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Nikki expressed her disappointment about Nick getting married to Sharon. Dina decided to leave Genoa City after learning that John was married to Jill. Jack urged his mother to stay and fight for John. Amy Wilson surprised Sharon by showing up at the chapel. Nick and Sharon became husband and wife.
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Nicholas Newman and Sharon Collins were married
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Nick and Sharon celebrate their wedding Nick and Sharon celebrate their wedding
Monday, February 19, 1996

Sharon awoke, sat up in bed, and said, "It's my wedding day. Today, I become Mrs. Nicholas Newman." Sharon went to the kitchen in her mother's tiny apartment and was surprised to see the table laden with a hearty breakfast of waffles and strawberries. Doris Collins, Sharon's mother, said she'd wanted to surprise her daughter with a special breakfast because it would be the last morning she could wait on her little girl. Sharon explained that she had butterflies in her stomach and wasn't hungry. Doris said she was certain Sharon and Nick would have a wonderful life together. Sharon assured her mother that nothing would get in the way of her happiness.

The phone rang. Sharon picked up the receiver and heard Nick attempting to imitate a British accent. Nick asked if he was speaking to Miss Sharon Collins. Sharon told Nick it was the most incredible day of her life. Nick said he couldn't wait for Sharon to become Mrs. Nicholas Newman. Nick promised Sharon he'd spend the rest of his life making her happy.

At the tack house, Victoria awoke and rolled over to snuggle with her husband, Cole Howard. Cole said, "Morning, wife." Victoria replied, "Morning, husband." Victoria suddenly sat up in bed and remembered that it was Nick's wedding day. Cole, referring to Nick, said he'd never seen a happier guy. Victoria agreed and said she hoped everything would be all right. Victoria expressed concern that her mother might interfere with Nick's wedding. Cole said that if Nikki did anything to screw up Nick's wedding, she'd regret it for the rest of her life. Cole added that Nick would never forgive his mother, so Nikki would have to keep a lid on her feelings. Victoria told Cole she'd visit the main house and have a talk with her mother.

At the Newman Ranch, Nikki browsed through an album filled with photos of Nick and paused to admire his baby photo. Nikki, tears streaming down her cheeks, inhaled deeply and said, "Oh, Nicholas. Today is your wedding day. I had such dreams for you. So many dreams." Victoria entered the sitting room and asked her mother if she was considering disrupting Nick's wedding. Nikki admitted it was difficult for her to go through the motions because she was convinced the marriage would be a horrible mistake. Victoria assured her mother that Nick and Sharon really loved each other. Nikki cried that she'd envisioned a wedding at a huge church filled with family and friends, not a simple ceremony at a small country chapel. Victoria replied, "This is not your wedding. This is Nick's wedding, and he seems thrilled with the way his life is going right now."

Victoria pleaded with her mother not to ruin Nick's day. Victor, handsomely dressed in a tuxedo, entered through the front door. Victoria greeted her father. Victor said he was surprised that neither Victoria nor Nikki were getting ready for the wedding. Victoria assured her father that she and Nikki would be ready in plenty of time. Victor seemed unconvinced and checked the time on his watch. Victoria left, explaining that she'd get ready with Sharon at the chapel.

Victor asked Nikki if she was all right. Nikki assured Victor she'd make it through the day somehow. Victor told Nikki that Nick needed their love, support, and help. Nick, partially dressed, entered and asked his parents if they'd been talking about him. Nick embraced his parents and asked if they knew how happy he was. Victor urged Nick to finish getting ready.

At the chapel, Victoria styled Sharon's hair and applied hairspray. Sharon thanked Victoria for helping her. Sharon said she was aware Victoria had taken some flak from Nikki for having stood up for her. Victoria replied that whatever her mother or anyone else thought didn't matter to her because all she cared about was that Sharon made her brother happy. Sharon assured Victoria that she loved Nick more than she'd ever love anyone. Victoria replied, "If that's so, acceptance will come from everyone." Sharon said, "Even your mother?" Victoria advised Sharon not to give Nikki a reason not to trust her. Sharon embraced Victoria and said she would be glad to have her as a sister-in-law.

In the chapel, Victor noted that Nick seemed nervous and asked if he might be having second thoughts. Nikki entered as Nick replied, "You know better." Nikki neatened Nick's bowtie. Nick said, "Once a mom, always a mom." Nick assured Nikki that she wasn't losing a son and would be gaining a daughter. Nikki forced a weak smile and embraced Nick. Nick saw Miguel, the Newmans' butler, enter with Sharon's mom, and he stepped away.

Nick greeted Mrs. Collins. Victor and Nikki approached and also extended warm greetings. Nick introduced Cole to Doris. Nick stepped aside when he saw Amy Wilson, Sharon's dear friend, enter. Nick greeted Amy, embraced her, and said he was glad she'd made it. Victor greeted Amy before Cole led her to the bride's dressing room. Nikki told Nick she was also glad that Amy had come. Nick recalled that he might still be in prison if not for Amy. Victor told Nick not to talk about the past because he was about to start a whole new life. Nick replied, "Yeah, I am."

