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Christine and Paul's honeymoon in Nevis took an unexpected turn when Phyllis worried the newlyweds would cramp her vacation getaway. Victor wondered why his ex-wife Nikki had left town -- and where she went. Sharon and Nick decided to tell their family that they were expected. A skinnydipping Victoria flirted with Ryan.
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Christine and Paul honeymooned in Nevis and found an unwanted wedding gift in their bed courtesy of Phyllis
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Paul and Christine get an unexpected honeymoon visitor Paul and Christine get an unexpected honeymoon visitor Paul and Christine get an unexpected honeymoon visitor Paul and Christine get an unexpected honeymoon visitor
Wednesday, August 21, 1996
by Nel

Paul and Christine were on their honeymoon in Nevis. While they sat in lounge chairs on the beach, Christine gushed about how wonderful the hotel was. One of the hotel employees carried out a picnic basket for Christine and Paul to share on a private beach.

Phyllis was also in Nevis, and she was there with Dr. Tim Reed. Phyllis was in the pool and wanted Tim to get into the water with her, but he refused because he was wearing a toupee. He decided it was time for drinks, and he left. Phyllis was still in the pool, and she was shocked to see Christine and Paul being escorted by a hotel employee to a private area for their picnic. She ducked underwater to make sure she wouldn't be seen. She was miffed that on her first vacation in years, Christine and Paul were there, a surprise she couldn't believe.

Christine and Paul didn't see Phyllis in the pool. Phyllis whispered, "You will be very sorry, Christine. You will be very, very sorry." Disgruntled, Phyllis joined Tim, and, while sitting in her lounge chair with a drink, Phyllis wondered why Christine and Paul had wound up in Nevis. Phyllis told Tim she was leaving Nevis. Tim asked why she wanted to leave after she'd told him how beautiful it was. Phyllis pondered for a moment and said Tim was right. She realized that things could get very interesting, and she formulated a plan. She told Tim she had something to do, and she left.

At home Ryan recalled the previous evening and being at the pool with Victoria. Victoria kept goading Ryan to get into the pool, and she tried to tempt him by removing her bikini and throwing it at him. Ryan wouldn't take the bait, and he left.

A short time later, Nina arrived home from her trip with Cole to Boston. She told Ryan that they had finished up earlier than expected, and they'd caught the first flight out. Ryan wished she'd called him, and he would have picked her up at the airport. Nina said she'd thought he would be at work, and she hadn't wanted to interrupt him. Ryan said he'd decided to work from home. Nina asked about their son because she wanted to give him a big hug. Ryan said he was out with Larry and should be back soon.

Ryan asked Nina about her trip. Nina raved about working with Cole and how much they'd accomplished. Ryan commented that they had to have put in a lot of hours. Nina said it had been easy because they'd been caught up in what they'd been doing. Nina wondered how Cole was going to incorporate her research into his stories and settings. She said Cole always came up with great twists and turns, and she guessed that was what had made Cole so successful. She said that Cole drew people into his characters and stories. He was mesmerizing and a real talent. She felt honored to work so closely with someone she admired and respected so much.

Ryan said that Nina hadn't said anything about Boston. He said he'd heard it was a great place. Nina said she hadn't seen much because she'd been mostly working, but she had liked what she'd seen. She asked Ryan what he'd done while she'd been away. He claimed he'd been working. Nina said she wanted to unpack because she had presents that she wanted their son to tear into when he arrived. Ryan grabbed her bag, kissed her, and said he was glad she was home.

Cole Howard arrived at the tack house with Victoria's bikini in hand. He didn't appear to be happy. He saw Victoria asleep in bed. When Victoria woke up, she asked why Cole wasn't in Boston. Cole asked Victoria why she wasn't at the office. Victoria said she'd pulled an all-nighter, and she'd decided to take a nap before returning to work. She asked why Cole hadn't called her to tell her he was on his way home. She asked if he'd wanted to surprise her by arriving home early.

