Kyle and Lola realize that Lola might be pregnant
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
by Nel

Nikki arrived at Victoria's office and congratulated Victoria on her permanent CEO position. Victoria admitted that it felt different running the company since she was officially CEO and that she also felt validated. She claimed it was a new beginning for her. Nikki gifted Victoria with what she called a "power handbag." She claimed it was her way of thanking Victoria for convincing Victor to step down as CEO. Nikki knew it hadn't been easy for Victoria, but the stress of being CEO would have had a negative effect on Victor because of the medication he was taking.

Nikki assured Victoria that Victor's medication was working as it should. Victoria asked how Nikki had been holding up. Nikki assured Victoria that her MS was under control, and she felt well. Nikki commented that things were much easier since Adam had left Genoa City. Victoria stated that Adam remained a threat to the family, and it was difficult to focus on anything else. Nikki agreed, but she claimed Adam couldn't touch them if they didn't let him.

Billy arrived at the ranch at Victor's request. Victor offered Billy a drink, but Billy declined. Victor stated that he'd been accused of attempting to run Adam down with a car. Victor told Billy that he hadn't told Adam who he thought it might have been. Billy didn't deny it and said he regretted what he'd done. Victor stated that as a result of Billy's actions, Adam had been motivated to alter Victor's medication. Billy confessed that he hadn't known what he'd been doing that night.

Billy told Victor that Adam's return had reminded him of the night Delia had died. He described his frame of mind that night, his loss of control, and said that he had blacked out. Billy explained that he'd been shocked when Victoria had made him realize what he'd done because he wasn't that person. Billy was grateful he hadn't hurt Adam because that would have ruined more lives. He explained that after he'd learned Adam had messed with Victor's medication, he had immediately made Victoria and their kids his priority to protect them. Billy assured Victor he had let go of the past once Victoria had explained what he'd done.

Victor asked Billy if he was cured. Billy said his therapist wouldn't say that, but he was getting better; with continued therapy, he would continue to improve. Victor acknowledged that Billy would never stop hating Adam, and Billy confirmed Victor's assessment. He assured Victor he wouldn't act on his feelings, and he acknowledged that his word wouldn't be good enough for Victor. He asked what Victor planned to do because he noted that Victor hadn't called the police. Billy admitted that he was solely to blame for what had happened with Adam.

Billy told Victor that Victoria knew the whole story, and he stated that he wouldn't allow something like that to happen again. He assured Victor that this time, things would be different between him and Victoria. Victor said he was surprised that Billy had opened up to him. He said he would never forget how Billy had hurt Victoria in the past. Billy stated that he'd changed.

Victor asked Billy if he wanted everyone to absolved him of all his sins, but Billy claimed he only had to prove himself to Victoria. Victor told Billy that he had given Adam a second chance after all he'd done, and he was prepared to do the same for Billy. Stunned, Billy breathed a sigh of relief and said he'd have that drink Victor had offered earlier.

In their suite at the Grand Phoenix, Devon told Elena that everything about her was sexy. They undressed and made love. After the loving, Elena received a call from the hospital advising her they were short-handed because someone had called in sick. Elena told Devon she had time before she needed to leave for the hospital, and they proceeded to make love again.

Theo arrived at Society and asked Abby how she was doing. Annoyed, Abby stated she wasn't interested in discussing her personal affairs with him. Theo claimed he only wanted to be friendly. Abby told him to enjoy his meal and walked away.

Abby entered the kitchen and noticed that Lola didn't look well. Lola claimed she was lightheaded. Abby offered Lola some food, but Lola claimed the smell of food made her nauseous. Abby smiled and asked if Lola could be pregnant, but Lola said it wasn't possible because she and Kyle had been very careful. Lola said she didn't know what was going on, but it couldn't be a pregnancy. Abby suggested that Lola go home, but Lola assured Abby she was fine.

Abby confided in Lola that she and Nate needed to talk after their argument the other day, but up to that moment, they had only exchanged text messages. Abby claimed that dating someone meant that their families would be part of the package. Abby said she had to leave to meet with Nate. Lola and Abby walked out of the kitchen together. Abby said she was on her way to discuss where things stood between her and Nate. Lola wished Abby luck.

After Abby left, Lola saw Theo, and she asked him how he was enjoying his meal. He complimented her on her special. He asked Lola to sit with him, but she refused. She said she had other customers to attend to. As she began to walk away, she almost fainted. Theo caught her and helped her to a chair. He immediately called Kyle and told him that Lola needed him. Kyle thanked Theo for calling him.

A short time later, Kyle arrived at Society, and Theo explained that Lola had almost passed out. Kyle said he would take Lola home. Lola left them to gather her things.

