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Katherine escaped from Marge's clutches. Jack vowed that he'd make Victor for taking over Jabot and not respecting John Abbott. Paul and Victor believed Adrian was going to kill Cassandra for her money. Danny Romalotti returned to Genoa City.
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Katherine escaped from being held captive by Marge
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Katherine faced off with Marge Cotroke Katherine faced off with Marge Cotroke
Thursday, March 1, 1990

At a remote cabin, Katherine and Esther, fearing they could be killed, made a plan to escape their captors, Marge, Morey, and Lil. Esther sat on a bed, and she appeared frightened while Katherine told Esther to watch her constantly when they were all together. Katherine said that when Esther saw her give a nod, Esther was to offer everyone coffee. She said that Esther would go to the kitchen and locate the fuse box, and then she needed to find a heavy pan. Katherine told Esther to pull the switch and hit the impostor over the head as hard as she could. Esther was in a panic and cried that she felt ill. She said she'd never done anything like that before. She wasn't sure if she could pull it off.

Katherine reminded Esther that they'd never faced death before, either, and their situation was a matter of life or death. Katherine told Esther to follow her instructions. Esther said she was very frightened.

Someone knocked, and Katherine opened the door. Marge, Katherine's doppelgänger, had arrived, Marge stood before Katherine and was amazed at the resemblance. Speaking with a Southern accent, Marge exclaimed, "Damn. We looks like were poured out of the same bottle of ketchup." Marge circled Katherine and said, "Well, Katherine Chancellor Sterling, you sure do look like me," and she laughed, but Katherine replied, "Au contraire. You look like me." Morey studied both of them and said, "I don't know who's who. I must be seeing double." Lil stepped up and said, "Seems to me one is enough."

Marge taunted Katherine about being the famous Katherine Chancellor Sterling. Marge, dressed in Katherine's fine clothing and accessorized with her victim's glitzy jewelry, looked at Katherine, dressed in a robe, and said that anyone seeing them together would naturally guess that she was the real McCoy. Katherine called Marge crude and a degenerate, and she called it her misfortune to meet Marge. Marge turned to Morey and Lil and asked if they'd been mistreating Katherine, but they assured her that they had treated Katherine with the greatest respect.

Marge imitated Katherine to show that she could pull off being Katherine. Katherine called Marge despicable for robbing her of her family and her home and for flaunting it all to intensify her anguish. Marge believed Katherine would have been as curious to meet her as Marge had been to meet Katherine. Katherine said she wanted to see Marge in hell. Marge said Morey and Lil had said Katherine was a high-class lady, but suddenly dropping her accent and sounding just like Katherine, Marge proclaimed that Katherine had no couth.

Barely containing her rage, Katherine said, "Do you really think you're going to get away with this?" Marge, holding up her up hands and displaying Katherine's diamond rings and bracelets, said, "We are getting away with it." Marge taunted Katherine and pointed out that the police weren't knocking down the door. Katherine told Marge not to deceive herself because she'd slip up. Katherine said she'd make sure they would spend the rest of their days in jail. Marge claimed that jail wasn't part of her plan, and she planned to spend the rest of her life in that "jillion-acre estate." Marge taunted Katherine about her home and offered to bring Katherine up to date.

Marge told Katherine everything at home was fine, and that included Katherine's husband. Marge asked if Katherine remembered "Sexy Rexy." Katherine nodded at Esther. Esther approached and asked if anyone wanted some coffee. Marge accepted, took off Katherine's fur coat, and told Katherine she could learn manners from her maid. Morey said he'd take a cup of coffee. Lil, engrossed in what was going on, initially declined, but said she'd take a cup, too. Esther went to the kitchen, grabbed a heavy frying pan, and stood by the door, listening to Marge and Katherine bicker before finally turning off the power at the fuse box. She reminded herself she needed to hit Marge over the head.

Mayhem ensued after the house went dark. Esther entered the living room, led only by the flicker of the fire in the fireplace. Esther called out to Katherine, fearing she might hit the wrong person over the head with the pan. Esther hit someone and heard the person fall to the floor. Someone who looked like Katherine somehow escaped, ran outside in the blowing snow, entered a limousine, and told Robert, the chauffeur, to get her home -- and to hurry. Robert replied, "Certainly, Mrs. Sterling."