Cole told Victoria that he and Nina had managed to wrap things up early, and they'd caught the next plane home. Cole said the research had gone better than he'd hoped, and Nina had been a huge asset. Victoria claimed she'd mostly worked during his absence. Cole said he'd found Victoria's bikini draped over a chair by the pool, and he asked if she'd been skinny-dipping. He asked why she'd taken her suit off by the pool when she could have gone out in a bathrobe. Victoria claimed she hadn't had the urge to skinny-dip until she'd gotten to the pool. He asked if she'd walked back to the tack house in the nude. Victoria said it had been dark, and no one had been around.

Cole asked why Victoria never skinny-dipped with him. She stated that every time she was in the mood, he was busy cozying up to his computer. She accused him of not having any spontaneity.

Cole told Victoria that he'd tried to call her, but she hadn't been at the office or at home. She said she'd been in the pool. Cole reminded her that she'd claimed she'd pulled an all-nighter. Victoria explained that she'd returned to Jabot after her swim. Cole said he found it interesting that Nina had tried calling Ryan, and he hadn't answered, either. Victoria asked what Cole was insinuating, but Cole opted to take a shower rather than respond. As an afterthought, Victoria welcomed him home.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor called the ranch and asked Miguel if he knew where Victor's ex-wife Nikki was, because he'd learned that she was out of town. Miguel had no idea where she had gone. He told Victor that Nikki hadn't wanted anyone to know where she was going. After Victor ended the call, he wondered what was going on with Nikki and why the mystery.

Nick arrived in Victor's office and asked Victor to say yes to his request. Victor said that if Nick was referring to being Neil's assistant while Neil was negotiating in Copenhagen, he was giving it serious consideration. Nick said he knew Victor would make the right decision.

Nick told Victor his visit was about him and Sharon. Nick said it was their six-month anniversary, and they thought they would celebrate with family. Nick invited Victor to their home to celebrate the old married couple. Victor laughed at the old married couple, and he accepted. Victor asked Nick if he'd invited Nikki, because Nikki was out of town, and he had no idea where she was. Nick hoped she'd return in time to celebrate. Victor suggested that Nick postpone it, but Nick said he'd rather not. Nick said he'd see Victor later, and he left.

Sharon arrived at Doris'. She informed Doris that Doris would be attending a very special party that evening. Sharon said it wasn't just the marriage they were celebrating, but Nick was going to announce that they were expecting a baby. Doris smiled half-heartedly and asked if Sharon was sure about that. Sharon said she was sure, and it had been Nick's idea to make the announcement. Nick thought their anniversary was the perfect occasion to get the family together and share their happiness.

Sharon said that Nick felt they had been cutting the family off too much. After the celebration, everything would be out in the open, and the family would finally know about the baby. Sharon said she'd been right not to push Nick and that he would eventually come around. She claimed their marriage was going to be okay.

Christine and Paul were in the secluded area on the beach, and they sampled some of the prepared food in their picnic basket. Christine toasted to a long and happy life for her and Paul. Phyllis remained hidden and spied on them through binoculars. After Christine and Paul left, Phyllis spoke to a hotel employee who had been working on the beach. After her conversation with him, Phyllis smiled.

At Jabot, Nick asked if Victoria had known that Nikki was out of town. Victoria admitted that she knew. She told Nick it appeared that it really bugged Victor that Nikki had gone out of town without informing him where she was going. Victoria asked if Victor had quizzed Nick about who Nikki had gone with. Nick was surprised, and he asked if Nikki had gone with someone. Being coy, Victoria said maybe. Nick asked her to stop playing games. He said that the previous week, Victoria had mentioned that Nikki had gone horseback riding with someone, and she was doing the same thing with the trip.

