The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 25, 1996 on Y&R
Nina was devastated when Cole set her straight about his feelings. Ryan tried to help Phillip cope with Nina and Ryan's divorce. Dru agreed to lie to Neil to help Malcolm. Kurt saved Ashley's life.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 25, 1996 on Y&R
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Monday, November 25, 1996

The tac house.
Victoria asks Nina what she is doing here. She tells Nina to explain herself and get out! She also tells her that Cole is out of town, your work session is canceled, he doesn't have time for you.Nina tells victoria about the note that Cole left her, and tells victoria that she is off to meet him in cabin 12. Victoria is angry, she couldn't believe that Cole didn't wait for an answer from her before he invited Nina. The phone rings, Victoria answers and its Cole. She tells him off hangs up and leaves.

The Chancellors.
Katherine once again ask's Curt to shave off his beard. He had hoped she hadn't remembered her request. He goes upstairs to shave. Katherine tells Esther not to embarrass him. He comes down stairs and Esther takes one look at him and say's " your beautiful, in a manly way." Katherine once again ask's him to reconsider staying till Thanksgiving. He declines. Katherine gives him some money telling him to consider it part of his pay. He takes it and leaves.

The hospital.
Dr.Hastings inform the Romalottis that Daniel is not responding to the medication. His temperature is 106. He is fading in and out of consciousess. Right now its a race against time.She tells them that they should go to him. Phyllis looks at Daniel and can't take it. She yells at Danny that "I can't watch my baby die" and runs out of the room. Danny goes after her and sees Chris. He explains what has happened and sobs in Chris's arms. Chris tells him that he has to hang on to hope and to have faith.

Jack talks to his father about Ashley disliking Diane and what she is up to being so nice to her. Meanwhile Diane walks into the chemistry lab and questions Ashley herself. Diane tells Ashley that she better watch out because if she forces Jack into making a decision between the two of them she will lose.

At the ranch.
Nick asks Josh if he has seen Vic. Josh hasn't seen her. Nick also tell Josh that he owes him and apology for not getting to know his mothers husband and would like to try harder to get to know him. Josh says that he'd like that. Nick asks Josh his opinion about what is happening to Victoria, Nick thinks she need to see a shrink. Josh offers to talk to her since she has opened up to him once before.

In cabin 12.
Cole is surprised that Nina shows up. She tells him that she got his note. Nina is all over him. Telling him that this is so right, and it feels so right. Cole does not understand but is angry that Victoria didn't show and Nina is there seducing him. He kisses her.

Hospital chapel.
Phyllis is Angry at God for not answering her prayers. She blames him because she turned it over to Him and He failed her. Danny walks in at she is sobbing, She takes one look at Danny and lets out an agonizing scream thinking Daniel's dead. Danny grabs phyllis by the arms and shakes her a little. He tells her that she's wrong. Daniel's fever broke and their over the crisis. She turns around and looks at the statue of God and cries "thank you, You did hear me..............................

Tuesday, November 26, 1996

Victoria packs:
As Victoria is packing a bag, Nick comes in to tell her that her husband wants her to call him. Victoria asks Nick to stay out of her marriage, he has no idea what has been happening. Nick tells her that Cole didn't sound like a man that was ready to dump his wife. Nina's humiliated: Cole and Nina are having a nice dinner. Nina senses something is wrong and asks Cole to please tell her what's bothering him. He decides to be honest with her, he tells Nina that the note was meant for Victoria. Nina's eyes swell up in tears. She is hurt and embarrassed. Cole tells her that he really doesn't know how he feels about everything. He tells Nina that the last thing he wanted to do is to hurt her. Nina say's I have got to get out of here, Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.Nina walks out the door, sobbing at the door step.

At the chemistry lab:
Jack enters to talk to ash about how she really feels about Diane. She doesn't give him a strait answer. Jack asks her to be patient and do not interfere. Ashley tells Jack that she has seen Diane since their dinner. She tells him that the conversation was candid, honest and forthright. Jack ( getting mad ) says " I suppose you laid into her about the past. You better find a way to accept her, I will not tolerate any inference." Jack leaves.

A bad situation:
Ryan storms into Jill's, office demanding to know why she had confronted Nina. She tells him about the phone call she took from Phillip. Ryan states that she has made a bad situation worse. Jill looks ant ryan and says "There is a way to resolve this and we both know what it is."