Alone with Kyle, Theo confessed he'd been an ass. He admitted that he missed Kyle's friendship. He told Kyle that Summer had shown him a few truths about himself. Kyle said that Summer had deserved better than the way Theo had treated her. Theo agreed, and he admitted that the crap he'd pulled on Kyle had been messed up. Theo said he wanted to be friends with Kyle again. Kyle warned him that things would never be the same between them, but perhaps they could grab a beer sometime. Delighted, Theo agreed.

Outside Society, Lola informed Kyle that they needed to stop at a pharmacy.

At home, Lola told Kyle how strange it was that earlier that day, they had been talking about what their child would look like, and a short time later, they were taking a pregnancy test. Kyle said they would roll with it, but as he hugged Lola, he appeared worried.

When the timer went off, Lola checked the results of the pregnancy test. She informed Kyle the test was negative. She claimed she was relieved and disappointed at the same time. Kyle said he felt the same way. While he hugged Lola, Kyle received a text message advising him that Jabot's new cream, scheduled for introduction at their outlets the next day, had been held up at customs. Kyle said he had to leave to take care of the crisis. Lola assured him she would be fine and added that she probably had the flu.

After Kyle left, Lola sighed when she looked at the pregnancy test again. At that moment, her thoughts were interrupted by a text message from Theo asking if she was okay. By return text message, Lola assured Theo she was fine. She received a second text message from him telling her to look outside her door. Lola opened the door and picked up the paper bag. After she closed the door, she opened the paper bag and took out a large container with chicken soup. Smiling, she sent Theo a text message thanking him.

Billy arrived at Newman Enterprises, and he informed Victoria that he'd had a drink with Victor. He said that Victoria might need a drink, as well, because Victor had let him off the hook. Victoria was shocked. She claimed Billy's hard work had paid off, but Billy said they had done it together. He claimed there would only be good days ahead and that they were stronger together. Happy, Billy and Victoria kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Elena was getting coffee when Amanda walked in. Elena asked why Amanda was still in town. Amanda informed Elena that she wasn't going anywhere until her business had been completed. Elena remarked that Devon was a good man, and what Amanda had been doing to him was disgusting. It was obvious that Amanda didn't care. Amanda claimed it wasn't her fault there was a second will or that she looked like Devon's former wife. She claimed she couldn't wait for the case to be over. Devon arrived in time to hear Amanda tell Elena she shouldn't have allowed that old jerk to put her into the position she was in.

Devon jumped right in and asked Amanda what old jerk she had spoken to. He said it was obvious that she hadn't spoken to Chance. Devon demanded that Amanda tell him who the old jerk was that she had referred to. Amanda covered by saying that he had sounded like an old jerk on the phone; that was all she'd meant. She excused herself and walked out.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nate and Amanda bumped into each other. She advised Nate to stop stalking her. Nate informed her that he was there to meet with Abby. Amanda said she hoped that Nate understood why she felt the way she did. She claimed that since her arrival in Genoa City, she'd been the object of suspicion, curiosity, and other things, as well. She said that she was over it, and all she wanted was to relax and enjoy herself. Nate offered to keep her company, since he had some free time before Abby arrived. Amanda agreed, with the proviso that they wouldn't talk about Devon. Nate agreed.

Nate told Amanda a bit about himself while they played pool. When Nate asked about her background, she looked at him suspiciously and said she'd gone to law school at Yale. Nate said that Amanda hadn't mentioned where she was from, and he also noted that the information online was very limited. Amanda stated that she wasn't ready to give out any of her information other than the fact that her real life had begun when she'd entered college. When Nate asked for more information, she became even more suspicious, and she accused Nate of spying for Devon.

Nate told Amanda that he wasn't spying for anyone, but she had to understand that everyone was curious about her. Amanda said that because she didn't advertise anything about herself, it didn't mean she was hiding anything. Abby arrived and said she was surprised to see Nate with Amanda. Amanda said she was just leaving and walked away. Nate told Abby that he'd tried to get some background information from Amanda, but Amanda thought he'd been spying for Devon. Nate told Abby that they had a lot to talk about, and Abby agreed.

Abby apologized to Nate for her rudeness and her attitude the other day. Nate also apologized to Abby, but he added that his issues were very real. Abby asked where she and Nate stood. Nate told her that he felt like crap because he had compromised his ethics, he'd lied to his colleagues and to the people he cared about, and for all his efforts, Victor had allowed Adam to go free. He had done all that for nothing. Abby said that Victor and Adam's relationship was very complicated. Nate was astounded. He commented that Victor's actions didn't appear to phase her in the least.

Abby explained to Nate that Victor faking his death wasn't a normal situation, but growing up a Newman was unique and challenging. Abby assured Nate that she had always remained true to herself. Nate stated that Abby was smart, talented and beautiful, but they had different perspectives and that they were too far apart. Abby asked if that was Nate's way of saying things were over between them. Nate confirmed it was. Abby said she was sorry and thanked him for his honesty. Nate told Abby to take care of herself, and he left.

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