuttles ready to take people to the hospital, but Paul regretted that he had to shut the place down immediately. Phyllis sent a text message to Zoe, saying they needed to talk.

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