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Christine and Paul tied the knot, but urgent matters forced the newlyweds to postpone their honeymoon. Nathan told Olivia that he would not return from St. Louis with their son unless she agreed to a series of terms Nathan set out. Nick acknowledged that he and Sharon had some issues to work through. Phyllis told Danny that she knew she had ruined his chance at happiness with Christine.
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Christine and Paul were married, but their honeymoon was postponed
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Christine and Paul are married Christine and Paul are married
Wednesday, August 7, 1996
by Nel

In her room, and still dressed in her robe, Christine looked into the full-length mirror, smiled, and said, "It's my wedding day." Nina arrived and said that Christine was the most beautiful bride she'd ever seen; Christine was glowing. Christine said she didn't want anything to go wrong because it had taken her and Paul so long to get to their wedding day. Christine was afraid something would go wrong, but Nina assured her that nothing would.

Nina tearfully told Christine that she would miss Christine as a neighbor and was afraid of losing her, but Christine assured Nina that they would see each other a lot. They hugged.

While getting ready, Christine received a call from Brandon, who told her that the Newman deal was falling apart, and her presence was needed desperately. Christine refused. She said her first wedding had been interrupted by the accident, and she wouldn't allow anything to stop her wedding again. She hung up on Brandon. She mumbled that that should teach her not to check her messages. Nina returned and asked if Christine was ready to get married. Christine smiled and said she was more than ready.

Gina arrived at Danny's and said she felt that Danny could use some company. Danny admitted it wasn't the easiest day of his life but said he was fine. Gina said she knew he was a tough guy, but it had to hurt that Christine was marrying Paul. Danny said Christine had invited him to the wedding, but he thought it would be better if he stayed away.

A short time later, Phyllis arrived with Daniel. She commented that she hadn't known Gina would be there. Phyllis said she felt that it was time for Danny to have a visit with his son.

After Danny took Daniel upstairs, Gina spat that it had to be the tackiest thing Phyllis had ever done. Phyllis said she'd thought Danny would like to spend time with his son, but Gina claimed that Phyllis loved rubbing Danny's nose in it. She said Danny had lost Christine, the love of his life, because of the dirty, rotten scheme Phyllis had pulled off. Gina was appalled that Phyllis had the nerve to show her face on Christine and Paul's wedding day. Gina told Phyllis that she'd accomplished what she'd set out to do and could leave, but Phyllis refused and sat down. Gina and Phyllis glared at each other.

A short time later, Danny returned and told Phyllis that he had Daniel set up in his room. He asked where Gina had gone. Phyllis told him that Gina had said she would call him later. Danny wanted to know what Phyllis had said to Gina, but Phyllis claimed she hadn't said anything. She said that Gina had unloaded on her for being there. Danny said Gina was his sister and always looked out for him.

Phyllis told Danny that she knew that the day had to be very difficult for him. Dripping with sarcasm, Danny said he wondered why. Phyllis claimed she'd known Danny was happy with Christine, and because of Phyllis, things hadn't turned out the way he'd wanted. She asked if he would believe her if she said she was sorry. Danny asked Phyllis if she would believe him when he said he didn't "give a damn."

Danny asked why Phyllis had stayed after Gina had left. Phyllis said she hadn't known that Gina would be there when she'd taken Daniel to see him. She had known Danny would be alone and had thought that Daniel would lift his spirits. She knew what Danny was going through. Danny retorted that Phyllis knew the reason he felt the way he did, and she knew how it had happened. Phyllis claimed it was "one of those uncontrollable things."

Danny shouted at Phyllis that it hadn't been some natural disaster like a tornado or an earthquake. It had been Phyllis setting out to get what she'd wanted, and "to hell with everyone else." Phyllis claimed she'd done it because she loved him. She knew Danny had told her to never utter those words to him again. Phyllis claimed it was the truth. She said she would call Danny later about Daniel, and she left.

At the ranch, Sharon and Nick arrived at the main house, looking for Nikki because Nick wanted to know if they should go to the wedding in one car. Sharon said she remembered how excited Nick had been about their wedding day. Nick claimed he still got excited whenever he thought of their wedding day. Sharon questioned whether that was true. Nick acknowledged that they had some issues to work through.

Sharon said it wasn't only about loving each other. She said when she and Nick had gotten married, they had promised to commit to each other. She said they had to do the work because it wouldn't happen by itself. Nick didn't want to discuss their issues at that moment, and he suggested that Sharon go and get ready.

After Sharon left, Victoria entered the room and commented that she hadn't seen Nick since Sharon's birthday. She wondered if everything was okay between him and Sharon. Nick assured her everything was fine, and he left to get dressed.

After Nick left, Nikki entered the living room. She commented that it had to be a drag for Victoria to attend the wedding without Cole because he was out of town, but Victoria said she would find someone to spend time with. Nikki asked Victoria to tell Nick that they would all go to the wedding in his car. Victoria left to relay Nikki's message.

At home, Mary looked at a photo of Paul as a young boy. Paul entered the room and put his luggage down. He asked his mother who that young squirt was. Mary said she remembered when Paul had been eight years old and in the third grade. She recalled meeting another young mother who'd had a daughter named Susan. Susan had told them that Paul was her boyfriend, but when Mary had asked Paul about being Susan's boyfriend, Paul had denied it. Paul had later apologized to her, admitting that he'd lied and that Susan was more than a girlfriend. He'd told Mary that he planned to marry Susan.

