Phyllis baits Zoe into a confession
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
by Nel

At Nick's, Summer was suffering from the hangover from hell. Chelsea cried that half the town had been dosed with Molly at her hotel, and they were in the middle of a police investigation. Summer announced that she had to get to work, but Nick tried to persuade her to stay home. Summer said the grand opening of the Grand Phoenix should have been a big night for Jabot, but in light of the aftermath, she had to get to Jabot to do damage control.

Nick tried to comfort Chelsea. He reminded Chelsea that she hadn't drugged the drinks. He reassured her the hotel would survive the incident. Chelsea informed Nick that cancellations had been pouring in, one of which was a cancellation for a reception for one hundred people. Chelsea said it was a loss in revenue. Nick reminded her that she had insurance. Chelsea said it covered losses and expenses, but not the loss of clientele. Nick reminded her that the police had cleared her and Abby's names. He suggested she work on figuring out what she had to do to attain the future she wanted. Nick and Chelsea were about to kiss when Phyllis blew in. Nick and Chelsea left.

Alone with Phyllis, Summer said the party should have been an exciting event, but she felt like the inside of a dirty garbage can. She wanted to sit in a dark room and cry. Phyllis wanted Summer to stay at home and rest, but Summer said that Kyle wanted all hands on deck. Summer moaned that everything had been going great then suddenly it hadn't been. She wondered if she still had a job. Phyllis told Summer that she would do whatever was necessary to make things disappear.

Summer asked Phyllis if she should trust her mother. Summer questioned whether it could have been someone not on their radar or a stranger -- or if it had been someone who wanted the owner to fail. Summer asked if Phyllis had been the culprit. Phyllis vehemently denied having been involved in any way. She said she would never plan something so diabolical, especially with Summer there. Summer apologized and said she'd had to ask. She said that since the party, everything had been very confusing.

Phyllis said that Summer had been a mess when Kyle had taken Summer to her. Summer said she was mortified because she'd kissed Theo then she'd kissed Kyle. She stated that the drug had taken away her choices, and it had been embarrassing. When Nick returned, Summer said she had to go to work, and she hoped that everything from the previous evening had disappeared.

After Summer left, Nick told Phyllis that the police needed to step up to find out what had happened because, if they didn't, they would have to deal with him. Phyllis told Nick they would have to deal with her first. Phyllis left.

At Society, Lola attempted to help Rey get over his drug hangover. She suggested that Rey take the day off because she had every confidence that he would eventually capture the culprit. Abby joined them and assured Rey that he had her complete cooperation. She wanted the person responsible for the previous evening's fiasco caught. Rey assured Abby he would get it done as quickly as possible. Abby provided Rey with a list of her staff and the guests who had attended the party. Rey looked at the guest list, and when he saw Sharon's name, he told Abby it was no longer an investigation; it was personal.

Rey called the hospital to check on Sharon, and he was informed that Sharon had been treated and released. Rey was relieved. At that moment, Paul arrived. Paul asked if Rey was okay because he appeared distracted. Rey assured Paul that he was fine and that he would stay with the investigation until it was resolved.

Theo arrived. He asked if Paul or Rey had seen Abby. Paul said they hadn't, but he had a few questions for Theo. Theo claimed he was too busy. Rey put a hand on Theo's shoulder and said it wasn't a request. Rey asked Theo if the previous evening had gone the way he'd planned. Uncomfortable, Theo stated it hadn't. He told Rey and Paul that Zoe Hardisty might have spiked the sangria. He confessed that he and Kyle had a history with her and that Zoe had always tried to make herself the center of attention.

Abby overheard Theo answering Paul and Rey's questions. She recalled Theo telling her that the best scandals made the best parties. She marched up to Theo and demanded to know if he had sabotaged her party. Theo assured her he hadn't because he always acted in the best interest of his client. He stated he wasn't a criminal. When Paul announced that he wanted to run a check on Theo, Theo said there was no need. He said that Zoe had constantly called and text-messaged him, but she had been silent since the previous evening. He suggested that Paul and Rey find and question her. Paul advised Theo not to leave town. He told Abby that the surveillance cameras might provide answers.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena entered the living room and asked why Devon was up. Devon told her his heart was still beating very fast. Elena examined him and gave him a clean bill of health. She explained that the Molly had interfered with his medication, and it had sent his heart rate and blood pressure sky high. Devon admitted that it had been the worst panic attack he'd ever experienced. He'd thought it would never end. He confessed that during the panic attack, he'd felt as if he'd been on the verge of joining Neil and Hilary. Elena reassured Devon that he was fine.

Later, Elena called Nate to check up on him. She told Nate that Devon was asleep and was fine. As she ended her call, Devon woke up. He felt that Elena needed an explanation about his thoughts about Neil and Hilary. He said that as nice as it would have been to see Neil and Hilary, he wasn't ready to leave the life he had with Elena. He said the more he got to know about Elena, the more he saw what a strong, brave, and caring person she was. He said she gave him a lot to hope for. Elena told Devon she loved him. Devon said he loved her, and they kissed.

