Sally tries to form an alliance with Tara
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, June 9, 2021
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Wednesday, June 9, 2021
by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick told Phyllis that he and Devon were very excited about their collaboration with Newman Media, however, they still needed to iron out the details. Phyllis said she had a bad feeling about the collaboration. Nick claimed he was using Newman Media to benefit their work. Victor had offered free tech for their buildings and free media coverage, which would generate new interest in financial backing for New Hope. Phyllis claimed that Victor wasn't altruistic, and Nick would be working for him.

Phyllis told Nick she felt Victor was only interested in how Newman Media would benefit him, and Nick would be under Victor's thumb again. Nick assured her that his eyes were wide open where Victor was concerned. He claimed Adam's offer had been very impressive. Phyllis stated that Adam tainted everything he touched.

Nick assured Phyllis that he hadn't forgotten what Adam had done, but he was willing to give Adam the benefit of the doubt, considering what he'd done for Faith. So far, Adam had lived up to his claim of wanting to become a better person. Nick said if Adam backslid, Nick would adjust accordingly; however, he hoped Adam wouldn't return to his old ways. Phyllis reserved the right to continue hating Adam. She also noted that Nick was giving his monster brother, Adam, a second chance, and he'd been very laid-back when Summer and Kyle had mentioned that their wedding was back on. Nick claimed he had to leave.

When Nikki arrived at Newman Media, she told Adam she'd seen Victor earlier, and he had refused to tell her why he'd been upset. She assumed it had been something Adam had done, something selfish or underhanded. Nikki admitted she'd never approved of Victor and Adam's partnership. She believed it was only a matter of time before it soured.

Adam assured Nikki that he and Victor had been getting along really well because there weren't any secrets between them. Nikki claimed she was worried Adam would leave Victor heartbroken again. Adam knew he had a long way to go to earn Nikki's trust, but he hoped that with Nick's willingness to give him another chance, it would inspire Nikki to do the same. Nikki claimed trust was earned by actions, not promises. Nikki wanted to know what Adam had said to upset Victor.

Adam told Nikki that he and Victor had had a disagreement about a business thing, and it hadn't been a big deal. Nikki admitted that Victor had been more irked than upset, but she was worried that it was a sign of things to come. She was concerned about Victor's health. Adam claimed he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that. Nikki stated that before Newman Media, Victor had settled into his version of retirement. He'd done a little business, but it hadn't been stressful. He'd been content that Victoria was running Newman Enterprises. He hadn't worried about the day-to-day operations, but he'd jumped into that venture with Adam.

Adam told Nikki the media company had been Victor's idea. Nikki claimed it wasn't in Victor's nature to let Adam run things. She claimed that Victor had become emotionally invested in creating another powerhouse to use as a legacy to share with Adam. She asked Adam to tell her what he really wanted out of it.

Adam told Nikki he wanted to be a man that Connor could admire and respect, the kind of man his mother, Hope, had always wanted him to be. Adam claimed that Victor believed he could be that man. Adam knew what he'd done in the past and had all the regrets to go with it, but he had insight into why he'd been that person. He claimed he had coping tools, and he no longer wanted to be caught up in that vicious cycle. He was certain the family would keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't veer off the path of good intentions. Nikki hoped Adam was sincere, but if he reverted to his former self, she would show no mercy. Adam told Nikki he hoped Nikki wouldn't have to follow through with her warning.

Nikki asked Adam about Chelsea and if he intended to mend his relationship with her. Adam claimed Chelsea would always have a place in his heart. He took full responsibility for pushing her over the edge, but he didn't know whether they could reconcile. Nikki liked his approach; however, it would be difficult for Connor, because he would want to see his parents together. Adam said he'd done his best to protect Connor. He always told Connor that his mom and dad loved him. Regardless of what happened in the future, Adam would do right by his son. Satisfied, Nikki left.

At Crimson Lights, Rey told Sharon his family was excited to see them again. Celeste had scheduled a million things for them to do, but he'd made it clear it was their second honeymoon, and they needed some alone time. He said Lola had made reservations for them at the restaurant where she was doing her chef residency, and Rey couldn't wait to hit some of the hot night spots. Sharon said it all sounded heavenly, but she wished she could be in two places at the same time. Rey knew Sharon was nervous about leaving Faith.

