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Neil and Drucilla honeymooned in Antigua. Brad secretly had the newlywed's apartment completely overhauled by an interior designer. Nikki found herself torn between Jack and Victor. Jill told John that she was pregnant, but John's reaction was not what she expected.
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Jill told John that she was pregnant, but John's reaction was not what she expected
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Jill shocks John with the news that she's pregnant Jill shocks John with the news that she's pregnant
Tuesday, March 9, 1993
by Nel

At the ranch, Victor asked Nikki what had made her think that he didn't care for her. He knew there was no comparison between her feelings for him and for Jack. Nikki stated that Victor seemed to be under the impression that her feelings for Jack were superficial and that she could just turn them off. Victor pointed out that Nikki had tried to give Jack what he'd wanted, a baby, but it wasn't meant to be.

Victor wanted Nikki to think about herself. Nikki asked Victor if he had any idea what it had been like to lose a child. She said it was a feeling of emptiness, loss, and pain. Victor asked if she wouldn't get over the loss better in his arms rather than in Jack's. Nikki claimed she needed time.

Victor told Nikki that he believed that they had sorted things out months earlier and that he was the man she wanted to be with. He asked if Nikki intended to spend the rest of her life with a man she didn't really love. Nikki countered that she loved Jack -- not in the same way that she loved Victor, but she did love Jack. Victor stated that he'd spent months waiting for the child to be born so that he and Nikki could share a wonderful life together. Victor asked Nikki if it was something she had no intention of doing.

Nikki told Victor that all she'd ever wanted was peace and tranquility, and she claimed that she'd had that when she'd been pregnant. She said she felt safe and comfortable. Victor asked if she was happy. Nikki replied that she was content. Victor stated that there was nothing tying her to Jack. Victor gasped when Nikki asked whose fault that had been. Victor asked if Nikki believed he'd been responsible for the loss of her child. He said he'd been with Nikki when she'd fallen down the stairs, but it had been nothing more than an accident. Nikki immediately apologized.

Nikki told Victor that Dr. Lasky didn't know if the fall had been the cause of her losing her child or if she would have lost it in any event. Victor said they both knew if had been an accident and that he had repeatedly tried to apologize to her. He asked if the incident had changed the way Nikki felt about him. Nikki said it hadn't. Victor claimed that something had happened to change her mind about him, and he wanted to know if it was over between them. Nikki admitted she wasn't ready to look at the future.

Victor asked Nikki when she would acknowledge that her marriage to Jack was a sham. He stated that before the baby, she and Victor had had a wonderful life. He added that he would only wait so long for Nikki to decide who and what she wanted. Nikki asked him not to rush her. Victor kissed her deeply. He told Nikki that he loved her, wanted her, and needed her. He said that once he left, he would not return to the ranch to see her. He said the next move was hers, and she shouldn't expect him to wait too long. Nikki was in tears when Victor left.

At Jill's request, Rex arrived at the Jabot office. Jill said she had great news, but she wanted Rex to promise not to tell Catherine. Rex guessed that Jill was pregnant and that she hadn't shared the news with John yet. Jill claimed she'd tell John when the time was right. Rex reminded Jill that John had been adamant that he didn't want to start a second family, and he asked Jill how she thought John would react to the news. Jill said it was possible that John would be happy, but Rex claimed that John would hit the roof.

Rex knew how much Jill had wanted a baby, but what she'd done could jeopardize her marriage. Jill didn't believe that would be the case. She said that John had felt guilty about having a vasectomy without consulting her. She said that John had known how much she wanted a child, and she believed things would work out. Rex said he had serious reservations about Jill's situation.

At the Abbott house, Jack told John how much Nikki appreciated being treated with respect, unlike the way she'd been bullied when she'd been with Victor. Jack said that the loss of their child had made their marriage stronger. John said that no one could love Nikki more than Jack did. Jill arrived and expressed her condolences to Jack on the loss of his and Nikki's baby. When Jill left the room, Jack asked if that had been Jill because she'd seemed almost pleasant. John said that Jill had been out of sorts for a while, but he was happy to see Jill back to normal.

Jack told John that he was surprised Jill had recovered so quickly from the news about John's vasectomy and that she felt their marriage could survive without kids. John said he regretted that he hadn't discussed the vasectomy with Jill before he'd gone ahead with it. Jack said he had to get home. John warned him that Victor was a formidable opponent. Jack claimed he was, as well. Jack and John hugged, and Jack left.

