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Traci turned on the gas burners and oven and was overcome by the fumes. Fortunately, Cricket and Danny were able to revive her. Traci later confessed to Danny that she didn't to have her baby. Nikki's plan to reunite Victor and his estranged mother, Cora, backfired when Cora threatened to go public with the news that Victor planned to cut off her allowance. Lauren faced off against Gina Roma.
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Danny and Cricket rescued Traci
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A distraught Traci takes drastic action A distraught Traci takes drastic action
Wednesday, June 27, 1984

At the Chancellor estate, Victor spoke to Katherine Chancellor about Nikki's efforts to reunite him with his estranged mother, Cora Miller. Victor said, "It's true that Nikki may be disappointed that my reunion with my mother was a failure, but I think she's come to terms with it." Katherine replied, "Does that mean you're going to give in about your mother having to leave here?"

Nikki arrived unexpectedly. Having overheard the conversation, she asked Victor if he'd changed his mind about his mother. Victor was surprised to see Nikki and asked her why she'd stopped by. Nikki appeared apprehensive and explained that she'd stopped by to see Cora. Nikki asked Victor how he'd known his mother was at Katherine's. Victor, taken aback, replied, "My mother's in this house?"

Katherine told Nikki that she hadn't yet mentioned anything about Cora's presence to Victor. Nikki appeared fearful of Victor's reaction and cried, "You mean he doesn't know?" Katherine said she'd insisted on meeting Cora despite what Victor had instructed Nikki to do. Nikki said, "No, Katherine, that is not the way it was."

Victor asked Nikki if she'd tried to put his mother on a plane back to Buffalo. In another room, Cora listened to the conversations as Nikki admitted to Victor that she hadn't and knew Victor would be angry. Katherine told Victor that his mother had suffered through a terrible emotional ordeal and wasn't well enough to travel. Katherine begged Victor to show some sympathy.

Victor suggested that Nikki had lied. Katherine defended Nikki and explained that Cora's departure had simply been delayed. Victor asked Nikki if a delay had been part of her plan. Nikki admitted it had not because she'd held out hope that Cora might become part of their family. Cora, still behind a door, listening, appeared distraught by what she overheard. Katherine reminded Victor that he'd never wanted to see Cora again, so he wouldn't have to.

Victor continued to badger Nikki and Katherine. Having heard enough, Cora opened the door, entered the room, and said, "Stop that, Christian! Stop that right his minute. You want the truth? I'll give it to you." Cora admitted she'd played on Nikki and Katherine's sympathies in hopes of winning Victor over, so she could enrich herself with his money.

Victor accused his mother of being a schemer and conniver. Core coldly replied, "I'm a survivor, just as you are." Katherine cried that she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Victor threatened to cut off Cora's allowance. Cora warned Victor that doing so would hurt his public image because she'd then be regarded as a poor old lady discarded by her son and pushed out of his life.

Nikki was horrified by Cora's threats against Victor. Cora explained that all Victor wanted was for her to be out of his life. Nikki began sobbing when Cora noted that Victor couldn't have been fooled by her as Nikki and Katherine had because both she and her son lacked sentiment. Victor replied as if issuing a threat and said, "You're going to leave town, aren't you?" Cora agreed she would because there was no reason for her to stay.

Nikki couldn't believe the exchange between Victor and Cora, nor could Katherine, as they looked on in shock. Cora said, "So, this is a real goodbye, Victor. Take care of your wife, Victor. She's as a sweet and innocent as you thought she was. I couldn't have gotten this far without her." Nikki was devastated and asked Cora to admit she hadn't meant the things she'd said. Cora replied, "Wait until you're my age, Nikki. You'll play the pity game, too."

Victor called for Nikki to join him, and they left together. After Nikki and Victor left, Cora said, "He believed me, didn't he?" Katherine said he had and was probably feeling thankful his mother had deserted him years earlier. Cora replied, "Of course, he is."

As Victor and Nikki drove back to the ranch, Nikki explained that the Cora she'd interacted with had been different from the one she'd seen viciously attack Victor at Katherine's. Victor said his mother was the same woman who'd abandoned him at an orphanage and hadn't changed at all. Nikki cried that Cora had expressed regret and had given the impression she'd wanted to make it up to Victor. Victor insisted that his mother was without feeling and conscience, and he wondered aloud how Cora might have behaved at their home. Nikki said she didn't know.