Sharon was elated to see Amy. Sharon told Amy she knew her friend wouldn't let her down. Sharon asked Amy how she'd been. Amy reported that she'd been feeling stronger every day. Amy told Sharon that she and Nick were meant for each other. Sharon asked Amy to stand up for her, next to Victoria. Cole agreed to be a groomsman to even out the wedding party.

After the wedding party took their places before the altar, Victoria focused her attention on Nikki. Nikki stood and turned when Sharon entered the chapel. Sharon wore a white silk gown embroidered along the hem with yellow ribbons fashioned into bows. Ribbon flowers adorned the neckline. The bride carried a bouquet of yellow and pink flowers nestled among cream calla lilies. Nick looked on adoringly as his eyes met Sharon's. Nikki seated herself and fixed her gaze on Nick's hand as he reached for Sharon's.

The pastor began the ceremony by reading a verse from the Bible. He said, "Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is not envious, arrogant, or rude." The pastor concluded his reading by stating, "Love never ends." The pastor recalled that Nick and Sharon's relationship journey had often been arduous and painful, though their love had persevered through numerous obstacles and roadblocks. The pastor again recalled Jesus' promise that love never ended.

Sharon and Nick recited vows they'd written. Nick promised Sharon he would cherish and respect her and bring love to all the lives they touched. Nick placed a ring on Sharon's finger. Sharon vowed to Nick that she'd love and comfort him for the length of their days and that together with him in God's sight they'd bring love to the lives of all they touched. After Sharon placed a ring on Nick finger, the pastor pronounced them husband and wife. Nick kissed Sharon. Nikki looked away as a tear trickled down her cheek. The bride and groom stood side by side as they turned and presented themselves to family members who'd gathered to celebrate their union.

At Gina's restaurant, Danny Romalotti excitedly told his sister that Paul and Christine weren't married because the wedding had been called off. Danny speculated that Christine had been the one who'd called off the wedding. Gina asked Danny if he thought Christine's decision had accounted for the reason Paul had slugged him. Danny said he did. Danny told Gina he was certain Christine still loved him. Gina cautioned Danny to consider other reasons Christine might've changed her mind. Danny remained upbeat, kissed his sister goodbye, and rushed toward the door, telling Gina he intended to visit Christine. Danny assured Gina it would be one of the best days of his life. Gina didn't seem convinced and said to herself, "I hope so, honey. Oh, God, I hope so for your sake."

Christine was in her office when Danny entered unannounced. When Christine saw him, she said, "What the hell are you doing here? Haven't you caused me enough trouble?" Danny said he'd heard about what had happened and asked Christine if she was still angry. Christine said she realized that Danny wasn't entirely to blame because she'd gotten caught up in the moment and should've rebuffed him more strongly. Christine cried that she'd been hours away from a wedding to a man she loved. Danny said he knew how she felt. Christine told Danny he had no idea how she felt after he'd attempted to comfort her. Danny said he understood that Christine had endured a traumatic turn of events. Danny reminded Christine that time would help her heal and that one day, all she'd endured would become a distant memory. Danny added that one day, Christine would realize that her future was with him, not Paul.

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine overheard Dina Mergeron purchase a plane ticket to Nice, France over the phone. After Dina hung up, Katherine asked Dina what was going on. Dina said she wanted to go home and should've never traveled to Genoa City in the first place. Katherine recalled Esther having told her that John had invited Dina to dinner the previous evening. Dina, miffed, explained that the date had never happened because John had apparently had a change of heart and canceled. Dina said she felt humiliated.

Katherine urged Dina to give John time and noted that he endured an empty life married to Jill, whom Katherine referred to as a witch. Dina said that John had his work and his little boy to keep him occupied. The doorbell interrupted the conversation. Jack stopped by. Jack told Esther, who'd answered the door, that his mother had summoned him. When Jack entered the sitting room, Dina said she wanted to tell him goodbye. Jack was taken aback when Dina told him she would depart the next day. Katherine and Esther left the room.

Dina told Jack about John canceling their dinner date. Dina was certain John didn't want to see her because he wasn't interested in her and didn't care if she stayed in Genoa City. Jack reminded his mother that she and his father had had a rocky past. Dina recalled that when Katherine lured her to town for a visit, she hadn't mentioned that John was married and had a baby. Jack encouraged Dina to rouse her competitive spirit and go after Jill. Dina insisted it was time for her to return home because there was no future for her and John.

Jack expressed concern that he might never see his mother again. Dina said Jack knew where to find her if he needed her. Jack cried, "I needed you a long time ago, Mother. You left. After a while, I learned to get along without you." Dina cried that she regretted what she'd done. Dina said she thought it would be best for her to leave without telling John. Jack became sullen and told Dina to have a safe flight. Dina began to weep and acknowledged that she had much to make up for. Jack embraced his mom, wiped away a tear, and told his mother to take care. Dina promised to keep Jack in her heart always. After Jack left, Dina sobbed.

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