Nick told Victoria that he wanted to know what was going on. Victoria said she'd called the office and spoken to the person she had believed Nikki might have gone with, but it had turned out that Nikki wasn't with him. She guessed that Nikki had gone alone. Nick asked when Nikki would return, but Victoria had no idea. She wanted to know why Nick was so interested. He said he wanted Nikki with the rest of the family to help him and Sharon celebrate.

Victoria said she thought that Nick and Sharon were going out on their own to celebrate. Nick stated that they still planned to have their own private party at the Colonnade Room. Victoria was suspicious and asked if there was something Nick hadn't told her. Nick asked if Victoria would be at the family gathering. He also asked if Cole would be with her. She told Nick that Cole wasn't too thrilled with her, and she suggested that Nick ask Cole.

Nick asked Victoria if Nikki would be back later that day. Victoria said that Nikki was one smart lady because she hadn't told anyone where she'd gone, and she'd left everyone wondering where she was. Victor was at the top of that list. She said that Victor had more interest in Nikki's life than he was willing to admit.

Victoria told Nick that Victor had grilled her to find out where Nikki had gone, especially when he believed that Nikki had gone off with another man. Victoria realized that Nick was distracted, and she chastised him for not listening to what she'd said. Nick claimed he'd heard some of it, and he apologized. He said he had a lot on his mind. She said she thought what she'd said was important.

After Nick left, Victoria received a visit from Sharon. Sharon had hoped that Nick was there. Sharon asked Victoria if Nick had told her about their dinner party later that evening. She hoped Victoria would be there. Victoria asked what the occasion was. Sharon said they'd been married six months, and they hadn't had the family over for dinner. She and Nick thought it was about time. She said the Newmans were a very close family, and Nick wanted to maintain that.

Sharon noticed that Victoria was staring at her. She asked why Victoria was studying her. Victoria said she wasn't. Sharon claimed she was being paranoid. Victoria asked if Sharon had a reason to be paranoid. Sharon said she didn't. Victoria acknowledged that things had been rough for Sharon and Nick lately. Sharon assured her that things had smoothed over, and it was part of the reason for the dinner party, to show the family how together they were. Sharon said she had to run because she had a million things to do, and she left.

Christine and Paul entered their suite. Phyllis arrived close behind them, carrying a bag. She tried to enter Christine and Paul's suite, but it was locked. She spotted one of the cleaning staff driving up. Phyllis stopped her and identified herself as Mrs. Williams, and she claimed she'd locked herself out of her room. She asked the employee to let her in.

Phyllis gained access to the suite. Christine and Paul were together in the shower. Inside the suite, Phyllis entered the bedroom and gleefully looked at the bed. She tiptoed over to it, and a short time later, she left as quietly as she had entered.

Back in Phyllis' suite, Tim asked where she'd been. She said he wouldn't believe it if she told him. Phyllis was smiling when Tim approached her, and he wanted to know where she'd been. She asked him why he'd been looking for her. Tim said because Phyllis had seemed preoccupied and had suddenly disappeared. He said he'd been concerned. Phyllis refused to tell him where she'd been. Tim said she'd been grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary. Phyllis claimed that it was exactly how she felt, like one very happy pussy cat.

After the shower, Christine removed the extra pillows and got into bed. She screamed and shot out of bed. Paul rushed out of the bathroom. Christine told him there was something in the bed. Paul pulled back the covers and found a dead octopus.

The manager arrived and said that nothing like that had ever happened at their resort. He had no idea how the octopus had gotten into the bed. He surmised that possibly the prankster had wanted to pull a prank on a friend, and they had entered the wrong suite. He said he would send someone to clean the bed, and he would try to find out how it had happened.

After the manager had gone, Christine was reluctant to get into bed. Paul pulled back the covers to make sure there weren't any other surprises. He said the prank had probably been intended for another guest. It couldn't have been for them because they didn't know anyone at the resort, and no one in Genoa City knew they were in Nevis. Christine refused to let anything spoil their honeymoon. Paul lifted her and gently laid her on the bed, and they made love.

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