Victor insisted that his instincts had been right, and he'd done the right thing to change his name and put his mother and his past behind him. Nikki was still reeling and expressed doubt that Cora, being poor and elderly, would have put herself through all she had just to -- Victor interrupted and said, "Get her damned allowance. She's willing to blackmail to make sure of it." Nikki asked Victor if he'd continue sending his mother money. Victor said he was unsure after having been tricked and deceived.

Back at the Chancellor estate, Katherine told Cora that she'd acted out the most cold-hearted performance of greedy self-interest Katherine had ever heard. Cora appeared proud of her successful performance and replied, "Good. Good. Then I succeeded." After Katherine realized it had all been an act, she asked Cora to admit she hadn't meant the terrible things she'd said to Victor. Cora explained that she'd lashed out at Victor to save Nikki from his wrath. Cora said, "Now he has me to blame instead."

Cora explained that Victor still had feelings for her, and though he'd deny and suppress them, he'd be reminded each time he heard the word "mother." Katherine asked Cora why she'd done such a thing to herself. Cora replied, "Because it was the one unselfish act I could give him. This time, he is really free of the past." Katherine asked Cora if it had been easy to give him up again. Cora replied, "I never loved him more than when he went out that door. I'll never see my son again as long as I live, but, at last, I have been a real mother to him." Katherine tenderly stroked Cora's cheek as she grasped the selflessness of Cora's actions.

At Gina's Restaurant, Danny and Christine enjoyed milkshakes. Danny told Christine he hadn't been able to locate Traci. Christine suggested Traci might be at Jabot, but Danny said she never went there. Leon, a waiter, approached Danny and told him he had a phone call. Danny took the call on a phone at the bar. It was Lauren informing Danny that his music video was ready to view, and she instructed him to gather his notes and meet her at the studio to watch it as soon as possible. After Danny hung up, he invited Christine to accompany him to the studio.

When Danny mentioned that he'd left his notes at his house, Christine offered to get them and meet him at the studio. Danny wrote down his address on a napkin for Christine, explaining that his key would be under a doormat. He added a phone number where he could be reached and gave Christine money for cab fare. Christine became giddy and blushed when she requested Danny's autograph. As Danny walked away, Christine appeared smitten with him.

At Danny's house, Traci turned on the gas oven and the burners. The escaping gas hissed as poisonous fumes filled the tiny apartment. Traci, sweating and coughing, bobbed her head as she struggled to remain conscious. Gasping for air, Traci's breathing became increasingly labored. After a few minutes Traci's eyelids closed, and she fell over, hitting the floor with a thud.

At a hangout spot popular with college students, Professor Tim Sullivan approached Amy Lewis. Tim asked Amy to have a talk with him, and the two seated themselves at a table. Tim asked Amy what was going on with Traci. Amy was unaware that anything with Traci was amiss. Tim expressed concern that he'd been unable to locate Traci and explained that she hadn't returned his calls. Amy agreed that it was odd, and she asked Tim if he and Traci had argued.

Tim insisted to Amy that he and Traci hadn't fought. Tim said he was convinced Traci was avoiding him. Tim expressed hope that Traci's best friend might know what was going on. Amy admitted she'd been wrapped up with her own life and hadn't talked to Traci. Tim said he'd even approached Jack, though Jack had been no help. Amy grew concerned but explained that she'd had the impression that Traci and Tim's relationship had been going well. Tim said he cared deeply for Traci and was worried about her. Amy suggested that Tim phone Danny.

At the music studio, Ken, a video editor, and Lauren were eager to screen the finished video for Danny when he arrived. Ken asked Danny about his notes. Danny explained that a friend would drop them by. Lauren, annoyed, said they'd have to wait for the notes to arrive. Ken reminded Danny that the video was only a rough screening and might require additional editing. Lauren grew frustrated while waiting for Danny's friend to arrive and asked Danny who his friend was. Danny called Christine by her nickname and assured Lauren that she'd like Cricket.

At Danny's apartment, Christine lifted the doormat, but there was no key. She checked other areas around the porch before trying to open the door and found it unlocked. Christine opened the door and immediately began coughing when she encountered the gas fumes. Christine spotted Traci lying unconscious on the floor and immediately turned off the gas. Christine tried but couldn't rouse Traci. Christine struggled to open two windows that wouldn't budge, so she broke out the panes to allow in fresh air.

Christine knelt beside Traci and checked for a pulse. Christine was unaware it was Traci until she rolled her over and saw her face. After trying and failing to wake up Traci, Christine dialed the number Danny had given her. Danny took the call and rushed out after Christine pleaded for help with Traci. Gina attempted to stop Danny and mentioned something about Traci, but Danny rushed out. After Danny left the studio, Lauren fumed and insisted that Ken show her and Gina the video. Gina was adamant that they wait for Danny, which angered Lauren. Ken sided with Gina, which further angered Lauren. Ken intervened and told Lauren that he'd wait until Danny returned to screen the video.

