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Traci Abbott and Brad Carlton were remarried. Jack become increasingly enraged by Nikki's drinking. Jill was not happy to have to share John's attention with Dina and asked Paul and Nathan to investigate Dina.
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Traci Abbott and Brad Carlton were remarried
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Brad Carlton and Traci Abbott remarry Brad Carlton and Traci Abbott remarry
Monday, November 11, 1991

At the Abbott mansion, Traci sat at the vanity in her bedroom, brushing her hair. She admired a nearby framed photo of her groom, Brad Carlton; smiled; and said aloud to herself, "My wedding day." Downstairs, Brad turned over business reports to his boss, John Abbott. After John acknowledged Brad's work, he said he was proud to welcome Brad as a son-in-law. John praised Brad for taking the time to drop by and wished him well with a handshake.

After John stepped out to prepare for his daughter's wedding, Ashley entered and was surprised to bump into Brad. Ashley asked Brad if he'd stopped by to see the bride. Brad explained that he'd stopped by to see John. Ashley told Brad that she hoped he and her sister would be very happy and that she might see more of him outside the office. Ashley blushed and added, "As couples, of course." Ashley was aware that her flirtatious demeanor was obvious, and she said, "Why do you fluster me like this, Bradley Carlton?" Brad replied, "Oh, I don't know, Mrs. Newman, but I can tell you one thing -- the feeling is definitely mutual."

Ashley wished Brad much happiness and said her sister loved him very deeply. Brad kissed Ashley on the cheek and drew her into an embrace. Traci walked partway down the staircase and paused when she saw Brad and Ashley hugging. Traci quickly and quietly returned upstairs without letting Brad and Ashley know she'd seen them. After Brad left, Traci went downstairs. Ashley greeted Traci and told her she'd just missed Brad.

After Ashley explained that Brad had met with their dad, Traci asked Ashley why she'd stopped by. Ashley offered, as Traci's matron of honor, to help however she could. Traci said all Ashley should do was to show up at the chapel. Ashley asked if Traci was mad. Traci asked why she should be mad. Ashley deflected and inquired about who'd be driving their mother to the wedding. Traci said that John was sending a car to pick up Dina. Ashley rhetorically asked, "I wonder how Jill is doing with Mother in town?" Traci looked concerned after Ashley quickly left.

Back in her bedroom, Traci was applying perfume when Mamie Johnson, the Abbott family's cherished maid, entered. Mamie said she couldn't be happier about the wedding, even if Traci was her own child. Traci said her heart was full, and she thanked Mamie for having raised her since she'd been age seven. Traci also thanked Mamie for holding her hand and praying with her when Traci had been concerned about losing her baby. Mamie recalled that Traci had never given up hope for her baby or for Brad. Mamie assured Traci that things would work out perfectly for her. Traci embraced Mamie and said she'd never been happier or more content.

At her hotel suite, Jill berated Rex Sterling for arriving later than expected. Rex asked why Jill had summoned him. Jill claimed she was experiencing a full-blown crisis. Jill, still reeling after a tense encounter with Katherine, recalled that Rex had been present when Katherine had stabbed her in the back. Ashley grilled Rex about Dina Abbott.

Rex explained that he wasn't Dina's confidant. Jill noted that Rex was living under the same roof as Dina and had likely spent some time with his and Katherine's houseguest. Jill insisted that Dina was after John and was using Traci's wedding as a cover. After Jill realized Rex couldn't offer insight into Dina's plans, she rushed him out the door. Jill closed the door behind Rex and said aloud to herself, "I've got to get dressed for a wedding."

At the Chancellor estate, Dina had tea with Katherine Chancellor. Katherine told Dina she'd livened things up. Dina replied, "Sounds like I missed some fireworks last night." Katherine acknowledged that Dina's surprise visit had sent Jill into a full-tilt frenzy. Dina said she hadn't given Jill much credit until she'd seen her with John.

Katherine said Jill's goal was to get John back in front of a minister, and Jill would stop at nothing to make it happen. Dina asked how John felt about Jill. Katherine replied, "Darling, I think what you're really asking me is if you've arrived in time to foil Jill's plan?" Katherine told Dina that it was all in her hands.