Ashley's disturbed:
Ashley yells at an employee for not meeting a deadline, John overhears her and walks into the lab. John is disturbed by the way she treated the young lady. Ashley say's "I know that I shouldn't take it out on her " then she tells him about the argument that she had with Jack. She tells him that's all she will say about that relationship. John reminds her that the more that she interferes in Jack and Diane's relationship the wider the wedge between them will get. She hugs her father and tells him that she needs a walk. He tells her its dark and cold and she should not go alone it could be dangerous. She tells him that she could use the cold and leaves.

Katherine,alone again:
Katherine looks out her door wondering about Curt. Esther says that the house feels different somehow. Katherine replies "When you share a home and someone touches your life,and he moves on, why Don't people like to stay here? (Esther) "This is not a very exciting place for a young person" Katherine "Don't count on that."

A walk in the woods:
Curt is walking in the woods looking sad and alone. He starts remembering ( sounds only ) car tires screeching and a crash. He puts his hand over his face in pain. He looks up as he hears some sort of commotion going on in the woods. Ashley is strolling down a path thinking of the fight between her and Jack. She hears a noise, Its a chain swing blowing in the wind. It startles her, she hears trees rustling and cracking of branches. She walks faster , clutching her purse in fear. There are two men behind her, one of them circles to the right and goes threw the woods he jumps right in front of her. she turns around to run and runs right into another man who says"Hey beautiful." Ashley shuttering in fear says in the sternest voice she can come up with "I don't want to make any trouble for you." One of the men laid " did ya hear that Fred, she's going to make trouble for us." # 2 say's "she's a feisty one" and belts her across the face with his fist. she tells them that she has a gun in her purse and she will use it. They wrestle her for the purse and when they get it they search it and find no gun. He belts her across the face again. # 1 say's to her what kind of game are you playing with us, I have a game to play with you, and he starts assaulting her. Curt hears her cry out in the night.

Nick and Victoria argue:
Nick and Victoria are still arguing about her marriage, when she see's the note on the floor. As she reads it she realizes that the note was meant for her. Nina's name was not anywhere on the note. She decides to go to the cabin herself and get a few things straitened out with her husband.

Nina's apartment:
Flo lets Ryan in and leaves so that Ryan can have some alone time with Phillip. Phillip doesn't want anything to do with him. He is very detached. Ryan tells him that its time to talk man to man.

Cabin # 12:
Cole answers the door stunned to see Victoria. She asks if he is alone, he tells her yes, she says good I have a lot to say.

Curt to the rescue:
As ashley struggles to free herself she manages to kick the man in front of her in the groin. The other man spins her around and tells her to look at him. she does and he punches her in the face. She falls to the ground when she hears someone telling the men to leave her alone. She passes out. Curt tells them to leave her alone again. The men turn in Curt's direction, one of them pulls out a gun and looks at Curt and say's "I'm sick of you man", he pulls out a gun and shoots Curt. The gun was shot 4 times at Curt. Only two wounds are seen. The man that shot him, digs in Curt's jacket and steels his money and they run off. Curt stumbles to his feet saying "I've got to get help." He gets to a grove of trees and passes out behind them out of sight, as Ashley laying unconscious in the path...............................

Wednesday, November 27, 1996

More tests for Daniel:
Dr.Hastings tell Danny and Phyllis that more tests are needed . His fever is down, And she is very encouraged by his progress. He's been through a lot and the tests are to confirm that he is on the mend. They are both wiped out. Danny leaves to make a phone call to his sister to let her know the news. After he leaves Malcolm walks into the waiting room. He explains that he and Olivia are family and she had mentioned what had happened. He tells her that they need to get together to celebrate when all of this is over. He encourages her and wishes her and her son. Tells her to keep the faith and to let him know when all of this is over. He gives her a gift for her son, wishes her well and leaves. Phyllis smiles.

Diane leaves Jack:
Jack and Diane meet for drinks at a restaurant. He ask's Diane what was the big hurry for them to meet. Diane tells jack that she has a confession to make. She tells him that she paid a visit to Ashley and how they argued. He tells her that he also saw her and it was very unpleasant. Diane gets upset and tells Jack that she thinks it would be a good idea that they take a break, she doesn't want to come between them. She tells him that she will miss him very much, but she thinks this is the best solution. Jack gets upset and tells her no way! Jack tells her its not their fault if Ashley is lonely and frustrated with her own life. Diane tells him its better this way, To take a break before it gets nay more complicated. She doesn't want to hear anymore, tells Jack goodbye. She gets up from the table and leaves. Jack takes out his phone and calls his dad.

