The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 29, 1994 on Y&R
Victor schooled Nick on the importance of the Newman legacy. Drucilla reached out to Olivia about a medical issue. Nikki was troubled by Victoria’s independence.
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Victor schooled Nick on the importance of the Newman legacy
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Victor schools Nick on the importance of the Newman legacy Victor schools Nick on the importance of the Newman legacy
Tuesday, August 30, 1994

From his home, Neil Winters phoned his sister-in-law, Dr. Olivia Hastings, at her office. Neil was concerned about his wife, Drucilla. Neil told Olivia he knew that Dru had made an appointment with her sister for a checkup, though Dru had kept the appointment a secret. Neil, concerned, told Olivia that Dru had nearly fainted. Olivia grew concerned, as well. Neil explained that Dru wasn't aware that he knew about the near fainting spell. Olivia assured Neil she'd perform an extensive checkup on Dru.

After Dru awoke, she told Neil she felt great after enjoying a good night's sleep. Slyly, Neil offered to drive Dru anywhere she needed to go. Dru declined, insisting that Neil need not wait on her hand and foot. Neil admitted that he knew Dru had a doctor's appointment because his brother, Malcolm, had told him so. Neil said he knew about the near fainting spell, too. Neil insisted he accompany Dru to her doctor's appointment.

At Olivia's office, Dru told her sister she'd been feeling tired, though her appetite had been good. Olivia suggested that Neil leave so she could give Dru a thorough exam and draw blood for lab work. After Neil left, Dru said she had a feeling Olivia had an idea about what was going on. Olivia said she had to run tests first. Dru admitted that she'd felt dizzy and had almost fainted. Olivia sent Dru to the lab, explaining that she'd request a rush on the results. After Dru left, Olivia mused aloud that if her hunch was correct, it would be lovely for Dru and Neil.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick delivered a report from Neil to Victoria. Victoria asked Nick if he'd really stopped by her office for advice about his love life. Nick lamented that he'd tried every trick in the book to reconnect with Sharon, even inviting her to the Newman ranch to witness the birth of a foal. Victoria encouraged Nick and advised him not to give up on wooing Sharon. Nick replied, "I don't think so, sis. It's just not working out this time."

Nick admitted to Victoria that he couldn't let go of Sharon, though he felt it was useless to beat his head against a wall. Nick said he'd been unable to get Sharon off his mind because he admired her character and respected her. Nick blamed a guy named Matt Clark for having driven a wedge between him and Sharon with his lies. Nick mentioned that he had plans to go out with a friend named Amy Wilson, but he didn't seem enthused about being with her. Victoria told Nick he might surprise himself by having a good time with Amy.

At Crimson Lights, Matt joined Nick and hassled him about striking out with girls. After Matt and Nick argued, Matt challenged Nick to fight him by egging him on to take his best shot. A crowd gathered when Matt raised his voice and hovered menacingly over Nick. Nick balled up his fists. After Nick didn't respond, Matt called him a wimp and walked away. Nick sat alone at his table, visibly angry and somewhat embarrassed.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was upset about Victoria having flown to New York, where a man they didn't know had offered her a job. Victor wasn't concerned, believing that son-in-law Cole Howard had told him everything about Victoria's trip. Victor insisted that he and Nikki butt out. Nikki replied, "Well, I am not going to butt out. Not until I am reassured that everything is fine, that our daughter has not gotten herself into serious trouble." Nikki added that she'd sensed during a conversation with Victoria that Victoria hadn't seemed stable. Victor replied, "Well, I hardly think that you are a judge of that."

Nikki expressed her disdain for Victor's response and became increasingly frustrated by his cavalier attitude toward her concern for Victoria. After Nikki explained that Victoria had clammed up and walked out when asked about the mysterious job offer, Victor realized that Nikki's concerns seemed valid. Victor still maintained that Nikki might be reading too much into it. Nikki asked Victor to consider why someone would fly Victoria to New York and offer her job, considering that she had few skills and no college degree. Victor doubted that anything sordid was going on. Nikki insisted that her suspicions weren't wrong.

Victor knocked on the door of the tack house, where Victoria and Cole lived. Cole invited Victor inside. Victoria wasn't home. Victor told Cole that Nikki was concerned about what had gone on in New York. Cole replied, "My wife and I have put that behind us, and so should Nikki." Victor said he'd never learned the identity of the person Victoria had traveled to New York with. Cole said there was no reason for Victor to know. Victor asked Cole if he was hiding something. Cole admitted that Victoria had traveled to New York with a man, though he'd believed Victoria when she'd told him that nothing had happened between her and the man.