After Jack had gone, Jill returned and gushed to John how much she looked forward to being with John and spending time with him. Jill poured John a glass of wine. John asked if she wasn't going to have one, as well. Jill poured herself a glass. John said he was happy to see Jill happy again, but he wasn't surprised because she'd always been resilient. John asked Jill about her day. Jill said she'd had the best day, and she had wonderful news. She told John she was pregnant, and John froze. Jill said she'd hoped he would be thrilled.

John was less than thrilled. He said that Jill had known how he felt about having any more children. He thought she'd taken precautions. Jill said that precautions weren't always foolproof. John spat that they weren't foolproof when Jill had been trying to have a baby. He accused Jill of deliberately trying to get pregnant, knowing he didn't want any more children. John felt that Jill had deliberately deceived him, but Jill countered that John had deceived her when he'd had the vasectomy without informing her.

John reminded Jill that she'd known he didn't want to raise a second family. He said he'd reached a point in his life when he didn't want to raise another child because he'd known what was involved in raising a son or daughter. He said he'd looked forward to a time when he could enjoy the rewards of his years of hard work, and this child would change that dream. Jill claimed it wouldn't change their life that much. She asked what greater reward there could be than to create and nourish a new life.

Jill asked John not to be upset with her. John asked her why he wouldn't be upset with her when she had deliberately deceived him and done something she'd known he hadn't wanted. Jill asked if what she'd wanted didn't count for anything. John refused to discuss the situation any further, and he walked away.

Brad and Ashley were in Neil's apartment. Brad was annoyed with the designer because the project should have been finished. He and Ashley wanted to surprise Neil and Dru when they returned from their honeymoon. Brad gave the designer two more days to complete the project, and he wanted to see fur flying. Delighted, the designer rushed out to order paint. Brad called Neil and arranged for Neil and Dru to spend a few more days in Antigua.

In Antigua and on their honeymoon, Neil and Dru kissed. A hotel employee paged Mrs. Winters for a phone call. Dru laughed and told Neil there wasn't anyone on the phone and that she'd had herself paged because she loved being called "Mrs. Winters."

Neil apologized to Dru that he hadn't had time to upgrade his apartment for her, but Dru was unfazed and said that they would do it together. A short time later, Neil was paged for a phone call. Neil was skeptical, believing Dru had arranged it, and he was surprised to hear Brad's voice on the other end. Brad convinced Neil to change his flight and hotel booking and to stay in Antigua for a few more days. Brad told Neil not to worry about the cost because it would be covered, and he assured Neil that the Abbotts were fine with extending Neil and Dru's honeymoon.

Victor returned to his apartment, and he grumbled to Douglas about his constant trips to the ranch to see Nikki. He said he'd been trying to put a relationship together, but he wasn't sure if Nikki wanted it. He was irritated because he hadn't been able to see his children, and he felt he didn't have a family anymore. He said he had a son and daughter, but he needed an appointment to see them. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Douglas suggested that Victor should have more children. Douglas then alluded to Eve Howard's son, whom she claimed was Victor's son. Victor said he had his doubts about Eve.

When Victor was alone, he pulled out a piece of paper with Eve's name and number on it. He hesitated a moment, but then he called her. Victor asked when she would be returning to Genoa City. Eve claimed she would be arriving in Genoa City the following day. Victor asked her to come and see him and to bring a photo of her son. He warned Eve not to expect anything.

Once the call ended, Eve immediately called the airline and booked an 8:00 a.m. flight to Genoa City.

When Jack returned to the ranch, he checked the mail and was greeted by Miguel, who had been watering the plants. Miguel informed Jack that Nick was spending the night at his friend Christopher's, and Victoria was doing some research at the library and would return home after the library closed. Jack asked if Nikki had been alone. Miguel said that Ashley had been by to visit, and then he reluctantly told Jack that Victor had also been there to see Nikki. Jack wasn't pleased.

Nikki entered the room and asked why Jack hadn't let her know he was home. She said she'd been in her room, doing some thinking. Jack wanted to know what she'd been thinking about. Nikki sensed that Jack was in a strange mood. She said she'd been thinking about Jack. She said there had been a lot of regret about the loss of their baby. Jack said he wished he could change things. Nikki said she knew Jack wanted kids, but she also knew he wouldn't pressure her.

Jack told Nikki that he'd had a chance to talk to John, who had asked about her. Jack wondered how she was handling the loss of their baby. Nikki said she felt she'd let Jack down, but Jack assured her that she hadn't. Jack asked if there was more going on than he was aware of. He asked if Nikki was still happy with him.

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