John gets a disturbing phone call:
John is in the board room working when the phone rings, its Jack. He asks John if he has seen Ashley, John replies "no." Jack tells him that if he sees her have her call me, "I have had it with her" he tells him. John hangs up the phone feeling uneasy about what is happening between his children. The phone rings; A man Tell John he's calling from the hospital, the police officer and ask's if he knows where his daughter Ashley is? Could she have been down by the lake front? He continues to tell him that a women was found by the lake. She was attacked, it could be your daughter, she has no identification. John tells the officer that he is on his way.

On the verge of tears:
Nina enters her apartment stopping at her door to reflect on Cole telling her that the note was for Victoria. She pulls herself together. Meanwhile in the apartment Ryan is telling Phillip that his mom has to do what makes her happy, and that they still care about each other. Phillip cant understand that if they care about each other why get divorced. Nina enters the kitchen and is surprised to see Ryan.

Questioning the note:
Victoria asks " who was the note really for?" Cole tells her it was for her incase she had forgotten where he was. Victoria tells him that she was sure that he had given up on her. She said to him do you still want to sort things out, or is it to late?

Thanksgiving invitation:
Josh asks Nikki what has been bothering her lately, is it about Thanksgiving? he knows that it hasn't turned out the way she has hoped. He encourages her to call Victor and invite him to Thanksgiving, assuring her that he did not feel threatened by Victors presents. She calls, when Victor answers the phone she asks him if he had reconsidered her invitation for all of them to come. She asks Victor if she should invite Hope herself. Victor hands the phone to Hope, who tells Nikki that it was a nice thing for her to do. Nikki say's " please come, its our my first Thanksgiving with my new husband, It the way if should be after all, were all family." Hope excepts.

Black and blue:
The police officers are in Ashley's room when she wakes up. The cops tell her where she is and asks if she can tell him her name. she tells him. He tells her what happened and she asks how the other man is. They assume that she's talking about the attacker. She tells them there was 2 of them. She again asks about the other man. She thinks they shot him.( She is very groggy and talks very slowly ) She tells the cops that he saved her live. A nurse comes to the door to tell the officers that their is a phone call for them. He answers the phone a the desk. He tells his partner that their has been many reports of hearing gunshots in that area, that there might be another victim somewhere in the woods.

Nina gets comforted:
Nina puts her son to bed. When she goes into the living room Ryan is still there. He ask's if Phillip is o.k? Ryan tells her that he can tell she is upset that she found him alone with their son, But he hates asking for permission to see him. Nina tells him that she's not upset. Her eyes are brimming with tears.She tells Ryan that she is tired and confused. She turns her back to him and say's " more confused then you could imagine." He places his hand on her shoulder, she turns around crying, and accepts the comforting.

The Towards talk:
Nina ask's if Nina showed up. Cole tells her yes and that it was interesting and awkward. He says " she knows the note was meant for you. It was uncomfortable." " For Nina" Victoria snips. " For both of us. Lets talk about us" said Cole. Victoria responds " So do we just forget and ignore everything that has happened" Cole said " That's a good way to repeat them." Victoria tells Cole that yes she is still attracted to Ryan but his focus is on Nina's kid.More and More she is wondering if anything is going to happen between them. Cole said " Do you want to know where my head is? I'm not ready to give up on us, do you want to give it another shot?"

Dead or alive:
In the woods there is a search going on looking for Curt. They don't know if they can find him in all the brush. They find him. He had lost a lot of blood, he may be dead.

Good news:
Dr.Hastings tell Danny and Phyllis that all the results are good and that he's going to make it. His fever is down, his cell count is normal and his organ function has returned. Phyllis looks at Danny and say's" I'm so happy I could wrap my arms around the first person I see." Danny responds " will I do." they embrace each other and then go see Daniel. They ask him if he is ready for thanksgiving Turkey and say It will be the best one. Olivia looks on happy for them........................

Thursday, November 28, 1996

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless will not be shown. On behalf of the entire Soap Opera Central family, I'd like to wish you and your family the happiest and healthiest Thanksgiving holiday.

Dan Kroll
Soap Opera Central Administrator

Friday November 29, 1996

Coffee anyone?
Nick and Vic are at the coffee shop,discussing Victoria's marriage. Nick tells her to not run away. Victoria has no plans on doing that.Grace walks in and spots Nick with his sister. Victoria tells Nick that Grace has the hots for him. She tells him that she is coming over to the table and its not to see her.

The ranch:
Josh and Nikki come in from a ride. She thanks him for the way he handled himself at Thanksgiving and for making Victor feel welcome. He comments on the way she handled having Hope and everyone else there. They hug and kiss each other.