Sharon told Rey she knew Faith was doing great emotionally and was on her way to a full recovery from her surgery, but Sharon was worried because Faith was about to start rehab and therapy. Rey assured Sharon that Faith had a lot of people to lean on while they were away. He reminded Sharon they could use that time together after the year they'd had. Sharon thanked Rey for easing her mind.

Nick arrived, and he assured Sharon and Rey that he would look after Faith. Summer would probably involve Faith with the wedding planning. Sharon asked how Nick felt about the wedding. Nick claimed he'd realized he needed to trust Summer's judgment.

Faith arrived and announced that she'd had a good day at school. Nick asked how she felt about her next rehab session. Faith claimed she wasn't as intimidated or nervous as she had been previously. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but she'd seen how much it had helped in figuring out who she was and who she wanted to be. Faith said it had been a tough year, but it also made her think about college and what path she might want to take. Faith said Moses had rubbed off on her because he knew he wanted to be a doctor, and he was focused and excited about what was headed his way. Faith wanted to find something she was that passionate about. Sharon told her to keep doing what she was doing, and it would come. Nick said they all believed in her.

At that moment, Adam arrived and said it was good to see Faith out and about. Faith told him she felt better every day, thanks to Adam saving her life -- twice. Adam said she didn't need to thank him, and she didn't owe him anything. After Faith left, Adam told Rey he didn't like the fact that Rey was trying to prove that Chelsea should have stood trial; however, the decision had been made, and Chelsea was where she needed to be and was getting the help she needed.

Rey agreed with Adam that Chelsea was getting help, but he asked whose fault it was that she needed help. Adam freely admitted the fault was his. Adam claimed his goal was to prove he'd changed and that he was worthy of forgiveness. Rey claimed it was easy for Adam to seek homage because he was free; meanwhile, Chelsea was locked up in a ward, fighting the demons Adam had inflicted on her. Adam had broken Chelsea's heart and her mind.

Nick told Rey that Adam understood. Fighting old battles wasn't going to do anyone any good. Sharon said that everyone had had their say, and they needed to end it at that point. Rey said it was good Adam wanted to improve himself, but he wanted Adam to stay away from him and Sharon. Adam stated he had no intention of causing trouble for them. Rey asked Adam to leave. Adam claimed he had somewhere to be, and he left.

Rey told Nick he didn't understand how Nick could defend Adam. Rey understood that Nick was trying to see Adam in a different light because of what he'd done for Faith, but it didn't erase everything Adam had done. Nick pointed out that Adam was making a concerted effort to change, and Nick wanted to see where that led. Nick stated that Rey needed to focus his energy on taking Sharon to Miami. Rey claimed Nick was right.

After Nick left, Sharon apologized to Rey about the whole situation, but Rey didn't want her to apologize for anything. Sharon invited Rey to go with her to pick up a few things for their trip, but Rey said he had to check in at work. After Sharon left, Rey received a text message from Michael: "Need to see you ASAP."

Tara bumped into Summer at the park. She'd heard things had gone well when Summer had met Harrison. Summer said he was a wonderful boy. Tara was happy that Summer and Kyle's wedding plans were back on track. Summer assured Tara that Harrison would always be Kyle's priority, and she would support Kyle. When Summer left, Sally made a point to waylay Tara. Tara told Sally she didn't want to have anything to do with her, but Sally insisted that it would be worth Tara's while.

Sally told Tara it was obvious Tara's marriage was over and that she'd set her sights on Kyle. Sally claimed she'd seen the look on Tara's face after Summer had told her about the wedding. Tara denied it. Tara was taken aback when Sally claimed that Kyle was gorgeous, rich, and Harrison's father. Sally stated that if Tara wasn't interested in Kyle, she would have been back in New York, dealing with her divorce. Tara claimed Sally was talking nonsense. Sally claimed the only thing standing in Tara's way was Summer. Sally stated she had a way of getting Summer out of both of their lives.

Tara said Sally had a lot of nerve to come up with such a crazy scenario and then suggest that she and Sally collude. Tara asked how Sally knew Tara wouldn't blow her out of the water. Sally claimed she had a special radar for kindred spirits. Tara claimed they were nothing alike. Sally disagreed and said a common problem brought people together. Sally said their problem was the woman running JCV and wearing Kyle's engagement ring. Sally claimed she was working on something that would take Summer far away, and all Tara had to do was make Summer want to leave. Tara asked how she would accomplish that.

