Adam and Chelsea declare war on Victor
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, September 16, 2020
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Wednesday, September 16, 2020
by Nel

When Rey arrived at Sharon's, she said she hadn't expected to see him that day. Rey said he need an honest answer from her -- he needed to know where things stood between them. He knew where Sharon stood with Adam, and that concerned him. Rey said he hated to ask, but he wanted to know if she would keep helping Adam as a friend. Sharon assured Rey that she wouldn't treat Adam anymore because she wanted to focus on her health. She claimed that she wouldn't be seeing Adam again.

Rey was skeptical. He asked if Sharon was backing away from Adam because she was afraid that she would cross the line with him. Before Sharon could respond, Mariah entered, and when she saw the looks on Sharon and Rey's faces, she asked if she was interrupting something. Sharon assured Mariah that she hadn't interrupted anything. She said they were just finishing up, and she was happy that Mariah was there. Mariah offered to leave, but Rey said that Mariah and Sharon needed some time to themselves. He told Sharon he would be back later, and he left.

Mariah ask Sharon what had just happened. Sharon said she thought she'd managed to push Rey away. She said that she'd messed things up. Mariah said that Sharon needed to make Rey her priority because he'd been there for Sharon, and he'd been her rock. Sharon said she'd told Rey she wouldn't see or treat Adam anymore. Mariah stated that Sharon had to make her health the priority and that she had to leave Adam alone. Frustrated, Sharon said that cancer had gripped her life, and she couldn't get away from it.

A short time later, Rey returned and told Sharon he didn't want to fight. He said it couldn't happen again with Adam. Sharon promised that Adam wouldn't come between them again.

Adam entered the penthouse, and when he saw Chelsea, he said he didn't want to hash things out again. Chelsea told him she had a plan, and she wanted Adam to hear her out. Adam claimed he had only returned to grab his clothes, and he would be returning to the motel. Chelsea reminded him that his actions affected not only her but Connor, as well. She suggested that the best way to protect Connor was to send him to boarding school. Adam thought that was a great idea, but he asked who would protect Chelsea. She assured Adam that she didn't need protecting because she could hold her own. She told Adam that Alyssa and Billy had joined forces, and she was certain they would go after Adam.

Adam told Chelsea that he could handle Billy. Chelsea felt that Adam was dismissing her, and she claimed she didn't deserve that. She said she was Adam's soul mate, lover, and friend. She said she loved him, and she asked Adam to stop shutting her out. Adam stated there was no way they could make things work. He claimed that, in the end, Chelsea would wind up leaving him, so he'd decided he would do it first.

Chelsea asked Adam not to walk away from her. Adam said he was sorry, and he went upstairs to pack. When he returned, he said he'd see Chelsea whenever, but Chelsea suggested that they get married at City Hall immediately. Adam thought she was talking crazy, but Chelsea said she wanted to share everything with him -- the joy and the despair. She promised Adam that she would never leave him.

Chelsea told Adam that they could conquer Victor together, but Adam said that Victor always won. Chelsea said it would be different that time. She said that Adam had seen another side of himself, and he knew what made him tick. She also understood Adam better and loved him even more for it, but she wanted Adam to accept himself for who he was. She claimed that together, they were unstoppable. Adam agreed with her and said he would stay, but it wasn't necessary to get married yet. He said the wedding would be their celebration once they declared victory over their minions.

Chelsea admitted to Adam that she'd been scared that she wouldn't be able to get through to him. Adam said he realized that Chelsea wasn't going to give up, and there was no one else he would rather have by his side than her. He asked if Chelsea was ready for what would happen next. Chelsea said if he meant that he was ready to bring Victor to his knees -- she was ready. Adam claimed they if anyone else tried to protect Victor, they would all go down with Victor. Adam claimed it was war.

Traci met Jack at the Grand Phoenix. Jack asked Traci to put her detective skills to the test. He told Traci he didn't believe that Dina had been sending him a sweet message because Dina's first instincts had never been sweet. Traci asked Jack if he was searching for a soul mate. Jack said he'd spoken with Phyllis, and Phyllis felt the message was too generic and that Dina's gestures had never been sweet. He wanted Traci to watch the movie one more time to see if she could find another clue. Traci watched the movie again on Jack's phone; she reported she didn't see anything new, nor did she have any guesses.

Jack felt let down and told Traci that he should have known that Dina had stopped sending messages a long time before. While Jack spoke, Traci had been checking the photos on Jack's phone. She spotted something and asked Jack to have a look. Traci pointed out the necklace Dina had worn in that photo. She said it was an antique and that Dina had never worn that necklace in any of the other photos they had of her. Traci claimed she wanted to find that necklace because Dina had always loved beautiful things, but Jack thought Dina had sold it. Traci claimed there was something familiar about it, and she was determined to find the necklace.