Phyllis met Zoe in Chancellor Park. Phyllis congratulated Zoe on the hell she had unleashed the previous evening at the party. It had been epic. At first, Zoe denied knowing anything about it. Phyllis said she didn't think Zoe had done it for popularity. Zoe admitted she'd done it for revenge. She said she had tried to let karma do its thing by living well because it was the best revenge, but sometimes, karma required a little jumpstart. Phyllis asked who Zoe had targeted, since she didn't know Abby or Chelsea.

Zoe told Phyllis that Theo and Kyle had done a number on her life. She'd been a kid when Kyle and Theo had fed her drink after drink. They had found it funny, watching her stumble, fall, and lose control. After a while, she'd had no idea where she had been and had passed out. When she had woken up, Theo and Kyle had dumped her at the emergency room like she'd been a piece of trash and a problem they'd needed to be rid of.

Phyllis told Zoe that Kyle had treated Summer like she was disposable. Zoe said that Theo was no better. She said Theo had gotten in touch with her, claiming he'd wanted to make things right, but it had turned out he'd only wanted to use her to get under Kyle's skin. She said that after the party, Kyle and Theo had thought she would leave town, and they would forget about her. She said there was no way she would let them forget about her. She said that for every second the video of the party was online, she received hundreds of new followers. Phyllis pointed out that it sounded more like clout-chasing rather than payback.

Zoe told Phyllis that Theo's big night had been a colossal disaster, and he would be lucky if anyone hired him again. Kyle exchanging spit with his ex, Phyllis' rude daughter, had been icing on the cake. Zoe was certain that Kyle's adorable wife had loved seeing that. Zoe claimed it had been perfection. She said that adding the Molly to the sangria had brought out everyone's naughty thoughts, and they had come out to play. She said everyone had all had the best night of their lives because she'd given them permission to walk on the wild side. Zoe said that everyone should be thanking her.

Phyllis told Zoe she'd been very clever and had really thought it out. Zoe claimed that no one had gotten hurt, and Theo and Kyle had learned that they couldn't get away with messing with people's lives. She said no one could prove she'd done anything and that sometimes, people had to make their own justice. Phyllis said it sounded like Zoe had given it a lot of thought. Zoe admitted that she had thought about it every night for three long years. The plan had changed, but the outcome had remained the same -- to make them pay.

Zoe had a flashbulb moment. She told Phyllis that "Make Them Pay" would be the name of her new company. She told Phyllis to private message her if she wanted to talk business. Zoe claimed she would probably become booked very quickly, but she would try to squeeze Phyllis in. After Zoe left, Phyllis pulled out her phone and played it back to make sure she'd recorded Zoe's confession. She was happy it was all there and said, "Gotcha."

At Jabot, Kyle told Summer that they had never anticipated or planned for an event to go south or for a way to deal with social media in that event. Kyle said he needed to think what Jack would do in their situation. He said it hadn't been their product that had sent some people to hospital. Kyle noticed that Summer appeared out of it, and he told her to go home. Summer wanted to know why he was so perky. Kyle informed her that he and Lola hadn't drunk the sangria. Summer said she was happy the whole town hadn't gotten drugged, and she wondered who had done such a thing.

Kyle told Summer there were two suspects, Phyllis and Zoe. Summer said that Phyllis would never put her in harm's way. Kyle hoped that the Grand Phoenix would survive the incident. Summer offered an apology to Kyle for kissing him. She said it had been the drug talking. Kyle showed Summer his tablet. Summer was horrified that the kiss was on social media for the world to see. She was humiliated and told Kyle that when Jack returned, he would probably send her to work in the mailroom.

Kyle told Summer that Lola had seen the kiss. Summer asked him to apologize to Lola. Kyle assured her that he and Lola were perfect and that Lola understood it had stemmed from the effect of the drug. He hugged Summer to reassure her. Summer told Kyle she wanted to have a nap in her office. Outside Kyle's office, Summer looked longingly at Kyle through the window.

Paul walked into Crimson Lights, and when he saw Rey, Paul asked if Rey had been looking for Sharon. Rey said he'd been looking for witnesses. Paul said he had the surveillance video from the Grand Phoenix. They watched the video, and Paul said he hadn't seen anything suspicious. Rey felt that something was off. Paul claimed it was too clean. Paul said he was going to track Zoe down. Rey said there was a good chance that Zoe had been involved because a number of witnesses had mentioned her. Paul swore he would get to the bottom of the incident, and he left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby and Chelsea had been making calls and apologizing to their clientele in an effort to restore people's confidence in the hotel. When Abby and Chelsea compared notes, they were surprised that people had been very forgiving and that some people had said they'd had the time of their lives. When Abby started freaking out over the fact that there should have been a line of people wanting to come in, Chelsea assured her that they would rise from the ashes. Abby's phone rang, and she saw it was an incoming call from Phyllis. She sent it to voicemail and grumbled, "Not today, Phyllis."

Phyllis rolled her eyes when her call was sent to voicemail. Phyllis left Abby a message asking Abby to call back because she, Phyllis, was the answer to all their prayers. After disconnecting the call, Phyllis muttered that she was the answer to all their prayers.

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