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Victor Newman and Nikki Reed exchanged vows
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Victor and Nikki's first wedding, April 1984
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Victor and Nikki become husband and wife Victor and Nikki become husband and wife
Friday, April 13, 1984
by Nel

Nikki woke up in a hotel suite and smiled. It was her wedding day. Casey entered the room and asked how Nikki felt. Nikki claimed she was on pins and needles, and she just wanted the day to be over. Nikki said that everything Victor had planned was wonderful, but she felt a little intimidated by it. Casey assured Nikki that Victor wouldn't want her to be intimidated. Casey wanted Nikki to relax and enjoy herself because it would be the most fabulous day of Nikki's life.

Nikki said she was grateful Casey was there. Casey said she wouldn't have missed it for the world, and she wanted Nikki to be happy. Victor knocked on her door. Nikki yelled for him not to enter because he wasn't supposed to see the bride before the wedding. Victor claimed that if he didn't make sure she was awake, she would miss the ceremony. Nikki went into a bit of a panic, believing she might have overslept.

Still talking through the door, Victor assured Nikki she had plenty of time to get ready. Casey opened the door a crack and assured Victor the bride would be on time and that Nikki was extremely happy. Casey asked Victor to take good care of Nikki. He promised he would.

After Victor left, Nikki told Casey that soon, all her dreams would come true, and she would be Mrs. Victor Newman. Nikki and Casey hugged.

Downstairs, Douglas greeted Victor and detected a case of groom jitters from Victor, but Victor denied it. Douglas assured Victor that everything was under control, and Victor could trust him. Douglas said he knew how important it was that everything be perfect. Douglas noted that Victor was worried about something. Victor said he'd received a strange call the previous evening about Eve Howard. It appeared that Eve had somehow escaped the mental institution and was on the loose. Victor asked Douglas to be on the alert. Victor wanted to make certain that nothing would spoil the day. Victor told Douglas that he didn't want Nikki to know about Eve.

Douglas suggested that Victor call the police. Victor said he'd already spoken with Inspector Williams. Inspector Williams would be attending the wedding and watching for any sign of trouble. Douglas assured Victor that obviously all precautions had been taken, and there was no chance of Eve doing Victor or Nikki any harm.

In the kitchen at the Colonnade Room, everyone was busy preparing food. Eve Howard stood in front of a mirror. She wore a brunette wig, placed rolled up cotton under her upper and lower lips, and put on a pair of glasses to completely change her appearance. She checked herself in the mirror, smiled, and whispered that there was "so much to do."

At the Abbott house, Jill showed off her dress to John and asked what he thought. John wanted to know if she wanted his opinion about the dress or the woman wearing it. Jill indicated the dress. John lovingly said that she looked beautiful. Jill said she was very excited about the wedding because everyone who was anyone was going to be there. John agreed and said that when Victor did something, he went all out. Jill said she couldn't believe that Victor was marrying a former stripper.

Ashley entered the room and gave Jill a distasteful sideways look. John said Ashley looked lovely. He asked if Ashley would ride with him and Jill to the Colonnade Room. Ashley claimed she would be going with her fiancé, Eric Garrison. Eric arrived right on cue. Ashley greeted him, and they left.

At the hotel, the minister told Victor that his room was ready, and it was almost that time. The minister assured Victor that the wedding would go off without any problems. Inspector Carl Williams and his wife, Mary, arrived. Carl assured Victor that he had a number of officers throughout the venue and on the lookout for any unwelcomed guests. Carl assured Victor that he would also be walking about, and he would be looking for any signs of Eve Howard. Carl confirmed Eve's description with Victor. He said he would be looking for a medium-built woman with blonde hair, five feet, six inches tall. Victor thanked Carl for his assistance. Carl said he would make certain that Victor's wedding would be unmarred.

In her suite, Nikki was a nervous wreck. Casey suggested that she needed to get Nikki a glass of brandy to relax her. Casey stopped a server, who was Eve in disguise, carrying a tray of Champagne and asked her for a glass of brandy for the bride. Eve said she would return shortly with the brandy. Casey looked at Eve suspiciously, and returned to Nikki's room. Moments later, Eve pulled a capsule apart and put the powdered substance into the brandy, stirred it with her finger, and took the drugged brandy to Nikki.

In her room, Nikki picked up the brandy. Because Nikki was busy fussing with her hair, she put the bandy down.

Eve stood outside Nikki's door and listened.

Casey chastised Nikki for not having touched her brandy. Nikki took the glass and was about to take a sip when she heard the wedding march. She put the glass of brandy down in a panic because she didn't have her veil on. Casey rushed to Nikki's rescue, got the veil, and placed it on Nikki's head.

Downstairs, Ashley and Eric arrived at the hotel and began mingling. Ashley gaped at the décor and told Eric that she felt they'd landed on another planet. Ashley loved it. Eric said he was impressed and couldn't believe that Victor had friends from all over the world attending his wedding. Ashley and Eric walked over to the wedding cake, and Ashley asked him what he thought of it. Eric said that Victor obviously thought big.

Ashley pointed out to Eric that in a few weeks, they would be dressed just like the couple at the top of the cake. Eric said he was sorry it couldn't have been sooner. He added that if he had any guts at all, he would ask Victor if he could borrow his minister after the ceremony, and they could have their wedding that same day. Ashley laughed. She said it was a nice thought, but she thought it would be better if they waited because she wanted the works -- the veil, the flowers, the ring, and a cake, just like Nikki's.

Katherine arrived with Derek Thurston and commented on how lavish everything was. She told Derek that when Nikki descended the stairs, it would be a dream come true because Nikki had been in love with Victor for a long time. Derek commented that when Victor put on a party, he did it right. He said that Victor also had the good taste to invite Katherine. Katherine asked if anyone would notice that she was there. Derek excused himself, and Katherine stood alone, pondering.