At the Newman ranch, where Nikki and husband Jack Abbott resided, Nikki opened a bottle of vodka. Stopping before pouring the liquor into a glass, Nikki whispered to herself, "I can't do this now. Not right now." Jack arrived and told Nikki he was home. Nikki, appearing weary and disheveled, asked Jack what time they should head to Traci's wedding. Jack noted that it should be a lovely time for his family. Nikki said it would be. Jack, sullen, replied, "How can you say that to me, Nikki? How can you promise me that?"

Jack pleaded with Nikki not to embarrass him, his sister, or their family. Recalling a pre-wedding party held the night before, Jack berated Nikki for drinking alcohol after she'd promised she wouldn't and for lying to him about it. Jack told Nikki he'd noticed her interaction with Victor, when she'd cut him off to prevent him from seeing the state she'd been in. Jack told Nikki that she could no longer hide her alcoholism because her drinking made her look tired and old. Nikki refused to acknowledge Jack's observations and said all she wanted to know was what time they planned to leave. Jack said he'd rather not worry about Nikki because she couldn't control herself and would do anything to get her hands on liquor.

Jack told Nikki that he'd probably end up covering for her again, and he asked what kind of man that made him. Nikki, tears trailing down her cheeks, replied, "Maybe it makes you a man who loves his wife." Jack admitted he loved Nikki, though, he cried, each day they lived the way they had been, it ate away at his love for her. Jack implored Nikki not to embarrass him at the wedding because he wasn't sure how he'd handle it. Jack warned Nikki that he would be watching her.

In a back room at the chapel, Brad told Victor he had a lot on his mind. Victor acknowledged that he and Brad were about to become brothers-in-law. Victor shook Brad's hand and wished him happiness. Brad replied, "I appreciate that." Ashley arrived at the chapel and was admiring the floral arrangements when Mamie approached and greeted her. Mamie said Traci was almost ready. Mamie held Ashley's hand and said, "I hope this wedding will be the end of all of this tension between you and your sister." Ashley sighed and said it was up to Traci. Their conversation was interrupted when Jill arrived, hanging onto John's arm.

Jill had donned a suit that was mostly black but accented with panels of bright fuchsia, teal, and yellow. Jill's attention-grabbing hat featured a trio of fuchsia, teal, and yellow flowers. Netting embellished with sparkly beads on thin wires looked like a constellation orbiting above Jill's head. Ashley warmly greeted her father. Jill told Ashley her dress was divine. Ashley thanked Jill and replied, "Nice hat."

After Mamie greeted Jill and John, Jill noted that remarriages were even more exciting than first marriages. Dina arrived and greeted everyone. Mamie said, "I'm so glad to see you here, Mrs. Abbott." Jill glared at Mamie. Dina said she couldn't miss seeing her daughter marry the man she'd always loved. Jack and Nikki arrived, later than expected. Nikki had styled her hair, donned a lovely frock, and looked remarkably put-together. Ashley inquired about Nikki's health, recalling that Jack had said Nikki's early exit from the party the night before had been due to a flu bug. Nikki assured Ashley she was much better.

Guests took their seats as the music began to play. Candles aligned in brass candelabras flickered as the mother and father of the bride entered, along with Jill. Dina shoved Jill aside and said, "Jill, I believe the mother of the bride sits on the first pew." Jill plopped down behind Dina and defiantly crossed her arms. Brad and best man Victor took their places after entering with the minister. An organ introduction directed the guests' attention to the rear of the chapel, where the bride, wearing a blue gown adorned with lace and sequins, stood beside her proud father.

Ashley, the matron of honor, walked down the aisle, carrying a small bouquet of pink and white roses. Ashley and Brad shared a brief glance before Brad turned his attention to his bride, carrying a large bouquet of pink roses. After John placed Traci's hand in Brad's, he walked to the pew and disappointed Jill when he took a seat beside Dina. The priest told the couple it was an honor to remarry them, noting that the couple had rediscovered the bond that had first drawn them together. After the couple exchanged vows and placed rings onto each other's fingers, the priest pronounced them husband and wife. Brad kissed Traci.

Later, at the wedding reception, Nikki and Jack listened as Victor proposed a toast, wishing the couple a wonderful life together. John wished his daughter all the best. Nikki urged Jack to congratulate his sister. Nikki assured Jack he shouldn't worry, as she noted that she hadn't even sipped her Champagne. After Jack walked away, Nikki breathed a sigh of relief.

