The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 11, 1992 on Y&R
Paul raced against the clock to stop Sheila's revenge plot against Lauren. Neil helped Olivia keep a secret.
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Paul raced against the clock to stop Sheila from killing Lauren
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In Olivia's office at the hospital, Neil wished that Olivia had told him everything from the beginning. She apologetically explained that she'd needed time to sort things out and see if there were any options. She praised him for being a good friend, but she'd wanted to make a decision without anyone but her doctors knowing what was going on. Neil sympathized that she'd shouldered a lot by herself, and he was glad she finally had someone to talk to. He assumed that she would have the surgery soon.

Olivia informed Neil that having the surgery would mean a complete hysterectomy, so if she gave up her baby, she'd also give up her chance of ever having a child. Neil protested that her life was at risk, but she revealed that the biopsy results had been inconclusive, and two out of three pathologists had concluded that she had a chance of carrying the baby to term without risking her health. She asserted that if there was a chance she could carry the baby, she wanted to try because it meant a lot to her and her husband to have a child. Neil maintained that the stakes were too high.

Neil recognized that Olivia was going through a traumatic experience, and he urged her to deal with the situation realistically and not emotionally. He wondered what she would recommend if she had a patient in the same situation. Olivia argued that it was different, but Neil was sure she'd advise the patient not to take the risk. Olivia contended that she couldn't just make the decision as a doctor or a mother, since she also had to evaluate how much Nathan wanted a child.

Neil contemplated whether the gamble was worth the risk if Olivia lost. She appreciated his concern and support, but she reiterated that she had to make the decision alone, since it was probably the most important one of her life. She requested that he leave to let her work it out on her own, and he hesitantly departed.

Neil returned to the office and tried to focus on work. He reviewed a document but threw it aside in frustration. The door opened, and Dru asked where he'd been, since she'd been looking all over for him. He claimed that he'd had meetings outside the building, but she cracked that it felt like she'd walked into a funeral home. He requested some space, but she refused to leave until he told her what was bugging him.

Dru attempted to cheer Neil up by wrapping her arms around him and kissing him. She seductively asked if there was anything she could do, and he replied that there was. She purred that she was ready anytime and anywhere, but he informed her that it wasn't what he had in mind. She seemed disappointed, and she asked what he wanted to do. He led her out and told her that she'd find out when they got there.

Dru was surprised when Neil whisked her off to Madame's ballet studio. He explained that he wanted to see her dance again more than anything, and he escorted her inside. Madame seemed taken aback to see her, and Dru assumed that Madame was mad at her. Madame questioned how she could be unhappy when she was so pleased Dru was there, and they hugged.

Neil had the impression that Dru hadn't been spending much time there, and Madame confirmed it was true. Madame instructed Dru to change clothes and prove whether she remembered anything Madame had taught her. Neil reminded Dru that she'd promised to do anything for him, and she grumbled about her big mouth. Madame pointed Dru to her locker, and Dru insisted that she could find it blindfolded.

Later, Neil smiled admiringly as Dru danced under Madame's watchful eye. Madame turned down the music, and Dru panted that she was no longer in shape, since it felt like she'd run a marathon. Madame lectured that Dru should practice more regularly. Dru asked if Neil felt better, and he replied that it had helped a lot. She groaned that she was wiped out, and he requested that she keep ballet in her life. She wondered why it was important to him, and he stated that it was important to her -- whether she admitted it or not. She gave him her word and sealed the deal with a kiss.

Olivia returned home and forlornly gazed at Nathan, who was examining some blueprints on the bed. She joked about robbing the place because he was so absorbed in the plans, and he kissed her passionately and replied that there was no way he'd ever let her get away. She cooed that she would have left him with a trail of clues, and he asked if she'd want to be captured, since he'd go for a life sentence. She murmured that she wouldn't accept anything less.

Olivia glanced over the plans for her and Nathan's new house. Nathan excitedly looked forward to filling the nursery, and he amorously proposed that they do some work in that direction. Olivia said it was something they should talk about. He sensed that something was wrong, and he insisted that it was okay if she was tired and just wanted to watch television. Olivia informed him that they didn't have to worry about the nursery being empty, since it wouldn't be a problem. He grinned when he realized what she was saying, and she announced that he was going to be a daddy.

Nathan asked how long Olivia had known, and she explained that she'd wanted to make sure before she told him. They kissed and hugged, but Nathan suddenly pulled back in fear of hurting the baby. Olivia assured him that it was still early. He recognized that she'd wanted to wait, but she'd made him the happiest guy on the planet. She replied that she felt the same way, and he asked if everything was fine with the pregnancy. She firmly replied that she and the baby were fine and would stay fine, and they embraced.