At Crimson Lights, Nate and Elena bumped into each other and sat down to have coffee together. Elena admitted that she was very distracted because she was concerned about the fallout she and Devon would have to deal with after Amanda's DNA results became available. She said that if they proved Amanda and Hilary were twins, it would shake Devon to the core. Nate said that he'd given Amanda the results earlier. Elena wondered when Amanda would tell Devon. Nate informed her that Amanda was already with Devon.

Nate's information upset Elena, and she got up to leave to be with Devon. Nate stopped her and asked her to wait, but she was worried about how Devon would react. Nate reminded her that the truth would have come out sooner or later. Elena asked Nate how he would have felt if his fiancée had come back to life and walked back into his life.

Nate stated it would be shocking but not an answer to his prayers. It wouldn't be Carolyn. The person wouldn't have Carolyn's heart and soul. Nate said that Devon had fallen in love with Elena because of who she was down to her core. He said that Devon had had no choice but to fall in love with Elena because she had the heart and soul that Devon had seen.

Elena thanked Nate for talking her down, but Nate said he had only reminded her of what she'd already known. Elena said she hoped that Amanda knew what she had in a man like Nate.

At Devon's, Amanda presented Devon with the DNA results. She told him she hadn't only had family in Genoa City, but she'd had a twin, Hilary. Amanda said that she'd known it could have been a possibility, but knowing it was a reality seemed unreal. She realized that a part of her had always been out there, but part of her still felt very much alone. She couldn't stop thinking about the life she might have lived with her sister.

Devon told Amanda that she would have been his sister-in-law, and she would have loved Hilary. Amanda stated she felt it had been a cruel joke: one minute, she'd had a family, and the next, it had been taken away. She said it was difficult to discover that she'd had a sister and to lose her in the same moment. She said they'd shared nine months together in the womb and been inseparable, but when they'd entered the world, they had lost each other.

Devon asked if Amanda knew when they had been separated. Amanda had no idea, but she wanted to know what Hilary had been like. She said she could almost picture Hilary. If things had been different, she might have been in Genoa City with Hilary, but in reality, she knew nothing about her twin. She asked Devon to tell her everything about Hilary. Devon said that Hilary was tough to describe. Amanda understood that some memories would be painful, but she just wanted to know what Hilary had been like and if they'd had anything in common.

Devon said that Amanda was as persistent as Hilary had been, and she had refused to take "no" for an answer. Devon said he didn't know where to begin. Amanda asked if he felt that she and Hilary would have gotten along, but Devon said he couldn't bring Hilary to life for Amanda. Amanda acknowledged that it was obvious that Devon had had a hard time after Hilary had passed. Devon admitted that "hard" didn't come close to describing what he'd gone through, and he admitted he couldn't afford to go down that rabbit hole again. He said that if that door reopened, he might not be able to close it again. He said that he couldn't be the person that Amanda turned to for information.

Undeterred, Amanda kept pushing Devon for answers. She said that when she'd arrived in town, she'd received different reactions when she'd asked people about Hilary. She said that some people had loved Hillary, while others had hated her. Devon said that anyone who had hated Hilary hadn't known her. He admitted that Hilary had done some questionable things, but there had been a side to Hilary that she had rarely shown the world.

Devon told Amanda that Hilary had been a very kind, warm, and loving person. She had an outward persona that she had put on before the camera, but there were a lot of things she would do outside the public's eye, just out of the kindness of her heart. He said Hilary had been a passionate person and that she'd grabbed life and lived it as hard as she could. He said he was glad that he'd been one of the things Hilary had grabbed onto. He said he'd never let that go because he'd loved Hillary more than anything else on earth.

Elena had arrived at that moment and heard Devon's comment. She looked heartbroken.

In Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Nick about Dina's message to Jack. Nick commented that he thought it was cute, but Phyllis reminded him that Dina had abandoned her family and made a life for herself on a different continent. Nick claimed that at times, Phyllis was very cynical, and at times, she looked for an ulterior motive. He believed that Dina had wanted to send her children a loving message. Annoyed, Phyllis called Nick out for calling her cynical. She claimed she was a realist and not a mushy individual. She assured him she wasn't dead inside, but she didn't believe the world was a romantic comedy. She admitted that she wouldn't spew her feelings to Nick all the time.

Nick told Phyllis that she'd shown him her softer side. Phyllis commented that Nick always wore his heart on his sleeve, but she didn't. She asked Nick if they had a problem. She said she believed in love, but it never seemed to last for her. She and Nick had done the couple thing a number of times, and they'd been burned. She said that they had hurt a lot of people in the process. Nick assured Phyllis that they wouldn't be hurting anyone "this time." He promised not to hurt them again and said Phyllis had to trust that. Nick told her he loved her, and Phyllis proclaimed her love for Nick.

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