Ashley is no where to be found:
Jack calls Ashley only to receive her answering machine. He slams down his phone. looking frustrated he calls his dad. His secretary tells him that Mr. Abbott is not in. She tells him that he is at the hospital, and all she knows is that it has something to do with his sister. He dashes out of his office to find out what has happened.

Victors office:
Connie walks into his office and asks Victor how his Thanksgiving was. He replied "interesting and unusual." Connie asks " is that a favorable review?" He tells connie that there is a lot going on with his family. She leaves some papers on his desk and exits his office. Victor crosses his office and takes his coat and walks out the door.

Malcolm's studio:
Malcolm compliments his model and tells her she did a great job. He answers a ringing phone. Its Sid Garver, he tells Malcolm that a client has seen his work and would like him to do a photo shoot for him. Its a package deal, Drew will be the model. Sid tells Malcolm to get back with him as soon as he has made a decision. Malcolm hangs up and say's out loud " You're in there like swim wear!"

Its Jacks fault:
Jack walks into the hospital room. Jack asks John how and where did this happen? John tells him and imply's that its his fault since she went for a walk to clear her head because she was upset over their argument. Jack defends himself. " We had a difference of opinion, but none of that matters now." Ash wakes up and tells Jack it wasn't his fault, she makes him promise that he wont blame himself.

Back at the coffee shop:
Grace walks over to their table to say hi. Victoria ask's her to join them. Grace goes to get her coffee and " "Victoria tells him " just because she is Sharon's friend, doesn't mean that she is not attracted to you." When Grace comes back to the table Vic Grills Grace on her love life. Nick say's " man, is that all you women do is talk about men?" Grace admits that there might be someone at work that she is interested in. But she does't think that he is her type. Victoria ask's her what is her type. Grace does't answer. A man walks into the coffee shop, sits down and can"t keep his eye's off Grace. Nick and Vic get up to leave, it's time to get back to work. The man walks over to Graces table and sits down. Grace asks him " how did you find me Antonio?" He tells her that she put a return address on her mail to her mom. Grace ask's him to leave,but he does't move, instead he reminds her of all the great times they had together in Madison. He tells her that he won't leave till she comes with him. He leaves.

Christmas shopping:
Josh and nikki talk about the holiday's and how she wishes that Josh could come to New York with he to shop for Christmas. She reminds him that she knew what she was getting into when she married a Dr.. The phone rings, he has to go to the hospital. Josh and nick embrace and kiss. Victor is walking up to her door when he stops at the window to see nikki and Josh in that kiss.

Back at the hospital:
A police officer walks into Ashley's room and asks her if she is up to answering any questions. She asks him to come back later when she can be more clear. He ask's her if their is anything he can do for her. She asks if they had found the other man. He tells her that he was found and he was shot 4 times in the chest. He had 5 hours of emergency surgery and didn't know if he will make it. He leaves. Ashley struggles to get out of bed. She makes it into the hall and a nurse tells her that she should not be out of bed. She pleads with the nurse to take her to see the man that saved her life. The nurse takes her.

Peeping Victor:
Nikki tells Josh not to turn around, its Victor that's looking threw the window. She kisses Josh one more time and walks him to the door,and lets Victor in.

Malcolm, on cloud 9:
Drew ask's him why he is so high today. He tells her about the offer from her agent. She informs Malcolm that she turned the assignment down to spend more time with her family. She doesn't want to get Neil suspicious. She tells him that nobody informed her of the deal with him, she tells Malcolm that she will call them back and except the job, she doesn't want to hurt his chances for success. He doesn't know if she should do that because it means keeping more secrets from Neil. Drew say's she can handle her man. "A little coochie goes a long way" she say's.

Peek anytime:
Victor thanks Nikki for making Thanksgiving a comfortable day for everyone. She tells him that she saw him peeking in at them through the window. Victor reply's that he was walking up to her door and merely stopped at the window. Nikki tells him " no matter how hard you try, It is still hard for you to see me with another man." Victor replies, " that's a joke." He does admit that he is possessive of her but he does not begrudge her happiness. She tells him " I think your jealous of what I have found with Josh. It was good to see you." "Are you asking me to leave?" Victor asks. Nikki responds sarcastically "Please feel free to stop by anytime, Peek through the window to say hi." Victor bids Mrs.Landers a goodbye.

Thank you:
Ashley enters the room to see the man who saved her life. ( She doesn't recognize him.) She sees him all hooked up to machines. Tubes coming out of him,the ventilator. She caches her breath, looking at him she asks herself out loud " How can I Thank you, How can I ever thank you.

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