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Paul's mother, Mary Williams, made a surprise appearance at Christine's risqué bridal shower. Drucilla revealed that she was pregnant. Nikki worried about Sharon's interest in in Nick and was furious when Victor paid for Doris Collins' surgery. Jack and John got Jill to sign a contract by saying Jill would be overseeing a new division of day spas.
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Paul's mother, Mary Williams, made a surprise appearance at Christine's risqué bridal shower
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Mary shows up at Christine's bridal shower Mary shows up at Christine's bridal shower
Wednesday, December 14, 1994

Jill met with Silva, who wanted to look over the contract that Jabot was offering her. Jill thought John and Jack were sincere about having her head up a new division of the company in Beverly Hills, and she imagined leaving Genoa City with her little boy and never looking back. Silva was surprised that her husband had given up without a fight, and Jill figured that John had decided to ship her off to California to bow out gracefully without admitting defeat. Silva warned that it sounded too good to be true, but she was sure that nothing would go wrong because it would all be in writing. A confident Jill planned to meet Silva at Jabot later.

At Jabot, Jack informed John that he had the contracts ready for Jill's signature. Jack anticipated that it would be easy, since they were appealing to her primal urges -- status, glamour, and money. John hoped Jack was right. Jack looked forward to pulling off a major coup when Jill signed on the dotted line. Jack reasoned that if they got Jill to sign, it would prove that her focus wasn't on her child but herself. John worried that it was too much to hope for, but Jack was sure that a selfish witch like Jill would bite the tasty carrot that they were dangling.

John mused that it would be the answer not only for him, but also for Billy in the long run. Jack considered John to be a much better influence than Jill, and he insisted that they were doing the right thing because Jill didn't have a maternal bone in her body. John wondered what was keeping her, and the intercom buzzed. The men sat down at the conference table, and Jill sauntered in and told them not to get up. Jack replied that he hadn't been planning on it, and she asked if the contract was ready to sign. Jack declared that sunny California awaited, and Jill grinned.

John and Jack explained the generous financial terms of the agreement. Jill gushed that it was a wonderful offer, and she adored California. Jack reminded her that it was an enormous responsibility to oversee the construction of their Rodeo Drive spa-salon, and John noted that Jill would be supervising other spa openings across the country and eventually in Europe. Jill marveled at seeing everything she'd ever hoped for in writing, and John pointedly stated that they'd spelled out all the details to be sure there were no misunderstandings. Jill didn't see anything that would be a problem, and Jack handed her a pen and encouraged her to sign to make it official.

Jill reviewed the contract, and John asked if there was a problem. Jill mentioned that she'd promised to let Silva look it over, but Jack thought she'd wanted to get it over with. Jill thanked John for the wonderful opportunity and his faith in her, and she swore that she wouldn't let him down. She pledged to give it everything he was hoping for and more, and Jack prompted her to get on with it. Jill flipped through the paperwork and checked her watch. She didn't understand where her attorney was.

Jack figured that Silva would just tell Jill to sign, and John questioned whether she needed more time. Jill supposed there was no point in waiting, and she wanted to take Billy to see Santa Claus. Jack stated that it was up to her. Jill saw nothing objectionable, and she signed both copies of the contract and smiled broadly. John added his signature and declared it done. Jack handed Jill her copy of the contract, and she thanked them and exited, clearly bubbling with excitement. Meanwhile, John and Jack high-fived and hugged.

John and Jack basked in their victory. Silva called John and revealed that he'd been in a minor traffic accident that had delayed him, but he was leaving then. John informed him that they'd already signed the contract and that Jill had left. Silva demanded to know what kind of coercion the Abbotts had used, but John reported that Jill had been very anxious to sign. Silva wanted to see the document, and John told him that Jill had her own copy. After they hung up, John relayed that Silva had seemed unhappy that Jill had signed without consulting him. Jack crowed that it was tough, since that boat had just sailed.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki demanded to know why Victor had paid for Doris Collins' operation. Victor mentioned that Doris' daughter had turned to him for help, and Nikki chided him for opening up the bank vaults without considering the implications for their son. Nikki insisted on keeping it a secret from Nick, who she thought would view Victor's generosity as a personal endorsement of Sharon. Victor pointed out that Nick had feelings for Sharon, and Nikki huffed that she didn't want to encourage it.

Victor doubted that Sharon was as malevolent as Nikki thought, and he recounted that Sharon had been adamant about not telling Nick that she'd gone to Victor for money. Nikki believed that Sharon had gotten what she'd wanted all along, and she grumbled that smart men could be so dumb. Nikki feared that the perception of Victor's stamp of approval would make Nick want Sharon even more, even though Sharon had jerked him around for months because she'd been desperate for money. Nikki insisted that it would only make things worse if Nick knew what had happened.