In John Abbot's hospital room, Jack commended Leanna Love for getting the Black Knight to open up. Leanna said Victor still had feelings for Nikki. Leanna said Victor believed Nikki had a new man in her life, one he thought she'd been very drawn to. Jack was pleased. It meant that Nikki had spoken to Victor. It was what Jack had been hoping to hear. Leanna warned Jack that he had to move fast because when Victor felt he was losing Nikki, he would pull on the leash. Jack replied, "That man is despicable. Women are just trophies to him to feed his overblown ego. No sooner does he have his hooks in, he just moves on to the next one. God help if they want to turn to anyone else because he just runs right in to set his hook again."

Jack and Leanna stood at John's bedside. Jack told Leanna that Victor, the two-bit tyrant, had never shown John the respect he'd earned and deserved. Jack vowed he would show Victor that no one ever stepped over his dad. Jabot was a family business, and Victor would find out what that meant -- the hard way.

Leanna told Jack she wasn't sure what they could do about Jabot. Jack took John's hand and told Leanna that no one would ever mess with his father, his family, or his family's company, no matter how big they believed they were. Leanna asked Jack if he believed that Nikki could help. She asked if that was the reason he was pursuing Nikki. Jack believed that Nikki was better off with him because he could make Nikki happy and save his family and company, all at the same time. Leanna hoped Jack could pull it off. Jack assured her he could. Victor had given him the incentive.

After Leanna left, John regained consciousness and hoarsely called to Jack. John asked what was wrong. Jack told his dad he'd given the family quite a scare and that John had pushed himself too hard. Jack said he'd figured out a way to handle Victor and make Victor see that he would be better off letting the Abbotts control Jabot again. John told him not to be foolish because Jabot needed Jack, but Jack said Jabot needed John -- they all needed John. Jack said that John had built Jabot, and he'd raised a family. Jack clutched his father's hand and told him not to abandon the family who needed him and the company he'd built.

After John slipped back into an unconscious state, Jack said, "Newman, you bastard, you're going to pay for this. You're going to pay for this, and I know just how." Jack picked up the phone and called the Newman ranch. Miguel answered. Miguel said Nikki was out, and he had no idea when she would return. After hanging up the phone, Jack whispered, "Where are you, Nikki? Where are you?"

In Paul's office, Victor asked Paul if what he'd suggested was wise or even possible. Paul insisted that there was no way of protecting Cassandra Rawlins without having someone in that house. Paul wondered why Victor would question that. Victor told Paul they had to get Adrian Hunter to show his true colors, and he mentioned the millions of dollars he stood to inherit if Cassandra died before she was convicted. Victor stated that Adrian had to make his move before Cassandra's case went to trial.

Paul pointed out to Victor that Cassandra didn't have much time. He suggested Cassandra needed protection in the house because, without it, she didn't have a chance. Victor agreed, but he wondered how they should make their move without Adrian suspecting there was someone in the house. Paul claimed there were no options. They needed to figure out a way to get someone into the house to protect Cassandra.

At Cassandra's, Adrian told Cassandra he loved her. He said she was all alone and needed someone, and he asked her to marry him. Adrian claimed they loved each other, so there was nothing to stop them. Adrian assured Cassandra that he'd always wanted her, so there was nothing to hold them back. Cassandra claimed her situation wasn't ideal, but Adrian said she needed someone to stand beside her. Cassandra cried that had she listened to Adrian, they'd be free and living somewhere in luxury. She claimed she'd been too blind to see that he'd stood by her, and he was the only one she could trust. She couldn't believe he was asking her to marry him. Adrian kissed her passionately. She said it was a wonderful offer, but her answer was no.

Cassandra said she couldn't let him marry a woman who had no future. Adrian said she hadn't been convicted yet, but Cassandra said that everyone knew that it was virtually a fait accompli. Adrian wanted to help her fight as her husband, but Cassandra said she had to be realistic. She said she would spend the rest of her life in prison, and she wanted Adrian to be free and to go on with his life. She said that if by some miracle she wasn't convicted, then they could get married and have the life they'd dreamed of.

Adrian told Cassandra that he sometimes wondered about her and whether she really loved him. He said he wasn't sure that she cared as much about him as he did about her. He said nothing stood in his way. He said if they got married immediately, they would have some time together as husband and wife; if the worst happened, and she went to jail, it would be something they would always have.

Cassandra told Adrian that they couldn't have a honeymoon because she was under house arrest. Adrian said it didn't matter; they would still have a honeymoon. He didn't care if it was only for a few days, but whatever time they had, he wanted to spend it as husband and wife. He proposed again, and she agreed, explaining that she didn't want to face her trial alone. They hugged. She said the marriage was exactly what she needed. He said it was what he needed, as well. They kissed.