Victor asked Cole about the job the man had offered Victoria in New York. Cole replied, "It was a fluke, and nothing came of it." Cole explained that after the guy had suggested some pie-in-the-sky ideas, Cole had arrived and had taken Victoria home on the first flight back. Cole assured Victor that nothing had happened. Cole told Victor he hated to run him off, but he had a package to drop off at the Post Office. After Victor left, Ryan recalled in a flashback a man named Alec and another named Glen discussing Victoria's centerfold photograph that would appear in the September issue of a magazine.

Ryan McNeil entered Victoria's office, having learned from Nick that she'd returned. Victoria recalled that the last time she'd seen Ryan, she'd been a mess. Ryan replied, "Are you still?" Ryan admitted he'd told Cole where to find Victoria after he'd freaked out with worry. Ryan said he wouldn't blame Victoria if she never wanted to confide in him again. Victoria assured Ryan she wasn't mad at him and insisted that things were fine between her and Cole, too.

Victoria told Ryan that she'd already headed to New York before Cole had located her at the cheap motel she been staying at. Victoria admitted to Ryan that she hadn't traveled to New York alone. Ryan seemed concerned and admitted that what Victoria was telling him sounded bizarre. Ryan asked Victoria who she'd traveled with. Victoria admitted she'd done the most incredibly stupid thing imaginable, stating that on a scale of one to ten, it rated 306. Victoria explained that she'd met a man named Glen Franklin at Gina's Restaurant and that he'd given her his business card. Victoria said that Glen had offered her a job in New York, so she'd taken him up on the offer. Ryan replied, "What job was it?"

Victoria told Ryan that she'd posed for a centerfold photo in a magazine. Ryan thought Victoria was joking before she said, "Just call me Miss September." Ryan was taken aback when Victoria admitted she'd posed nude. Victoria said she'd felt like a goddess and had earned a paycheck to match. Ryan admitted he couldn't believe he was talking to the same girl who'd once hated sex and hadn't been able to stand to be naked in front of him when they'd been married. Victoria said she'd changed and had become a little less inhibited.

Ryan was surprised to learn that a dozen people had been present when the photographer had snapped the photos for a magazine read by 200,000. Ryan warned Victoria that there was no way her dad wouldn't find out. Victoria remained unconcerned and explained that Cole had stopped the publication by tearing up the contract and even returning the check. Ryan asked Victoria if she realized the trouble she would have been in if not for Cole. Victoria nodded and told Ryan that only he and Cole knew what she'd done.

Back in New York, Alec spread out the centerfold and told Glen that it was a dynamite photo that would fly off the newsstand. Glen admitted that the photo session had gone even better than he'd first thought. Alec recalled Glen having mentioned that Victoria had been nervous during the shoot. Glen studied the photo closely and noted that Victoria's apprehension had added sexual tension. Glen asked Alec if he thought it was hot stuff. Alec replied, "Miss Victoria is going to make us all a barrel full of money."

After Nick's encounter with Matt, he went home and asked Victor to help him practice boxing. Victor excitedly replied, "Oh! I see. The young man would like to know how to box. Well, I'll be damned. Good for you." Victor and Nick both donned boxing gloves. Victor gave tips to Nick as the father and son sparred. Victor instructed Nick to keep his right hand up by his chin to defend himself against an opponent's jab.

Nick put great effort into his workout, becoming sweaty and breathless. Victor explained that one aspect of boxing was overcoming fear by walking through fire. Victor said that by looking in Nick's eyes, he was certain his son could overcome fear during a boxing match. After Nick engaged in an extended punching session with a bag, Victor said he assumed Nick envisioned himself fighting Matt. Nick admitted he did, explaining that Matt was an idiot who didn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

Victor advised Nick to fight only when he absolutely had to and only to defend himself. Nick said he wanted to be ready and didn't intend to let Matt wipe the floor with him again, though he might not have an opportunity because he'd be leaving for school soon. Victor seemed surprised and said he hadn't expected Nick to return to boarding school. Nick explained that it seemed obvious to him that his mother wanted him to be out of the way. Victor recalled that the last time they'd talked about it, Nick had said he believed his mother needed him. Nick told Victor he didn't mind returning to Switzerland to get away from a creep like Matt. Nick also admitted to his dad that he'd failed to win back Sharon.

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