Mary told Paul it had been difficult to keep from laughing. Paul asked if Mary was laughing about him and Christine. Mary said she wasn't because Paul and Christine belonged together. She said she'd had many hopes and dreams for Paul, but she'd realized that it was about Paul carving out his own happiness. Paul said he'd found that happiness with Christine. He hoped that Mary knew what a great mother she was.

Malcolm arrived at Olivia's with his tuxedo and a bag of groceries. Olivia said that Malcolm had bought groceries for her the previous day. Malcolm said that since Olivia wasn't going to the wedding, he thought she deserved some treats, like ice cream. Olivia admitted she couldn't go to the wedding. She told Malcolm that she'd spoken with Dru, and Dru wouldn't be attending the wedding, either, because she wasn't feeling well.

Neil arrived carrying his tuxedo and asked if Olivia or Malcolm had heard anything from Nathan. Olivia said they hadn't. Neil and Malcolm got ready for the wedding, and Neil asked Olivia to help him with his bow tie. Olivia began helping him and said the last time she'd helped with a bow tie had been for Nathan. The memory brought her to tears. Malcolm put his arm around her and tried to reassure her that she would get her son back soon.

In St. Louis, Nathan and Nate were in a hotel room. Nate was coloring. Nathan asked to see Nate's drawing. Nate took it over and said it was a drawing of his mommy. Nate said he wished he could see her because he missed her. He asked Nathan if they could go and visit his mother.

Olivia was sitting alone on the sofa when she received a call from Nathan. She told him to return home and asked if he was still in St. Louis. Nathan told Olivia that she would never again keep him away from Nate because he and Nate needed to spend time together. Nathan said their situation had to stay between them because, if she called the police, he would take Nate and disappear, and Olivia would never see her son again. He said he wouldn't return home until she promised him that she agreed to his terms. He said he'd call her later for her answer and abruptly ended the call.

Paul greeted everyone as they arrived at the church. Nikki greeted Victor when he arrived. She told him she hadn't been certain he would be there. Victor said that Christine and Paul had waited a long time for that day, and he was happy to be part of it.

The wedding began with the matron of honor, Nina, walking down the aisle, then Christine arrived on Victor's arm. When Victor left Christine at the altar with Paul, he sat down. Nikki had watched Victor the whole time, and she didn't look very happy.

When it was time for the vows, Paul told Christine he knew they hadn't prepared special vows to each other, but he had some things he wanted to say to her. He started by saying that they were finally there, and when he thought about the path they'd traveled, he realized how much he'd grown. He said that at times when things had seemed impossible, he thanked God that they had stuck with it together, and during those time, his love for her had grown stronger.

Paul said that to dare to love was to dare to be hurt, and to dare to feel was to experience all the emotions, not just the positive ones. He said he couldn't promise that she would never feel pain or be hurt, but he could promise that as long as he lived, she would never face anything alone. He promised to be there with her to face life, the good with the bad, because she was the woman he loved and the one he would always love. He promised to be the most loving husband and friend, and he would be supportive through it all. He would love her as much as she loved and supported him.

Christine said that she had a lot to say, but Paul had come into her life when things had been really bad. He'd supported her and offered his friendship when she'd needed it most. She wondered who could have known that their friendship would turn into love. She said they would know joy and sorrow, the good and bad times, and they would face them together. She pledged her faith, support, honesty, and love. Together, they would make the world a better place, and she hoped they would always feel the love they felt that day.

The minister pronounced Paul and Christine husband and wife. They kissed, and friends and family applauded. Paul and Christine walked down the aisle as husband and wife.

At the reception, after Paul and Christine had cut the cake, the best man, Ryan, proposed a toast to the bride and groom. Ryan said he'd always known they would eventually get there. He toasted to their continued lifetime of love.

Victor, who had been a substitute father for the bride, also toasted them. He wished them much joy and happiness. At that moment, Paul and Christine's song began to play, and they had their first dance together as husband and wife. Moments later, Neil asked if he could cut in and dance with the bride. Paul stepped aside. A waiter approached Paul and told him that he had a call from a woman who said it was an emergency.

Paul took the call. It was Olivia, who apologized for the interruption, but it was an emergency. She told him that Nathan had called her and said he wanted to return home. She didn't know how to handle him, and Paul did. She said she had a terrible feeling that if she didn't comply with his terms, she wouldn't get her son back. Paul asked if Olivia realized where he was. Olivia admitted she did and apologized, but she needed him desperately. Paul said he'd be there as soon as he could.

After he ended the call with Olivia, all the men gathered and sang "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" to Paul. He thanked them and joined Christine. Paul told her about Olivia's call and that she was terrified that she wouldn't get her son back. Christine said the timing wasn't great, but Paul had to be with Olivia. Paul claimed he'd married the most understanding woman in the world.

Christine told Paul that she'd also received a call earlier from Brandon, who'd told her that the deal she'd been working on for Newman Enterprises in Denver was falling apart. Paul asked if she had to fly to Denver. Christine said it would be best if she did. She said they needed to postpone their honeymoon. Paul asked what they should tell their guests. Christine sad they needed to act like they were leaving for their honeymoon. That way, they wouldn't give anyone a reason to speculate.

Paul announced that he and Christine were leaving, and he invited everyone to stay and enjoy themselves. He thanked everyone for sharing their special day with them. He and Christine left.

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