At Scott's house, John Silva asked when Scott planned to tell Sheila about the divorce. Scott thought his best bet was to do it within the next week, but Silva doubted that she would accept it without a fight. Silva warned that Sheila wanted to keep Lauren away from Scott's son at all costs and that Sheila would do anything to keep her marriage together. Silva recounted that Sheila had threatened to run away and take Scott's son with her, but Scott insisted that his wife had changed. Scott relayed that Sheila had talked about how wrong she'd been about Lauren, and he was convinced that Sheila was a different woman than Silva had seen in his office.

Scott indicated that getting custody of his son was the single most important thing he wanted from the divorce. Silva advised that the chances of getting sole custody were lousy, since none of the bizarre things Sheila had done had made her an unfit mother. Scott admitted that she'd been a good mom, and Silva expected her to fight. Scott hoped it didn't turn into a long court battle because he didn't want to see his son hurt.

Scott lamented that there was nothing left in his marriage but his son. Silva noted that even if the judge entertained awarding Scott full custody, Scott was a doctor who worked long hours, and Silva wondered who would take care of the child. Scott asserted that there were a lot of single parents, and he hoped that they got far enough for a judge to have reason to ask. Ruthie, the nanny, dropped off Scotty, and Scott introduced her to Silva as Scotty's second mom who was taking care of both of them.

On a plane headed to Michigan, Lynne sensed that Paul was feeling anxious. He fretted that he didn't even know if Lauren and Sheila were together. Lynne asked if he thought something was wrong at the farm, and Paul replied that he had a bad feeling he couldn't explain. Lynne found it odd that the farm's phone line had been busy for a long time, and Paul noted that it also could have been tampered with. He conceded that he could be totally wrong, but too much didn't add up. Lynne brightly pointed out that they might get there and find Sheila and her mother having tea.

Paul asked a flight attendant if there was a phone on the plane, and he handed her a credit card. He hoped he could get through to the farm, and Lynne questioned why Lauren would go anywhere with Sheila. Paul shared that he didn't think Lauren would go willingly. The attendant handed Paul a phone, and Paul cursed when the number he dialed was still busy. Paul's instincts told him that when they got there, they wouldn't see mother and daughter having tea.

Paul referred to Scotty's birthmark, and Lynne observed that it bothered him that Sheila had had it removed. Paul revealed that Lauren had thought she'd seen a birthmark on her son the first time she'd held him, but it had disappeared, and the hospital staff had told her it was an abrasion caused during birth that had healed. Lynne pondered whether it hadn't been, and Paul indicated that it was why he was worried. The captain announced that they were beginning their descent into Grand Rapids, but the severe weather had knocked out the airport's lights, and they might not be able to land right away. Paul hoped they got there in time.

Meanwhile, the storm raged as Sheila held Molly and Lauren hostage at a Michigan farmhouse. Sheila remembered that when she'd been a little girl, Molly had always told her that there was nothing a mother wouldn't do to protect her baby. Sheila considered it a lesson she'd never forgotten, and she asserted that the three of them were there that night because there was nothing she wouldn't do to protect her child. Thunder boomed overhead as Lauren contemplated how it all had happened.

Sheila barked that her mother had also taught her that when she wanted something, she had to make it happen. Lauren accused Sheila of stealing her child. Sheila argued that she'd made sure Lauren had had a baby, and Lauren had loved Dylan. Lauren pointed out that Sheila knew what it meant to be a mother, and she imagined that Sheila understood how it felt for Lauren to find out her son was alive after she'd thought she'd buried him. Lauren begged Sheila to let her see her child.

Lauren guessed that Sheila was very frightened about what would happen to her. Lauren promised not to make any trouble by telling anyone or pressing charges, and she swore that no one had to know what had happened there. Lauren again pleaded to be with her son. Sheila took a threatening step forward and announced that he wasn't Lauren's baby anymore, since he was Sheila's son. Lauren stared at her in disbelief.

Lauren argued that Sheila couldn't keep her there forever, and Sheila agreed. Lauren inquired how Sheila expected to handle her and Molly, and Sheila pulled out a gun. Lauren suggested that they go back to Genoa City and forget about all of it, since no one had to know the truth. Molly struggled to speak, and she tried to convince Sheila to let Lauren go. Sheila snapped that her mother was losing it, since Lauren was not to be trusted.