Victor guessed that Nikki thought Sharon was a gold digger, and Nikki confirmed that it was a big part of why she didn't like the girl. Nikki added that she didn't trust Sharon, who was wrong for their son. Victor pointed out that there had been a time when Nikki had been much like Sharon, since Nikki had been a gold digger herself. Nikki resented the accusation and swore that she'd never been anything like Sharon. Nikki defended that she hadn't even known Victor was wealthy when they'd met because he'd told her he was the houseman. Victor recalled that she'd been interested in his wealthy employer, and he asserted that just because someone was attracted to wealth didn't make them an opportunist.

Nikki was appalled at the thought that Victor wanted to encourage a relationship between Nick and Sharon, but Victor contended that there was no relationship because Sharon wasn't interested. Nikki surmised that Sharon was playing hard to get, and Victor realized that he could say nothing to change Nikki's mind. He started to head out, but she called after him and insisted on talking about something more pleasant -- Christmas. She hoped they could have a big family Christmas together that year, and he agreed that it would be nice to have the family together. Nikki smiled and thought the children would be very pleased, and Victor looked forward to it.

Victor asked if Victoria or Nick wanted anything special for Christmas, but Nikki thought having their family together would mean more than any gift. Nikki recognized that it had been very generous of Victor to arrange Doris' surgery, and he shared that Sharon expected to pay him back one day. Nikki clucked that Sharon had conned him like she'd conned Nick. Nikki conceded that Doris had been a deserving woman, but she maintained that she didn't want to confuse their son. Nikki pleaded with Victor not to say anything to Nick.

Victor arrived at the tack house to talk to Nick. After some small talk about school, Victor inquired whether Nick was still seeing Amy, and Nick reported that they were having a great time together. Nick confided that while Amy was very nice, he would rather be with Sharon. Victor guessed that the feeling wasn't mutual, and he encouraged Nick to put in more effort. Nick bemoaned that he'd given it his best shot, but it was like beating his head against the wall, and he'd gotten the message loud and clear to forget it.

Victor counseled that every young man experienced rejection in life, but it didn't mean Nick had to walk away if he was really interested. Victor urged Nick to fight and not give up, and he wondered if Sharon wasn't as disinterested as Nick thought. Nick grumbled that Sharon hadn't bothered to tell him when her mom had been admitted to the hospital, and he'd found out secondhand. Victor asked what Nick had done, and Nick revealed that he'd taken Mrs. Collins some flowers. Victor was sure Doris had appreciated it, but Nick lamented that he hadn't gotten great vibes from Sharon.

Victor clarified that he wasn't telling Nick to go back to Sharon to sort things out. Nick mentioned that he'd already talked to Victoria to get a woman's point of view, and she'd told him to take a hike because Sharon had sent every signal possible, but he hadn't been receiving them. Victor advised Nick not to assume it was over if he cared about Sharon, but Nick considered it to be a waste of time. Victor recognized that it was ultimately Nick's decision, and he just wanted what was best for his son.

Nick swore that he'd heard every word Victor had said, and Victor hoped Nick hadn't gotten the impression that Victor was trying to run his life. Nick found it cool that his father was interested, and Victor replied that it was cool that Nick had listened. Victor guessed that they were both cool men, and Nick responded, "We're Newmans." Victor started to say something more but stopped and decided to think about it first. Nick departed.

Meanwhile, Nikki called Amy and invited her to Christmas dinner. Amy said she'd have to talk to her mom to see what her own family had scheduled, and Nikki suggested that Amy stop by during the day if she couldn't make it for dinner. Amy promised to try and thanked Nikki for inviting her.

At the hospital, Sharon was eager to take Doris home. Doris exclaimed that she'd almost kissed the doctor when he'd told her she could leave, and Sharon joked that maybe he was single. Sharon prepared to ring for the nurse so they could be on their way, and Doris remarked that it was a lot more fun going out than in.

Doris was thrilled when she and Sharon returned home, and Sharon commented that it felt more like home with Doris back. Doris noticed the festive holiday decorations and was glad to have the surgery behind her. Sharon recognized that her mom's fall from her wheelchair had been terrible, but at least it had forced Doris to have the operation that she'd put off for too long. Sharon added that things had a way of working out by themselves.

Doris countered that things hadn't worked themselves out on their own, since Sharon had gone to a total stranger to ask him to pay for the surgery. Sharon suspected that her mother would have done it for her, and Doris called Victor a saint for agreeing to pay for it with no strings attached. Sharon vowed to find some way to pay him back, no matter how long it took. Doris remarked that it had been nice of Nick to drop off flowers, and Sharon mused that Nick was a really nice guy.

Sharon urged Doris to rest, but Doris wanted to revel in being in her own place again. The doorbell rang, and Sharon opened the door and found a bouquet of flowers outside. Sharon assumed that they were for Doris, but Doris pointed out that no one had known that she'd been going home. Sharon found a card and learned the blooms were from Nick. Sharon clutched the card to her heart as Nick peered in through the window and smiled.