At Nina Webster's place, Nina thanked David Kimble for the lovely flowers. Nina told David that she wanted to have a lot of parties and dinners and make David proud of her. David said he'd been thinking of entertaining only two people. Nina gushed that they would have a wonderful life together. David agreed and claimed they were made for each other. As they kissed passionately, David picked her up to take her upstairs, but Nina stopped him. She told him that Cricket was studying upstairs. David grumbled and asked if Cricket hadn't heard of a library.

David told Nina that he couldn't wait for everyone to be gone so they could have a chance to be alone. The doorbell rang. When Nina opened the door, saw Danny Romalotti. Nina jumped into his arms. She was overjoyed to see him. David looked less impressed. Nina introduced Danny to David. David claimed he was Nina's fiancé. Danny congratulated her. Nina asked if he would attend their wedding. Danny said he would.

Danny asked Nina to call Cricket without telling her he was there. Nina called to Cricket, and she and David left. Cricket spotted Danny as she descended the stairs. Overjoyed to see him, she ran into his arms. She said she'd followed his tour, which had been a huge success, and had kept clippings of his reviews in a box. However, the reports hadn't mentioned the hundreds of women Danny had met. Danny denied it and said he'd met thousands, but none compared to her. Danny said he would be in town for a while to write, and they could spend time together. Cricket told Danny she looked forward to spending time with him. Danny noted that with law school and her modeling career, he doubted Christine would have much free time. Christine insisted she would make time for Danny.

After Danny told Cricket about his tour, he wanted to know how she was. Cricket assured him she was fine, but on that particular day, she'd received the best news of her life. She said her closest and dearest friend had returned, and she intended to make the most of it. She and Danny hugged.

Nathan Hastings sneaked up on Amy Lewis at the studio. He said her name was all over his dance card. Nathan took her hand and dragged her onto the dance floor. He claimed that dance was his. He told her he'd missed her. He said it meant a lot to him to have her back in town.

Nathan told Amy that even while he'd been traveling all over Europe, she'd always been in his thoughts. He said that just when he'd given up hope that he'd ever see her again, she'd shown up. While they danced, he kissed her, and he started to tell her how much he loved her. She stopped him and said she had something to tell him.

A short time later, Nathan arrived at his office. Lynn Bassett said that Paul wanted to see him right away. Lynn noticed Nathan's dejected demeanor, and she asked what had happened, because he looked like he'd lost his best friend. Nathan said he'd lost the woman who'd meant the world to him. He said that Amy had only been in town for a few days, but she was leaving later that day for a job offer in Arizona. After Lynn said she was sorry, she and Nathan entered Paul's office.

Paul told Nathan that he and Victor were certain Cassandra was going to marry Adrian. Lynn was shocked, but Victor said it wasn't what she was thinking; it was by design. Victor told Lynn that Adrian had been with Cassandra the night that George Rawlings had been killed. Cassandra had been unconscious for a while, and speculation was that Adrian had had time to put the gun in Cassandra's hand while she'd been unconscious and when the shots had been fired that had killed George Rawlings. Adrian had been pointing his finger at Cassandra since then.

Nathan told Paul and Victor that they couldn't prove that theory, and Paul agreed. Paul said the only way to clear Cassandra was to get Adrian to implicate himself. Victor said the Adrian's interest was in the enormous amount of wealth Cassandra would inherit from her dead husband. Paul stated that Cassandra wouldn't inherit anything if she was convicted of killing her husband, but if she died... Nathan interrupted Paul and guessed they thought that Adrian was going to kill Cassandra for her money. Victor stated that Adrian would do that before Cassandra went to trial.

Paul told Nathan that he wanted Nathan to get inside Cassandra's house and keep on top of the situation. Paul hoped they could save Cassandra's life before Adrian made his move. Nathan said he would find a way to get into her house. He also assured Victor that he and Adrian had never met. Victor warned Nathan to be careful because Adrian was a professional killer.

Nathan suggested that he and someone else gain entry as hired servants. Nathan said that Cassandra had a very big house, and two people could probably do the job. Paul agreed the plan would work because the home and property needed two hired servants to maintain upkeep. Nathan suggested that Selena Wylie, Paul's father's partner, pose as the second hired servant. She could help him, since she'd been on the case from the beginning. Paul said Selena had done undercover work before, and she would love to wrap up the case. Nathan asked when they needed to start. Paul said immediately because he wanted someone in that house the moment they received word there would be a marriage.

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