Danny was yelling for Cricket even before he entered his house. Danny hovered over Traci and shook her. Christine cried that she'd found the gas on when she'd arrived. Danny phoned for help when he realized that Traci had tried to kill herself. After Danny dialed for emergency services, Traci awoke. Danny abruptly hung up the phone and turned his attention to Traci. Danny encouraged Traci to breathe and repeatedly told her he was there with her. Traci's coughing intensified as she struggled to clear her lungs. Christine cried, "I still don't get it. Why would someone like Traci Abbott try and kill herself?"

Traci opened her eyes and called out to Danny. Traci asked where she was, and Danny told her she was at his apartment. When Traci remembered what she'd done, she broke down and cried, "Oh, no." Danny tried to calm Traci. Danny helped Traci to her feet as she repeatedly apologized and said she shouldn't be there. Traci saw Christine and asked her who she was. Danny introduced Christine and informed Traci that she was the one who'd discovered what had happened. Danny said, "Thank God she found you when she did. If it had been any longer, it would be too late."

Traci sobbed pitifully and asked Christine why she hadn't just let Traci die. Danny asked Christine to leave, so he could talk to Traci. Danny made Christine promise not to tell anyone about what had happened, and she said she wouldn't. Danny praised Christine for having saved Traci's life.

After Christine left, Danny asked Traci how she was feeling. Traci said she felt ill, but she refused to be taken to the hospital or see a doctor because she didn't want anyone else to know. Traci pleaded with Danny, and he agreed not to seek help. The gravity of the situation hit Danny, and he yelled, "What the hell were you thinking? Why did you do that?" Traci admitted it had been a dumb decision. Danny cried, "Dumb? You tried to kill yourself! That's crazy!"

Traci claimed that she'd made a mess of her life. Traci cried, "I'm so alone, and I'm pregnant." Danny asked Traci if she thought killing herself was the answer. Traci, distraught, cried that she'd felt confused and had nowhere to turn and nowhere to go.

Danny's hurt and anger intensified, and he confronted Traci about attempting to commit suicide at his place. Traci held a towel against her face as she sobbed and apologized. Traci forced herself to regain her composure and agreed that she'd had no right to involve Danny with her problems. Traci walked toward the door, but Danny stopped her. Traci cried that she couldn't go home to her family and tell them the truth. Traci claimed it would have been easier for everyone had Cricket never found her.

Danny said he understood why Traci had been hesitant to tell Tim Sullivan about the baby after having seen him with another woman. Danny asked Traci if she'd attempted to kill herself to get back at Tim. Traci cried that she didn't know what she'd tried to do or what she'd been thinking because she'd become a basket case. Traci admitted to Danny that she didn't want to have her baby but was too afraid not to have it. Traci explained that she couldn't tell Tim about the pregnancy because she couldn't stand being rejected. Traci added that she also couldn't tell her family because it would cause them more trauma.

Traci admitted she'd acted stupidly and that Danny had a right to be furious. Traci explained that the moment she'd turned on the gas, ending her life had seemed to offer the only way out. Traci cried that her life was a disaster, and she was at a loss about how to put the pieces back together. Danny took Traci in his arms and said, "Maybe you could begin with me. Maybe I could be the answer for you." Traci's breathing calmed, and she seemed to feel comforted as she rested her head on Danny's chest.

Traci had second thoughts and told Danny she couldn't impose on him. Danny apologized for expressing his feelings in anger and explained that it would have killed him had anything happened to her. Danny added that Traci's family would have been devastated. Traci said her family would be devastated, anyway, after learning she was pregnant. Traci cried that time after time, she'd let her family down, and she felt like a failure.

Traci said she'd deluded herself by believing that someone like Tim would care about her. Danny pleaded with Traci to tell Tim about the baby. Traci said she couldn't after having found Tim with another woman after he'd assured her there were no other women in his life. Traci cried that she couldn't handle another rejection.

Traci told Danny that she'd rather run away. Danny said he couldn't let Traci be alone. Danny insisted that Traci needed someone to cling to -- at least until the baby was born. Traci insisted she could manage. Danny replied, "Like you did today?" Danny expressed sorrow that Traci had felt so down and out that she'd attempted to take her own life. Traci appeared to be in shock as she realized the predicament she faced. Danny vowed never to leave Traci alone again, and he offered to marry her.

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