At home, Christine heard the doorbell and called out to Lynne that the door was open. Paul entered and hoped Christine wasn't disappointed it was him. She lectured that bridal showers were for women only, and he contemplated hiding in the closet. She objected, and he offered to blow up balloons. Christine indicated that she and Lynne were handling everything, and she asked if Mary would be there. Paul suspected that lingerie showers weren't his mother's cup of tea, but Christine pointed out that Mary didn't know that it was a lingerie shower. Paul hoped his mom didn't have a heart attack if she showed up.

Paul observed that it looked like Christine had been on her way out. Christine planned to go to the office to give the girls a chance to decorate. Paul thought the event sounded kind of racy, and he amorously asked if they were going to take pictures. Christine protested, and he reasoned that he'd get his own personal showing in a couple of weeks. She promised to give him a full report after the shower. He walked her to her car.

Lynne, Nina, Olivia, and Gina entered Christine's home with flowers, gifts, and decorations for the shower. Gina asked if they were sure Christine had no idea what they had planned, and Nina replied that it was just lingerie. Gina expected something "rude and lewd" if the gifts were any indication, and Olivia asked if Mary would be there. Nina hoped not, and Lynne was sure that Mary would be a no-show. Gina was glad, since they could have an R-rated shower. "R? I was thinking more like triple X!" Nina exclaimed.

The other guests arrived. Luan remarked that she'd never been to a shower before, and Gina warned her not to be too shocked. Lauren asked if Mary would be there, and Lynne reported that it was unlikely, since Mary had a church thing. Lauren cracked that Mary could say a prayer for them. Christine burst in and asked if it was okay to open her eyes. Nina confirmed that they were ready for her, and Christine joked that it was what she was afraid of.

Christine complimented how great the place looked, and Gina entered with Champagne for everyone. Dru declined, citing that she would be driving. Nina became suspicious and wondered if Dru had gained a bit of weight. Dru confessed that she was pregnant, and the women cheered. Christine enthused that they had two things to celebrate, but Dru insisted that the party was for Christine. Dru was dying to find out who had bought the trashiest lingerie. Nina toasted to her best friend in world. Meanwhile, Mary hovered outside with a wrapped gift.

The guests giggled as Christine opened gifts of lingerie. The doorbell rang, and Nina covered her surprise when she saw Mary. Mary recognized that they hadn't been expecting her, but she had changed her mind and hoped it wasn't too late. Nina indicated that they were just warming up, and she invited Mary in. Christine held up a lacy red bra, and Olivia imagined that it would get the honeymoon going. Gina asked if Christine would model it, but Christine opted to save it for Paul. Mary looked on disapprovingly.

As the women fawned over Christine's new lingerie wardrobe, Nina asked if Mary was sure she wanted to be there. Mary inquired whether she was making Nina uncomfortable, but Nina was worried that Mary would be. Christine raved about a sheer, skimpy piece, but she clammed up when she turned and spotted Mary. Mary implored them not to stop the fun on her account. Mary handed over her gift, and Nina muttered to herself that it was probably a chastity belt.

Christine tore Mary's gift open and found a toaster inside. Christine politely thanked Mary, who boasted that it heated up in less than 30 seconds. Mary pushed them to continue opening gifts, but Dru snatched away her gift before Christine could open it. Christine picked up Nina's present, but Nina gestured for her not to open it. Mary asserted that she was a married woman with a sense of humor, and she asked if Lauren was there. Lauren appeared on the stairs, modeling a peignoir from Fenmore's.

Lauren walked through the passage of seasons as she stripped off layers to reveal a nightie that would give the most discriminating man spring fever, followed by a bra and panties to go brief and bare in the summer. Lauren saw Mary and suddenly declared it wintertime, and Gina tried to distract everyone with dessert. Mary decided to leave, but Christine insisted that she stay for dessert and tea. Meanwhile, Nina and Dru stifled their guffaws as they compared notes about their gifts -- Dru had purchased a black leather bra and matching garter belt, while Nina had gifted Christine with edible panties in seven different flavors.

Alone after the party, Christine raced to answer the door. Paul identified himself as the panty police, and she asked if she was under arrest. He offered to cut her a break, and they kissed. He requested a complete report about the lingerie party, and she called it an ordinary lingerie orgy, though she was disappointed the naked men hadn't shown up. Paul jokingly volunteered to oblige. He pressed to see the goodies, but she preferred to wait until they were married. He objected to waiting that long, but she pointed out that it would be very soon.

Paul hesitantly inquired whether his mother had shown up, and Christine reported that Mary hadn't been happy but hadn't created a scene. Paul figured it had been too risqué for his mom, but Christine countered that she was just the wrong bride. Paul wondered if his mother had given Christine flannel pajamas. Christine divulged that Mary had given her a toaster that heated up in under 30 seconds. Paul amorously stated that he loved it when Christine talked like that, adding, "I have it beat by 20 seconds."

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