Paul arrived with Lauren, Andy Richards, and Andy's wife, Michelle Sanderson. Michelle pointed out that Paul's dad, Carl, was there. Andy wondered why.

Mary approached Carl and commented on how extravagant everything was. Carl stopped her when he saw Frank and Amy arrive. Carl asked Mary to keep Amy occupied for a few minutes while he spoke to Frank.

Someone who recognized Katherine stopped her and said she looked wonderful. Katherine gave him a huge smile and thanked him.

Marc Mergeron arrived and glared at Ashley and Eric as they embraced. He sat behind a pillar to watch them.

Peggy Brooks, Leslie Brooks, Chris Brooks-Foster, and Lorie Brooks arrived together. They were shown to their seats.

John and Jill arrived, and Katherine greeted them. Brock arrived. He and Jill were surprised to see each other. Jill introduced Brock to her husband, John. Brock suggested they all take their seats, but Katherine encouraged them to go ahead because she was waiting for someone.

Julia Newman-Martin arrived, and Lorie greeted her. Lorie commented that it was quite the event and that Victor had outdone himself, but Julia didn't think it was possible for Victor to outdo himself. Lorie said he could -- by marrying Nikki. They both laughed.

"The Wedding March" played as Casey descended the stairs. Eve stood in the shadows and watched. Liz Foster-Brooks sat holding baby Victoria.

Nikki made her way down the stairs in an elaborate and sparkly dress while the pianist played "Here Comes the Bride." Nikki joined Victor and the minister. In Liz's arms, baby Victoria smiled and said, "Mommy."

Nikki and Victor joined hands as they exchanged vows. They promised loyalty to each other for the length of their days, to always respect and cherish one another, and to bring love to all who were around them. Once they exchanged rings, they were pronounced husband and wife, and Nikki and Victor sealed their marriage with a kiss.

Katherine and Nikki embraced. Katherine was very happy for Nikki. Nikki said that Katherine looked absolutely beautiful. Katherine and Nikki said that they loved each other, and Katherine moved on.

Ashley gushed to Eric that it had been a beautiful wedding. Eric agreed and said it had been very inspiring. Ashley said she couldn't wait for their wedding, and they kissed. Eric said she needed a glass of Champagne, but Ashley claimed she needed a magnum. After Eric left her to get the Champagne, Ashley spotted Marc. They exchange a glance.

Lorie approached Ashley. Ashley recognized her and said she'd wanted to meet Lorie. Lorie said she wanted to talk to Ashley about a little project she was interested in doing, and she felt that Ashley would be interested in it. They arranged to meet before everyone left the wedding.

Lorie asked if Ashley knew the handsome man standing behind the pillar. Ashley turned, saw Marc, and told Lorie it was Marc Mergeron. Lorie pointed out that one of them was getting a lot of attention from him.

Julia approached Victor and kissed and congratulated him. Julia said he looked younger than the day they'd married. Victor said she look more beautiful than ever. Julia smiled, and she moved on.

Carl approached Victor. Eve interrupted them and asked if they wanted Champagne. They declined, and she left. Carl told Victor not to worry. They were keeping a sharp eye out for Eve. Eve heard what Carl told Victor.

Jill was putting food on her plate when she accidentally bumped into Derek. She asked what he was doing there. He told her that he'd arrived with Katherine. He acknowledged that she was married. Jill asked if he wanted to meet her husband. Derek replied, "Wouldn't that be cozy?" Jill walked away.

Eve laced another glass with the powdered substance that was contained in a capsule. Eve brought the doctored glass to Nikki, but before Nikki could take a sip, Casey arrived, grabbed the drink, and handed Nikki's drink to one of the guests.

Eve saw the hand-off and said that Nikki was lucky, but Nikki wouldn't leave the place alive.

Ashley and Julia greeted each other. Ashley introduced Eric to her gorgeous friend Julia. Eric said he was sure Julia had heard from several men how gorgeous she was.

Lorie approached Marc and said, "Hello, Mr. Mergeron." He noted that she knew his name, and he asked if he should know hers. He suddenly recognized her as Lorie Brooks, the author. He asked how she knew his. Lorie confessed that Ashley had told her. He said that Ashley was his friend, and he hoped that Lorie and Ashley had more interesting things to discuss than him. Lorie said they had talked about other things, but she wasn't sure they were more interesting.

Andy asked Paul if he'd spoken to his dad. Paul said his dad was there on duty. Andy asked if he was working undercover. Paul said his dad wouldn't get into it, but Paul felt something was up.

People gathered around the guest who had drunk from Nikki's doctored glass. The guest had passed out.

Carrying a tray of Champagne, Eve saw Nikki go upstairs. Eve took Jill by surprise when she handed Jill her tray of drinks in order to follow Nikki. Eve quietly entered Nikki's room and pulled a knife out of her pocket. Eve was about to stab Nikki when Casey charged through the door, hitting Eve and knocking her to the floor. Eve picked herself up, informed Casey and Nikki she was fine, and rushed out of the room. Casey told Nikki it was time for her and Victor's dance, and she left. Alone, Nikki thought there was something familiar about the server.

Nikki returned to the Colonnade Room for her dance with Victor as Chris sang "Through the Eyes of Love." Gradually, the guests joined them on the dance floor. Once the dance was over, it was time for Nikki to throw her bouquet. Ashley caught the bouquet and beamed.

Nikki and Victor repeated how much they loved each other, and they kissed. Remaining in the shadows, Eve mumbled to herself, "I'll be waiting for you at home, Mrs. Newman. You will never survive this day."

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