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The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, March 25, 2020
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Wednesday, March 25, 2020
by Nel

At the Abbotts', Ashley called out for Jack to help get Dina's room ready, but she couldn't find him. Jack arrived carrying bags of groceries in both arms. Ashley asked what he'd bought. Jack said that Dina had to eat, and he'd bought all her favorite things like ice cream. Ashley reminded him that Dina had stopped eating, but Jack felt that because Dina was at home, they could have Mrs. Martinez cook Dina's favorite foods. Ashley chastised Jack for not telling anyone that he would be going out. They began to argue.

Traci intervened and said that Jack and Ashley needed to stop arguing. She reminded them that they had agreed to take Dina home. Traci also reminded them that Dina was no longer a danger to herself or anyone else and that she was no longer ambulatory. They all needed to give Dina the best life possible, and they needed to get along in order to do that. Traci said they had to be kind to themselves in order to be kind to their mother. Ashley said that Jack and Traci should both defer to her. Jack and Traci laughed and declared Ashley the Queen of the Household -- but only until Dina arrived.

Later, Ashley asked Traci where Jack was. Traci informed her that he needed to clear his head. Ashley worried that they might have forgotten something, but Traci assured her the round-the-clock nurses had been taken care of, and they would figure out the rest as they went along. Traci said it was a good thing that they knew what to expect. Ashley wondered if they were making a mistake taking Dina home, but Traci assured her they weren't. Traci said that if Ashley was uncomfortable, she could bow out and return to Paris, but Ashley refused. Traci said she knew Dina had cut Ashley to the core, and Dina probably wouldn't recognize her.

Ashley told Traci that she'd felt bad for Traci because after Dina had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Dina had treated Traci like she'd been the hired help. Traci said they would get through it. Ashley and Traci took a walk down memory lane about their childhood with Dina. Their conversation was interrupted when Ashley received a text message that Dina was being transported and should arrive at the Abbott home shortly.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick was busy with paperwork when he received a text message from Victor: "It's imperative you handle the Bailey deal today. Time is of the essence." Nick responded, "It's been handled." Nick got back to work, and he received another text message from Victor: "I trust you've been in touch with Ben Fredrickson about the financing." Irritated, Nick responded, "It's done." Then his phone rang. Believing it was Victor, Nick shouted into the phone "It's been handled," but it was Phyllis. Nick apologized and said that he was crazy busy. Phyllis said she wanted to meet Nick face to face. Nick said he was too busy, but Phyllis had already disconnected the call.

Phyllis arrived at Newman a short time later. Phyllis told Nick that Summer suspected something was going on between them, and she wanted to know how they should handle it. Nick said they had only given in to their weakness twice, and they'd gotten it out of their systems. Phyllis asked what they should tell Summer. Nick said they would tell Summer the truth.

Phyllis claimed she had another reason for her visit. Nick said he was too busy. He explained that he had to go to the former Dark Horse office to meet with Jill because she wanted to rent the office space, but Phyllis asked him to sit beside her on the sofa. Phyllis sexily presented Nick with a proposition. She wanted Newman Enterprises to use the Grand Phoenix exclusively for their parties. Nick scoffed and asked if that was the reason she'd wanted to see him. Phyllis said it would be a perfect union, and then she feigned surprise and asked if Nick thought she'd had an ulterior motive when she'd said she'd wanted to meet with him.

Nick said he had to leave, but he promised that he would look at her proposal later. Phyllis sexily leaned over Nick and said he was the best, and she left.

At Crimson Lights, Nate told Amanda he couldn't believe that Jared had fought with his landlord and wound up in jail. He felt bad for Jared. Amanda said that no one had been watching out for Jared, and it was difficult for Jared to let anyone in, especially strangers. Nate said they all had to do something. Amanda said that Jared would be arraigned later that day. Nate stated that it would go on Jared's permanent record and suggested they needed to make it disappear. Amanda told Nate that she would talk to the D.A., but because she was new in town, she had no idea if anyone in the D.A.'s office would give her the time of day.

Later, Elena and Devon met at Crimson Lights. Amanda joined them, and she informed them that the charges against Jared had been dropped. Amanda said that Jared needed to put a roof over his head. They tossed around a few job ideas, like a busboy at Society. Elena suggested a job at the clinic. Amanda said that Jared didn't trust anyone, and she wanted to talk to him. Devon said he wanted to talk to Jared with her because he'd been in and out of foster homes, as well.

When Devon and Amanda had finished talking to Jared on the patio, they joined Elena and Nate. Jared apologized to Elena and Nate. He said he was interested in the job at the clinic. Jared said he wanted to go to the funeral home to make arrangements for his grandfather, but he didn't know what needed to be done. Nate offered to go with him. Jared was overwhelmed by so many people looking out for him, and he couldn't believe that Devon, a billionaire, had been in the system. Amanda assured him they were all on the same side.