Brad and Traci danced to their favorite song as Jill clutched John tightly and glared at Dina. Nikki discreetly summoned a waiter and ordered vodka. Jack wrapped his arms around his mother and watched his sister dance. When the waiter returned with Nikki's drink, she set down her Champagne and picked up the vodka. Jack watched as Nikki swigged the vodka like it was water.

Nikki noticed that Jack was watching her, and the glass slipped out of her hand and crashed to the floor. The waiter returned and cleared away the broken glass. Nikki declined the offer of another drink as Jack approached and assured the waiter that Nikki didn't need another drink. Jack grabbed Nikki by the arm and pulled her across the room and out to a foyer.

As Jack made Nikki put on her coat, she told him he was being ridiculous. Nikki insisted she was totally in control and didn't need to go home. Jack reminded Nikki that he'd told her that at the first sign of trouble, he'd make her leave. Jack told Nikki that the driver was downstairs to drive her straight home. Nikki was livid and asked Jack what he would tell his family after they noticed her absence. Jack said he didn't know, but whatever he told them would be better than watching her slop vodka all over the place. Nikki was seething and told Jack she didn't like the way he was treating her. Nikki stormed out after Jack ordered her to meet the driver and go home.

Back in the reception room, guests enjoyed dancing. Ashley told Victor that Traci looked beautiful. Victor replied that both Traci and her sister were beautiful. John asked Victor to allow him to dance with Ashley. Mamie told Dina it was refreshing to see John with someone besides Jill. Dina agreed. Victor approached Jack and asked about Nikki. Jack explained that Nikki had gone home because she had a touch of the flu. After Jack walked away, Victor appeared concerned.

Brad told Traci it was time for them to begin their honeymoon. Brad thanked his guests. Traci tossed her bouquet. The flowers flew over Dina's head, and Jill caught them. Dina turned to Jack and said, "Well, accidents do happen." Guests bade farewell to the newlyweds. John told Jill he would escort Dina home. Jill repeatedly sniffed the bridal bouquet she'd snatched and insisted that Jack drive his mother home, so Jill and John could spend time together. John mentioned Nikki, but Jill noted that Nikki had evidently left.

John asked Jack about Nikki. Jack assured John that Nikki was fine, though he'd sent her home. John asked if Jack could drop Dina off at Katherine's. Jack said he'd be happy to. While John was telling Dina goodbye, Jill barged in, took John's arm, and said, "All set." John told Dina that Jack would drive her home. Dina told John she'd be in touch. Jill grabbed onto John's arm as if she'd won a prize.

Friday, November 15, 1991
by Nel

At the ranch, Jack was pacing the room, and he appeared upset. Miguel entered the room and asked if he should prepare breakfast for Jack and Nikki, but Jack said he didn't know when Nikki would be awake. Miguel commented that Jack looked tired. Jack confirmed that he hadn't slept. Miguel asked if there was anything he could do to help Jack, but Jack thanked him and said no.

Jack had a flashback to the previous night when he'd walked into the bedroom and yelled at Nikki, who had been on the bed, passed out drunk. Jack yelled that all her drinking was causing blackouts, and they would only increase. Still shouting, he asked how she could consider inviting his family over for a dinner party. Angry, he picked up a mirror and yelled at Nikki to have a look at herself, but Nikki was completely out of it. All she wanted to do was sleep.

Jack lamented that he knew she'd had a problem with drinking and he should have stopped her, but he'd left her alone because he loved her and because he knew what it was like to drown the pain. He admitted that he'd been wrong, and the booze was killing them and their marriage. He said she'd been lying to herself, and he'd lied for her all over town. He said she'd become a drunk, and their life was a lie. He shook her and reminded her that he'd had to lie for her at Traci and Brad's wedding reception when he'd had to send her home early because she'd been drunk.

Jack snapped back to the present when Nikki entered the room and said, "Good morning, darling." Jack asked how she could say that to him. Nikki commented that Jack looked tired, and she realized he hadn't been sleeping well. She told Jack that it was an important day because Brad and Traci would be returning from their honeymoon. Jack didn't care and said he wanted to talk about the previous evening. Nikki said she didn't remember anything from the previous evening, and she asked if she'd been awake. She wanted to know what they'd talked about.

