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Nikki took center stage and stripped at the Colonnade Room. Victor told Cassandra that he was concerned about her relationship with Paul. Drucilla was arrested for shoplifting and was stunned by her Aunt Mamie's response. Sheila distracted Scott from Lauren.
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Nikki took center stage and stripped at the Colonnade Room
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Wednesday, June 1, 1990
by Nel

At Sheila's, Scott told Sheila he had to leave, but she asked if he could stay a bit longer. Scott called Lauren, but there was no answer. He told Sheila he could stay a little longer.

While Scott was out of the room, Sheila smiled as she read the message Lauren had left for Scott to meet her at the Colonnade Room at 7:00 p.m. When Sheila heard Scott returning, she quickly hid the note in a box on her coffee table. Scott asked if Sheila felt better. She claimed she did. She said she hated keeping him from his other obligations. Scott said it wasn't a problem because he'd spent his time doing what he did best.

Sheila told Scott that she'd wondered if non-medical people understood the bond that doctors and nurses shared. Without that bond, things didn't work, and it was the reason so many doctors married nurses. Sheila claimed that some of the doctors were blasť about being doctors, but she didn't believe that was the case with Scott. Scott said the day he became blasť, he would hang up his stethoscope.

Scott asked Sheila if there was anything else he could do for her before he left. Sheila said that he'd gone above and beyond his duty. Scott told her to take care, and he hoped to see her the next day. However, if she didn't feel up to it, she needed to call him. After Scott left, Sheila whispered that she loved Scott "so much."

Lauren and Cricket arrived at Lauren's apartment. Lauren rushed to the ringing phone, but the party had hung up. Lauren told Cricket that she'd left a message with the nurse to have Scott meet her at the Colonnade Room at 7:00 p.m., but Scott hadn't shown up. Cricket suggested that perhaps he'd had an emergency to attend to, but Lauren said that Scott would have called if he'd be held up. Lauren was worried that Scott might have had an accident and the phone call she'd missed might have been from the police.

Lauren suggested that Cricket call the police, and she would call the hospitals. After Lauren and Cricket had completed their calls, Lauren stated that Scott wasn't in any hospital, and Cricket said the police had no information about Scott. Lauren worried that it was possible that Scott hadn't been found and that he might by lying somewhere, injured.

Nathan entered Olivia's office. Olivia told him she only saw female patients. He asked her to make an exception. Olivia said she would treat him only if it was an emergency. Nathan said he was there about his physical results. Olivia assured him he was in excellent health. She asked if there was a problem because Nathan appeared to be in a very low mood. Nathan said that he'd had to send a kid to jail, but he hadn't wanted to. He said the kid had picked his pocket, and she'd been caught shoplifting. Olivia commented that it had to be rough on the family.

Nathan asked Olivia to join him for dinner, but Olivia refused because she was on a 24-hour rotation. Nathan persisted, and he asked her what she would be doing after her shift. He said when she was through with her rotation, he wanted them to do something together. Olivia said she planned to hit her pillow after a 24-hour shift. Nathan claimed his middle name was "Persistent," and they would eventually connect.

At the Abbotts', John told Ashley that Dru had been arrested for shoplifting. He told her that because Dru had refused to give the police her name, they had found a check he had given Dru, and the police had contacted him. He hated to break the news about Dru to Mamie. John wondered if he should have told Mamie about Dru earlier. Mamie entered the kitchen, and she was surprised to see John and Ashley there. John told Mamie about Dru's arrest for shoplifting. Mamie was certain that an error had been made, but Ashley assured her it was true.

John told Mamie that it wasn't the first time. He said it had all been petty theft with several arrests, but there hadn't been any convictions. Mamie wanted to know how John knew. John said that when Paul and Nathan had paid him a visit, Dru had picked Nathan's pocket. Dru had convinced John that she would turn her life around, so he'd decided to give her another chance. He said he regretted that he hadn't said anything to Mamie at that time.

John and Ashley told Mamie they would help her in any way they could. Mamie was very upset. She asked John if she could visit Dru. John said he would drive her. Ashley asked Mamie if it was wise to visit Dru, but Mamie said it was very important that she see Dru immediately.

At the Colonnade Room, a slightly intoxicated Nikki told Jack that she hadn't ever had so much fun at a non-party event, as she poured herself more Champagne. Jack asked her to stop drinking, but Nikki asked if Jack thought she was tipsy. She said she felt good. Talk turned to the exotic dancer, and Nikki scoffed. She claimed that she could outdance that exotic dancer. Nikki asked if Jack thought she was too old to dance like she had at the Bayou. She claimed that her stomach was still flat, and the rest of her body was in great shape. She said she'd loved being on stage, and she loved all those eyes on her.

At another table, Victor told Cassandra that he'd enjoyed the evening. Cassandra asked Victor if he was going to become CEO of George's company. Victor asked if she realized that they would have to work very closely together. He hoped it wouldn't be a problem. Cassandra asked why he thought working together would be a problem. Victor said he knew that her life was very complicated at that moment. She said it was no more complicated that his. Cassandra said she knew very little about the business, and it was the reason she needed Victor.

Cassandra asked if Victor thought it was a ploy on her part to get closer to him. She stated it wasn't, but she wouldn't be upset if it happened. She said that George needed someone strong and powerful at the helm, and she couldn't find anyone who held a candle to Victor. She said that it was her only motivation, but if anything happened, she wouldn't object. Victor said he couldn't deny he found her very attractive. He admitted he was a man at loose ends.