After Nate and Jared left, Elena and Devon joined Amanda. Devon told her that she'd done a good job talking to Jared. Devon said he was pleased that they'd found common ground, and he claimed they made a great team. Elena watched and smiled as Devon and Amanda shook hands.

Billy met with a man at Society and said they'd had a great meeting, but they needed to head to the office and introduce him to Lily. Billy suggested that it would be best if he did all the talking.

At Chancellor Media, Jill told Lily she'd wanted to check up on them to make sure they were settling into their new office space. Devon arrived with a gift for Lily, and Jill left. Devon teased that the office looked almost as good as Hamilton-Winters. Lily laughed. Devon said he thought it was a partnership and wondered where Billy was. Lily said Billy would be there soon. She had just said that when Billy arrived. Devon greeted Billy and told him not to screw up, because whatever happened to Billy also happened to Lily. Devon gave Lily a peck on the cheek, and he left.

Lily told Billy she'd made a list of their priorities, and they needed a Chief Content Officer to execute and maintain the tone they wanted to set. Billy said he agreed with her. He said he had the perfect guy for the job, and that guy was in the lobby, waiting to meet Lily.

Lily looked over Harris' résumé and said it was very impressive, but his name sounded familiar to her. While she pondered who he was, Billy rambled on about Harris' impressive works and how he would fit in. Lily had a lightbulb moment and remembered who Harris was. She recalled that he'd written a sleazy book about the Belton family and the industrialist back east. The family had secrets and scandals, and Harris had discovered all the dirt; he had buried that family, especially the grandfather. Harris said they'd deserved it. Lily said no one deserved the hatchet job he'd done on them. She thanked him and opened the door for him to leave. As Harris left, Lily handed him his résumé.

Once Harris was gone, Lily lit into Billy and said she knew what Billy had tried to do. She accused him of wanting to hire people who had a talent and who would go after powerful people like Victor. She claimed that Harris would write whatever Billy told him. She asked if Billy thought she'd forgotten that Billy had used Harris at Restless Style to attack Victor. Billy claimed that it had been a long time since that had happened..

Lily said that Billy hadn't changed because he'd tried to sneak the Harris guy by her to take Victor down. Billy claimed he didn't know what she was talking about. Lily asked Billy how much he'd paid Harris to let Billy do all the talking. Billy accused Lily of being the only one fixated on Victor and said that she'd always known that he disliked Victor immensely. Lily said she hoped to find someone who could take their ideas and turn them into gold -- someone who could create content that they would be proud of and something everyone would want to read, not just the people who hated Victor.

Lily accused Billy of playing games. She said if Billy wanted to play games, she could teach him a thing or two about how to play them, because she could go behind his back and get what she wanted. Billy agreed to keep things aboveboard. Lily asked if Billy had taken the job so he could take Victor down. Billy told Lily to let things go about Victor. Lily said she really hoped he was going to work aboveboard.

Lily said there was something different about Billy. She asked if Billy was lonely. Surprised, Billy asked why she was there. With a smile, Lily said that she had been given the opportunity to spend all her time with Billy, and she hadn't been able to say no. At that moment, Jill arrived and said she was happy things were working out between them, and she invited them for lunch. Billy suggested that Lily accompany Jill because he had work he needed to do. Lily said she'd meet Jill at the elevators.

After Jill left, Billy said that Lily could have told Jill what he'd done, but she hadn't. He wondered why. Lily said that she would tell Jill over lunch. Then, with a smile, Lily said that what Jill didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Billy promised that he wanted to do what was best for the company.

Jill arrived at Society, and she saw Jack sitting at the bar. She told him that Lily and Billy were setting up their new offices. Jack was less than enthusiastic. He explained that Dina would be returning home later that day and that there had been tension with his sisters. Jill assured Jack that the Abbotts would always rise to a challenge.

Jill spotted a newspaper open at the crossword puzzle, and she asked Jack for answers to the questions. Jill managed to distract Jack enough that he stopped thinking about what was waiting for him at home. When they had finished the puzzle, Jack said he knew the puzzle wasn't hers because he recognized that the writing wasn't hers. Astounded Jill asked if he remembered handwriting. Jack thanked her for the diversion. He said she'd be surprised what he remembered, and he left.

At the Abbotts', Ashley and Traci tried to make Dina comfortable on the sofa and asked if she wanted anything. Dina was in her own world and didn't respond. Jack arrived, and he greeted Dina. Dina appeared to recognize his voice. She turned her head, and in a moment of clarity, she gave Jack a beaming smile. She said, "Jackie," then the smile faded, and she returned to her own world.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis sat on one of the sofas with a drink and smiled to herself.

Nick arrived at the former offices of Dark Horse, looking for Jill to make sure that everything was okay, but he found Billy instead. Astounded, Nick asked if Billy was the new tenant.

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