Jack was gobsmacked. He couldn't believe that Nikki didn't remember anything. Nikki demanded that Jack tell her what had happened. Angry, Jack grabbed his coat and left.

After Jack left, Nikki paced, trying to recall what had happened the previous evening. Miguel entered the room, and Nikki asked him if Jack had told him anything that had happened the previous evening. Miguel said the only thing that had been mentioned was the fact that Jack hadn't gotten any sleep. Nikki asked if perhaps Miguel had heard them arguing. Miguel said he hadn't been at home the previous night, and he asked if everything was all right.

At Victor's penthouse, Victor noticed that Ashley was deep in thought. He asked what was on her mind and if it had anything to do with the planning of a party for Traci and Brad's homecoming. Ashley said obviously there wouldn't be a party. She said she'd been wondering about Nikki and what had happened the previous evening. She said she'd arrived at the ranch; the lights had been on, but no one had answered the door. She said the door hadn't been locked, so she'd walked in. She had gone upstairs, looking for Nikki, and found her sound asleep in her bedroom, and Ashley hadn't been able to wake her.

Ashley told Victor that when she'd returned to the living room, she'd told Jack that she'd found it strange that Nikki had called her a short time before and had wanted to see her, but Nikki was sound asleep. Jack said that Nikki still had the flu bug that had been going around. Victor said it was possible, because some illnesses lingered. Ashley asked why Victor wasn't even a little bit concerned about the mother of his children. Victor was certain there was a good explanation. Ashley said she was going back to the ranch because she needed to talk with Nikki.

Before Ashley left, Victor reminded her that he didn't want to be involved with anything Nikki-related, and he certainly didn't want to share anything with Nikki other than the kids. He also reminded Ashley that he had no intention of going to any party for Brad and Traci because he didn't want to be involved in any part of his ex-wife's life. Ashley said she understood.

At Jabot, Jill hesitated outside John's door but then mustered up her courage and walked into his office. She apologized for barging in, but she had assumed he was alone. John said he was alone, but he was very busy. Jill explained that Brad and Traci would be returning from their honeymoon later that day, and she wanted to welcome them home in a special way. John said that Brad and Traci were still on their honeymoon and would probably want to be alone, but Jill said she was certain they would want to see their family.

Jill suggested that the newlyweds and the family dine at the Top of the Tower, but John didn't want to intrude on Brad and Traci's first day home. Jill felt it would be better to do it then, before their lives got busy and they wouldn't appreciate the occasion as much. Jill offered to plan everything. At that moment, John received a call from Dina, who told John she wanted to plan something intimate for Traci and Brad at Brad's. She said she would order food that could be kept warm in the oven, and when they couple arrived, they would stay for a short time, drink to the newlyweds, enjoy a little finger food, and then leave so the newlyweds could be alone.

Dina suggested that she and John meet and discuss the plan over lunch. After John ended his call, Jill asked, through gritted teeth, if Dina had taken over the planning for Brad and Traci's return. John said that Dina had a great idea: meet the newlyweds at Brad's for a short welcome and a toast, and then leave. Jill asked if John was going along with Dina's idea. John reminded Jill that Dina was Traci's mother. Jill was livid when John left.

Jill called Paul's office and asked Lynn to tell Paul she was on her way to see him. After she ended the call, she said that if Dina wanted to fight for John, then Dina was in for the fight of her life.

At William's Investigations, Paul asked Nathan if Jill had given him any reason why she wanted them to investigate Dina Mergeron. Nathan said that Jill hadn't said anything. Jill arrived at that moment, and she told Paul she wanted her investigation of Dina made a top priority. Nathan informed her that he would be leaving for Switzerland later that evening. Jill insisted that Paul go with Nathan, but Paul refused. Jill suggested that a much quicker way to get the information was for Paul to phone all the sanitariums in Switzerland, but Nathan informed her that no one would give them any information over the phone; it was difficult enough in person.

Jill said she wanted Paul and Nathan to go together. That way, they would cover all the sanitariums twice as fast, and they could charm the nurses to relinquish the patient records. Paul refused. He said that if Dina had any skeletons in her closet, Nathan would find them. Jill wanted to be sure that her name would never be associated with their investigation, and she was assured it wouldn't be.