Sally told Tara that if Summer took the job in Milan, they would be in the clear. Sally said she would handle Summer, and Tara had to get Kyle to fall back in love with her. Tara claimed Sally's plan was ridiculous, and she didn't have time for games because she was facing a devastating divorce and the possibility of losing custody of her son. Tara said she was going to forget they'd ever had that conversation. She asked Sally to leave her alone. Sally said if Tara changed her mind, she should let Sally know.

At Society, on the phone, Ashland claimed it wasn't what he'd wanted to hear, but he would make the necessary arrangements. Victoria arrived and asked if everything was okay. Ashland told her he'd received a bit of unwelcome news. Victoria said she was looking forward to dinner with him. Ashland apologized and said he had to fly back to New York later that evening. He suggested she accompany him. They could have dinner in Manhattan.

Victoria told Ashland that it might not be a good idea, given Ashland's pending messy divorce. Ashland claimed they weren't doing anything wrong, and no one needed to know. He claimed he never played it safe. Ashland said he enjoyed Victoria's confidence and drive and being with her. Victoria said she had to check what was on her calendar.

At the Abbotts', Summer told Kyle she felt better since the wedding was back on. Summer said she'd run into Tara at the park, and she'd told Tara about their wedding plans. Kyle asked if Summer was up for some playtime with Harrison. Summer said she was. Once they had finished playing outside with Harrison, Summer informed Kyle she'd taken a lot of photos of Harrison and Kyle. Tara arrived and said it looked like they'd had fun.

Tara spotted the new toy, and she asked Harrison if that was something his daddy had gotten for him. Summer claimed she'd given it to him. Kyle said it was good Tara had been able to get out on her own. Tara claimed she hoped things would all work out for all of them. Tara and Kyle jointly received a text message from Ashland: "I want to meet with the two of you. No lawyers." Kyle and Tara looked worried.

Summer asked Tara why Ashland wanted to meet with them without lawyers present and if it was a power play. Tara stated that Ashland loved keeping people off balance. Kyle said that perhaps Ashland was waiting for Tara's answer to his offer. Kyle also wanted to know whether Tara was going to cut him out of Harrison's life. Ashland arrived, and Kyle asked "what the hell" Ashland wanted.

Nikki arrived in Victoria's office, and she told Victoria she'd had a lengthy chat with Adam. Nikki said it had been unnerving because Adam had sounded sincere in wanting to become a better person. Nikki understood why Nick and Victor wanted to give Adam a second chance. Victoria wasn't buying it. She told Nikki to give it a minute, and Nikki would realize it was part of Adam's grand performance. Victoria said that eventually, the truth would come out. Nikki asked Victoria why she was in such a great mood. Victoria claimed she'd had a very productive day.

Nikki and Victoria had just finished their business meeting when Victoria received a call from Ashland. Ashland wondered if Victoria had made up her mind about his invitation. Victoria said she would have to take a rain check for the trip to New York. Ashland tried to convince her that she could probably do a bit of business in Manhattan. Victoria claimed he'd made a very persuasive argument, but she couldn't go. She wished him a good trip. He claimed it wouldn't be as good without her. Victoria smiled as she ended the call. Nikki's curiosity was piqued.

With their business done, Nikki wanted Victoria to tell her what was going on. Victoria claimed it was nothing. Nikki wished Victoria would confide in her. Victoria claimed it wasn't a lack of trust, and as close as she and Nikki were, she enjoyed having a secret of her own.

Adam arrived to see Chelsea. Chelsea demanded to know why he was there. Adam said he'd wanted to see her. Chelsea claimed he'd wanted to see her only because she'd been declared insane. Adam stated that he'd wanted to see how she was doing He told Chelsea that he'd had a video chat with Connor. Panicked, Chelsea demanded to know what Adam had told Connor about her. Adam said he'd told Connor that his mom was having treatments, but she'd sent her love. Adam assured her that Connor knew she loved him. Adam told Chelsea that he was telling her the truth.

Adam told Chelsea that Connor was finishing up his school year and getting good grades. He would be home soon. Chelsea claimed there was nothing she wanted more than to be with Connor again.

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