Victor told Cassandra that he was concerned about her relationship with Paul and what that relationship would evolve into. Cassandra said she could ask the same thing about Victor's feelings for Nikki. Victor asked who had said he had any feelings for Nikki. Cassandra stated that Victor loved Nikki very much, and he'd told Cassandra it had been difficult to let Nikki go. Victor admitted it had been difficult. Cassandra asked if Victor hadn't noticed Jack and Nikki. As if on cue, they heard Nikki talking loudly.

Jack told Nikki they needed to go home, but Nikki resisted. She turned, and when she saw Victor, she told Jack to "look at that" -- Victor and the widow Rawlins. Nikki asked Jack if Victor and Cassandra were an item. Nikki said she wanted to say hello, but Jack reminded Nikki that she'd hoped she wouldn't see Victor.

At that moment, a waiter was passing by, and Nikki stopped him. She whispered that she wanted him to ask the orchestra to play something specific. Jack insisted they go home because he was tired, but Nikki claimed she wasn't tired. She'd just gotten into the swing of things. Nikki went to the dance floor and began gyrating to the music. She danced her way to Victor's table and sat down. She removed her earrings and dropped them into Cassandra's drink, and she returned to the dance floor, where she unzipped her dress and took it off. Nikki kept watching Victor.

Nikki was about to strip off her corset when Jack jumped in, covered her with his jacket and stopped her from stripping any further. Victor shouted at Jack to take Nikki home immediately, or he would. As Nikki and Jack were leaving, with a smile, Nikki told Victor that she'd come a long way since the Bayou.

Scott walked in the door, and Lauren hugged him in relief. Scott asked what all the stress was about. Lauren said it was the birthday party. Cricket mentioned that Lauren had planned a surprise party for him. Cricket said goodnight, and she left.

Lauren and Scott argued. Scott said that one of the nurses had wanted to buy him a gift for his birthday. While they had been having a drink, the nurse had become ill, and he'd offered to take her home because she'd been in pain. Lauren asked if the nurse had asked him to examine her when they had reached her place. Scott assured her it hadn't been like that. Lauren said she'd planned a surprise birthday party, but he hadn't shown up because he'd been holding hands with a nurse. Scott denied that was what had happened.

Scott told Lauren he'd had no idea that she'd planned a party for him. Lauren said it was supposed to have been a surprise. She said she'd left a message with one of the nurses, and when Lauren had called to check if Scott had received her message, the nurse had confirmed that he'd received them all. Lauren thought he'd been hurt. Scott apologized again, and he promised that nothing had happened. Scott called the Colonnade Room and asked if all the guests had left and if there was any food left. He said that he and his wife would be returning, and he asked that food be prepared for them. After ending the call, he told Lauren they would celebrate and have their own private party. He left to change his clothes.

Mamie arrived at the jail, and Dru asked "what the hell: she was doing there. She wanted to know how Mamie had found out she was in jail. Mamie said what mattered was that she knew. She said she knew how Dru had been shoplifting and how she'd picked Nathan's pocket. Dru claimed it wasn't the way it seemed. Mamie asked Dru to tell her exactly how it was. Dru said it was all a big mistake, and she hadn't stolen anything. She said the police had nabbed her before she'd been able to pay for all the stuff she'd had. Mamie asked about the wallet Dru had taken from Nathan. She asked if that had been a mistake, as well.

Dru said she would be up-front with Mamie. She admitted that she'd gotten into trouble a couple of times, but it hadn't been anything big. Dru claimed that the cops had screwed her over, but that time, she had Mamie on her side. She smiled sweetly. Mamie asked what difference that made. Dru promised that if Mamie got her out of jail, she would fly right. She wanted Mamie to be proud of her. She said she just needed a chance to get her act together.

Mamie said that Dru had had her chance, and she'd blown it. Mamie said that John had taken Dru into his home, and he'd given her a wonderful place to stay and a chance for her to earn some honest money and get her life on track. Mamie said that Dru had been too arrogant and resentful to help her out around the Abbott household, but Dru wasn't too embarrassed to go out and steal. Dru claimed all that would change. Dru promised to make a difference.

Mamie told Dru she wished she could believe her. Mamie said perhaps if Dru spent some time in jail and reflected on the mess she'd made of her life, then maybe Dru could change. Dru said she'd heard what Mamie said, but she didn't believe it. Dru asked if Mamie remembered that she was Dru's aunt and her mother's sister. Dru asked if Mamie could let her own flesh and blood remain in jail. Mamie said Dru had made her bed, and it was time she lay in it.

At the ranch, Nikki sat in a chair, looking dejected, when Victor walked in. Nikki asked what he was doing there. Victor wondered why she would even ask. When Victor asked about Jack, Nikki informed him that he was upstairs. Victor wanted to know why she was alone. At that moment Jack entered the room and he asked how Victor had gotten in. Victor explained that he still had a key. Jack wanted to know why Victor was there. Victor stated he was looking after Nikki because he'd been concerned about her. Jack claimed Nikki was fine.

Directing his comment at Jack, Victor stated that Nikki had made a spectacle of herself at the Colonnade Room. He said that she'd never behaved that way when they had been married. He said he was concerned about her. Victor gave Nikki the key and left. Jack went to bed after asking Nikki to join him. Nikki said she'd be there in a moment. Alone, Nikki looked at the key and began to cry.

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