Paul was curious why Jill was so adamant about finding any information about Dina. Jill claimed that John was her ex, but they were still friends, and she was the backbone of Jabot. She had to look out for him. She said that Dina hadn't told John the truth. Dina had arrived in Genoa City from Switzerland, and she'd told John that she'd been in a sanitarium. Jill wanted to make sure that John knew the truth about Dina.

John and Dina met at a restaurant. Dina asked if Jill had been with him when she'd called. She hoped she hadn't ruffled any feathers. John said that Jill had been a little disappointed, but he'd assured her that she would be included. Taken aback, Dina said she hadn't planned on Jill being there, but then she said the more the merrier.

Dina asked John if he recalled the first time they'd taken their kids to that restaurant. John smiled and said he did. They reminisced about the kids, and Dina commented that John had been a popular man because the kids adored him. She said that Jack had always wanted to be just like him. John became serious and said that Jack was his own man. John stated that he didn't understand how Dina spoke so warmly about her family, and he asked how she could have walked away from them. Dina stated that it had been the biggest mistake of her life.

Dina told John that while she'd been in the sanitarium, she'd had time to reflect on her life and the choices she'd made. If she had the chance to live her life over, she would do things very differently. She said she would never have left him and the kids.

While on his honeymoon, Brad was soaking up the sun in one of the lounge chairs by the pool when a woman approached him and asked if the chaise next to him was available. Brad said it was. She sat down and told Brad he had a beautiful tan and body. She asked what he did and where he was from. Brad obliged her with the information. She then asked him if there were some special places that she could go. Brad suggested a club where there was dinner and dancing. The woman said she'd buy Brad a drink later. Brad commented that she didn't waste any time. The woman said she was only there for three days, so she didn't want to waste any time.

Traci arrived and saw Brad talking to the woman and smiled. In the meantime, the woman asked Brad to apply some sunscreen to her back. She rolled onto her stomach and undid the top to her bikini. Brad looked up and smiled at Traci. Traci smiled and silently told him to go ahead. Brad applied a bit of lotion to the woman's back, and Traci approached and said, "Hi." The woman asked who she was. Traci informed her she was Brad's wife, and she was with child. The woman angrily called Brad a rat. She quickly pulled herself together and stormed off.

Traci told Brad that she'd called the airline, and they were all set to go. She told Brad that it had been a wonderful honeymoon, and she agreed with the statement that it was better the second time around.

Ashley arrived at the ranch. Nikki was surprised to see her because they were supposed to have met the previous evening. Ashley said she'd been there and that she'd found Nikki in such a deep sleep that she hadn't been able to wake her. Nikki covered her shock and said that she hadn't been feeling well, and apparently, the medication had knocked her out. Ashley commented that Nikki had left early from Brad and Traci's prenuptial and wedding reception because she hadn't been feeling well. Ashley angered Nikki when she suggested that Nikki needed to take better care of herself.

Ashley reminded Nikki that Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and she asked how that would affect the kids, since Nikki and Victor were at complete odds with each other. Nikki claimed that Victor had written her off. Ashley said that John was hoping they could all sit down for Christmas dinner, and she was hoping that Nikki and Victor could bridge the gap between them. Nikki stated that Victor lived by his own terms and in his own world, and she wouldn't let anyone dictate how she lived her life. Ashley asked Nikki what was wrong with her. Nikki ignored Ashley's question and remained silent.

Jack arrived in John's office. John stated that Jack looked terrible. Jack admitted he felt terrible, and it was because of Nikki. He said their situation had gotten worse, and he couldn't take Nikki out in public anymore because he didn't know how to cover for her. He said he'd turned into a good liar. Jack told John about the previous evening and how Nikki had blacked out. He said that Nikki didn't even know he'd been in the room.

Jack told John that he'd tried to get through to Nikki, but Nikki had no idea what he'd been talking about. He said that it was the second time Nikki had blacked out. Jack wept when he told John that he'd shaken Nikki really hard, and he'd been close to hitting her. He said it had scared him. He said he loved Nikki more than anything, yet he'd wanted to hit her.

Jack said that in the morning, Nikki hadn't remembered anything. Jack had hoped that Nikki would realize what she was doing to herself, to her kids, and to him. He was scared to death, worrying about what he might do the next time it happened, and he assured John there would be a next time.

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