Sheila expected Lauren to call the cops to have her arrested for kidnapping and to tell them that Sheila had Lauren's child. Sheila refused to end up in jail or let Lauren get the baby. Lauren realized that Sheila never intended to let her see her own child, but Sheila replied that Lauren had seen him many times. Lauren thought back to holding Scotty in her arms a few days earlier when Scott had stopped by, and she exclaimed that Scott had no idea who the real mother of his son was. Lauren theorized that Sheila was terrified because the one thing that tied her to Scott was Lauren's and not Sheila's -- a precious baby boy.

Lauren gushed that it was a miracle to know her son was alive. Sheila vowed that she and Scott would make sure Scotty stayed healthy and happy, even though something had almost ruined it all. Sheila recalled that she'd heard through hospital gossip that Lauren had thought her baby had had a birthmark that had later disappeared, and everyone had assumed it had just been an irritation from the delivery that had gone away. Sheila pulled out a framed photo of Scotty and announced that people had been wrong, since she'd had the birthmark removed.

Sheila set down the photo in front of Lauren and invited her to look at her son all she liked. Lauren reached for it, but Sheila growled at her not to touch it. Lauren wailed that she loved her son, but Sheila ominously stated that there was no more birthmark, so there were no more clues, and no one would ever find out the truth. Lauren realized that Sheila had taken her there and told her everything because Sheila was going to kill her.

Sheila turned on a lamp and sat down. Lauren calmly acknowledged how much Sheila loved Scott and the baby, and she swore that she wouldn't try to take them away. Lauren again begged Sheila to just let her hold Scotty one more time. Sheila spat that she'd seen Lauren hold him on his first birthday. Lauren flashed back to Scott placing the baby in her arms over Sheila's protests, and she mused that everything made sense. Lauren pleaded that she was desperate to see her son just one more time.

Sheila hissed that she wasn't a fool, and she knew that Lauren was trying to trick her because Lauren would do anything to take the baby away from her. Lauren claimed that as much as she despised Sheila, she was grateful her baby was alive and well because Sheila had been a decent mother to him. Sheila testily clarified that she'd been an excellent mother, and she was the most important thing in the boy's life. Sheila intended for the baby to be raised by two loving parents, and Lauren asked her to promise that she would always take good care of him.

Sheila stressed that she was the only mother Scotty had ever known, so naturally, she would take good care of him. The lights fizzled out, and Sheila panicked. Molly sputtered that the storm had knocked out the power, and Sheila ordered her to shut up. Sheila ranted about the storm and demanded to know where the candles were, and her mom referred her to a drawer in the kitchen. Lauren jumped up to help, but Sheila warned her to sit down and not try anything. Sheila lit some candles and crossed the room to a lantern. Lauren watched her carefully.

Sheila tried the phone, but Lauren reminded her that it was dead because Sheila had yanked it out of the wall. There was a knock at the door, and Sheila yelled that she would be right there. She waved her gun and warned Lauren and Molly not to try anything stupid. Sheila headed into the kitchen to answer the door, and Lauren hurriedly grabbed a pair of scissors from a drawer. Lauren placed the scissors in Molly's hands and implored the stroke victim to help her cut the tape on her hands. Molly made a great effort to grip the scissors.

Sheila answered the door to a man who noted that the power was out. She hoped he was there to fix it, but he identified himself as the meter reader. The man mentioned that he'd seen Molly there over the last few weeks, and he guessed that Sheila was her daughter. Sheila preferred that he return another time, but he explained that he had to wrap his job up then because he was about to leave for a trip. Sheila protested that she didn't know where the meter was, and he informed her that it was in the basement and that it would only take a minute. She told him to make it quick, and he offered to let himself out.

Meanwhile, Lauren coached Molly to cut a little more. The kitchen door suddenly slammed, and Sheila demanded to know what they were doing. Sheila pushed Lauren to the floor and pulled out her gun again as Molly looked on in horror. Sheila blasted her mother for colluding with Lauren after everything Sheila had done for Molly. Sheila hissed that she'd told Lauren not to do anything stupid, and she ordered Lauren to get up. Lauren whimpered that she couldn't, and Sheila dragged her to her feet and forced her into a chair.

Sheila grabbed a roll of duct tape and wrapped it around Lauren, binding her to the chair. Molly cried out in protest, and Sheila commanded that she sit next to Lauren. Sheila stared murderously at Lauren as Molly yelled, "No, Sheila, no!" Lauren kicked Sheila away, and Sheila stumbled back into the table, knocking over the lantern. Lauren and Molly screamed helplessly as a seething Sheila stood back and watched the flames engulf the room.

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